CNN Busted Attempting “Pre-Scripted Ambush” of Donald Trump During Live Town Hall Event…

cnn townhall 2 trumpCNN advertised their two night candidate Town Hall event series as an informal opportunity for ordinary South Carolinians to ask the republican presidential candidates’ questions.

However, when it came to the frontrunner, Donald Trump’s segment, there was nothing ordinary about at least one of the questioners, and absolutely nothing “random” about the combined intent.  [all research citations below]

By all impressions and appearances, CNN intentionally staged a confrontation with Donald Trump – evidenced by Mr. Cooper having an exact quote pre-arranged, and ready for use, at a very specific moment.

Watch as Anderson Cooper calls upon Dr. Oran Smith, President and CEO of the Palmetto Family Council.  Incredulously Cooper tries to play off the introduction of the questioner as an ordinary citizen who “had not yet made up his mind“.

Pay attention to the exchange, and pay specific attention to how “at the ready” Cooper was with the quote.  They had this set-up as an ambush.  Watch:

So what is the motive here? What is the connection between CNN and the ‘non-random’ participant, Dr Oran Smith from the Palmetto Family Council ?

dr oran smith 2 w cruz

Dr. Oran Smith is the head of The Palmetto Family Council (link) and CEO of Palmetto Public Square (link).  Palmetto Family Council Facebook (LINK) and Instagram (LINK)

Do you remember the recent faith and freedom conference at the controversial Bob Jones University? Well, THAT’s Oran Smith’s group. Which included special attendances by candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson:

dr oran smith 3

dr oran smithBob Jones University has been controversial for their historical positions including racism and bigotry – it is always a very tenuous political position to affiliate with the staunchly religious promotions of the group.

HISTORY […]  the evangelical university in Greenville has become toxic–and not just for Bush. Democrats have pounced on the episode as their latest political club against GOP candidates, pressing their rivals to denounce the school’s ban on interracial dating and its anti-Catholic teachings. (link)

Dr. Oran Smith is anything but an “ordinary south Carolinian voter, who has yet to make up his mind“. It is absurd in the extreme to contemplate such a proposition.  It’s a complete line of ridiculous propaganda even beyond the scope of CNN’s customary narrative advancement.

Watch more of Dr. Oran Smith in action HERE.

So what do you think the objective of Oran Smith was during that questioning of candidate Donald Trump?

dr oran smith 5


A reasonably minded person would conclude that Dr. Smith held some intent and disposition prior to taking the microphone.  Additionally, there had to be some pre-scripted planning going on with CNN if both Smith (with the question) and Anderson Cooper (with the needed debate quotation) were so in sync with each other, no?

Now, you might find it all just circumstantial, until you recognize in the previous five candidate sessions there was nothing even remotely similar that took place.   There were certainly no preparatory notes or quotes at the ready for Anderson Cooper to use in reference to random “ordinary citizen” audience questions.

No, after looking at the entire construct, a reasonably minded person would have to admit there was both a strategy and an intent in play, that was reserved exclusively for Mr. Trump and was absent with the five previous candidates.

Further evidence of intent is reflected in the way CNN quickly promoted the confrontation via social media.  You can see CNN fully anticipated this being a moment of usefulness.

dr oran smith 4


Fortunately, as you can tell from the video above, despite the earnest -and transparent- efforts of both Dr. Oran Smith and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, candidate Donald Trump deftly and articulately avoided their unified ambush.

I doubt you could ever find another candidate capable of navigating his/her way through the gauntlet of organized media opposition as Donald Trump.

He possesses a skillset that will become even more valuable when the primary enemy is Hillary and the media assisted Clinton Machine.  Hence, the increasingly obvious reasoning why they hate the thought of facing him one-on-one.

Well done Mr. Trump, well done indeed.

trump lion 2trump lion

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637 Responses to CNN Busted Attempting “Pre-Scripted Ambush” of Donald Trump During Live Town Hall Event…

  1. Bacall says:

    Did anyone mention that the camera repeatedly posed on Mark Sanford in the front row to the left of the Oren guy? Sanford is a Cruz endorser. More CNN dirty tricks.


  2. Bacall says:

    It should say repeatedly paused on Mark Sanford.


  3. illuvatar11 says:

    Certainly a set up, but in my view Mr. Trump knocked it out of the park anyway.


  4. CDA says:

    The insurance guy was a set up as well. The guy professed to being pro-OCrappyCare and I sure as heck don’t know too many conservatives or even moderates that are big fans of the rapidly failing OCrappyCare welfare expansion program.


  5. Jeff Coley says:

    The remarkable thing about Trump is his preternatural ability to sidestep these traps. Most Republican candidates can’t wait to jump in with both feet.

    I was listening to Mark Levin for about two minutes yesterday, about all I could stand. He was raving, as he does, about Trump flip-flopping on his positions “but nobody cares”. The examples Levin cited were instances when Trump either refined a position into a workable policy (i.e. A ban on “Muslim immigrants” becoming a moratorium on immigration from terrorist countries) or a graceful sidestep (I.e. his comments on raising the minimum wage – “not necessarily opposed to discussing it”.)

    Ideologues like Levin and “movement conservatives” have been trained by the Left to view unforced errors in the form of self-destructive statements that become devastating sound bites as “standing on principle”.

    What a bunch of dopes.


  6. Is Cruz still offering Trump advice on debates? He praised the last one.


  7. Libertyvibe says:

    I have heard that they are planning on surprising Trump with a “Breaking News surprise for Trump”, during the debate. I have heard it will be news of the false rape charges…the hoax we have been hearing about today.


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