Political Battleground Poll – Virginia: Donald Trump 33%, Marco Rubio 19%, John Kasich 14%…

Virginia is one of those sneakily important states that doesn’t get enough attention unless something dramatic is going on (example: Cantor’s rebuke).  One of the reasons it holds additional merit, is because most of the DC insiders live there.

Virginia is truly unique, because it’s one of those places where the national anxiety between the GOP grassroots and the pontitificting establishment class can be witnessed in the local supermarket.  Seeing a key Mitch McConnell staffer in the same vicinity as an easily accessed dozen eggs, is the stuff vulgarian dreams are made of.  I digress…

The latest poll from Virginia (full pdf below) reflects an increasingly obvious reality – The more Senator Ted Cruz has to rely on bible-thumping, the behinder he gets.

The fight between the professional political class and the ordinary common sense patriots has been happening in Virginia for more than six years now.  Some victories and some defeats on both sides as the political war rages on.

Donald Trump has increased his lead in Virginia to 33%.  Marco Rubio comes in second with 19%, and John Kasich arrives third with 14%.

The commonwealth, as an aggregate – dispatches Ted Cruz to fourth, with a similar disposition to his lonely office location in the upper chamber of congress.  There is a particular grating sensibility that works against Ted Cruz the more you see him.

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251 Responses to Political Battleground Poll – Virginia: Donald Trump 33%, Marco Rubio 19%, John Kasich 14%…

  1. BlueSky says:

    “Here Fido, come on girl, sit!”


  2. Shirl says:

    Sundance, please don’t block me if I am off topic, as I truly love CTH, but I would be the happiest person on earth if Trump, Sundance, and Bill Whittle would run our country. No one else would be needed. Ever. Y’all would have the MSM and politicians tapping out in no time!


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