Marco Rubio Finds New Group for Amnesty: “Illegal Non-Criminal” Oxymoron Aliens…

If an immigrant is here illegally, but hasn’t committed a crime, Rubio says they’re the good kind; keepers.   The “Illegal Non-Criminal” oxymoron aliens.

illegal aliens major

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. Marco Rubio says people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally but haven’t committed any major crimes could be allowed to stay.

In an interview airing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Florida contender for the Republican presidential nomination said felons shouldn’t be allowed to stay, but those who commit lesser crimes could still qualify. In this interview, he didn’t specify whether those allowed to stay would ever be able to become citizens.

“If you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay. If you’re someone that hasn’t been here for a very long time, you can’t stay,” he said. “I don’t think you’re gonna round up and deport 12 million people.”

Rubio’s somewhat fluid position on immigration has been a target for his opponents because he was part of the Gang of Eight lawmakers who worked on the 2013 immigration reform bill, which included a path to citizenship.

“If circumstances change or you learn something along the way, it’s reasonable to say, ‘Maybe a different approach will work better,’” Rubio said. “So, for example, on immigration it is clear no comprehensive solution to immigration is going to pass.” (read more)

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119 Responses to Marco Rubio Finds New Group for Amnesty: “Illegal Non-Criminal” Oxymoron Aliens…

  1. margo says:

    Can it be said Mr. Robio is the J.V.? That’s pretty obvious to me.

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  2. ajbenius says:

    Isn’t this also Ted Cruz’s position?

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  3. Really? Someone with a pulse created that phrase??


  4. mimbler says:

    How can this not be called amnesty? In addition, once they are legitimized with being here legally, the next step is to decry how we can withhold citizenship from “legal” immigrants.

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  5. BT in SC says:

    Semantics. And only in our now “bizarro” world are these statements even possible. Hmmmph. Alien – singular word, versus illegal alien – two words, now rarely used or even uttered together. Merely semantics; nothing to see, here, folks, y’all just move along now…

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    • “Alien” is the legal term of art-in the statutes-for a non-citizen with no legal immigration status-i.e., someone here ILLEGALLY=IN VIOLATION OF OUR LAWS.. So, “illegal alien” is an accurate but redundant term.

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      • KBR says:

        Not really redundant at all. You could have legal aliens, like in the little towns near Area 51,

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      • VietImmGuy says:

        Actually no. “Alien” is simply a person who is a non-US citizen or national. They could in fact, have legal US immigration status, or they might not. In fact, someone with a green card is referred to as a “permanent resident alien” in the immigration statutes because they have the right to live and work and permanently in the US.

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        • You are right Viet, although more often called Legal Permanent Resident I guess to distinguish them from those with no status whatsoever. Anyway, it’s getting harder and harder with all the Newspeak going on-“undocumented immigrant” and “law abiding alien” being two good ones…


          • nimrodman says:


            “Resident alien” is the farthest ground that should ever be given up in this drive for “comprehensive immigration reform” if we “can’t deport them all.”

            Citizenship and voting rights are a bridge too far.

            Don’t like your inability to achieve full citizenship? Go back to the country you came from where you’re a legal citizen.


        • WSB says:

          My childhood friend’s English grandmother was just that. couldn’t vote.


      • Ono says:

        The legislative portion of our government is set up to make laws, the judiciary depart upholds these laws. Rubio is saying that he is above the law. That he is capable of making arbitrary decisions that go against the laws that are on the books makes him just like the person he wants to replace. President above the law Obama.

        I wonder if Rubio’s parents came over when Castro cleared out his prisons and sent them to Florida in the Scare face cocaine years?


  6. Debian Man says:

    Whaata Maroon!

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  7. angie says:

    Come here illegally but you’re not a criminal. Ok, so then steal something or attack someone and I guess using Rubio’s parameters, you’re not a criminal either-if he says you’re not.

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  8. John Galt says:

    Marco Rubio, JD University of Miami Law School

    Nothing but the keenest legal minds.

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  9. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Build the wall and lets start exporting these illegals! We are tired of our existing laws not being enforced.
    Our Con. Rep. Scott Rigell (R) just announced his retirement after just 5 years of service. Guess how long one must serve before being eligible for LIFETIME retirement benefits? You guessed it… 5 years!
    His voting record as a ‘conservative’ (R) has been horrible. I think he felt the heat coming down and decided to get out while the getting is good. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, sir.
    Hopefully more of these pro politicians start retiring so we can get on with Making America Great Again!

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    • Kaiser Roll says:

      The Ds and the Cantor wing of the GOP pushed a lawsuit to force redistricting, with the primary goal of making it easier to defeat Dave Brat. That this will cause the Democrats to gain Rigell’s newly shifted district is not a concern to them.


  10. TheFenian says:

    I didn’t watch the video because, well, why bother ? There is no surprise here. The establishment is moving strongly behind Rubio, but there is nothing to fear here. Rubio is but a boy, a boy who is a “lightweight” as a great man once said. Donald Trump will chew him up and spit him out with dizzying speed should his numbers rise enough to be a threat.

    Here’s the thing with Rubio – when I first saw him he gave me a very strong vibe, one that I once got from another Florida lightweight named John Edwards. We all know how Edwards life crashed and burned. Digging into Rubio, I see those very same curvy, buxomy seeds are going to one day bloom into a full eruption.

    In addition, based off his shaky, sleazy finical problems, let me be the first to predict; in 2 or 3 years things will catch up to Rubio and we will see him in a court room, before a judge, fighting to stay out of jail … just like John Edwards.

    We are looking at a man who’s life will be in tatters before he’s 50. And we’ll look back and marvel, just as with Edwards, that such a sleaze and lowlife with nothing to offer was once considered a strong canidate for President of the United States.

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    • You’re absolutely right, but isn’t Edwards from North Carolina? He made zillions as a plaintiffs’ attorney using junk science against ob-gyns–I do agree with you that Marco will not have a long shelf life and unlike Edwards will not be on anyone’s ticket as a VP candidate.

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      • TheFenian says:

        North Carolina ? I don’t know, maybe he was, I forget lol. For some reason I thought he was from Florida. At any rate, disregard the location, but the rest holds true. Rubio is not a man of integrity.


      • NCPatrick says:

        Oh yes indeed … Mr. Edwards was from North Carolina, and from the day he was elected (and Lord only knows how that happened) and he arrived in DC, he began running for President. It was so bizarre and very much noted here at home. He never did one thing as our “representative” and was always too busy flying off to California to raise funds. His primary donor was a very wealthy old woman who he used as his personal piggy bank.

        Of course, little did we know at that time, that part of the fun of all these frequent traveller miles was it gave him time with his new girlfriend. Edwards made a lot of $$ as a personal injury lawyer; his first case that put him into the big time involved suing a local city for injuries caused to a child in a municipal swimming pool.

        Then all the Enquirer scandals, the death of his wife, the public shaming … but fear not! I heard just this week that the families of some workers who were killed in the collapse of a scaffold last year will be represented by little Johnny Edwards, and they couldn’t do better, could they? Edwards owns a large country estate and enormous home in Chapel Hill, NC.

        We never hear anything about the girlfriend or the child so no idea what the outcome of that was but last I heard they lived in Charlotte.

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        • Good to see he’s back fighting the good fight (SARC)-wonder if he will still be able to work his BS with juries now that he’s so infamous. I remember when he was running as Kerry’s VP in 2004 – I was on Free Republic all the time (when they were cool) and they called him the Breck Girl!

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        • TheFenian says:

          If I recall correctly, he used “campaign donations” from the littlemold lady to set up his girlfriend and illegitimate baby. That’s what eventually landed him in court.

          Now, can you imaging if it was a former Republican Vice Presidential nominee who ended up the way Edwards did ? His name would have been invoked everyday all these years. But Edwards ? It’s as if bs never existed. The press is just so … insidiously perfidious.


          • That’s right, the little old lady was some big heiress–Bunny Mellon, maybe? I learned about all that in The Politician which was a good book about Edwards written by a former campaign staffer. And yes, the double standard is infuriating, although I loved what a sportswriter in the NY Post said about Edwards after all this stuff-“He was right about there being two Americas-both despise him”!


        • mariner says:

          Ahh, yes.

          Silky Pony.


    • kathyca says:

      I totally agree. I’ve seen “him” 1000 times.


  11. LBH says:

    He speaks as if allowing non-criminal illegal immigrants access into this country won’t hurt anyone. 62% of illegal immigrant households are on welfare! Nearly two-thirds! Who is paying for that? We, the legal, working citizens are. There is more to this debate than the media wants to talk about.

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  12. NHVoter says:

    Rubio has a history going back to his days as FL House Speaker of favoring amnesty for illegal aliens.

    I am curious as to why Trump for the most part leaves Rubio alone aside from the ‘sweats a lot’ comments. Is it because Rubio doesn’t attack Trump? What do you all think?


  13. winky says:

    I do not think an anchor baby has any right to tell us what to do here…..lets start having fun with Rubio ….bring out the babes the drugs the bills ………


  14. hocuspocus13 says:

    Rubio’s allegiance is to Immigrants like his Cuban Immigrant parents and not to America and the American People

    Further more…Rubio is not eligible to be President or VP of USA he does not meet requirements

    Born on American soil to 2 American Citizen parents for starters

    Rubio’s parents were Cuban Citizens at the time of Marco’s birth and did not become American Citizens til Marco was 4 years old

    Our ForeFathers knew what they were doing 🇺🇸

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  15. liberty2828 says:

    In interview he states releasing prisoners for hostages will cause more hostage taking.

    Seems like the same is said for illegal aliens… more amnesty more illegals coming.

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  16. rashamon says:

    Breaking News: Florida Man Challenging Cruz and Rubio Eligibility Speaks Out…

    Thank you, Dianne Marshall!

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    • TheFenian says:

      Interesting article. The first thing I picked up on is how frustrating it is to bring a cases like this before the court if you are not 1) rich 2) famous. You’re treated like dirt. Like a crank. He doesn’t state Rubio’s parents exact legal stautus under US law at the time of Rubio’s birth. Nor how they arrived. Were they non citizens with legal alien status ? Did they arrive illegally ? He doesn’t say.
      I wish him well. I hope there are many more cases like this presented all over the USA.
      (but one thing – I believe him to be dead wrong about McCain)

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      • shiloh1973 says:

        I posted a link a couple of comments up the page that has quite a bit of info on the Cruz parents. The article states that they flew in, so I assume legally and then became naturalized citizens.


        • woohoowee says:

          I always assumed there was something shady about the immigration status of Marco’s parents since they waited 19 years to naturalize. There’s always room for error on my part, though.


    • Notmeagain says:

      Cool, that links to a blog written by Lou Donofrio who pretty much worked himself into a nervous collapse researching and arguing the NBC issue. Wordy but interesting.

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    • singtune says:

      Thank You rashamon~!


  17. Big Jake says:

    These people and their loyalty to foreigners because of last names really hacks me off.

    We want them out! All 35 million. Out! Then slam the door shut.

    I am beginning to see people like Rubio, Cruz, Ryan, and !JEB! as something far more sinister than simply out-of-touch.

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    • Big Jake says:

      Oh, and I will volunteer for the Deportation Force on my days off as a public service. I have lots of friends who will help, too.

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      • TheFenian says:

        “Deportation Force” is a name created by the media to paint a picture of Trump as hitler with his own SS.
        I would implore ALL of us to never use it.

        All deportations will take place lawfully, orderly & humanly by the federal agency ALREADY charged with this duty; Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
        Also known as ICE.

        Using “Deportation Force” aids and abets the anti American, left wing propaganda machine that is destroying this nation. Use ICE instead.

        Also – the term “nationalism” is being used to create an image of Trump supporters as a bunch of nazi hooligans. Use patriotic Americans or American firsters.

        Language is an important component of this insurrection to take back America. We need to be VERY careful how we use it.

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  18. rashamon says:

    Explanation of Cruz’s mother’s Canadian citizenship? I have not triple-checked this yet.


    • shiloh1973 says:

      This article assumes so many things not in evidence I would not put too much stock in it. The article was even assuming that Ted’s Mom’s first husband was Canadian. He was an American citizen living in England.

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      • rashamon says:

        Yes, that’s why I suggested checking. The link to Government of Canada does explain that between January 1, 1947, and February 15, 1977, dual citizenship was not recognized. Senator Cruz, born in 1970, appears to have been born either a Canadian citizen OR a U.S. citizen, depending on his mother’s citizenship and actions to secure his. His comments about being a “dual” citizen appear impossible. Right?


        • shiloh1973 says:

          I have been digging on this for a long time and I still can’t give you a 100% answer. Very confusing stuff.


        • singtune says:

          Ted’s Canadian Birth Certificate has been online for quite a while.. In my research about Ted, before i cam to the Refuge, I found that he was a Native Canadian Citizen & that his father was Not a Citizen of the USA. I also remember that he was never registered a a US Citizen {This .Information is very close to the Data brought here by others.} It has been at least 3-4 months since i found this out & I am sorry now I did not retain the source.

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      • rashamon says:

        OK. Sen. Cruz’s birth certificate is below, and it’s recorded in January 1971, the Dept. of Health, Edmonton Provence of Alberta, Canada. If there was no such category as “dual citizen” in Canada between 1947 and 1977, what gives with him saying he had such? His mother could not have been a dual citizen either. They returned to Texas in 1974 when Canada still did not allow dual citizenship.

        If his mother filed the correct papers to make him a U.S. citizen, then he was solely a U.S. citizen and was not a citizen of Canada as well. If he was a Canadian citizen based on his birth there, then he had to go through a naturalization process to become a U.S. citizen. In any case, he could not hold a dual citizenship. Why lie about that? He has been pulling very bad form for one who is supposed to be an attorney of some note.

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  19. boutis says:

    CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) had to be filed even if his mom was George Washington’s sister. Where is it? Cruz’s mom’s birth certificate does not prove her citizenship one way or the other at the time of his birth in Canada thirty something years later. The files have been closed. FOIA not answered. Why?


  20. Doodahdaze says:

    The USA has been transformed. It is now The Dysfunctional Hood. As goes Baltimore goes the USA. Buckle up.


  21. budmc says:

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that he came to the US as a young child and was a Canadian citizen and became a US citizen through naturalization. I believe the papers that are sealed are in fact naturalization papers
    Naturalization papers would absolutely prove he was not a natrual born citizen. Also explains dual citizenship. Why would he seal papers that would prove US citizenship at birth?


  22. Doodahdaze says:

    All in all, all that matters is the votes.


  23. Mordecai Gallows says:

    ‘A picture is worth a thousand worms’ – oops, words.

    Though, maybe WORMS are more appropriate.

    Welcome, all of you who hate us. And yes, we’ll gladly pay for your new life, AND, pay for your right to hate us in your new life.

    Welcome, Welcome! Come one, come millions. What’s a few hundred billion dollars redistributed between ‘friends.’

    I mean, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemas’ – oops, enemies.

    Though, definitely, ENEMAS are more desirable. And way cheaper, too!

    (To the tune of ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’)

    Oh and thank you, Marco Rube – E-I-E-I-O
    And on this land we had a nation – E-I-E-I-O
    With a lawsuit here, and a court case there
    Liberals are tellin’ us, that freedom isn’t fair
    Oh and thank you, Marco Rube – E-I-E-I-O


  24. Honest Abbey says:

    It drives me absolutely insane when I hear someone say “They are not criminals, they only over-stayed their visa”.
    Geraldo is famous for espousing this crap. He truly believes that over-staying your visa is not a crime ….. and he’s a lawyer.


  25. Sam says:

    If Rubio actually believes the nonsense he spoke, he is not fit to be president. I have had it with moral relativity.


  26. winky says:

    What a great picture on this post…I had posted a comment the other night that these illegals are all on some form of welfare and everything else that goes with it….take our jobs…send the money home…have paid medical have free education disrespect Americans and GIVE US THE FINGER…HOW TRUE!!

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  27. Mr.Right says:

    I still dont get why we dont bill the country of origin for the burden & support we give to foreigners.

    Free school, housing ,medical, food, support, transport etc.. all paid by US tax payers ?
    What is our constitutional obligation to do so to non us citizens?
    Why do we have to pay support to foreign citizen just because they cross the border illegally ?

    This need to stop.

    Specially when they bog down our legal system and hospitals.
    (look at the LA area court schedule, and hospital during flu season)

    Now, if we start to bill Mexico for services rendered to Mexican citizen in the US, Mexico would build the wall ASAP and demand repatriation of its citizens.

    And until the wall is up, they would pay reparation for the billions we spend/spent supporting mexican citizens.
    (I say mexican, but this apply to all non us citizens receiving tax payer support. including refugees. Iraq got TRILLIONS in oil reserve , yet, we have to pay medicare/medicaid and housing etc.. to iraqi refugees? what ?!)

    side note; Trump is right… Kuwait own us hundreds of billion for the war that saved their country.
    … Its time to collect.

    The US need to stop allowing foreign government to use the US as dumping ground for their unwanted citizens.

    On the flip side, maybe we should play that game too ?…
    what would happen if we ended all form of welfare support in the US?
    Canada would have 10s of millions of US citizen crossing the border to get welfare.
    and mexican would cross our border, and keep on moving north until they reach Canada….

    Look at what happen in europe. All ‘refuge ‘ are safe in Turkey.. but they keep going, and going, and going, until they reach socialist countries where they get everything for free.

    side note: every time we take in a Muslim refugee , ISIS win. It was part of their agenda to move 500,000 muslim into europe in 2015… they have blown up their best estimate. now to be 2 million in less then 24 month. We played right into their hand of islamification.

    So our best solution (will we still have it) is our economic power.
    We need to make all countries accountable for the services we give away to their citizens.

    Because if they are not a tax payer burden, we can consider them tourists.
    (This assume, no more anchor babies… you can only be a us citizen from US parents, or by earning your citizenship.. serving in the military or applying after having 10 years of tax return filled)

    We can call it the “Fair Care” bill. and the “Proud Citizen” bill


  28. Chip Bennett says:

    If someone enters my house, without my permission, in the middle of the night, they have already proven their criminal intent – whether or not they have already robbed, raped, or murdered anyone who was lawfully inside my house.

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  29. Kudos. Great photoshop in the train windows.


  30. No, no, NO! People who are not citizens have no right to enter this sovereign Country! If you do, you are a criminal! The only thing you deserve is deportation.

    Build the wall, man it with our military – which was created for the defense of the states, and keep out all invaders.

    NO benefits for illegal aliens – NONE! No schooling, no welfare, no food stamps, no medicaid, no jobs, no college, no driver’s licenses – NOTHING!

    Is that too harsh? 😉


  31. shipley130 says:

    Only Donald Trump seems to know what the hell to do about the illegal criminals in America. Sorry, folks, white people won and I plan on voting for someone who plans to keep America on a successful path instead of letting others come into this country and ruin it.


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