Reince Priebus and The Insufferable RNC Being Stupid Again….

This is NOT about Carly Fiorina, this is entirely about how blazingly stupid the professional republican party is. Well, actually, “Willfully blind” is perhaps more apropos.


There are essentially eight candidates left in the GOP race: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Christie, Carson, Kasich, and Fiorina.  ABC announces their debate and SEVEN are going to be on the New Hampshire debate stage.

Who is missing?  Carly Fiorina.

Now before everyone jumps into the ‘she-doesn’t-deserve-it’ argument, or any variant therein, let me repeat – THIS IS NOT ABOUT CARLY FIORINA.  This is entirely about the preferred narrative of ABC and democrat activist, debate moderator, and Clinton foundation leadership member, George Stephanopoulos.

Yes, the decision is made by ABC according to their own list of pre-announced debate qualifications.  But doesn’t it just strike the entire political world as convenient how the female candidate on the GOP side is left off stage.

I mean it’s not like ABC was instrumental in driving the 2012 optic of the GOP “War on Women“, wait, what huh?

Remember Sandra Fluke?  Remember that weird January 7th 2012 ABC Republican debate when George Stephanopolous asked Mitt Romney if there was “a constitutional right to birth control”?

Yeah, just like the look on Romney’s face the entire viewing audience was scratching their heads – where the heck did that question come from?

It wasn’t until two months later, March 2012, when we found out the reason for Stephanopolous planting that upcoming election democrat talking point amid the national political narrative.

The entire scheme was planned, and ABC was an integral part of kicking it off.


So it’s not a stretch to say the elimination of a visible republican female candidate, in a year when Hillary Clinton will most likely face the GOP nominee, just happens to play well into a forward-thinking, gender centric, DNC road map to victory.

The absence of this type of strategic thinking, intentionally I might add, is part of the reason why the RNC is continually accused of preferring to lose elections, and is inherently more focused on remaining viable as the ‘closed-party’ of loyal opposition.

Idiots, just insufferable idiots.

We, the people who are sick and tired of this cloistered gaggle of pontificating professional republicans, are fighting a losing battle so long as we have (and accept) this level of willful blindness in one-half of the political party apparatus.

Seven or Eight – What difference does it make?

ABC debate lineup

Mrs. Fiorina has petitioned the Republican National Committee to force her onto the debate stage, noting among other things that she finished ahead of Mr. Kasich and Mr. Christie in Iowa. She has won the backing of such prominent Republicans as 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in that effort. (link)

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263 Responses to Reince Priebus and The Insufferable RNC Being Stupid Again….

  1. I see no reason to put Carly FireStarter on the debate stage. She didn’t make the cut, so now because she is female gender we have to make an exception? As a woman I cannot relate to her at all, she’s a nag and a shrew, and dangerous with her “let’s attack Putin and start WWIII” meme. Just have TRUMP, CRUZ, RUBIO, CARSON (bring your hammer!!)

    I agree with stobberdobber, put all under 10% nationals on LOWER stage: Let Snary be with her people:Jebra, Kasich, Christie.

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    • Howie says:

      Identity Politics.


    • bonnie says:

      I relate to he. She may not like Trump but she is a well spoken bumper who can castigate Hil. I thought that SD was suggesting they should keep Fiorina in contest

      (“So it’s not a stretch to say the elimination of a visible republican female candidate, in a year when Hillary Clinton will most likely face the GOP nominee, just happens to play well into a forward-thinking, gender centric, DNC road map to victory”).

      The contest is between the dims vs.repubs. first. Others 2nd.


      • Eternal Vigilance says:

        The Reps have been top-down management for a long time! The never ask what GOP members want! They always tell us what they want us to say, commonly by virtue, of cash solicitation questionnaires where they already know the answers to the questions.
        Centralized management of the GOP makes for bad policy, bad ideology, poor member relations and a party that regularly goes off the rails! The GOP leadership (establishment) plays into the Dems hands by keeping Fiorina off the Presidential candidate podium. Of all the candidates, she has been the most studied, best prepared, most coherent respondees. Once again, the GOP establishment plays the Dems game.


    • noritadek says:

      Agree with you completely! She should suspend her campaign and exit with dignity (I doubt it she can do that though)


    • Dems B. Dcvrs says:

      Agreed. Nobody below 10% should be on RNC debate stage at this point.
      Make it Top 4, with nobody below 10%, even if means a debate between 2.

      The whole Princess Reibus thing smells of GOPe / RiNoC plan to turn debate into a 7-Ring Circus, a Carnival, a Joke. Make Republican candidates look dumber than Democrats. Ultimate goal of GOPe, being to see Democrat’s Socialist Killary elected.

      Problem for Democrats is they have so brainwashed their flock of Lazy Fools, that Democrat’s Communist Beannie is overtaking their chosen Hag.

      Rush nailed Democrats with his DNC debate drinking game: “Every time Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton mention a new “free” government program, you grab somebody else’s drink and take a swig.”

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Spot on about the 10% threshold. If you aren’t polling over 10%, you have got no right to complain about sitting at the kid’s table.

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  2. IMO says:

    Kasich and Christie shouldn’t be on stage either.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      I agree with this; include Jeb too — he’s been going nowhere for a while, why let him on stage?
      That would stop the “war on women” issue — oh wait, the GOP doesn’t mind that one because they don’t mind losing (as they win anyway)!


  3. This would be a great point for Trump to make if he gets a question about his “treatment of women.” Why didn’t ABC allow Carlie up here tonight?

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  4. The best way to deal with this Carly situation is to just pull her to the side and let her known she’s been outsourced.

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  5. Toronto Tonto says:

    Well, they cut the kiddie table. Everyone else dropped out. Can’t she take a hint?

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  6. georgiafl says:

    Carly has only one thing to offer at the debate and that is being a female.

    Her unpleasantness almost negates that.

    And, every time she appears, she has a different hair color and face on. The eyes, mouth and facial expression are completely different from the first debates. It’s disconcerting. It’s like she’s a chameleon, changing herself to fit the polls and public opinion.

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  7. mathewsjw says:

    RNC will exclude Fiorina to protect Establishment Trump, it’s a done deal


  8. Looks like ABC is not budging from their set debate rules:

    “Despite Republicans’ calls, ABC declines to include Fiorina in debate”
    By Tom LoBianco, CNN, Updated 9:14 PM ET, Thu February 4, 2016

    “The criteria for the debate did not include any candidate who did not finish in the top-three in the Iowa caucuses or poll in the top six positions either nationally or in New Hampshire.”

    “”She has worked hard, won a diligent campaign,” Cruz told reporters in Weare, New Hampshire, adding that her presence on stage would be a “beneficial element.”

    “With 9 Republicans left, I call on the RNC to get rid of arbitrary requirements for debates. Americans deserve to hear from every candidate,” Carson tweeted.

    Sorry Ben, inquiring minds at ABC want to know more about that Ted Cruz fruit-bearing parable you spoke about regarding Ted Cruz, but wouldn’t go into details about.

    LOL! Cruz acts like he’s relevant. His “beneficial element” won’t be there to bounce off of for protection of the inevitable focus on his tarnished bitter-sweet fake win in Iowa. ABC knows why Cruz desperately wants his female attack dog at the debate. No dice CheaTED.

    It’s hammer time! With Carson and Cruz!

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  9. Bastiat says:

    This post just shows that sundance is human and makes mistakes. But even when sundance makes mistakes, he (or she?) is right about more general point: why RNC outsourced the debates, the criteria, the moderators, and the questions to the top networks? There’s is the balance between visibility/promotion/fundraising and being in control of the process/agenda/narrative. The Democrats are not forced to sell the soul of their party bc the media is the Democrat Party. There are ways for Republicans to combine visibility with promotion of republican values and the current process is not doing that. In this sense, sundance is right in his/her main point: RNC is stupid!

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  10. I like having her there. She is smart as a whip, passionate and has some good ideas. Kasich, with his male eye makeup, no thanks!


  11. El Torito says:

    I don’t know if this was mentioned yet, but due to the fact that Qu’arly was quick to lay in Megyn’s bed and go all sexist/war on women against Trump, if I were Trump I wouldn’t be sympathetic to Fiorina. I’m not very sympathetic as well.

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  12. dm says:

    At this stage of the game, who cares? Do I think it will make a substantial difference? No. She is still officially in, so let her speak…what are the boys afraid of?

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    • Sandra says:

      Who do you want controlling your partiy’s agenda and image? The media? ABC made the decision to omit Fiorina, but it will make the GOP look bad.

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    • noritadek says:

      I don’t want to give air time to someone who is irrelevant in the race. She should be out.


    • jimbob says:

      what are the boys afraid of?

      Because this argument wasn’t stupid when used recently against Trump. Did I miss a memo? Is everyone required to think with their balls now instead of their brains? Heck, if we’re going to use their arguments, may as well let children vote too.


  13. amjean says:

    I prefer to put Carly’s looks and demeanor aside and simply
    ask the question, “Why is the media in control of the debates?”

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  14. Doc says:

    I think the reality is…. It’s dumb to have everyone BUT her. There is an agenda afoot at ABC, it’s always there. The Republican war on women is always going to be circulating because the networks will keep regurgitating it. Even if it only keeps 1% of women fooled… it’s still worth it to them.

    There should be 3 people on the stage debating. The rest should not be there. And truthfully, there shouldn’t be anymore ‘debates’ because they aren’t even really debates. They’re mostly a chance to offer a soundbyte. Like yet another Sunday talk show. And at worst, a chance to line up the candidates and hurl gotcha questions to see who goes down. No way to choose anything.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Not looking forward to Rubio sweating, lisping, spitting his memorized sound bites at top speed, Carly’s pre-fab pontifications, and Cruz nasal soliloquies weasel-wording around the truth, Kasich acting like an angry child, Jeb’s struggles to utter coherent thoughts and sentences, and all the attacks on Trump all sides.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Gilmore’s still in and doing worse than her. No one says he is being treated unfairly.


  15. WhiteBikerTrash says:

    I see this as a possible political win for one of any of the men that are invited on stage. (“The Donald”)
    They could invite Carly up on stage to share their podium and answer questions.This single act of political theater could be the push that puts the one candidate beyond the pack and embarrasses ABC


    • Voice of Reason says:

      What a great idea…..which means with the imbeciles running for office it will never happen.

      But I think you propose something brilliant.


  16. Ivehadit says:

    Ok, Donald, USE THIS AGAINST ABC at the debate. Tell THEM THEY are sexist! Ask why Carly isn’t here tonight? If they say RNC, then say THEY are WRONG!

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  17. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    Sorry. I don’t care. Having Fiorina on stage now with her 1% support does nothing to help someone else in an election against Hillary.

    Trump doesn’t need Fiorina’s help fighting off “war on women” accusations by Dems (he handled Hillary very efficiently with just four or five tweets), and if the rest of the pansy brigade can’t stick up for themselves due to fear of being labelled sexist by a bunch of media lapdogs, that’s their problem.

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    • Sandra says:

      Keeping Fiorina off the stage helps ABC perpetuate the myth that the GOP hates women. I wonder how many viewers will know that it was ABC’s decision to omit her, not the RNC’s decision. I hope one of the candidates mentions it during the debate.


      • jimbob says:

        Keeping Fiorina off the stage helps ABC perpetuate the myth that the GOP hates women.

        No it doesn’t. The only crowd that will play with isn’t going to vote republican anyway. Want to stop perpetuating that myth? Stop caving to it.

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  18. itsy_bitsy says:

    As long as Kasich is allowed then Fiorina should be. After all, the only reason Kasich is there at all is because he is riding on the coat tails of the fracking successes in Ohio. Something that has absolutely nothing to do with him or the way he is running Ohio.

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  19. Sandra says:

    Speaking of the so-called war on women … I received a mailer from some Dem woman who is running for some political office in Chicago, Cook County, or Illinois, I don’t know which one because I only glanced at the mailer and quickly threw it out because it displayed the war on women meme. The evidence: Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is cutting the budget for government (i.e., taxpayer) funded breast cancer screening. But I thought everyone has insurance now thanks to Obamacare, so all of the women that didn’t used to have access to medical care now do. So why the need for “free” screenings? The Dem candidate didn’t just blame Rauner, she blamed the entire GOP. If I had known about this thread prior to throwing out the mailer I would have kept it, taken a photo of it, and posted it. It was absurd.


  20. Donald Joy says:

    This clip — of Carly arguing that a lack of diversity is, in and of itself, evidence of the absence of merit — is what disqualifies her from holding any position, anywhere:

    Unfortunately, most leaders these days (cuckservatives included, of course) obediently nod in agreement with her, and parrot that politically correct line, which means pretty much everyone of good repute is similarly disqualified from any position due to the fact that they’d go along with such nonsense.

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  21. Skip says:

    I believe that Fiorina, Bush, Christie, and Kasich should be off the debate stage.

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  22. victorsharp says:

    I hope the Trump team is prepared for Mary Katherine Ham. She is the “conservative” pundit who will be asking a few questions. If you follow her on Twitter she is vehemently anti-Trump. I can see without a shadow of a doubt that she will try and throw gotcha questions at Trump.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Her late husband Jake Brewer worked in the Obama White House in tech, basically the head troll of OFA. He gave us Clock Boy as a media phenom right before he got taken out by a driver in a bike race for charity.

      His widow got a lot of sympathy from Conservative Inc. She set up a Go Fund Me page, so her kids in their tony VA zip wouldn’t have to go to public school (and also her husband’s leftwing pet causes), because White House staffers apparently don’t have life insurance policies.

      It looks like her mourning period is over. And yes, she hates Trump. I’m always skeptical of these political couples who work both sides.


  23. barton2016 says:

    If it’s no girls allowed why is Jeb sitll there?


  24. burnett044 says:

    I would like to see the family members of those lost in Benghazi as moderator for some of the debates………or maybe some of those family members of those 14 killed in CA..
    maybe a few vets from the VA waiting rooms…


  25. jameswlee2014 says:

    What did you expect from the mouthpiece of the cabal that has hijacked the Republican party. Did they think we wouldn’t notice that they want to give American away to foreigners? When they remained silent or disapproving of Trump’s position of halting immigration from the muslim countries until we were reasonably sure that they weren’t smuggling in smallpox or plans for the mass murder of American citizens? Did they really think people wouldn’t notice? Who hired these losers? Find that guy and fire him first, then the rest of them.


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