One Angry American Responds To: Rich Lowry, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Bret Bozell, Kate Pavlich and National Review…

Last night Fox New’s Ms. Megyn “too-cute-by-half” Kelly coordinated with her smug and condescending GOP crew to promote a National Review Article attacking GOP Frontrunner Donald J Trump. (video here of the smugfest)

NRO cover 2.0anti-trump conservatives

The nitpicking, intransigent, elitist ideologues, with a dismal history of backing professional losers have no idea the level of full blown red, white and blue whoop-ass they have just unleashed….

….but here’s a sample:

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877 Responses to One Angry American Responds To: Rich Lowry, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Bret Bozell, Kate Pavlich and National Review…

  1. Republicans


    • Jane Goodwin says:

      YEAH!! I would like to slap Megyn Kelly silly. She makes me SICK.

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      • Dianna Keith says:

        Me too! Why is Megan Kelly trying to get Trump out! She’s gonna mess around and get a Democrat elected again. Or a Republican that is a yes man!
        CNN did the same thing and then Obama got elacted. So why are they not happy that a strong Republican like Trump is going to make our country great again ! Unless someone who owns Fox is pulling the strings and making her and others do it and turn on him! !!
        I just want to “slap Megan Kelly” literally!!!!!!


  2. bpk1300 says:

    Well, here is a good support piece for Trump against the NR elites, and the bottom line is —-to borrow from Ronald Regean—- when asked about the cold war “We win, they lose” so the American people win (with Trump) and the govt teat sucking Dems and Repubs lose!!! Go Trump 2016

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  3. Maria Barcia says:

    Watch “Donald J  Trump – Make America Great Again Documentary HD” on YouTube


  4. Lostwithiel says:

    I gave my Dad a National Review gift subscription once and I was surprised he didn’t like it (he was a tough Boston city kid, God bless his soul, Trump reminds me a lot of him!)– he detected NR’s Tory snobbery before I did. Look to England to see the road NR types would lead us down — the “Conservative” Party over there is indistinguishable from Labour, except maybe they propose defunding some government programs by 1 percent. David Cameron espouses the same globalist, social justice canards as does Bernie Sanders over here. And of course, denounces Trump, although what business our sovereign democratic election processes are to him, I don’t know.

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  5. Dora says:

    National Review’s Unwise Trump Excommunication

    As Republican front-runner moves to expand base, GOP media mastodons try to stop him

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  6. PatriotKate says:

    Much of this put into perspective. The Neocons, or RINOS as well call them, have claimed and redefined the mantle of Conservatism for their own Globalist aims. They have used the military to accomplish many of their goals. A reflection back more than 50 years ago as warned by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 3 minute video

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    • Jenny R. says:

      The full farewell address is far more important, complete than snippets — which always focus on “the military industrial complex” and thus falls short of the mark. He talked about a takeover of the whole fabric of American society, and he was right.

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      • MICHELLE MOWERY says:


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  7. TAS says:

    Bush on the National Review hit piece….

    “National Review is a cherished, conservative mouthpiece,” Bush told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program. “It has been in existence for two generations, and it is consistently conservative. I think the fact that they would have all of these distinguished journalists and thought leaders of the conservative cause join together to say Donald Trump is not a conservative, they’re just telling the truth.”

    Not only is Bush full of it, but the term…”thought leaders”…really PO’s me!!! I, and I bet all of you, do not need anyone doing our thinking for us. Especially these elitist snobs.

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  8. Peggy says:

    Why haven’t they been after Obama for seven years and banned against him. This is a joke !

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  9. If these types of people are against Trump, then I am for him. On the bright side for me, but unfortunately for them, they have become irrelevant.

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  10. Lowery regrets that Republicans have but one presidential election to blow in 2016. What a loser


  11. Mary says:

    I love her! Got your back baby!!!!!


  12. Hillbilly says:

    Here is what their missing, Trump has a majority of the people on the right in his corner, that being us. When claiming that he is like Hitler or that were all being fooled somehow, that goes right to the heart of this. They’ve just insulted the majority of the vote coming from the right, us again. So in effect , they being the above list, Beck and the likes have just lost any chance of gaining a listening ear from us. Imagine trying to sell a car by walking up to the buyer and saying ” Your an Idiot” because you drove up in a Ford, but hey I can put you in a Fiat…


  13. Wendy Sarvis says:

    Well said. I watched it and could not believe the agorance of that crowd. I watch a lot of news, listen to talk radio, and read. I thought exactly what you said. They want to control this election. I think because there are so many news outlets on cable, etc on 24/7 that they just go with anything just to have something to air. God forbid they do a piece on the entire life of a candidate or Each person in Congress. They pick and choose… They are dividing us and the Democrats too more and more. God bless America. I’mad too! I get it! Voting for Trump too!


  14. Renee Blythe says:

    Thank you for speaking out!!


  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This woman is spot on and she speaks the truth for millions of Americans. We have had it up to here with the lies, deceit, promises, back-room deals, money laundering, elitist attitude, donor class, etc. from the GOPe. She represents a huge section of the country that is going to vote this election cycle. These people don’t know what they are in for.


  16. Gail Johnson says:

    National Review is history. Are these people so stupid that they would sabotage an attempt to win the White House. National Review backs losers.


  17. greenmakescents says:

    That clip was difficult to watch. Elites telling conservatives to stand up to Donald Trump because, “whatever his virtues, he truly doesn’t understand what makes this country great.” Pfftt, DJT is more in tune to we the people than the panel can wrap their brain around.

    What happened to the conservative principles and values this panel NOW (today) speaks of? Don’t recall too much conservative principles and values agenda making waves the last seven years, in fact conservative agenda was next to nothing unless done to appease the democrats and the administration. This panel is severely delusional and very mean spirited, bless their little hearts. Oh, and. the woman in the video GREAT! She gets it!!!


    • faxxmaxx says:

      Great point. In fact it was Trump who finally and unabashedly changed the conversation and in doing so spoke for us all. All of his ideas to set this country straight came from his heart and no where else. He had the audacity (sarc) to use common sense. The nerve of him! Let them all fall for the Cruz bs, because when they find out that he’s best buds with Paul Ryan and Reince Pribus their entire world will crumble around them and their man will fall with a thud that Washington will regret. This entire fabrication that the elites are happy with Trump will be the poison they will be forced to swallow. It’s their way of making us believe that Trump’s their guy. And in doing so they hope to crumble his campaign. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Just watch as they try to screw him at the convention. They are the Globalists responsible for all the ills we now have. We have but one choice. Trump.

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  18. FNC’s Jesse Watters: National Review ‘Putting Pure Conservatism (Legnth 8:10 min)
    Published on Jan 22, 2016
    The hosts of Fox News’ The Five today weren’t exactly praising National Review and the 22 prominent conservatives taking a stand against Donald Trump. Kimberly Guilfoyle said she cares more about getting a Republican in the White House than someone who checks a couple of boxes.

    Jesse Waters is RIGHT! He gets it!

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    • GiGizMe says:

      Trump should send Jesse a Thank you note. I think he likes Trump, much to BO’s chagrin, and I loved his push back against Dana Perino and her support of NR’s manifesto. (He’s also a Hottie😻)


    • Jody Ivan says:

      His mistake is that they are not putting ‘pure’ conservatism, whatever that is supposed to mean, in front of anything else. National Review has not been conservative for many years – at least not since they climbed on the W bandwagon and became his cheer leaders as he pushed for many statist, big-government spending sprees.
      There really are no ‘small’ government conservatives in the race or in the media anymore.
      As for Guilfoyle’s comment that we just need to get an R in the WH – that is pure statism. That is the same talk that got us little mitchy mcconnell and johhny boehner and paulie ryan and on and on and on….
      We need more than an R in the WH. We need someone who is mostly conservative, who has conservative based principles and who has the courage and integrity required to lead by those principles. What we don’t need is just another R – ala georgie bush. Little georgie, with his absolute lack of any conservative convictions and strong inclination to ‘reach across the isle’, ‘get things done’ and act like a real ‘statesman’ finished the destruction of the R party and led directly to the last 8 years of obammy.
      I am seeing nothing right now that leads me to believe that better results are on the horizon, no matter who we elect.


  19. Ivanka Trump posts a message on Breitbart (It says it’s a verified account!!)

    Ivanka Trump ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ • 2 hours ago

    “Out of desperation, Cruz has teamed up with the GOPe and talk radio class in an final assault to take down Trump.

    “Americans aren’t going to let that happen.”

    Here’s the link to the article where Ivanka Trump’s message is posted:


  20. David Matejka says:

    The narrow scope of conservatism and agendas of these 20 people are what gave us Obama in the first place. Who are they to define conservatism?


  21. jo2u says:

    I applaud you for standing up to the smug Dump Trump crew! I agree with everything you said and no one could have represented us better! The dumping thing may just backfire on Rupert Murdoch and crew! I love President Trump and his entire family. We need to rally around them and keep them in our prayers!


  22. Adumbrate says:

    Someone send that “I am livid” video to the was great one – she speaks for millions.

    The revolution begins Feb 1 – GOP “conservatives” of which I have been since Reagan, will hopefully shut up as they are making avid fools of themselves with this “conservative enough” business.

    Trump /Wall 2016


  23. Marc Vinkenberg says:

    I love this woman. She knows what real values are. Evidently she’s like me, not a pencil pusher but a worker! Just like Trump is. Thank you for your words lady .


  24. Frank Grabowski says:

    Old trick in History is divide & conquer. The puppeteers can’t control Trump or st least they think they can’t. We are being ruled and not governed & no one is pointing out this fact.
    Both parties fear that we the people will unite and break up their monopoly. Both parties take care of each other or the Clintons would be in jail. Obamacare is fraudulent law and wouldn’t be enforced. Our borders would be secured. Refugees would be in Mideast.


  25. Terri says:

    Here’s my response to the GOP: WE TRUSTED YOU…the LAST 3 elections. What did we get? We got called names, you endorsed or voted for leaders we asked you to NOT support, we got ignored or hung up on by your staff, we got our primary candidates replaced by dirty tricks, and we got Obama’s agenda crammed down our throats. YOU have NO credibility. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER. We’re MOVING ON…at least Mr. Trump is motivated by success and results. Mr. Trump recognizes YOU are giving our country away all while calling us names and sending us the bill. WE’RE DONE WITH YOU GOP.


  26. Jane Goodwin says:

    I completely agree with this woman. She is Right ON!


  27. Candee B says:

    You tell ’em girl !!! So. Cal here too born and raised and ashamed of it.


  28. Barry says:

    Bravo I have asked Megyn to
    Drop out of the debate she is too biased


  29. terriergal says:

    You know what they say about people who have to tell us how offended they are…

    Did she think this was a defense of The Don?


  30. woodNfish says:

    Megan Kelly: Foxtwat.


  31. Can I use the B word to describe hot shot Kelly or is that not
    politically correct?


  32. JAMES R. COLLIGEN says:

    Rich Lowry, you are a smug fool. Having to be right is more important to you than what’s left of our Ametica. Get a clue.


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