CNN Five Candidate Presidential Media Event – 8:00pm to 11:00pm Tonight – Open Discussion…

cnn townhall 3Tonight at 8:00pm the heavy political news day continues with a five candidate Presidential Town Hall hosted by CNN.

The event begins at 8:00pm EST and is scheduled through 11:00pm.

Candidates Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump will appear live on  CNN.  Bernie Sanders is scheduled to appear via satellite feed.  All five presidential candidates will be questioned individually by host Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer – it appears most of the Q&A will be interview style.

There is not a publicly available schedule to find out the order of appearance.

The Town Hall event is being broadcast on CNN and CNNi.

(This thread will remain at the top of the page for the duration of the broadcast)

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276 Responses to CNN Five Candidate Presidential Media Event – 8:00pm to 11:00pm Tonight – Open Discussion…

  1. mcfyre2012 says:

    Umm…yeah Ted. How many voted for you state-wide in the Wyoming caucus? Less than the number of a typical Trump rally.

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  2. Karmaisabitch says:

    Two left Trump and the barker, don’t know which is next.


  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    Bill never really liked Obama in the first place.

    Former President Bill Clinton asked Democratic voters to shrug off the “awful legacy” of President Obama’s years in office in a speech Monday to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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    • Bill is a murderer coke user with a swag. He ran Arkansas into the ground and his murder trail follows him and his wife from Arkansas. He might be full blown dementia by 2017. He won’t be much use after that. He made a mockery of the office of the presidency. Time for reckoning coming for him and his wife. She will never be president. She forfeited her win in 2008 to Obama. Timing is everything. She missed her time. Cannot get it back.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        I do believe that Hillary made a deal with the devil

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        • Gail Combs says:

          Clinton should not be running for president with her health problems. Clinton is taking Coumadin (warfarin) and has been since 1998 for blood clots in her legs and in her brain (cerebral venous thrombosis) in 2012.
          Taking Coumadin means a high chance of a major bleeding episode or a fatal or disabling hemorrhage.
          This is according to World Net Daily interview with Dr. David K. Cundiff

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          • kinthenorthwest says:

            She has disappeared several times from media radar for over 24hours .

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          • justfactsplz says:

            A year ago I had two separate episodes of blood clots in my leg. I am on Coumadin for life now. You are right in what you say. I don’t feel as well as I did before the clots and Coumadin is a touch and go ordeal to keep the levels right. Hillary has no business running for office.

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            • Concerned Virginian says:

              I have had experience with people taking warfarin. Is your doctor sure that there is not another drug you can use? There are several much more recent products available; warfarin has been around for decades. Perhaps your doctor feels that the newer drugs don’t have the “bugs” worked out yet, which I would understand. I hope your doctor also spoke with you about the diet changes that need to occur for people taking warfarin. Best of luck to you, a tough road to travel.

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              • justfactsplz says:

                The dietary restrictions are a bit tough. I think the reason they haven’t tried other drugs is because I only have one kidney.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Yes, but that deal with the devil was a long time ago. Like when she married Slick Willy.

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  4. Peter says:

    Any speculations on how tomorrow turns out and where each candidate will stand?

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  5. Bull Durham says:

    Donald J. Trump is a thief.

    He stole the Evangelicals from Cruz.
    He stole the Indies from the Dems.
    He stole the Reagan Dems from the Dems.
    He stole the Republican voters from the Party.
    He stole the South from Cruz.
    He stole Florida from Rubio.
    He stole Rubio’s future career.
    He stole the nomination from Bush.
    He stole PC from the Liberals.
    He stole Bill Clinton’s mojo.
    He stole the Media from the Media.
    He stole Obama’s legacy.
    He stole Chris Christie from oblivion.
    He stole Ben Carson from the margins.
    He stole the Oxygen from the campaign.
    He stole the Establishment blind.

    He stole America’s heart.

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  6. Karmaisabitch says:

    Trump is on next after ad.


  7. nole2016 says:

    Trump is on deck….Go, Trump. We’ve got your back.

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  8. Tonawanda says:

    Every day seems like the Bills comeback against Houston … you just knew it was going to happen, but could not believe it was true when it did. But that comes from a Bills fan.

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  9. Tonawanda says:

    Trump doing the John Wayne pose.

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  10. mcfyre2012 says:

    Ahh… A Utah commercial. The state of Stepford.

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  11. yakmaster2 says:

    Blitzer plays video of Trump talking about his Canadian citizenship and Ted lying about not knowing it.
    Blitzer does not ask Cruz about that and Cruz ignores it. If Cruz has nothing to hide he would be contemptously refuting Trump’s statements about his murky Canadian citizenship (and his mother’s too). Instead, he’s completely silent on the subject.

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      Exactly! He didn’t take Trump’s comments out of context – he completely ignored the context. And Wolf didn’t even ask him to respond to the remarks – he just let The Cuban Canadian call Trump a liar on his policies. Wolf did a terrible job conducting that interview.

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  12. Martin says:

    Trump on now!

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  13. mickie says:

    This segment with WB was on earlier today. I hate cnn.

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  14. Martin says:

    Have they officially given Missouri to Trump yet?


  15. Tonawanda says:

    This is an obscure point, but Trump is right our hospitals are terrible. Why?

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    • tz says:

      Mostly no competition – only one per county in low population areas. No choice.

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Interesting. Some sensible free market thing could be done.

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        • Concerned Virginian says:

          You are right on the mark. I know people who work for state-run/state-connected hospitals in several states. Conditions are bad, morale is worse, awful. Staff is leaving to work for the nearest private hospital. I also know people who work for private hospitals in several states. Conditions are great. Morale good. Nobody is leaving to go work for the state-run hospital.
          Coding, billing, operating rooms, etc., etc., are the same in both types of hospitals. The biggest difference?—the state-run hospitals are hamstrung by budget constraints since the state legislatures have to vote the money for each state-run hospital every year. Private hospitals have no such state constraints.


  16. Honest Abbey says:

    I thought CNN would at least be honest and tell us they are replaying Trump’s interview from earlier today.
    I hate being duped every time I turn the TV on!
    Trump is right – The media are very DISHONEST!

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    • Trumped says:

      Yeah wtf. Everyone can react to trump…

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    • blognificentbee says:

      Yes, this is the same interview. So they showed it early, and are now just showing a repeat. I would have like for CNN to interview him AFTER the AIPAC speech. They use have known he was going to do great, and didn’t want to have to tell him so. Media scum.

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    • Karmaisabitch says:

      I just realized it too, this was taped before speech, Wolf does nothing but attack him and shows videos of Hillary attacking him. I notice they always interview Trump differently.
      Other thing to do, bye,bye CNN.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Trump is money in the bank for CNN. Their ratings are up 75% because of him.

      Imagine if they treated him right. They’d kill off Fox. But Liberals hate money (not the CEO’s, the second tier loons.)

      If I were a stockholder, I’d demand they choose Trump. They’re hurting the earnings and the stock price by being negative. Obviously, there are millions more people who love Trump than CNN had as an audience. And even the haters watch him. They don’t get any complaints.

      In fact if they had any smarts, they’d give the Trump kids an hour, Melania an hour and change the name to Trump/CNN.

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  17. redlegleader68 says:

    Wow! CNN in the tank for PIAPS,

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  18. keebler AC says:

    These three men are way below their pay grade.

    Did the big nothing burger Kasick cry and whine at AIPAC when Trump got more applause at his entrance?

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  19. Bull Durham says:

    The Media is like a giant septic tank. All of the major networks are in there floating around.

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  20. Honest Abbey says:

    The dork from Ohio told Wolf that there is zero chance that he would be VP to either of the other two …..
    Kind of like there is zero chance of him winning the nomination, yet he has himself convinced that he will be the nominee.
    I just hope he fades away, quickly!

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  21. NHVoter says:

    ‘They are not protesters, they are agitators.’

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  22. georgiafl says:

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  23. Martin says:

    Trump didn’t “lose” to Cruz in Iowa, Blitzer.

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  24. Bull Durham says:

    Kasich building a better office tower than Trump.

    His daddy gave him the legos.

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  25. Howie says:

    Dey Conch, Ain’t got no bone.

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  26. mickie says:

    CNN town hall– is Hillary wearing a red satin sheet? I understand she is a mature woman, but with all her money she needs someone to help her with her clothes.

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  27. NC Patriot says:

    I thought Donald dealt with Wolf Blitzer effectively-didn’t back down, un-phased by any question, and WB wasn’t hostile to Trump, I didn’t think. Asked about a VP slot for Cruz—“stranger things have happened ” was the response. He chided the media for presenting a one sided picture of his rallies, ignoring the disrupters, instead of showing them. Good solid, honest interview, I thought.

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    • ediegrey says:

      What I heard of Wolf Blitzer and Trump was one obnoxious question (and criticism) after another. While Trump said “stranger things have happened” about the Cruz VP meme, he also said it was unlikely – but we’ll see. He’s more of a politician than he lets on. That’s ok, we have to win!

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    • tails6 says:

      Blitzer was actively trying to “brand” Trump and trap him. WB asked same question several times, showed footage of others attacking Trump and tried to demand that Trump respond to the accusations as if the accusations were true.
      WB is a small man in so many ways, but he isn’t able to stay at the table with Trump.

      BEST LINE was when Blitzer kept yapping about Trump being obsessed with MK on Fox. Trump explained (more than once) that all she did, night after night was trash him, so he fires back. Not at all an obsession. THEN he says “If she didn’t talk about me all the time her ratings would be lower than yours.” (quoting from memory).
      This went right over WB’s head. LMAO!!

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  28. Eric Kennedy says:

    I missed it. How did he do?


    • sandraopines says:

      I accidentally missed it also…. on purpose. 😀 I wanted to remain happy 😀

      Trump had a Trumptastic day in DC!

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    • ladyfortruth says:

      He did ok on everything, but there was something said about Hillary complaining in a video about Trump and Trump should have came right back and pointed out all the KKK groups that are starting to endorse Hillary! He did ok, but I sure wish he had pointed that out! That would have been the icing on the cake! 🙂


  29. Nathanlee says:

    Hillary Clinton on CNN said unlike republicans Sanders and myself have run a campaign on the issues.

    So immigration isn’t an issue? Bad trade deals hurting our workers and costing our Econmy hundreds of billions a year isn’t an issue? Corrupt politicans and campaign finance isn’t an issue? A bloated healthcare system with virtually no competition in the market to lower costs isn’t an issue? ISIS isn’t an issue?

    I guess not according to Hillary and Anderson Cooper. What a disgrace.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Hilary thinks that her being a woman is the issue. And Bernie thinks his being the poor is the issue. They are both navel gazers who are preoccupied with baggage their adult selves have never resolved.

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  30. ladyfortruth says:

    Bernie is pretending he’s for Israel–then he said Israel did some bad things and killed some Palestinians. He sounds like Hillary and Obama, now.

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  31. mickie says:

    Trump on Hannity NOW!

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  32. StormyeyesC says:

    Yet another example of the MSM deception…………guess they got caught

    MSNBC/NBC Sign, Drop Frmr. Obama Aide Stephanie Cutter on Same Day

    Breaking News at
    Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!

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  33. NJF says:

    Watching Hannity, crowd is wild for Trump!

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  34. wyntre says:

    I’m watching Sean’s interview with Trump in Arizona.

    The audience is Off The Chain! They are so excited and enthusiastic

    Trump has had the best day on the trail EVER!

    He’ll take Arizona tomorrow, keep Ted under 50 in Utah and just hop back on the train to the next stop.

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  35. Howie says:

    The Beest is running for life in prison. Obama too. If they lose it is jail for them.

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  36. mamadogsite says:

    Watching Sean Hannity interview…Trump is awesome. So far…Hannity 100% positive with questions. Commercial break….Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe joining them. Sorry CNN…this is much more interesting..intimate with small audience of 100% Trump supporters. Great way to end my evening….positive…uplifting.

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  37. LBB says:

    Happen to catch a few minutes of Sanders on town hall. He was talking about staying in till the end because all the states should have a say. Then did he call is party demamarx and then correct to democrat ? Will have to check.

    He also singled out Trump’s comment about Muslims cheering about 9/11 when asked about calling Trump a liar. We will never know how many, but have testimonies that it occurred. But one of those pet peeve things that no one ever mentions the use of digital cameras , phones, and a camera on every street corner, or store, was not happening in 2001 to capture the evidence.

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  38. Does anyone have a link to a lifestream or restream (did I just coin a word?) of this event?

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  39. I WISH when the Neocon – Wolf Blitzer – asked Trump about David Duke – that Trump would have responded “how many times are you going to ask me about David Duke, Wolf? This is like the fourth time you tried to smear me with this question”.


  40. Wolf and AC lowest forms of vermin on the planet

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