Ted Cruz Loses Every Single County In South Carolina Election – Including the Staunchly Evangelical Counties…

In August of 2015, against considerable backlash, we stood firm on a fundamental position that Senator Ted Cruz did not have a pathway, a roadmap, to victory in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

Despite the fundamentally sound reasoning for our prediction, which was entirely based on congressional district by district analytics, our position drew an immense amount of criticism and even a quick response from the Cruz campaign itself (Brian Phillips).

Unfortunately, tonight’s South Carolina results vindicate a massive amount of historical research.  There simply is no pathway to victory when you rely almost exclusively on “proselytizing as an electoral strategy“:

sc counties(link)

Not one county, and not a single delegate



It’s not personal, it is simply a factual reality.   The Ted Cruz Road Map is non-existent; and beyond the SEC primary states there is little to no organization at all.  Nothing in the state of Florida.  The campaign is NOT what most people have been led to believe it is.

We strongly urge people to do their own research and to connect their own dots.  The campaign will NOT stop sending you donation requests, that much is certain.

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411 Responses to Ted Cruz Loses Every Single County In South Carolina Election – Including the Staunchly Evangelical Counties…

  1. beaupre03 says:


    Love that!!!!

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  2. elizabeth says:

    I’m in Texas an Not voting Cruz

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    • Toby Gross says:

      i would never vote for cruz. will voteDonald Trump only.

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    • Jeff gheen says:

      Just talked to my mothers first cousin retired from Rockwell international in Newark Ohio has voted democrat in every election since 1957.Hes changing his affiliation to republican and voting for Trump in the primary!This is bigger than the establishment relised he’s pulling in people that’s never voted republican in there lives !

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  3. dogsmaw says:

    Donald Trump is holding a rally today at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta at 4 PM Eastern.


  4. cali says:

    With Windows 10 – I am greeted every time when logging on to my computer with news out of everywhere but also election news which is to say – interesting because it contains more liberal than conservative news. That is to be expected.
    I don’t want to pile on the Rafael Eduardo Cruz – enough has been said and my mind will not change in way about him, his methods and antics. He has proven not to be trustworthy – more so on moral basis. For me – anyone that is morally corrupt can never trusted nor will they be able to speak the truth. It’s impossible.
    Reading Carson’s statement after voting ended in SC – it becomes clear that the meeting between him and Rafael in a storage/broom closet had to be about Carson dropping out asking his supporters to unite behind the false preacher. Carson said “they ask me to drop but I will not drop out. I will continue to be part because we can stop these people to take control of our process and us. We will not tolerate that.” He said more but it appears that he will go on knowing he can’t but not willing to cede ground to the one I will not speak off.
    Then I read an opinion piece written by a couple of NY writers and was pleasantly surprised: If I wouldn’t know better – I would have thought that our Sundance had it because it was a well balanced and honest assessment of the current campaign/results on the republican side. What struck me was the exposure of the insiders, their supporters and donors and how the campaign strategy of the GOPe is playing out in real time. The exit of Jeb, the insiders choice of Rubio, Cruz…well no need to say more, Romney’s endorsement, Trump success in earning votes from every group including cutting into Cruz ‘evangelicals, on and on. I liked that piece which is rare or me coming from the NYT.
    Again – I would encourage everyone to always let Sundance’s research, analysis and facts sink in, digest them and just anticipate that which is laid our here time and again – always accurate, always correct as well as educating one not keeping up with the ever fast changing issues.

    One thing I can say: These pages are read and studied by many not affiliated with CTH but it shows in their own opinion pieces that they ‘get it, understand, learn and keep up’ because I detect it in their writing. Sundance has totally converted ‘Hillary 44’ – used to be PUMA – they are solid Trump supporters now. Their opinion always mesh with Sundance; they are unabashed in advocacy of Trump.
    So – we won one more fight and on to the next one – just a few more to go! Thank you Sundance!

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  5. Mrs. Pennyken Molina says:


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  6. Mrs. Pennyken Molina says:


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  7. tz says:

    Biographical note.
    History repeats.
    Marion “Pat” Robertson, Televangelist, not only reminds me of Cruz, but concerns me (I’d be Glenn Beck terrified batshit scared, but I’m sane).
    I was a Kemp delegate. This was early in the process.
    I shall be at the Wyoming county caucuses doing my best. My county is an alternate instead of delegate, but I hope to go to the county and state conventions, and if need be Cleveland.
    Pray for me. I’m available.

    But to extend, Pat Robertson was “evangelical” but scary, he didn’t quite do the dirty tricks Cruz did but did go into a “rump” convention. And lost. I’m sorry Bush won instead of Kemp, but it was important to torpedo Robertson.


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  10. Martin says:

    lol @ Cruz.


  11. Gerald Moore says:

    Goodbye Ted, and don’t come back!


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