Note About Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Case…

The last of several hundred emails pointing toward currently trending articles about arrests in Mississippi, surrounding the Jessica Lane Chambers murder case said:  “why have you never covered this case?

This follows numerous emails saying (essentially): “why do you refuse to cover this case“? etc. and many more with similar sentiments….

jessica chambers angel image

It appears there are a considerable number of people, fly-by’s, who have no idea how far we took the research into that case and surrounding story.  So let me try to stop the nonsensical inbound efforts right now.

The current FBI/ATF etc. stories around the recent arrests in the Panola County area were indeed discussed – SEE HERE.  However, there is nothing more to them, as it specifically relates to the Jessica Chambers case, than a need by mostly federal and state authorities to justify the amount of money spent on the case.

Note “state and federal” authorities, not local.

The state and federal officials needed to justify spending taxpayer money, and simultaneously have something to show for a year of “investigation”.  So they round up a bunch of career criminals, the customary and usual suspects, and parade them to the media to say “look, see, we told you we’d get something out of this”.

That is all those stories are.  They have NOTHING to do with Jessica Lane Chambers, her murder, or her killers.

Also, those who promote the arrests as some keen new insight into her murder are full of horsepucky (putting it nicely), because they don’t even understand the case, and motivated by clickbait generation.  Nothing more. Period.

You can go to the drop-down category (“Justice for Jessica” over there —> ) and pull up all of the historical research on the Jessica Lane Chambers case.   There is nothing new, because there is nothing new.

As soon as we accepted the local Courtland Mississippi law enforcement -specifically Sheriff Dennis Darby- apparatus did not want to solve the case, and as soon as we accepted that District Attorney John Champion was also of the same mindset, any further attempts to look into the case became futile.  – FULLY EXPLAINED HERE

  • Courtland Volunteer fire department contacted at 8:09pm (call log)
  • Fire Department arrives on scene 8:14 (call log)
  • At 9:30 pm the burned vehicle was photographed at Ali’s Gas Station (link)

jessica chambers invest 18 tow truck

Fire Chief Cole Haley stated he called Sheriff Darby to the scene immediately around 8:15pm.  In order for the evidence to be at the gas station an hour later, and taking into account travel, dispatch and transit times times for Sheriff Darby and the Tow Truck operator – Darby had to give the instruction to remove the vehicle within MINUTES of arriving on scene.

If Darby knew it was a self-evident crime scene, why would he quickly begin a process of scrubbing it, literally within minutes?   The answer clarifies in all the research we did.

In addition, both Darby and District Attorney Champion, self-appointed lead investigator, have lied, repeatedly, about numerous aspect to the case itself.   (CCTV and Crime Scene Security being two of note) Not misstatements, not mistakes, not unintended misquotes, but rather factual and intentional lies – that’s a big difference.

It doesn’t really matter what motivation exists behind their lies, the construct of the falsehood(s) themselves indicated a desire to get rid of the case, stat.   It was evident and clear from the moment they both stepped up to the microphones.

Interview Recorded 12/11/14 answer at 06:35:

Courtland Mississippi, population around 600, is a mess.  The people who live in/around Panola County Mississippi are also comfortable with that mess.   It is appropriate to say “comfortable with” because the people who live there re-elected these idiots.

Darby - Panola county

There is nothing more to say…..

Quit sending emails.

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115 Responses to Note About Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Case…

  1. booger71 says:

    Sometimes people should just check “Choose a Topic”. It has helped me many times when I first found this wonderful site. Thanks Sundance for all you continue to do to keep the Vulgarian’s informed.

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    • texasranchqueen says:

      Exactly booger71. I don’t know how many times I have thought to myself, how come so or event or article isn’t being discussed, and I will go check the “Choose a Topic” and lo and behold there it is.

      I was surprised to see there were only 72 posts on Justice for Jessica, The Treehouse (Sundance namely and many, many others) poured their heart and soul into this painful story. As a matter of fact when the story hit a dead end, we treeper’s beside a feeling of great loss of this young lady, felt like we had in some way let her (Jessica) down for not getting this horrible crime solved. I still think of her often!

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      • Racine Thyme says:

        I live in Mississippi. No one talks about this case. Everything I know about it I learned here at the CTH. I love Mississippi, but I hate it when we make national news. It is never a pride inducing moment.

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  2. Joshua says:

    Let Jessica Rest in Peace…..we all beat this hog until it just got plumb tuckered out and wasn’t even worth a pound of bacon. SD rode that nag over the mountain, down the valley, cross the river, and into the prairie…where it just had to be turned loose….

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  3. Bravo! I suspected a nothingburger, and it looks like a triple. I knew you would be on this story hard if there was a break. There obviously isn’t one.

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  4. angie says:

    If Sundance had nor drawn attention to Jessica’s murder, she would have become another one car accidental death. These types of deaths seem to abound in the Panola area. Jessica would have been an overnight blip on local news.
    While other sites had information on Jessica’s murder, none that I found did any real investigative work which came even a little bit close to the efforts of Sundance and other posters here at CTH.
    When Sundance decided to halt the series on Jessica’s death, I was disappointed but fully understood why he made that decision. Why waste time and effort on the poor girl when no one with the power in Panola to effect an investigation wanted to bother?
    Unless there’s a confession, all we’ll ever get from Darby and Champion is the same oled yada yada yada.

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  5. racerxx says:

    Thanks Sundance. I know you/we have all paid very close attention to this case from the start. And how it is disheartening to see the folks in that town completely sweep this under the rug. I forwarded the arrest link earlier, but didn’t realize it was just a dog & pony.
    And Jessica’s car.. to be on that flatbed, in front of the gas station almost within an hour of the crime–just amazing. And for folks to get away with it..

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  6. bullnuke says:

    Had to chuckle at the “quit sending emails”. Keeping it pithy, I see…very effective.

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  7. Donald Joy says:

    SMH, that people would not realize how much sheer exertion, reporting, analysis, and all-night digging was done on this site, week after week, to try to solve this case!

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Thanks Donald.

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    • This case was how I originally found the Treehouse. Anyone who dares to say it wasn’t covered needs to take a look at the thousands (literally) of comments. There was a new thread every day for weeks, and lots of time and effort by some very intelligent and dedicated people.

      I didn’t comment much back then, but Lord, by the time you read the comments on each and every thread….it honestly took hours! I’m sure there are probably some things I missed, but it certainlly wasn’t because of a lack of coverage and effort on the part of Sundance and the Treepers; I followed it here almost daily for weeks until I found my little branch at the bottom of the tree.

      If anyone is in doubt as to the sincerity of the Treepers and the coverage Sundance provided, maybe they should take a peek at the archives, especially the ones pertaining to poinsettias….just saying 🙂

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    • jack dempsey says:

      I would bet that the most thorough investigation of
      the JLC murder done to date has been done on


  8. The people of Panola county Mississippi truly are THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. What a filthy rat hole of dirty cretins that place is. It is the garbage dump of humanity.

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    • lou says:

      not to bring this all up again, because SD has stated that there really is NO new info, but my lingering question is WHO is behind the power structure in Panola MS?….its above Darby and the Fat DA….its over their heads….somebody’s calling the shots….is it the black gangs?…is it the rich elites over at Ole Miss?….the elite in state govt?…

      I know football is king in a lot of places, are there people more concerned with having a superior football team than seeing their animalistic yutes brought to justice…

      I feel the same toward Jessica as I do when I have young people in the hospital with drug related illnesses.(cellulitis, endocarditis,liver damage,kidney damage, etc)….they’re going to die young…they’re messing with fire and its not going to end well….and there is not a single damn thing one can do to stop them…

      One has to come to this realization or the thought of the young Jessica Chambers being used and abused by black gangbangers and ultimately killed in a horrific way will surely drive us all insane ourselves….


    • georgiafl says:

      Did the drugs make them that way or did the drugs get there because they are that way?

      Drugs and satellite TV and welfare have caused a lot of people to go to waste. Some are not getting married, but living together on the sly to collect those checks.

      Rural America is pitted with crime, drugs and kids lost because of their parents and grandparent’s sorriness.

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      • lou says:

        in general, I think if you have no hope and no self esteem you’re more inclined to accept one night stands and loose standards and drugs…..but that doesn’t explain the children of the rich…they’re young…they’re smart…they are pretty/handsome…they can go to any college they want…..and yet, they start using the drug crude and nothing else matters to them……..

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    • Racine Thyme says:

      They are really quite lovely compared to the people of Clarke County, MS.

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  9. Daniel says:

    Sundance: To your credit, this site has hosted and facilitated a great deal of productive work in the interests of justice.

    I notice on the right side bar, there is mention of the Zimmerman case. Why not fill that in with search links to the other cases and investigations past and present. The case of the man travelling through Maryland harassed by State police without probable cause and all that sort of thing. I know it might seem like bragging, but I think it’s just being useful.


  10. Carolyn H says:

    Several days ago after seeing this case show up over and over on Facebook from some questionable sites I googled Jessica to see what I could find as legit vs rumor. One article I came on went into great detail about her history, interviews with her family and the neighbor across the street. Etc. One thing very troubling in this very long article was how there was a Facebook cabal formed in one of the private rooms to “investigate” the case.. and people from this cabal calling the mother at all hours demanding things of and from her. Now this mother is not aces by a long-shot, but she has lost a child and the idea of people calling her and harassing her stinks. I guess she joined the FB community at one point and then fell out of favor and they actually banned her from her own daughters site there….. basically I think this case was badly bungled. The arrests of late may have been made because of the notoriety of her case, but not related to her murder… The people they arrested are the same sort to be found these days all over this country and that is alarming to me. I suspect from some research there is a lot of urban myths related to her death that are wildly exagerated – which is typical of a lot of small towns when anything happens, much less a murder of this magnitude.

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    • phislamjam says:

      The mother has been duped by a man who is writing a screenplay and he poses as an undercover investigator….. He and his “friends” have been very destructive towards several people who innocently were following the case. They have posted private information, posted threats of violence, etc. it’s a s**t show on there and I don’t know WHY Jessica’s mother continues to participate in those destructive, hurtful Facebook groups. Have a look and you will be disgusted with what you see. They have hacked people’s computers, etc. To say that it is disheartening is an understatement. I don’t understand why people behave the way that they do.

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  11. TheFenian says:

    I don’t understand people who would send you emails like that without looking around this site first. I consider myself a new treeper, vulgarian, (or whatever we’re called), having only found this site in August. It’s because I discover this blooming garden of truth that I was exposed to the Jessica Chambers murder case.

    So how come I learned about it from here, even though I’m new, but those people haven’t ? I suspect their the same ones, or of the same type, who post comments without having read the posted article first. It’s pretty easy to spot them.

    As for the recent news articles on the Chambers case, the articles should have never been labeled as being about the Chambers case. They were about unrelated gang arrests. Would it really kill people to read past the headline ? Sheesh.

    Keep up your good work and thank you for this, the most enjoyable website on the Internet for those interested in truth, justice and the American way !

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  12. Thanks Sundance, I was hoping I guess somewhat naively that those arrests may help finding JC killers. Clearly it’s not. I was thinking more along the lines of those arrested ratting the other scumbags out, that I realize is a tall order and prol not gonna happen.
    This site has any info in past post/links that those fly-bys need if they would take the time to look it up. Amazing job done Sundance and the treepers.

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  13. New Vulgarian says:

    I went back and read all of the body of work on this subject presented on this site over a month ago. It is an amazing body of research put together by Sundance! I learned 2 things… I don’t want to go anywhere Panola County, and you can’t put anything over on Sundance! Great work…

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    • New Vulgarian says:

      …anywhere near Panola County…. I wish there was an edit feature on here… I always miss something! 🙂

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      • andrewalinxs says:

        Yea the corruption is a problem not just in Panola county but the surrounding counties as well…. It not just the law enforcement. Most of the county positions are so corrupt its appalling. It is very clickish and if you are not in the right click you are not tolerated.

        The issues is those who are in good don’t care and those who are not are pressured into a position where they cant do anything about it.

        I wish sundance was wrong on this but he has hit the nail on the head. He is 100% correct.


        • phislamjam says:

          There was an interesting expose on Oxford, MS on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. It was centered around the corruption of the drug task force and it was awful.


          • andrewalinxs says:

            Hard for me to respond as I know a lot more about the CI program in Oxford then 60 minutes covered… All I will say is first they have Ci do a lot of dealing not just buying. Second if their is a dealer that does not seem to get arrested every 6 months then their a CI and everyone knows it associated with the situation.

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            • phislamjam says:

              I respect your knowledge, andrewalimxs, and all I can draw from is what I saw on TV. But what I saw was disheartening, particularly the student who allowed somebody to leave LSD at his house for less than a day and then was set up by another person coming to pick it up. It highlighted how several students (at other schools I think but maybe it was Ole Miss) have been murdered in the process of dealing. I wish they would not dangle college kids in front of gangbangers to accomplish the takedowns of the major suppliers. I’m sure there is more to the story than what was reported, as you point out. When marijuana is finally decriminalized, many of these problems will go away.


  14. pjoe says:

    SD and all thanks so much for your extensive work on this case. It is probably to late but if that lady is willing I would gladly donate to decorate to place a Christmas plant like we did last year.


  15. amwick says:

    This was important too. Thanks CTH for caring.

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  16. phislamjam says:

    You HAVE covered the case. And I am sure, if the veil of corruption is ever pierced in Panola County and this case gets to a point where it CAN be solved, you will be all over it. The facts are stated above, correctly. The Sherrif and the DA don’t want this case solved. It was sabotaged from the very moments immediately after this horrific crime occurred. There is a reason for that. It’s called corruption. I can only hope that the other non-local aw enforcement and investigative resources who are involved in this case are working quietly behind the scenes to EXPOSE the criminals who are covering this up. If not, God will take care of them when the their time comes.

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  17. ctmom says:

    Your coverage was amazing. I would never have heard about it, if not for CTH.

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  18. MS reader says:

    Here’s my theory… They know exactly who did it, because she told them.

    However, the prosecutors and folks involved knew that if the perps were brought to justice, their own safety (and that of their family) would be in jeopardy. So they stayed mum about it.

    And since it was likely a gang punishment deal, all knew that no further violence would happen.

    So maybe the FBI went looking to bring in the perps for any reason…like al capone. However, they broadened their nets to the whole lot of them, hoping that one or two would roll over on the perps—thereby allowing justice to be served in such a manner that protects the locals.

    I live one county over, and this is my hypothesis.

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    • Hope you’re right.

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    • Racine Thyme says:



    • lou says:

      so even if they got a perp charged and taken to trial…..the members of the jury are going to be so many family members of known gangbangers or poor whites who don’t want to get involved……the only grace I’ll give the sheriff and the DA is maybe they know which way the wind blows and feel its a no win situation..

      drugs are very very bad…..its shocking how people are flocking to make pot legal…here in Washington they have huge billboards every where and catchy radio commercials…

      the foundation of a good, peaceful, constructive society is that the majority of people are stable….we are not a stable society and its just going to get worse…

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  19. mikayla825 says:

    I knew if there was anything new to report, Sundance you’d be on it. Thank you for all you do.


  20. truthseekerr says:

    yea her story is how I found this site. It was day by . day 1… day 20…day 50. I forgot how high CT went but it was over the top. I think the gangs are running things over there and LE is letting it go to protect their families.

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  21. MfM says:

    There is nothing more to say… because once again you’ve wrapped everything up in a neat package that answers so many questions. Unfortunately the ultimate answer may never come out.


  22. freepetta says:

    You spent weeks and weeks covering every milimeter of this investigation. As a matter of fact u investigated the investigation. This time closing in on an election year BEWARE OF TROLLS!


  23. Joe Kitchens says:

    With the union- as always- grinding down on the South, now and then, can produce some good results. (I favor independence; what you call, secession). This website is an example. However, I have to ask: since these typically shady Southern city officials were all involved in this…um…why weren’t the feds able to find out?


  24. sundance says:

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      • I should be less coy. I primarily see People Magazine at Target, embedded in about 50-100 different magazines which seem almost Orwellian in their psychological unison and message of creepy left-think. They were all over Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner, in a dark-humorously psy-op way – as if the same office was saying what to go with and how to go with it. Likewise, a thousand other Uniparty memes appear to me in coordination, every time I walk into the place.

        I pulled out of interest in the Jessica Lane Chambers case when I not only thought it was a dead-end for every single reason Sundance states, but also because some of the disinfo surrounding the case smelled of psy-op. To me, it was an unsolvable non-Ferguson, pimped to us by subtle means, and stealthily intended to distract us.

        Now that Sundance has become an unbreakable atom in the tip of the spear which liberates us, I see any distractions as distractions and more – temptations – traps – snares and worse. More than once, Biblical evils have been laid before us as temptations. So let us beware. Those who would enslave us, will use any means to continue in their quest.

        Remember – Hillary is on a first-name basis with nearly all of the string-pullers in the media, and she can have a book pulled, a poll pulled, or a statement changed with just one call. If her advisors, who said they would “take care of a problem”, said to run an article about Jessica, it would happen in a heartbeat.

        Be very careful when the phone rings, Treepers. You could be one call away from Hillary.

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      • phislamjam says:

        Hooray!!!! Maybe this will FINALLY result in some national coverage…. dateline NBC or similar show could come in a blow this case WIDE OPEN!


  25. Steele81 says:

    Someone in my fam put an article on fb and implied that the gang members arrested were implicated in Jessica Lane’s murder. I immediately checked here because I knew y’all would cover it if that were true. When I saw nothing I knew the fb post was wrong. And I was correct. Love the treehouse and trust the information here

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  26. FoxyGranny says:

    This case was discussed, fact checked thoroughly at the treehouse. Most importantly, we cared that this occurred, she mattered to us. Jessica , A complete stranger, yet her life mattered. Thus the magnificent flower memorial. That was CTH epic and speaks volumes.
    Treepers care.

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  27. d4j says:

    The Conservative Treehouse has provided the highest level
    of dogged, caring, in-depth investigative reporting and commentary
    on the diabolical destruction of Ms. Jessica Lane Chambers.
    There are other resources that I like to monitor–
    such as Websleuths and the tenacious and caring efforts
    of the Clarion-Ledger’s Ms. Therese Apel–
    but the coverage here is unsurpassed and I am very appreciative.


  28. hightechjunkie says:

    SD, you are always on point about what is going on. I guess it can’t really be a bad thing that all of those low-life’s were rounded up. It will, if nothing else, improve the streets for a little while. In the article, though, it said that several had bonded out already. Too bad they couldn’t send some charges their way will a little more meat that might have kept them all incarcerated a lot longer. It might have been enough to crack some who aren’t used to jail cells. Who knows, maybe some good will come from it and we will get a much needed break out of all of this. I am not counting on it but I do remain hopeful.


  29. FTP

    So they round up a bunch of career criminals, the customary and usual suspects, and parade them to the media to say “look, see, we told you we’d get something out of this”.

    That is all those stories are. They have NOTHING to do with Jessica Lane Chambers, her murder, or her killers.

    EXACTLY my take on the reports of recent arrests. More obfuscations and diversions, but not a single new fact or piece of evidence worth discussing. Which is why I made no real comments about it.

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  30. olderglory says:

    I thought there was one reporter who was getting close to the truth before he backed away. I don’t now remember his name but I thought he was close and scared before he shut down his inquiry. Sundance, I followed your reporting on Ms. Chambers carefully last year. You are good man.

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  31. redsequin4 says:

    This brings back memories of the Wichita Horror and the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Neither of these cases received any real attention from the MSM. No hate crime charges in either case. If the races of the victims has been reversed there would have been a firestorm of coverage.


    Horror of Christian/Newsom killings in focus: What happened on Chipman Street

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    • Recall well when these horrific, demonic murders were committed by these walking, congealed, diahhrea masses of pure satanic hatred.

      They were joined in company by five puddles of human putrescence, one among them white, in June of 1999, who carjacked Amy Shute and Jason Burgeson in downtown Providence, drove them to a golf course in nearby Johnston, RI.

      For hours, these bastards psychologically tortured this sweet young couple before executing them. When their bodies were discovered by a groundskeeper the following morning, Amy’s corpse was clutching in her hand the ring which Jason had given her.

      The five bastards who did this atrocity almost didn’t get arrested, thanks to Janet Reno, who meddled with the case, likely because it didn’t fit the rotten Clintons’ ‘black angels – white devils’ ‘narrative’.

      An sharp eyed PD Providence officer spotted one of the perps driving Amy’s SUV, and shortly they arrested the five human garbage bags who committed these murders.

      PD Johnston, RI, Detective Raymond Pingitore wrote a book about the murders, titled, “The Thrill Killers”. It’s impossible to read this book without breaking down and weeping over what was done to this kind young couple by these vicious, putrid bags of hate that we’re all supposed to feel sorry for.

      The gun was supplied by a local sicko who may have been trading guns for drugs, and may have been putting thugs up to committing homicides for the purpose of making snuff films. In any event, he did the right thing and shortly after the murders, killed himself. Or perhaps some friends of the police performed an act of community service….

      None of these lice demonstrated any remorse, naturally. Naturally.

      And recent reports indicate one of these demonic cretins has already been released from prison, whereas the surviving families and friends of Jason and Amy will be imprisoned by this horror for the rest of their lives.

      And we’re supposed to feel sorry for these luciferian monsters? Yeah. Right. My foot we are.

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    • Stephen says:

      In this sick country’s never-ending “dialogue about race,” viewpoints such as you’ve just expressed are disallowed. The “dialogue” is a monologue of propaganda.

      As a side note, I recall when “hate crimes” legislation was first being foisted onto the American people and opponents said that such legislation would be used as a political weapon. Of course, they were exactly right.


  32. DeWalt says:

    Have faith. There are many good experienced investigators in Fed and State law enforcement. Sometimes you have to stir up the hive to find the queen bee. Many investigations have taken longer because of outliers you have to deal with, I.e. locals running block and corruption. They will get through it. Notice only one or two arrested stayed local, the others under fed control. I have seen this play before and it produces.


  33. keebler AC says:

    Ali knew far too much too early and while he is not a direct suspect, my opinion is he was involved in some way with Jessica’s death, and all the culprits involved got away thanks to high ineptitude or corruption in the Bush/Obama era of loose ethics and pathos. Ali from Yemen who gets away with internet photos of white girl chicken winds and a white baby sitting in a pot should NEVER have been allowed to immigrate to America. Even worse is the strange apologetics to muslims and their satanic religion after 911 where Americans were ruthlessly and cold-heartedly mass murdered in broad day light. No matter what Bush nor anyone says about America recovering – it never did because dhimmitude and self-hatred based on Islamic propaganda was the result of that terrorist act. No one needs to apologize for being American, hard working, an achiever and believing in God. These characteristcs were what made the cuprits angry toward Jessica as she strove with obstacle towards success, of that I have no doubt.

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  34. Amy says:

    Please continue your research and coverage of this case. I have read everything that has been posted in the last year and I love how you expose the truth in all of it. Thank you.


  35. Recall very clearly a year or so ago discussing with friends the murder of this young lady. All of us followed conservativetreehouse because yours was foremost in providing reams of intel on this case, far beyond any other media outlets.

    A year ago our prediction was that this case would just fade away after a while, because certain people wanted it to go away, but conservative treehouse kept at it, up all night gleaning new info.

    When the article hit the marsxtream press a couple days ago re the arrests, right away we knew it was baloney as the reports failed to state any connection, however tenuous, to Jessica’s murder.

    The article sounded like an effort to make it look as if the agencies were actually doing something about it, when in fact all they did was round up the usual suspects and mislead the dumb media into believing they’d solved the case.

    It was obvious twenty years ago, when suddenly one couldn’t help but notice all the islamists who’d bought up all the gas station/convenience stores along the interstates – think ‘pinch points’ in strategic planning – that there is a connection here between the islamist run gas station in panola, the corrupt powers that be, and black drug gangs.

    This is a lethal combination, common around the country.

    Be prepared to defend the things you value and the people you love. Beyond that, seek God while he may yet be found.


    • nimrodman says:

      And – based on what you’re alluding to – I’d add:

      “Keep your tank filled”


    • keebler AC says:

      Jessica’s case with the help of Sundance and the CTH research brought to light the very juxtaposition as you succinctly described the continued sponsorship of America’s ruin by oil rich Islamists (immigrating or visiting from the Arab countries) of blacks. Obama’s hate, just like the black gangs, were anointed a religion – that of the dark and degraded side – perfectly suited to Islam’s needs.

      I just have to look at Ali, 19 years old, running the seedy gas stations, being king of the money and center of the black community’s esteem to know Obama is used the same way as these black choom gangs by his sponsors.


      • ThankYou,Treepers says:

        ” America’s ruin by oil rich Islamists (immigrating or visiting from the Arab countries) of blacks. Obama’s hate, just like the black gangs, were anointed a religion – that of the dark and degraded side – perfectly suited to Islam’s needs.”

        Profoundly true statement of the rot dynamic plaguing our society.

        Please remember, they call themselves “muslim” but they and the Leftists want us to say “islamist” to divert form the reality that basic islam is the problem because of the behavior and objectives it engenders in its followers, the muslims.


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      “…all the islamists who’d bought up all the gas station/convenience stores along the interstates – think ‘pinch points’ in strategic planning – that there is a connection here between the islamist run gas station in panola, the corrupt powers that be, and black drug gangs.

      This is a lethal combination, common around the country.”

      Sadly, a very precise distillation of this nation’s biggest problem – stealth jihadist muslims 1) lobbying and corrupting public officials with petro dollars; and 2) exploiting the credulity of the very blacks whose ancestors’ flesh their Arab muslim forefathers peddled to ferment lawless black rebellion.

      One thing we must be more cognizant of – they call themselves “muslim”, not “islamists”.

      “Islamsist” is a propaganda term of the stealth jihad and the Left peddled to give the false impression that there is an islam that is tolerant and nonviolent, that there are muslims who know an islam different from the doctrine which says “slay the nonbelievers wherever you find them”, that there are muslims who are not really muslims, that the jihadists are violators of islam when in fact they are the devout strict followers of the treasonous death cult that is islam.

      Use of the term “islamist” implies a belief by the user that Bush was accurate when he said “islam is peace” and that the militants are going beyond the tenets of islam when in fact they are obeying the doctrine of the cult to the letter.

      Please refer to them only as “muslims” or “jihadists”. Don’t give in to the Leftist and now stealth jihadist ploy that speaking the truth is “racist”.


  36. ed357 says:


    I sent an email and did a “OFF TOPIC” post……..

    My intent was to bring the Brietbart article to your and the Treehouse’s attention…..

    I know that you had covered Jessica’s death and the investigation in detail and was hoping that this was new and newsworthy. I guess now that the Breitbart article was neither. Thanks.


  37. Joe Kitchens says:

    I bet you’ll post this one: censorship is for homosexuals


  38. coeurdaleneman says:

    My name is peppered throughout those old threads. But as the case went on, I found myself unable to find one sympathetic character in the whole community. Moreover, the Jessica cult that came in late and kept polluting those threads were annoying to no end, offering nothing but loony social media tangents.

    I’m sorry … there are just many more cases more deserving.


    • phislamjam says:

      Jessica’s life mattered. All lives matter, not just black ones. All brutal crimes should be solved. We all know there is a racial bias in this case, we all suspect that it was committed by black gang bangers. There also appears to be a coverup…. Which begs the question of WHY? Who is afraid that something they did or have been involved in will be exposed once this case is solved? Somebody in charge of the investigation is involved, in some way, with the people who committed the crime. i wish the string pullers would yank the roof off of this case and solve it.


  39. DuneHopperz says:

    In support of the “Secrets of Panola County,” especially:
    “the authoritarian abuse falls along lines of reace (color) first, and socio-economic status (class) second.”

    Just after the 17 arrests, I read comments on Tom Dees FB page, submitted apparently by mostly locals there. The dichotomy of the views was extreme..

    One side was junk we’ve all heard before, such as how her daddy did it, and that blacks don’t burn people, etc,, written in ghetto speak with poor grammar and spelling (just observations, no racism intended).

    On the other side were many, many comments stating what a fine man Darby is, all well written. Frankly, the repetetiveness seemed to be a contrived, concerted effort, like a petition in support of local LE. in all the posts on this case in many forums, I’d not before noted so much suport being expressed for LLE.

    “The people who live in/around Panola County Mississippi are also comfortable with that mess.”


    • DuneHopperz says:

      I too request a feature to edit own posts… Hard to proof-read in this little box, sorry.


      • Jett Black says:

        This is admittedly a “do as I say, not as I do” moment, but just sayin’: compose your post in a text editor–anything from Notepad to Word to LibreOffice. Spell check, review, when satisfied, copy and paste into the comment box. That’s about 3 more keystrokes than just doing it on the fly, but you get full editing features, an extra moment to review, and a local copy, in case WordPress or the intertubes messes up.


  40. Edward Hall says:

    More black crime. Not wanting more BLM riots. Nothing new here move along.


  41. Jett Black says:

    I found TCTH and came to admire SD’s work b/c of JLC’s case. It was a very happy chance that brought me here. There is no question this site and SD did more than any other single source and a huge amount more than LLEOs did to investigate and analyze all available info to try to shine sunlight on the rats who did and/or are responsible for all the crimes against JLC, including the last one, murder.

    This wasn’t just “coverage,” it was a soaking deluge, turning the whole situation inside and out (sometimes to a maddening extent), until there just wasn’t anything more that could be done without a time machine and actual badges, guns, and boots on the ground. LLEO destroyed this investigation from its first seconds. Whether intentional (I think it was, but can’t prove it) or incompetent, doesn’t matter from our cat-bird seat.

    What matters is that SD especially, and so many others, too, tried very hard to help and continue to watch and pray for justice for JLC. JLC is in God’s arms now and justice is in God’s fists. If we see some pale manifestation of justice through the arrests of these “usual suspects,” I will be happy. Maybe that will save one or two other women from the horrors JLC suffered. We know and the perpetrators of such evil, against JLC and others, wherever and whenever, will discover that the real justice they face is eternal damnation. God loves repentance of sinners and is a loving and forgiving God; but without repentance his wrath is unimaginable.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Ole blue says:

    SD started this discussion with Occams Razor, or that the simplest theory is usually right. Keeping that in mind, I think that most of us concluded that Gas Can Man, and the two women (not naming names) did it. I will continue to believe that until proven wrong. However, I think that race has everything to do with this from both view points. Whites did not like that she was sleeping with blacks and blacks thought that she deserved something short of death. IMHO.


    • DuneHopperz says:

      I agree on your premise on those who set events into motion, and keep coming back to two things:

      The ‘Eddie Harris wants your number’ post prior to the crime, and, why did the Fed’s put billboards on interstate highways? These suggest a premeditated plan to deal with a snitch, with beyond local involvement.


  43. TNman says:

    This crime could still be solved by thorough honest investigators assuming of course phone records, interview notes, and other evidence have not been destroyed.


  44. DuneHopperz says:

    I am one of many who found the CTH via this case, and approached the writings here with the same skepticism applied to any who may have an agenda. I’ve since reconsidered.

    After a year of reading all the intelligent information and sifting through much to the contrary on the FB sleuth pages, I just reviewed again Sundance’s “Mississippi Burning – Day 6 post.” Only six days after the event, and reconsidered with all that’s been revealed since, the insight of the analysis was quite impressive (although I still have doubts on whether Ali was complicit or just a wannabe enabler).

    A case in point, Sundance said on Day 6, concerning the CCTV portions released, “…when you realize the video playback is being specifically manipulated to avoid the viewer seeing ALL OF THE ACTIVITY at the time in question.” If somewhat reliable first hand reports from FB are to be believed, this has been confirmed, and JLC did indeed interact with key players on video that evening (DT and BM). Again from unconfirmed FB posts, a first responder allegedly paraphrased Darby as saying at the crime scene, “Get that car out of here.” This leaves the key question of why. Is it as described in the “Secrets of Panola County” above, or is there a more direct link to account for LE’s actions and subsequent statements (e.g., corruption, JLC being CI)? To me, this is the key question, before all else falls into context. I’ll venture a guess that the Fed’s know, but we may never.

    The serious web sleuths have wisely taken their discussions to private forums. Some were regular contributors to CTH, but haven’t posted much here lately. Many of us watching from the wings would be curious to hear from them. Understanding that they may still wish still to keep things private, I for one would be interested to hear if they are still investigating, or if they are in complete agreement with Sundance on, “There is nothing more to say…”


    • sundance says:

      Put all the he-said, she-said, would have ,could have, might have, aside. Put all of that in a box and forget it for a moment.

      What you’re left with is a very real fact. Both Darby and Champion LIED about very specific aspect of this case. They didn’t refuse to answer; they didn’t avoid an answer; they were not obtuse, or deflective – they choose to lie.

      Why? Why would LEO lie about very specific aspects of the case which have no bearing whatsoever on the actual catching of the criminal? Their lies did not aid or assist the investigation.

      Their lies held only one benefit – themselves.

      It’s not a question of “if” they lied, they did. So the question is only “why”?

      There you look to what benefit.exists in the lies. …and that’s where you recognize they never wanted this case solved, they wanted it disappeared.

      Liked by 2 people

      • distracted2 says:

        I believe you are correct. I have hope, however, that despite their efforts to conceal the truth, it will be exposed someday.

        Liked by 1 person

        • DuneHopperz says:

          Last night, I recalled something from years ago, shown to us by a member of LE, and pieces fell together. After the holidays, when I have time to write with consideration, I’ll post on the latest thread a general scenario that meets Occam’s Razor, fits all the evidence gathered that I’m aware of, and most importantly, encompasses the motivations, actions and statements of the criminals and LE of all levels, including the postings of those with far more insight than me. Unfortunately, no matter what the specifics on who and how, the end result is the same. It will never be in the interest of those involved, criminal nor LE, to reveal the truth.

          Happy Holidays All!


  45. Ole blue says:

    I think that the timeline and missing hour is false. A young lady on her way to a birthday party says that she saw Jess at 6:30 at M and M. The timeframe from LE was based on Ali saying that his cctv was off one hour because of standard time change. That was wrong and, therefore, no missing hour.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Annie says:

    She was in the M&M before it happened. Someone here said there was a party in a house behind the M&M that night. People Magazine says the passing vehicle that reported her car on fire did so at M&M. And the burnt car being towed later pulled into the M&M. People Magazine says authorities now know who she was with the “missing hour”.


  47. Allyson Langenfeld says:

    Sundance I was watching a show the other night and they said two things that struck me as kind of funny. They said with it comes to murder it always comes down to two things. Love and money. The other thing they said was follow the money. Who did we see on an interview crying about how the insurance wouldn’t pay even with the letter saying he’d been cleared? Who has been on the news proclaiming that he loved Jessica? Who has pointed the finger at others? Several stories have come out about Ben Chambers. First he was off Christmas shopping in another city with his current wife. Then he was home and in the shower when the police came to the door to let him know Jessica has been set on fire. So which was it? Was he shopping or was he in the shower? Locals state that he killed his own daughter Next we move on to the little tidbit of information that Jessica’s own brother is a member of the South City Royals gang. A gang well known for hating blacks. Could Chris Hudson have been involved in this? Yes he sure could have. Then there’s mommy dearest Lisa Daugherty Chambers who has over the past year told lie after lie after lie. Never remembering from one day to the next what lies she’s told and telling even more lies to cover up the old one. Not in one single interview has she EVER shown any sort of emotion or tears except when she cried on the interview where she screamed clear me or arrest me. They can’t clear her and won’t clear her because she has no alibi that they can substantiate. I have never in my life seen a mother who has lost a child show exactly zero emotion for her loss other than when she cried because she wasn’t cleared. The MBI and FBI need to look a whole lot closer to home and simply follow the advice that they gave on the show I watched the other night. Look at how claims to have loved her and then follow the money.


  48. MS Native says:

    Some locals are expecting this story to break either tonight (2/23/2016) or tomorrow (2/24/2016). Hopefully, they’ll be able to close the case.


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