Clinton Campaign Operatives Heckle Marco Rubio and John Kasich – Media Mistakenly Blames Trump….

Sunlight is The Best Disinfectant

Two days ago – two men, actually two professional antagonists, showed up wearing armbands supposedly ‘spoofing‘ Donald Trump with Nazi comparisons.  However, things were not as they seemed.

armband guy 3The men who wore armbands touting Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump were actually the same pranksters who sported “Settle for Hillary” shirts at a Hillary Clinton event earlier this year.

As reported in The Hill

The men wore armbands with a large “T” on them at a Trump rally in Florida, according to a picture tweeted by a reporter from The Boston Globe.

armband guys 2

armband guys 4

Last night the two showed up again only this time they were in separate locations.

Armband guy #1 showed up to heckle Marco Rubio as he announced his exit from the presidential race.  He wore a red Donald Trump Make America Great Again ball cap leading the impression he was a Trump supporter.  (Via Gateway Pundit)

See Video:

The media, in particular Fox News, immediately said Marco Rubio was heckled by a Donald Trump supporter. (see video example):

His partner, Armband guy #2, showed up, also wearing a red Donald Trump hat, to heckle John Kasich as he gave a victory speech for his win in Ohio.

You can see armband guy #2 in the video (embedded within tweet from USA Today)

armband guy

So it’s clear there’s a coordinated effort by both of these guys to create negative optics within the 2016 presidential campaign.   Unfortunately the media keep falling for it, due mostly to the negative impressions they create feeding the narratives the media prefer to sell to an otherwise oblivious electorate.

It costs money to travel all over the country creating media narratives and false impressions disparaging to political campaigns.

So who do you think is financing this?

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  1. shipley130 says:

    Find out who they are.


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