Senator David Vitter Accidentally Introduces House Bill To Pay For Trump’s Border Wall….

The word “accidentally” has to be used in the headline because while Vitter’s bill doesn’t specifically mention the southern border security wall, the intent of the revenue is to provide border security measures.

trump border wall

As far as we can tell only our analysis of the potential Mexican remittance fees have outlined the very plausible way to pay for the Mexican border wall.  However, Louisiana Senator David Vitter has now presented a bill targeting the transfer of U.S. funds out of the country by illegal aliens.

Vitter has penned an Op-Ed in the Washington Times which includes two Governmental Accounting office reports – One HERE – and – Another HERE – which show the volume of removed revenue, remittances, as calculated/described by the GAO.

Representative Vitter explains his proposal thusly:

[…] My bill is simple: The business providing the service would simply require documentation of legal status. If the person wiring money is here legally, great. If he can’t prove legal status, then he gets slapped with a fee which goes directly to border security and enforcement. This would cause two separate effects, both very positive. On one side of the coin, GAO estimates that my bill could bring in up to $1 billion from illegal immigrants that would go directly towards border security and enforcement. On the flip side, the report shows it may discourage illegal immigrants from sending the money in the first place. If that dynamic occurs, it would likely lower the amount of revenue raised for border security, but illegal immigration would be strongly discouraged and the money would stay in the U.S. economy. (read more)

We have noted this exact process is already in place for remittances sent to Cuba.  Anyone sending money to Cuba is required to fill out a Cuban Remittance Affidavit form, verifying who the sender is (with ID) and specifying who the recipient is.

Previously we shared a recent discovery that remittances to Mexico, from the U.S., now account for almost $25 billion annually (year 2015), and actually exceed the entire revenue generated by the Mexican Oil industry.

Yes, this means more U.S. dollars are sent to Mexico by Mexican citizens working in the U.S. than the Mexican economy generates itself internally – as measured by their energy sector GDP.

As a specific and direct consequence this means Mexico is now more economically dependent than ever on the U.S.  This is the leverage candidate Donald Trump describes to get the Mexican government to pay for the Southern Border Security Wall.

If you take a more modest figure of $25 billion annually, and if the U.S. were to impose a 4% transfer fee on Mexican remittances, the revenue generated would also be $1 Billion per year.  Over 10 years (budgetary timeline) that would be $10 billion, which is the currently estimated cost of the 1,000 mile wall.

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81 Responses to Senator David Vitter Accidentally Introduces House Bill To Pay For Trump’s Border Wall….

  1. Lanna says:

    Another Trump plan stolen!

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    • Janie M. says:

      Lanna – Found this critique website on Vitter (from his previous career as a senator). Interesting that it comes under the banner of “Most Corrupt” : There are links to docs outlining his behavior. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

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      • Janie M. says:

        My comment concerning his previous career as a senator is incorrect. He was previously a US Rep. and is currently a US Senator.


      • Lanna says:

        When I saw it was Vitter I recognized the name as a no-gooder, didn’t remember any particulars though. Thanks for the link, definitely a bad act. Looking for cover with this, I presume.


      • Swohawk says:

        In Vitter’s defense, he is from Louisiana so calling him corrupt is merely a redundancy.

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        • olhardhead says:

          Swohawk, “In Vitter’s defense, he is from Louisiana so calling him corrupt is merely a redundancy.
          Redundancy perhaps but that doesn’t change his Very Conservative voting record in congress. Yes, he was caught in the Larry Flint sex scandal 10 or 12 years ago but he is a SOLID CONSERVATIVE when it comes to voting record. He ran for governor and was defeated by nutball people here in Louisiana (much like the ones here on this site) who elected a Liberal Democrat John Bel Edwards. We elected Bobby Jindhal who is holds the World Title of the biggest RHINo in the USA, then we elect John Bel Edwards a true Liberal in every sense who has already passing tax bills to raise taxes in our state. The DNC spent millions of dollars bashing David Vitter causing the dumasses here to elect a Tax and Spend Democrat. What you morons in the comments above are responding to is the spawn of those millions of dollars spent by the DNC during that campaign. Reading the crap written above make me want to puke, David Vitter is a flawed man as ALL of us are but he is a solid conservative who would have been a great governor for our state!
          The people of Louisiana would not vote for Vitter because of the DNC mud slinging and voted in a freakin Democrat instead…that’s exactly what I see here everyday, stupid people parroting democrat talking points and making stupid comments about something they don’t freakin’ know anything about..
          AND NO!! I’m not defending David Vitter just like I haven’t been defending Rush Limbaugh (sundances’ Rush Limgaugh goes full nutter). This mentality is the kind of crap that will give us Hellory!!
          David Vitter has been talking about this Mexico Wall thingy for a couple of years.
          “Another Trump plan stolen!” Bull Hockey!!!

          that’s it rant over,
          peace and love,
          talk amunst yourself’s


          • olhardhead says:

            The people of Louisiana would not vote for David Vitter because of the sex scandal from years ago. Yet,these same people elected him senator 3 times (a statewide election) after the afore mentioned scandal. The dem’s spent a triple or quadruple buttload of money here and you nutballs are here agreeing with it.
            stupid is as stupid does,


    • Introducing it is one thing but we’ll see how they vote. We need someone to set them straight Trump 2016. About the Cuban remittance thing, read this they just take the welfare and social security money they get from us and travel back to Cuba to spend it.

      U.S. taxpayers are paying for Cuban ‘migrants’ in Costa Rica

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      • Elizabeth says:

        And we’re pretty tired of it too. I like the idea, and I would go further and suggest it be done whether or not the sender is ‘legal’.I’m all for making them start to pay back all that they’ve been taking from us for decades.

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    • brcajun says:

      That bill is going to no where land! Just another ploy by the uniparty!

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      • BobW462 says:

        Exactly. Just another weak attempt to influence LOFO voters with: “See you don’t need Trump because we’re already working on _______________ (fill in the blank)”.

        Complete BS.

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  2. Toronto Tonto says:

    The wall must be popular in Louisiana. Go Trump!

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    • GracieD says:

      We have been overrun with criminal entrants! 🐊🐊🐊

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    • angie says:

      We want a wall, especially if we can put Vitter, Mitch Landrieu, and our governor,Edwards, on the other side of it.


      • olhardhead says:

        Are you one of the idiots that voted for John Bel? Or one of the super idiots that didn’t vote at all because Vitter was too…ehhh Ickkie or sumthin?? You Trumpies here have got to realize that the dim’s are sliming every Republican candidate not just Trump. They want you to stay at home, it’s the same as a vote for the democrat candidate!! I see that you”re not kool with our new governor. What did you do to stop him from being elected?



  3. lahthoughts says:

    “I sought for a man among them would would build a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that it should not be destroyed…”
    Ezikiel 22:30

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  4. feralcatsblog says:

    Rudy Giuliani
    Today I endorse my good friend @realDonaldTrump as the #GOP nominee and future president of the USA. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

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    • james1051 says:

      Was this a real endorsement, or another fake tweet? Saw lots of speculation that it was fake. Would be welcome certainly!

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      • parteagirl says:

        It looks real, but if it is, I’m sure Donald will retweet it. I’ll wait till then.


        • JSBachLover says:

          I follow Giuliani on Twitter. That’s definitely one of his tweets today. He has tweeted a lot about Trump in the last months, has long supported him, and they’re friends.

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    • petszmom says:

      in the meantime, didn’t jebbie just endorse cruz? losers need to stick together.

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    • Just_me says:

      True? Nothing on Trump’s FB or Twitter feed. When will Trump announce this great news?

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      • TheFenian says:

        I don’t think this is real.

        Rudy Guliani is an enormous figure in New York state, enormous. His national name recognition is also still huge.

        The endorsement will come, they are close friends and Rusy has been advising Trump for months. But when it comes, it will be a big event, like the Christie, Palin & Sessions endorsements.

        A Rudy Guliani endorsement will NEVER be announced via twitter. No way.

        I look forward to it. Rudy will clean up and kick ass over whatever department a President Trump appointed him to. Homeland Security Sec. would be a good starting point, but so would Chief of Staff or Attourny General.

        He’s a great man who showed what a great man can accomplish. He Made new York Great Again.

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    • budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

      Notice the spelling Rudy “Giuliani” ‏@RealRudy”Giulian” and it’s not a verified account so most likely a fake account.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      His account is verified but the tweet is on his Twitter feed:


  5. ej says:

    This is great on so many levels.

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  6. BAMAFan says:

    Vitter is a U.S. Senator, not Representative.

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  7. GiGizMe says:

    Maybe not the most intelligent way to do this. All remittances should be subject to a fee. Many illigals use false S.S. numbers and have I.D. The establishment may be trying to co-op the idea and control the outcome.

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    • GiGizMe says:

      David Vitters Voting Record


    • Qbinky says:

      Totally agree, GiGizMe. All transactions should be subject to fees when transferring $ out of the country. I think it may prove a burden to have the responsibility to determine whether a person is legal or not on a wire transfer company. Or, am I missing something?

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      • snixy says:

        we do business with companies in Germany, China, Italy and Great Britain to source parts for our saxophones built in the USA – I think money bank wired to companies internationally should be exempt. There are items such as our abalone pearl key touches cannot be sourced in the US. or the saxrax stands built in England.


    • JJ says:

      The illegals learn fast–they will just pay neighbor John to send for them! DUH!!

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    • bearsgrrr says:

      It should be both. Tax all remittances and charge an additional fee for illegals. Another way to identify those that need deportation.

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  8. james1051 says:

    Add Vitter’s bill to a long list of topics that would not be mentioned today, were it not for Mr Trump’s campaign. All to the good!

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  9. duchess01 says:

    Hahaha – that is why Trump does not reveal his plans – they adopt his ideas – misconstrue the constructs – put their names on paper – and call it their idea – Vitter is slick!

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  10. Mike says:

    Fantastic! One more on the Trump Train! Why not charge 8% and get it done in half the time! We should also also use Asset Forfeiture laws to seize monies smuggled into Mexico for Border Protection and building the wall. None to Local law enforcement or other federal agencies. We also need to break up the Department of Homeland Security. Let the Border Patrol add ICE focus on their Core Mission

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  11. Peter says:

    He leads, damn it!

    He has been changing the discussion with bold ideas since June 16, 2015

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  12. zzschnops says:

    This just proves that Vitter is a complete moron, or there is some other reason for this bill.

    “If he can’t prove legal status, then he gets slapped with a fee which goes directly to border security and enforcement.”

    If he can’t prove legal status, then he will get his cousin, who is legal do to it for him….

    No wonder they cannot stop the flow of illegals or drugs into the country.

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  13. You have a choice to make – Choose Wisely

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  14. Paul Killinger says:

    FYI, David Vitter is a lame duck US Senator who recently ran and lost the Governor’s race in Louisiana. He is not running for reelection to the Senate this year.

    As a member of the Republican establishment, why he would file such a bill is an open question. Perhaps he’s hedging his bets for his next move in his political career, whatever that may be.

    Nevertheless, the concept is at least a start in curtailing illegal immigration, so I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


  15. flounder, rebel, vulgarian says:

    This is so lol. And Trump isn’t even the nominee, yet.

    Donald Trump. What a menace!

    On Cruz and Bush.

    Don’t forget to ask Cruz supporters if consistent conservatism is on board with peddling influence for the the Chinese government for the use of Chinese hookers?

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  16. zzschnops says:

    Wells Fargo, which is used to participating in money scams, will just keep a list of valid green card id’s for illegals to use when making their transfers. Wells Fargo makes more from this money transfer to Mexico THAN VITTERS proposal will. Wells Fargo will not go broke without a fight.

    so…. is Wells Fargo one of the corporations involved in NWO????

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  17. SierraTangoNine says:

    This is a perfect part of a 3 part plane I was thinking about to lead to self deportation:

    1) Heavily penalize any employer that hires anyone that is not here legally.

    2) Prevent illegals from obtaining any social benefit.

    3) Levy a hefty fee on all electronic transfers of money out of the country for anyone here illegally.

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    • zzschnops says:

      This only works if the fine hurts the company making the transfer. But it won’t work, because it is up to the company to decide if the transfer involves an illegal. So, they will just use data that shows it was from legals…. real, fake, dead… whatever

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  18. Derigitable says:

    OT: The rumor mill is saying something about an agreement between Trump and the GOP to be released soon.


  19. zzschnops says:

    DOH!! the light comes on. Wells Fargo is planning on taking Vitters on as a consultant when he leaves office. The bill will sound like it is stopping wire transfers, but in actuality, it is making it just criminal enough to make it worthwhile for the illegals to pay a BONUS to wells fargo to make the transfer look legal.

    Wells Fargo wins, Vitters wins, the illegals win.

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  20. Robert Pilchman says:

    😦 Annoyance: Why is the establishment called elite; wouldn’t snobs (or arrogant unethical quasi-competent corrupt treasonous gross violators) be a better description? Better yet hopefully we will soon call them unemployed / inmates. 🙂

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  21. bullnuke says:

    Interested to see how far this goes with the GOPe. The turtle is not your friend, David.
    Curious if Trump is ware of this effort.


  22. Joan Sands says:

    We could also stop giving Mexico the $1 billion per year in foreign aid that we give them. Why are we even doing that.

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  23. joshua says:

    this is not well thought out as to mechanics….there are all manner of ways to move funds across borders and launder money…this will set the drug cartels in Mexico up in the check cashing and banking transfer business and our greedy bankers will help work out the details. none of these remitences go through a bank at collection point…they go through thousands of check cashing and phone card storefronts, who then put bulk transfers via bank transfers…..unless the banks are given potential jail time, merely a few fines won’t do it….and the senders will not give the same name or ID when submitting the money….this will just create a whole new bunch of businesses to get around it. The CONCEPT is correct…but Congressfolk have NO idea how the real world works…unless they are IN ON THE PAYOLA scheme.


  24. Paul Killinger says:

    It is worth noting that Donald Trump has already had a significant impact on legislation being considered on Capitol Hill this year.

    The House has approved bills curtailing entry into the US from certain Muslim countries, and passed a stand alone measure opposing Obamacare after Trump complained about their funding it.

    And, most inportantly, the Senate has yet to take up final passage of the huge TPP trade deal, which has now been tentatively delayed until a lame duck session following November’s Presidential election.

    And don’t kid yourselves, if it weren’t for Donald Trump the TPP would have been passed into law and signed by President Obama already, which would mean millions more US jobs would be LONG GONE!

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    • rashamon says:

      Yes, Paul, not to mention that other candidates are adopting planks of his platform as their own. Hillarity tore into Pfizer today for taking advantage of lower corporate taxes in Ireland. Gee, Hill, that’s one tax law that could have been changes ages ago — like when your husband Bill was in office or during The O’s administration. Suddenly, it’s a hot topic?

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  25. bogeytct says:

    And yet Louisiana foolishly didn’t elect him as governor.


  26. Truthfilter says:

    This won’t work. There must be a tax on ALL money transfers going into Mexico. Most illegals carry fake identification documents. Those who don’t carry them will get them. My daughter works in the personnel department of a large company that provides janitorial services in 3 southern states. Most of their labor force is comprised of Mexican/Hispanics. It takes 3 months for the federal government to run a forged or stolen social security number and even then, they simply notify the employer that a mistake has been made. The employee receives a nice, politically correct letter asking the employee to double check and resubmit the correct number. At this juncture, the illegal alien employee simply doesn’t come back to work. My daughter says that faked/forged documents are often recycled and used among several individuals and she has also seen former employees return months later with a different set of fake papers and identities. Employers can’t investigate these situations for fear of violating discrimination codes when hiring. It’s an almost impossible situation to correct unless we install some kind of fingerprinting I.d. System. It’s great for business, though. /sarc

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  27. MEDIA LIE: World leaders will shun Trump Another Hitler? How world leaders see Donald Trump
    Oh REALLY????????? I don’t think so! Just another media LIE !! LOL! 🙂

    Parliament, Italy

    Parliament, Japan

    Parliament, Japan

    Parliament, Georgia

    Parliament, Ukraine

    Parliament, South Africa

    Parliament, Kuwait

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  28. George Stevens says:

    I’m going to miss David Vitter in the Senate. I really wish he hadn’t run for governor. If he hadn’t expressed an intent to resign, he would have had a lifetime position in the US. He always had my vote.


  29. More world leaders “frightened” by Trump presidency?

    South Korea, Parliament

    Parliament, Taiwan

    Parliament, Napal

    Parliament, Bolivia

    Senate floor, Alabama

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  30. remster says:

    Why can illegals send money to their home country but it is illegal for U.S. citizens to open a savings account in another country?


  31. Helen says:

    I love David Vitter, great record and friend of Jeff Sessions.


  32. IMPACT1 says:

    Remittances can pose money laundering risks, as funds related to illicit activity may go undetected due to the large volume of transactions or remittance providers’ inadequate oversight of the various entities involved.

    What is highlighted is, and has been a huge problem in the bureaucracy that is Washington, DC…there is little to none Oversight. Washington DC wastes so much of our money not only with this, but by the FACT over the length of the Obama Administration, there has been NO BUDGET…they have played fast and hard with Trillion of dollars…we are not heavily involved in a WAR so where exactly has trillions upon trillions of dollar gone….

    The trillions Bush spent was blamed on the Iraqi war…what is the excuse with THIS ADMINISTRATION???….I hope when Trump is president, he exposes the corruption that is our Government , that has been perpetrated on the American people….I think that is the REAL FEAR of having a smart businessman such as Trump looking at the ‘books’ of our Government…


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