One Year Anniversary of Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Passes Today….

jessica chambers angel image

One year ago today Jessica Lane Chambers was murdered.  There are numerous commemorative stories – Example Here – and – Example Here

However, let there be no doubt of my own personal opinion based on hundreds of hours of research and a thorough review of all the events, facts, evidence, geography, suspects, investigators and, more importantly, the local community.

Jessica’s murder is “unsolved” because the Sheriff Dennis Darby, and the Mississippi District Attorney, John Champion, do not want it solved.

Let me be crystal clear so there is no misconstruing my position:

Dennis Darby and John Champion do not want this murder solved.

Period – End of statement.

jessica 7 DA John Champion

There is nothing more to say.

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133 Responses to One Year Anniversary of Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Passes Today….

  1. Annie says:

    The quote by Darby in this article, that she is “helping us” “even though she is not with us today”, and promising a lot of arrests for drug charges coming make me wonder if Jessica was one of those kids that gets in trouble and then is forced to do undercover work for the police and loses their life because of it. 60 Minutes had a piece on that a week ago.

    . . . “Darby said he tries not to focus on outsiders, who accuse investigators of not working hard enough on getting justice for Jessica.

    . . . “This has set off an extreme amount of investigating for drugs and corruption,” Darby said.. “There’s gonna be a lot of arrests before it’s all over with because of Jessica Chambers. And she’s helping us even though she’s not with us today in cleaning up a large mess in Panola County Mississippi and in the counties too because it’s getting outside of here,” Darby said.”

    Article is here:

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  2. lou says:

    the media is so loose with their words but I find the report that a passerby saw the car and Jessica on fire and called it in a bit callous….you see a girl on fire and you “call’ it in…


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  3. Allyson Langenfeld says:

    Everyone please take a moment to read and sign this petition to have Facebook remove the exposed page. Share it after you’ve signed it on your page and have your friends sign it and share it. The faster we can get 1000 or more signatures the faster we can force facebook to take a closer look at these stalkers and harassers. Share this petition with everyone you know and get them to sign it as well.


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