Michael Savage Interviews Donald Trump On Current Race Status…

A couple of recent media interviews starting with Michael Savage:

Donald Trump sits down with WMUR (New Hampshire) political reporter John DiStaso.

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72 Responses to Michael Savage Interviews Donald Trump On Current Race Status…

  1. ZurichMike says:

    The billionaire who sits comfortably at a diner and looks, acts, and speaks like a normal human being. Unlike [insert name of any other candidate].

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    • Bluto says:

      …and not trying to pander by dressing in a plaid flannel shirt & jeans pretending he’s “just like a midwesterner” when he’s not in DC

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    • joshua says:

      the father’s expression at the end….

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    • phil fan says:

      So That’s what a natural born citizen looks like…hmmm

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    • grainofsalt says:

      He is so natural, no pretense whatsoever. Never met him or have been to any of his rallies only on live streams, and yet he comes across to me as “one of us”, and not like some billionaire guys who portray themselves as above everyone who isn’t as rich or as accomplished as them.

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      • Benson II says:

        His son said his dad was a blue collar guy with lots of money (or words to that effect) the blue collar being exact.

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        • Trumps sons know how to run Caterpillar Bulldozers… few Billionaires actually make their children learn manual labor, much less run excavation of construction sites, the kids are a heck of a lot better for having learned to do real labor.

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          • Judgy says:

            That is fantastic about the Caterpillars!! (Also, speaking as a woman, it makes ’em SOOO attractive!).

            Just the sons, though? I’m the furthest thing from a feminist, but I wonder if Ivanka or Tiffany ever wanted to learn to run the equipment….? (Then again, I may have been the little girl who read “Mike Mulligan & His Steam-Shovel” one too many times, LOL!).

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    • I noticed that same thing…he had the corner booth in the local Greasy Spoon, and looked (and behaved) perfectly natural there! And did you notice how matter-of-fact he was when he confidently said “I don’t care who I run against” as if he had already won the nomination? This guy is the genuine article.

      A couple of things I also noted from his interview with Michael Savage:

      First, the comment about having the support of 25% of the black vote. I haven’t tried to vet that claim, but agree that if it’s true, the general election will be a monumental landslide in his favor. And second, his response to Savage’s question about the RNC possibly anointing Cruz with the nomination. He doesn’t seem to be concerned that the RNC will be able to pull anything shady with a “Brokered Convention”. And, in that, I think he’s also correct. If, as he says, he takes home “Ws” in Iowa, New Hampshire, and S Carolina, his momentum will pick up even more. And (IMO) to the point that any such chicanery by the RNC will be totally impossible without causing the complete implosion of the Party. And Reince Priebus is certainly aware of that, meaning the RNC will have to WAIT to get rid of Trump after his term as POTUS is over.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      I think the election will be Sanders v Trump. People have had their fill of the media.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      I think that’s known as being comfortable in your own skin, which means you own up to what you are. It reminds me of an interview of Sophia Loren (I think it was, maybe Gina Lollobrigia): when asked why she never “dressed casual” like many movie stars had started to, she remarked something to the effect of she now had fame and money, to not dress in the way she did was an insult to those who could not.
      People use to admire that sort of candor — perhaps our politicians are discovering that some still do.

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  2. RoninInCA says:

    In life the best leaders I’ve found have a combination of street smarts and book smarts.. Trump has both qualities in spades.. Thanks again Sundance.. The Treehouse has become my sanctuary.. A mental rest stop of clarity..

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  3. hebejg says:

    good interview.
    i have to agree with Savage about letting the “el chapo” thing go.
    no sense in teasing the diminutive tiger.

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  4. petszmom says:

    really enjoyed dr savage’s Q&A but he is totally wrong on one point. Hispanics are not voting for trump because he is a man and our macho culture dictates that. As someone having lived at ground zero we detest illegals because of what they do once they arrive. I taught the anchor babies, I Know that they come over for the goodies and freebies that child entitles them to. We despised the fact that we had to work hard, obey laws, do the right thing and then turn around and watch someone just step up and snatch it from us without even so much as a thank you. The SMART Hispanics are voting trump, the dumb ones will continue voting democrat because “it is what I’ve always done” (they say)

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    • RoninInCA says:

      Dr Savage is probably referring to a generational thing in the Hispanic community.. The community effected most by illegals is the Hispanic community.. Weather it be jobs or crime they feel the effects most.. IMO

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    • Well, he did say LATINO, not Hispanic. Italians are Latino, but not Hispanic and I can attest that Savage is right about us, most of us would NOT want a female president especially one in charge of our armed services. Female politicians ok, but no female commanders. My guy’s Hispanic and he said the same thing. I guess it depends on who you ask.

      Many people from all ethnicities would prefer a male president, although they might not admit it.

      I would never vote for a female president, especially in perilous times. And especially in dealing with the Middle East a woman is already at a disadvantage, they don’t even consider a deal with a woman as “valid.” And she’d have to wear the hajib (symbol that women are shameful and must cover head). She’d be already in an act of submission just meeting them donning the hajib. Hillary and Michelle Obama have already had to do so.

      Female lions are ferocious but the Male lion is king and I like it that way.

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      • singtune says:

        I completely agree~! I also think a Woman could be Ferocious~! I am 78 & have always been an Independent woman & had a Career First, before I had Marriage & a Family. However, I would be very afraid of a WOMAN President~! The Male is the Firm Foundation in the Family & I believe in the Country~! {Disclaimer for Bill Clinton–Bush & Obama} ~The NWO Globalist’s.}!


  5. Guy Stumpman says:

    Dirtbag liberal republican RINOs are gonna send armies of hecklers in to disrupt Donald Trump rallies. Haven’t these morons seen what happens to protesters??? BRING IT ON A$$H0LE5!! We’ll bounce your ass out of there like we do with everyone who’s being disrespectful.


    Oh…they are so scared now.

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    • These “hecklers” WANT to be ejected, and HOPE that something happens which they can “Spin” as a negative against Trump. Either a claim of excessive force, prejudice (racial, religious, gender—you name it) ANYTHING they can USE to grab a headline (15 minutes of infamy) and throw shade on the Donald. And THAT is why the cameras ALWAYS turn to capture it… the media is part of this conspiracy.

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      • George True says:

        I think Trump should USE the heckler phenomenon to his advantage. In almost every speech, Trump tells the cameras to turn around and pan the crowd, so that people watching on TV can see for themselves just how big the venue is, and just how many thousands or tens of thousands of people are there. The cameramen resolutely refuse to do so, no doubt they have been told by their employers not to pan the crowd, or they will be fired. However, the moment any protester or heckler stands up, the cameras spin all the way around to film it, so that the media has some negative spin to report.

        I think Trump should plant his OWN protesters in the crowd. Have one stand up every now and then with a sign proclaiming BLM, or Save the Planet, or whatever. Then, after the cameras have spun around, revealing the yuge venue and yuge crowd to the TV audience. then the protester turns his sign around and of course the sign says TRUMP. The Donald can then introduce his protester to the crowd as, my long time employee and friend, Fred, or Bill, or whoever. The cameramen would never know whether it was a real protester or one pre-positioned by Trump. Either they spin the cameras around to film the negative spin as instructed by their masters, and in so doing reveal how big the crowd is. Or not wanting to be fooled again and again, they stop spinning the cameras around, thus depriving their handlers of the negative optics. Either way the Donald wins!

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    • LOL! Hecklers might be a “scare” to Hillary or Jebbers or Cruz, but not us WOLVERINES and VULGARIANS. As Trump said “It makes our rallies more fun.”

      They say we’re BLUE COLLAR. Probably their protesters so far have been rather softies and lefties.

      You’re right! BRING IT ON is what the average Trump supporter would say.

      We can scream louder and we are not bound in PC chains no more!


  6. R-C says:

    I echo Zurich Mike’s comment. Trump is absolutely relaxed in any venue.

    Bluto hit it on the head as well, above: zero pandering from Trump. It’s SO refreshing!

    Now, as for me: Trump’s comments on two topics at the end of Savage’s interview caught my ear especially. Trump totally brushed off ‘el Chapo’s’ threat against his life while stating “…a lot of people threaten me…”; and,

    I thought Trump’s comments on his USSS detail were very welcome, indeed. Trump said, “I know people–that’s what I do for a living–it’s not ‘deals’, it’s people”, while praising his USSS detail. Contrast that to Shrillary swearing at her detail for years, and Moochelle doing the same. Trump seems genuinely appreciative of men and women who have taken on a job to actually take a bullet for him. That’s SO good.

    And yes, Trump’s business IS people–those who denigrate him as a ‘trust fund baby’ who has been handed everything don’t understand how fast one can run through millions and millions of dollars, if you don’t treat people well. Trump has always understood that it’s his people who propelled his companies ever upward.

    I only wish the audio in the 2nd clip had been better.

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    • Guy Stumpman says:

      If you notice, despite all those empty threats, El Chumpo and his men never even got close to Donald Trump. It’s because of his security team which is 2nd to none and their jv backup team of secret service. Sean Penn’s better be getting him some protection men because there’s most likely hit orders already out on him.

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  7. Mlwbretz says:

    I love this site… I swear I truly believe Trump can and will cut a huge swath through the African American community when it comes to their votes. Let’s face it black men and women gravitate to money, ego, charisma you name it… Black people are terrific and highly complimentary to anyone they think looks good! They will not shy away from Trump they will embrace him!!! They love in your face showmen, they respect MEN! Donald Trump is a man!!!!

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    • George True says:

      Even more than that, blacks are beginning to realize that the Obameconomy has taken jobs away from then and given them to the illegal aliens who continue to be welcomed into the country by the Obama regime. Blacks are beginning to wake up to the fact that the Obama policies concerning immigration and the economy are taking away their chance to have their piece of the American dream.

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  8. George True says:

    Lame Cherry did an excellent essay on Ted Cruz not being constitutionally eligible to be POTUS, that is, he is a naturalized citizen, but he is NOT a natural born citizen. By the standards and definition being used by Cruz, King Abdullah of Jordan (the son of King Hussein and Queen Noor – an American woman) would also be eligible to be POTUS.

    What struck me most was how LC laid it out in terms not to insult Cruz supporters, but to educate them and win them over. We will need the Cruz supporters in some of the later primaries, and also in the general election. Let us seek to educate and inform them, not insult them. THeir hearts and souls are in the right place. A year ago I was a Cruz supporter. As I learned more and more, I began to see that he was not what I thought he was. Let us strive to HELP current Cruz supporters see the light. Let us take them by the hand and lead them, with logic facts and information, to the light..

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    • amjean says:

      I don’t know why people think that as a hobby we
      Trump supporters bash Ted Cruz supporters.
      We only bash the stupid ones.

      The smart ones will figure it out for themselves.
      Many of us were Cruz supporters at one time or
      another; then saw the light, researched his real
      record, etc.

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  9. Mlwbretz says:

    Dear God lately I cannot stomach anyone in the Republican Party. I loved Trey Gowdy until he came out in support of Rubio. Now I will give him credit he said in an interview with Cavuto that he will 100% back Trump if he is the nominee! So today I can say I can stomach him at least for that little nugget.

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  10. Kent says:

    Something to remember…ain’t all black folks ghetto…in fact, there’s a large percentage who can’t stand the ghetto crowd….

    just saying…..

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    • jello333 says:

      Yeah. I know almost as many blacks who hate the BLM “movement” as whites. Same goes for attitudes toward saggy pants, gansta wannbes (like Trayvon and GG Mike), all the “I’m a victim!” whining, etc. LOTS of blacks starting to get sick of it all.

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  11. Daniel says:

    That’s right! I hope Trump does NOT talk about El Chapo and if anything at all, minimalizes anything about him. If EVER there was a way the establishment would hit Trump, it would be by blaming El Chapo’s gang for the hit.

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  12. sandraopines says:

    Have you guys seen this? Shows Mark Levin praising Trump about challenging Obama birth certificate but then switching about Cruz.

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  13. Nope2GOPe says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I am seeing that since Donald Trump had begun counterpunching Hillary, he has actually been helping Bernie Sanders to climb in the Dem polls. It is a two edged sword for Hillary if Mr. Trump keeps hitting her. He is taking her down from both from the Democratic primaries in helping Bernie’s numbers to soar, as well as boosting his own poll numbers for the proposed national matchup in the general election. 🙂


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