Is Ben Carson “Candidate TRON”? – Support in Modern Cyber Space….

(Via Facebook) “Dr Carson is once again the big winner as chosen by the millions of Americans tonight on social media. The most new Facebook friends, the most mentions on Twitter and the best trend on Google.

All of that and another million dollars raised tonight. 6 million in just November so far.

Dr Carson was strong on economic policy but most importantly most likable. No one laid a glove on him. He undoubtedly walked off the stage tonight as he walked on…as the most popular candidate in America of either party.

He is the Uniter America has yearned for. “

Barry Bennett
Campaign Manager (Ben Carson Facebook 11/11/15)

Ben Carson

Notice the emphasis in the first sentence.  The testimonial for candidate support from the campaign manager Berry Bennett is to quote social media metrics: “Facebook friends, twitter mentions and google searches” – something very odd feeling about that.

If Ben Carson’s actual Facebook following are “real people” (4.7 million according to his Facebook page) and not purchased “likes”, then why does he not show up with greater support in the post debate polls?

Drudge shows Carson in 5th place with 8,000 votes (less than 5%) in their post debate polling.   The Time Poll has less than 4% support for Carson; and around 9% at The Blaze.

One would think if Carson’s Facebook support was actually 4.7 million people he would be blowing away other candidates in these on-line post debate polls.  Yet that’s not the case.

Combined with generally small numbers of supporters at events, limited venues for speeches and rallies displaying relatively small physical crowds, it makes for a very curious situation amid a national frontrunner.

It should be noted that within this campaign statement: “Dr Carson is once again the big winner as chosen by the millions of Americans tonight on social media. The most new Facebook friends, the most mentions on Twitter and the best trend on Google“.  All of the aforementioned metrics can be purchased with campaign expenditures.

The entire construct just has a self-fulfilling prophecy aspect to it – the only missing ingredient is the actual real-life breathing human beings behind all of these Twitter Handles, internet and social media “profiles”.

Back in September it was noted that Ben Carson’s Facebook “LIKES” was increasing at a very specific rate in blocks of 200 per minute – SEE HERE

“A recent article featured in the New York Times[1] sheds light on the emerging trend of purchasing friends, followers, and influence on social media. For just five dollars, the article’s author purchased 4,000 Facebook friends and for five more, 4,000 Twitter followers. A couple of extra bucks bought him 2,000 “likes” on one of his shared photos. For a more exorbitant sum ($3700) he could have purchased one million Instagram followers.”  (LINK)

And articles by network media groups have been written that give warnings to those who engage in the purchase of social media followings:

“If you’re advertising your brand on Facebook, you’ve likely seen this recent video (below) from Derek Muller on Facebook fraud. If you haven’t watched yet, brace yourself for the number of Facebook advertising likes that are fake, and the damage those fake fans cause to your social reach and return on investment. To beat the threat of fake likes, you’ll need to focus on engagement, a strong core fan base, and contextual ads that draw the genuine fans needed for ROI.” (link with video)

Press Release from Eleventy Marketing Group re: Carson and Facebook

(Via Ziiggii) Carson America, Inc paid out $4,231,805.59 to Eleventy Marketing Group based on the Oct Quarterly FEC report and there is a connection to Carson’s Senior Adviser Mike Murry to these guys:

Carson paid more than $1.3 million to TMA Direct, where Murray is CEO, and another $75,000 to Precision Data Management, where Murray is managing partner. Carson forked over more than $4 million for database services, web fundraising and postage to Ohio-based Eleventy Marketing, a company that lists TMA as a client. And Carson and Murray paid a July visit to an Akron-based telemarketing company whose call center raises money for Carson’s campaign and a conservative political action committee that Murray runs.

Read more:

Murry is not pulling a salary while working for the Campaign per Politico, but

Carson, whose $20 million third-quarter haul made him the top Republican fundraiser, is spending 55 cents of every dollar he raises on payments to fundraising-related companies and consultants.

[…] Carson’s fundraising operation has raised eyebrows in the political world. It’s extremely expensive. Of the $20.8 million Carson raised in the third quarter of this year, $11 million was spent on fundraising costs, mostly on direct mail.

To some, that makes Carson’s campaign look like a churn operation, a system designed mostly to raise money for the money raisers. (read more)

sousa pac

Things that make other things make sense:

It’s finally coming into focus who, or rather “what”, is driving the Ben Carson support – Facebook.

Who are the people driving supporter groups?  If you look at the Carson Super-PACs you find grass root activists who promote the controversial Obama “birther” issues and are exceptionally well organized on social media.

♦ One Ben Carson PAC “The 2016 Committee” is led by John Sousa IV (pictured above) one of the founding members of the Obama-birther movement. Under the auspices of THE 2016 COMMITTEE there is a massive network of underlying PAC’s (HERE)


Co-Founder John Philip Sousa, IV – Extensive experience in the financial services sector. Director of business development at Midwood Financial since March 2013. Owner of John Philip Sousa’s America since July 2007. Self employed at JPS Inc since April 2002. Executive at Mass Mutual, 2000-03. Executive vice president of SunAmerica Marketing, 1995-97. Co-founder and partner of Pamco, a firm that helped banks sell insurance and investments to their clients., 1980-90. Regional manager at Great Western Savings and Loan. Candidate for Congress in Southern California in 1974. An agent for Connecticut General. Served in the U.S. Air Force, 1962-66. Great grandson of John Phillip Sousa. (website)

Co-Founder Vernon Robinson – Candidate for the Republican nomination in NC-8 in 2012, finishing third in the May 8 primary. Republican nominee for Congress in NC-13 against Rep. Brad Miller (D) in 2006. Candidate for NC GOP chair in May 1995. Candidate for the Republican nomination in the open NC-5 in 2004, finishing first in the July 20 primary, but losing the Aug. runoff to state Sen. Virginia Foxx. Candidate for state House in 2002. Served two terms on the Winston-Salem City Council. Candidate for state Senate in 1998. Candidate for North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1992 and 1996. President of the N.C. Education Reform Foundation. Served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. Earned M.B.A. from the University of Missouri while on active duty; graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1977. twitter

[Read Full List of massive network of PAC employees – scroll page] – [ Important FEC Link to BookMark ]

Vernon robinson

Mother Jones […]  Vernon Robinson, meanwhile, has quietly turned his quixotic Draft Ben Carson effort into a lucrative enterprise for himself. FEC filings show that the PAC paid out over $250,000 to a consulting firm called Tzu Mahan.

Buzzfeed reported in November that Tzu Mahan—its name a mashup of ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and 19th century Navy admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan—is a one-man company, run by Robinson. Robinson’s reaction, when asked about his high salary, was candid: “People get paid to do politics,” he said.

Mother Jones ArticleBuzz Feed Article

There is only one employee at “Tzu Mahan”, and that is the CEO Vernon Robinson.  $250,000 is a lot of money for “consulting work” paid to Vernon Robinson by the PAC of which Robinson is the co-founder….. Nice gig.

♦ Another Ben Carson PAC “BenCarsonPac.Com” doesn’t reveal the ownership.

♦ A Third Ben Carson PAC “Our Childrens Future” is also part of the 2016 Committee and focuses on “Large Dollar Fundraising”. FEC FILING HERE

Chairman Jeff Reeter – Served as national finance chairman for Carson’s exploratory effort (resigned approx. May 2015 as reported by The Washington Post on June 5, 2015) Managing partner at Northwestern Mutual in Houston since 2002; appointed managing partner in Dallas in 1996; joined Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Dallas in 1984. graduated from Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business in 1984. (read more – scroll down page)

♦ A Fourth Ben Carson PAC “One Vote” is also part of The 2016 Committee network of PACs: – FEC FILING HERE

Executive Director Andy Yates – Senior partner at Red Dome Group in the Charlotte, NC area, from April 2013; also lead consultant at Capitol Strategies Consulting from Aug. 2009. Campaign manager on Pantano for Congress in 2010. B.A. in politics from Wake Forest University, 2002. (read more – scroll down page)

Red Dome Group Website HERE – they appear to be big in the direct marketing and fundraising business as noted in their website.

There are various internet addresses connected to the “2016 Committee” Example: “WinBenWin.Org”, and “RunBenRun.Org” all which revert to The2016Committee – This explains the rapid response network, most people are noting when anything adverse to Ben Carson hits the internet.

Expenditures: SEE HERE

Please help mine through these 1,000 plus pages to identify key source originations, and key source expenditures:

♦ Given the rather controversial nature of the people behind the Super-PAC’s. What exactly do you think the MSM would do with this information if Ben Carson was actually able to gain the Republican Nomination for the Presidency?

♦ What narrative do you think the MSM would script if they can present Ben Carson as an Obama birther advocate, Louis Farrakahan connection, and now the GOP nominee?

♦ What do you currently think the media’s overall sense and opinion is of Ben Carson given their latest research into his background?

♦ Then ask yourself – who would it benefit the most for Ben Carson to be the Republican Nominee?

Who would stand to win big if candidate Ben Carson was the Republican Nominee when these sketchy financial relationships were revealed?

♦ Lastly, understanding what would become the inevitable outcome – Who do you think would spend the most money to insure Ben Carson is the Republican Nominee?

Hillary for POTUS


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215 Responses to Is Ben Carson “Candidate TRON”? – Support in Modern Cyber Space….

  1. MVW says:

    “No one laid a glove on him.” For good reason, even the reporters ducked for cover. Only go after his Super Pac backers and campaign astroturf squad. Kid gloves on him even if he does have a screw loose.


  2. Ben Carson would be eaten alive by Hillary if he was the nominee. I think he’s medicated and has anger issues to this day. I think Hillary would rile him up and make him melt down on the debate stage, immediately making her the president.

    He is unelectable and cannot beat Hillary and the Hillary machine. I think there is only one candidate who can, and we all know who that is.

    The fact that BC has such a (apparently) fervent uptight overly-sensitive evangelical following is dangerous for the nation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ziiggii says:

    Is any of the stuff I posted helpful SD? Or should I redirect focus?

    I got tons of other stuff that I’ve been gathering looking at the different LLC’s from the 2016 Committee and Carson America. Also Mike Murray’s American Legacy PAC; lots of cross references in the disbursements of each; same companies characters.

    Also, started building a list of Carson Campaign Staff and their connections to these different companies.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Ziiggii says:

    Vernon Robinson’s contributions since 2003

    Note the California contributions to his Robinson for Congress committee.


  5. Ziiggii says:

    This is the video that is embedded into the AdWeek article quoted from above in SD’s article. I think it is very important for all to watch

    It is difficult to prove that the Carson Campaign is using this technique to drive “likes” and Facebook Ads, but as I showed above the Campaign has reported $10K+ paid out to Facebook in the Q3 FEC report. And it is known that the US State Department spent $630k to promote their Facebook page.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. More on the Ben Carson FACEBOOK fanagling foolery: This one posting fake news reports using Media logos like CNN & others:

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Derigitable says:

    I met personally with Vernon Robinson in one of his election campaigns, and I became quickly convinced that he was more interested in raising money than he was in actually winning. He did literally nothing to win that I ever observed.

    Liked by 3 people

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  9. Ok, head is spinning. So, in one concise paragraph, someone explain all this please. I am tired.


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