Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally…

A regular guest KalliBella shares her experience tonight:

bernie protests 2[…] We got to the arena at about 3: 30pm and started filing in soon after. Security searched all handbags and backpacks.

We noticed entire sections of protesters occupying large section of the arena and also seated among Trump supporters. They were mean. Aggressive. Belligerent. Rude. Loud. They were very organized and started disrupting inside the arena before the announcement was made.

When announcement was made the whole place erupted in loud screams and shouts coming from all the protesters. They were celebrating the cancellation.

They didn’t stop there. They even wanted to take over the stage area with the microphone and paraded around locking arms among each other screaming at us, at all Trump supporters, hateful things. Obscenities. Vulgar gestures. They were awful. Demonic like. Many muslims, men and women. Bernie supporters all over the place. BLM as well. The whole place was swarming with them, like roaches.

The arena was slowly emptied out and all the Trump supporters were out on the side walks/streets and cops everywhere trying to keep the two camps separated. The protesters were so loud. Very loud.

They spilled over the streets and prevented traffic from moving from out of the parking lots and shouted and cussed at Trump supporters.

These were America haters. Anarchists. Haters like I’ve never seen before. The lowest of the lowest human elements.

I can’t wait to vote on Tuesday. WE NEED TRUMP. .

chicago trump protest 1

Police officer beaten by Chicago Thugs outside venue

MoveOn.Org and Bernie Sanders Supporters have proudly taken responsibility for the attacks. – SEE HERE

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369 Responses to Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally…

  1. Bull Durham says:

    This kind of street thuggery and radicalism is why Russia is no longer a socialist nation. The are building up slowly toward a form of capitalism. Dependency makes for a weak society. China, though run by Communist Party, is a capitalist country with some socialism. People pay for education, barely have some social security, pay for health care, so it’s a mixture. The two biggest former socialist experiments in human history reject what Sanders and the Dems want to foist on America.
    And the only way the Dems can win is with the help of the quislings of the Right Elites and the use of chaos organizations like MoveOn, BLM, ACORN, Occupy, and others born out of the pockets of Liberal Elites and the demented followers of Lenin, Trotsky and Alinsky.
    It has taken a hundred years for the Russians to make a comeback from their subversion by radicals.
    Don’t let it happen here.

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    • Crassus says:

      Don’t look now but the Russians ain’t there yet.

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      • Kay Hull says:

        This is the first time that a witness said that Islam was there. Where is the media to point this out? You know that the Muslims will vote in block for Hillary.


        • hitrestart1 says:

          I saw video last night of Muslims there, holding signs proclaiming they weren’t terrorists, while terrorizing the poor folks who had traveled and waited to participate in Trump’s rally and hear him speak. Like the rest of the anti-American haters, the Muslims were smirking, screaming, disrupting, gesturing. Disgraceful.

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    • Spaz says:

      Sadly, I’d feel far safer in Moscow or St Petersburg than in any large US city with a Democrat machine, especially Chicago, Philly, Detoilet, St Louis, Memphis (and I lived there!), Newark etc., ad nauseum.

      Learning a little Russian and especially their alphabet has really taken a lot of the Cold War intimidation factor away for me. The alphabet is very close to Greek, so if you were in a frat/sorority in college you should be able to decipher Russian letters pretty easily.

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    • Alcázar says:

      It’s got more to do with them being anti-white than with socialism and capitalism. These people hate Western Civilization and white people. They see capitalism & private property as something that is implicitly white. Diversity is death.

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    • dana says:

      SO sick of politicians and all people willing to compromise their integrity to forward their agendas. These protesters are no different than nazi brownshirts in the 1930’s, it’s frightening.

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    • robin92648 says:

      Leftists and Liberals have become Fascist.


  2. TwoLaine says:

    Another one. 😦

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  3. myopiafree says:

    The LIVES of 10,000 Trump followers who desire FREEDOM OF SPEECH MATTER. The “Left” wants to delete the 2nd Amendment, and now they want to cancel the right of free speech. What is wrong with their heads?? Trump did the right thing for those 10,000 people Let us hope it becomes PRESIDENT TRUMP, so as to continue to protect freedom of speech. We all stand up for that cause !!

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    • inspiredbytrump says:

      Is it just the left? Seriously, I don’t think so any longer. Makes me sad because I always thought I was “informed”. Then children, work, making bills happened. Now, I’m sad I couldn’t pay more attention to to my political choices. I did my job and I excepted them to do their’s. I have Cold Anger now.

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  4. dizzymissl says:

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  5. Bernie supporters, eh? So, supporters of that communist show their support in this manner? Pathetic.

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    • phil fan says:

      It’s SOP for commies = violence, intimidation, drama

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    • Darth Vaper says:

      I’m a Bernie supporter and I think this is terrible. It’s not right to oppress free speech just because you disagree with people. Freedom of assembly doesn’t cover this; it’s infringing on the rights of Trump supporters. But now I see these activists and the media have demonized all Trump supporters. I guess their mind Trump voters don’t have rights and don’t deserve respect because they are “Nazi Racists” or something like that.


      • When will Bernie disavow move on.org?

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      • ThePatriot says:

        You admit to being a Bernie supporter and have the courage to come here after that scene?

        Don’t you understand that being a Bernie supporter you agree with EVERYTHING those rioters did? You are a Communist? You are an enemy of this country?

        You have a lot of nerve. And now it begins here, trolls showing up, this is how it starts, folks.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Bernie Supporters and the rest are just cannon fodder for the elite. They never bother to study and lear from history so the elite play them until they are ready to enslave them.

        Darth Vaper go look up Congressman McFadden’s 1934 speech. The banksters killed him for it.

        Look at what happen to the Russian intelligensia after the Revolution.

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      • carac100 says:

        Bernie is a Communist and this is the face of Communism. It’s not flowers and unicorns and people sharing in harmony as it is in theory. It’s an oppressive all-controlling state that empowers thugs to demonize and attack normal, decent, hard-working people so the government can use them as slaves of the state.

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      • Toronto Tonto says:

        I was open to Bernie before, but I hate him now. I was sympathetic to BLM, too, even though it’s Soros-funded agitprop. But Ihabe lost any respect for the left now. I’ve been phone banking. I will burn up the phone lines for Trump now.

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      • Esperanza says:

        What is also ridiculous is Bernie and Trump are saying the same things! It just shows how stupid leftists are. And uninformed. I’ve been calling for a Trump/Bernie ticket and only half joking. Where they disagree is on this stuff. Trump supporters would never do something like this. Quite the opposite, if I went to a Bernie rally I would protect him. I thought what happened to him in Seattle was disgraceful.

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        • MissV says:

          No Bernie and Trump are not saying the same things. Trump wants Americans to be wealthy. Bernie wants to strip people of their wealth.

          Free stuff is a pipe dream. It’s tyranny.

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      • Mike says:

        Thanks for your integrity.


      • Mike says:

        “I guess their mind Trump voters don’t have rights and don’t deserve respect because they are “Nazi Racists” or something like that.”

        Pretty much They have to dehumanize as evil subhumans. If we’re evil sub-humans, who cares about our “rights.”

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      • trumplove says:

        What in the heck are you doing here?


      • CJoyous says:

        That is BACKWARDS…Nazi’s were Socialist.
        Stupid Bernie supporters don’t even know what they have signed up with with Socialist candidate Bernie… What doom-coughs!
        This is the election year of the REBELS (Trump & Cruz)
        And the CREEPY (Bernie & Hillary)
        Creepy–Supported by billionaire cash to create chaos for Rebels.
        Rebels–Supported by common-man that desire return of founder’s intent.
        The outcome? Fence-sitters will now flock more determined to Rebel cause !


    • bofh says:

      Many Bernie supporters are just plain old well-meaning “socialism sounds good to me” folks who don’t think for themselves. But his base as been infiltrated by (or perhaps always had a core of) some stone-cold violent marxists, quite volatile, and dedicated to leading the rest of his sheeple down that path.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Innerwebs Winner.

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  7. Not ideal says:

    What if DJT can’t hold a rally between now and Tuesday.

    I’m guessing that’s the plan — Shut them all down.

    The best revenge is winning the primaries next week, the nomination and the election. Did that get harder tonight? GOPe knows that Trump’s massive rallies are a huge validation for his movement. That’s why I’m sure this was orchestrated. They will go to any lengths. I’m not sure what happens next but there’s a short enough time-frame until the primaries that the protesters could cut off every rally. The optics on that will be horrible for us. Very down right now.

    At this point, if Trump is not the nominee I will never, ever vote Republican again. We are up against vile people in the establishment.

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  8. rinokiller says:

    It also has literally turn law enforcement throughout the country in Trump’s corner if it hasn’t; they will do what it takes to defend and protect him! The bloodied cop just became more motivation.

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  9. Concerned says:

    Will these same people protest at Hillarys speeches?

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  10. Newman says:

    This sadly is really becoming a war…and a fight for the survival of what’s left of this country. But it’s a war that needs to fought right now before these leftists become even stronger. And there is only one candidate (i.e. Trump) who has the strength to fight it and win. Which BTW, may be what really scares these leftists thugs out of their pea-brain minds.

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    • rinokiller says:

      The leftists already have

      The people have awakened and are fighting back!

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    • Esperanza says:

      This is the last chance that it be a metaphorical war. Next stop actual. The stupidity of these people is incredible. The 0.000001 percenters are using them to stop Trump who agrees with Bernie! The fact that it is Bernie supporters is unbelievable. How stupid can you get?

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      It was always a war.

      But now, America is beginning to fight back against the cancer within.

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  11. Nick says:

    Glenn Beck keeps calling Trump supporters are “Brown Shirts”, and that he would support Bernie over Trump? He is a piece of garbage. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/01/wow-glenn-beck-i-prefer-bernie-sanders-over-donald-trump/

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  12. Biggyrat says:

    Shouting down or employing intimidation to prevent an individual from speaking is un-American

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  13. Lea says:

    I have been watching this unfold tonight and one thought has been going through my head:
    Could this was the beginning of things to come for declaring martial law to stop the election and keeping King Obama in the White House?
    He wasn’t at Nancy’s funeral today. Why? What was so important he couldn’t make it?
    Moochell was there and not looking happy about it either, had a puss on her face that would sour lemons.

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  14. Garrison Hall says:

    This one is for you, Kalli . . .

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  15. MVW says:

    Trump will come up with something to handle this problem. It is what he does, give him a problem to solve and that cerebral genius goes to work.

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  16. James Crawford says:

    This is why we have the second amendment. The effort by Ted Cruz to exploit the rioting eliminates any uncertainty I have about supporting Trump.

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  17. aprilyn43 says:

    This is only going to help Trump! Do it again you idiots! Show how intolerant you are!

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  18. margo says:

    One disturbing difference shown in the videos of this particular rally, not shared with any others I have watched (which would be ALL others) was many were wearing backpacks. Why were they allowed in this venue?

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  19. Lea says:

    Cruz is flapping his gums how this is all Trumps fault.

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    • Artist says:

      So is Son Of A Mailman!!!!!!
      I left scathing comments on both their facebook pages.
      Good to know they are both ideologically aligned with Bill Ayers, Occupy Wall St and BLM.
      I thanked them for handing the nomination to Trump!

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      • Lea says:

        Artist, good idea! They all are playing the blame game
        Went on Kasich’s, Rubio’s and Cruz’s FB pages and l left the same message on all three;
        “Thank you for handing Mr. Trump the nomination tonight.”

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  20. NJ transplant says:

    What if Bernie is not behind this at all? Bernie is not part of the uniparty. Maybe they were trying to take out not just Trump, but also Bernie? Bernie is a threat to the uniparty. Not as big a threat as Trump, but a threat none the less.

    I know it sounds crazy, but we have seen Bernie supporters that say they will never vote for Hillary and will vote for Trump because he is not controlled by the donor class.

    At this point, I can believe anything.

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    • Well, then let’s hear Bernie deny it.

      Will he? NO. He’s a spineless ‘tard who can’t even call out Cankles the traitor for her email shenanigans. He can’t even stand up to #BLaMers stealing his microphone.

      Bernie is going to be run over by Uniparty Left, because he’s nothing but a tool to help Hillary get elected. Bernie had his chance to stand up to Cankles on emails, and he FAILED.

      Bernie has a powerful group supporting him, who recognize that Hillary is a danger, but Bernie himself is NOT a leader. He’s the last honest lefty. That’s all.

      As for your theory, I think it has merit. The Uniparty is very worried about Bernie’s more centrist support moving to Trump after Cankles finishes off Bernie. So they’re using #BLM and Soros goons to make sure Bernie and Trump voters don’t link up.

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    • moogey says:

      Bernie served as a Representative in the House for 16 years, he’s served in the Senate 8 years. He has spent a quarter of a century in Washington DC politics and he’s not part of the uniparty?

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      His campaign team helped organize it. Screw Bernie.

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      • Bernie probably has no idea what his people are up to. Unlike Trump, the man is a walking apology, ready to give up his microphone to anybody with more skin tone than himself. Ridiculous.


    • Hannibal Toissant Beauregard IV says:

      Well, it’ll be the last time I post a comment before reading all the way through the previous comments. I posted first thing before I forgot what I wanted to say. Well, they say great minds think alike!

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    • Finalage says:

      I agree. They are using Bernie as the fall guy but it’s really the globalist cabal at work her and the head of that cabal sits in the WH! I still say because this was Chicago, Obama put out the call. See the reports on Obama blaming GOP? Now he’s come in to clean up the GOP’s mess if you will.

      But Trump is on to it..



  21. nancyg22 says:

    So MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claims this was Trump’s creation. He did this on purpose.

    So…he what? Called the OWS, BLM, MoveOndotOrg people and asked them to come? Bill Ayers was there for crying out loud. This was the left’s creation.

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  22. Lea says:

    Wonder how much was paid to have this happen.

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  23. redsequin4 says:

    Hmmmmm, coincidence the Oligarchs met on Sea Island recently, flying in on their 54 private jets? I think not. This isn’t just the left because there really isn’t left or right anymore, it’s the Masters of the Universe who want to stop DT and they will do anything, ANYTHiNG to accomplish that goal. McConnell and Rove were there, along with Tim Cook. Elon Musk, et al. So was this demonstration/riot part of their strategy to knock out Trump?

    I hate to inform these braniacs but what Americans watched tonight on their TV screens and on Social media was one big, fat infomercial for Donald Trump. I think we’ll see record numbers at the polls on Tuesday voting for him.

    The Sea Island Conspiracy of Oligarchs

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    • not2worryluv says:

      Also you will find that the communist party heads are treated like kings. The rest of us are told how to live, where to live, where to work, who our doctors will be and what we will be given to spend and where to spend it. Of course you will be paid by the government and oh everything will be owned by the government – we will all have income equality known more in today’s world as poverty. Those running the Government will of course have the best of everything what we will get are their scraps. Sound like something you and your family could be excited about? Oh and forget about that business you were dreaming about – private enterprise is a no-no, same rule on private schools. So that’s income equality. You get it and what you get is what you can look forward to for the rest of your life…….and that my friend is what we are fighting against ….we Trump supporters are fighting for free enterprise, less government, upward economic mobility for all and the right for everyone to pursue their dreams and to make America Great Again


  25. Lea says:

    Hope Trump doesn’t have an all night strategy session tonight, he’s going to need his rest to battle the incoming tomorrow.

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  26. Is this what the billionaires who met last week started? A unidentified man punches a protester…. then CNN makes it an issue.. and Cruz and Rubio both have the same canned answers…. BLM show up in STL.. organized. Then this tonight was organized. Seems a bit… well…. orchestrated to me.

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Lou Dobbs was suggesting this very thing on his show tonight.

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    • Finalage says:

      Yes, absolutely this is what the elite/globalist concocted at that meeting! They are threatening the public by raising the “risk” premium for supporting Trump! That’s why I said they would rather burn this country down than see Trump gain power! Basically they are saying that if you want Trump we will cause strive and if you elect Trump we are willing to risk civil war!

      It’s evil pure and simple! It totalitarianism cloaked in democracy. We’ve been had! There is no real democracy in the US! The globalist have full control of both political parties.

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  27. Mike says:

    I’m not a Christian, but these Bible verses fit these people to a “T”

    Romans 1:28-29King James Version (KJV)

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

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  28. perfect beast says:

    When you draw this much attention from muslims, terrorists, child molesters, convicted felons, rapists, drug dealers, homosexuals, welfare trash, AKA the liberal voting base, you must be doing something right. Trump has them scared out of their minds. Little do they know what they just did will give Trump another million votes.

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  29. Finalage says:

    Thank you Sundance for providing a forum for the truth! I know the Trump folks, opposition campaigns and the media monitor this site. It’s important for the premier Trump support site to provide our side of the story in rebuttal to the evil narrative concocted by the elites (recall that meeting of big donors). I am so glad you have!

    There’s a great evil at the top of this nation and its up to the people to flush it out with Trump!


  30. SZ says:

    Trump will win again on this because more and more people are now watching what these “hate” groups are doing to America. People are understanding who is behind them in order to tear down our way of life.

    They were out causing problems just weeks ago with a liberal, Rahm Emanuel. Look what they have tried to do and are still doing to the brave policemen in that city. I feel the good people of Chicago and Illinois will rise up now more than ever to stop these groups bent on destruction.

    It will be spun by the other candidates and the MSM as “Trump was stopped” and “it was his fault” which sane Americans won’t buy.

    In actuality the truth shows that “Trump stopped the violence” by being Presidential and caring for all of the lives because he believes “all lives matter”.

    So the unruly protestors didn’t stop anything…Trump stopped the violence by canceling the rally.
    We need Trump’s sanity and common sense at the helm of this government.

    With these people everything out of their mouths is a lie so you have to turn everything they say around so that the truth comes forward.


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  31. wasntme says:

    We don’t need no stinking rally anyway. We already know the message. The more desperate they get the more I know we have the right person for the job. Just waiting to vote for Trump to start the purge, or flush in this case. Do they really think they changed anyone’s mind to not vote for Trump? I doubt it. I would bet Trump gained some supporters.

    Lets hope the officials do what is necessary to protect people at the polls.
    But we already know they won’t. Might be time to bring in the militias to take over where the government refuses to do its job. Everyone is entitled to EQUAL protection from law enforcement and the DOJ, and are entitled to free speech as well. Not just the ones with the biggest mouths who use intimidation to try and silence people that don’t agree with them.

    But what I don’t understand is, if these people were being disruptive hours before the event, why didn’t they round them up and throw them out? If I were at a concert or any other show doing the same thing they would have no problem kicking me to the curb. Why are the tolerating it?


  32. webgirlpdx says:

    Dear Kallibella and Hour of Decision: Thank you for your eye witness account of these thugs. I only wish I was closer to these Rally’s (in Oregon) because I would truly love to be there with all of you and supporting Mr. Trump!
    I’m glad you’re safe — you are true Patriots!

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  33. Who were the protestors? A group of progressives organized by Bernie supporters, Black Lives Matters, MoveOn.org and Communist groups (they carried signs).
    Why were they there? Most did not know why. The ones who gave a reason repeated the blatant lies of the MSM, GOP donors, Rubio and Cruz. They repeated the total distortions, saying Trump would not denounce the KKK, said all Mexicans were criminals, and said all Muslims would be banned from the U.S.. ALL TOTAL LIES.
    The progressives seem to never respect the rights of Republicans. What gives them the right to disrupt a peaceful group of thousands and thousands of people who had waited in line for hours? But by the time the MSM gets though with the story, the protestors will be glorified and encouraged to continue with their activities. Well, this time, the victims were Mr. Trump and the peaceful people who were deprived of their constitutional rights.
    Why is it that the Republicans never do anything like this? Why are Republicans afraid to put bumper stickers on their cars? Why is free speech denied to Republicans? Why is it that I told my husband when looking at the crowd that there were many protestors there? For the most part, the behavioral patterns of the left are very different than those of the right – and it has little to do with personal wealth. It has always been this way and the solution is certainly not simple.
    The left’s entire program is segregating Americans into black/white, Hispanic/white, Hispanic/black, rich/poor, etc.. Can’t we all just be Americans? For the left, the answer is ‘no’ because then they would have nothing to sell to their constituency because the last thing they want is for anyone to actually climb out of the hole they have pushed them into and become self-sufficient. While Mr. Trump does not promise unending free stuff, he does promise that he will do everything possible to provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Isn’t that what we all really want?


  34. pattyloo says:

    Hi Gretchen – i’ll give my answers to your rhetoricals. I won’t put bumper stickers on my car because I don’t want it damaged by the ilk we saw last night in Chicago. Republicans don’t do this because people who support republicans usually have a better moral compass than these vermin.

    I actually disagree that they restricted my free speech last night. I had a great time meeting fellow patriots and gained encouragement from their dignity in the face of vulgar taunts by these jerks. Many of the Trump supporters knew the best response is just silence. And, I really think it made some of the protesters feel ashamed of what they were doing. They realized that these people were decent and not interested in fighting them.

    So, to me, the opportunity to be a part of such a group of patriots was enough. I went to the rally assuming that I probably wouldn’t get inside because the place is not that big. I figured I would just watch the video of Trump’s speech on the internet the next day. So, yes, the speech was cancelled or postponed, but I’m guessing it was probably a lot of the same things he’s said in the past.

    The real reason for last night’s event is to showcase the volume of support for Mr. Trump, which encourages others to get out and vote next week. to not feel like you’re in the minority. No, you are the silent majority, and it even exists in Chicago!


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  36. Zen Masta says:

    This same tactic will be used in other majority black urban cities where BLM has a big presence, remember these are the same groups that tore up Baltimore and Ferguson. They are opportunistic and professional protesters they are very good at creating chaos. The powers that don’t just want to take down Mr. Trump they want to take down all of his supporters this is true fascism in what we are dealing with now. They want the spirit of what Mr. Trump has awoken to die off very quickly which is why there is such a big focus on creating chaos at his events so as to scare his supporters.

    We have to be stronger and like Mr. Trump says we have to be vigilant.


  37. Lynne Banks says:

    The circus atmosphere is not funny anymore. Too many protestors that think destroying property, etc. is acceptable don’t seem to realize
    it is so wrong. Peaceful protests
    are acceptable. I hope they can prosecute the whole bunch who have
    caused the destruction 😡!


  38. mike says:

    Anytime they see something as being free they riot.


  39. Sandy says:

    This is so disgusting and violent! If Trump is not President I am moving out of America. Let these disgusting low life scum bags punk thugs run the show. Sanders the nut will have to give his non working protestors money….I have never ever seen anything like this in my lifetime. An awesome man is trying to make America great again and all he gets is disruption, grief, bashing, violent protestors etc. I am at the point that if Mr.Trump decided he had enough and left the race tomorrow that I would be devastated but I would understand. He can sit back and enjoy the ride and watch AMERICA turn into an old old third world country. He will have the last word….which will be I TOLD YOU SO!!! I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY THE PEOPLE WOULD EVER VOTE FOR COMMUNIST SANDERS, KILLERY THE JAILBIRD OR ThE 3 OTHER REPUBLICANS WHO ARE BOUGHT, PAID and OWNED BY THE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS! TRUMP I am praying for your safety and that you will be President. YOU ARE OUR LAST CHANCE FOR AMERICA.


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