Stabbing Rampage – California College Attacker Revealed As Faisal Mohammad – ISIS Praises His Efforts…

Someone tell the MSM it wasn’t the Amish after all… and now the University is trying to figure out what his motive could possibly be – go figure.

uc mercedCALIFORNIA – A student who ‘smiled’ as he stabbed four people inside a classroom at the University of California, Merced, before he was killed by police has been identified.

Faisal Mohammad, a freshman from Santa Clara who majored in computer science and engineering, was shot dead by officers after his violent campus rampage on Wednesday morning, that has reportedly drawn praise from ISIS.

The 18-year-old, described as antisocial by his roommate, was supposedly ‘having fun’ as he lunged at his classmates.

He is said to have slashed a fellow student in the throat with a hunting knife before a construction worker thwarted the attack.

Police are still investigating the contents of a backpack he was carrying at the time, while a witness said a bomb squad detonated something near the scene.

uc merced 2

The attack drew praise Thursday from a Twitter account associated with the Islamic State,Fox News reported.

‘May Allah accept him,’ read a tweet in Arabic from a Twitter account that has previously carried messages purporting to be from ISIS, just minutes after Mohammad’s name was divulged by campus authorities.

Last week the same account released a series of videos calling for lone wolf stabbing attacks.

There has also been a recent spate of mass knife attacks in Israel, where Palestinian Muslims have been encourage to stab civilians. However it is not clear if Wednesday’s attack is connected in any way.

The FBI are now trying to figure out the motives of the suspect who graduated from Wilcox High in Santa Clara in July, the Merced Sun Star reported.  (read more)

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99 Responses to Stabbing Rampage – California College Attacker Revealed As Faisal Mohammad – ISIS Praises His Efforts…

  1. Sentient says:

    Thank God for guns.

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  2. yadent says:

    Noticed it was a FIREARM which finally stopped him……..

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  3. azgary says:

    with all the muslims invading europe we better revise our visa system for “europeans” wanting to visit here.

    visa overstays are a big enough problem the way it is

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  4. deepsouthconservative says:

    If the FBI needs assistance, I believe I could solve the mystery in about one second flat.

    Should we now begin knife control laws????

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  5. zephyrbreeze says:

    Maybe he was inspired by all the knife attacks in Israel.


  6. Hetter SteelStroke says:

    Another one down, billion plus more to go…..

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  7. profnickd1967 says:

    Oh, wow, could never have predicted this.

    It’s not like any of these attackers are ever insane, leftist, or Muslim.

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  8. spacette55 says:

    Meanwhile, mayors of 100 US cities are clamoring to take more “immigrants and refugees” into their cities.

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    • Mike says:

      Sounds like another US welfare funding scam.

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    • noritadek says:

      Did you hear about the 19 years old girl raped in Germany yesterday by yet another migrant? And this stupid president wants to bring 200k here??!!! I can’t believe it! It make me sick! And I am not talking about the expenses for all of us! Please God, give us Trump now!

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I also see this is the only site that has reported about the illegals arrested in Alabama running a sex trade………

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    • Dixie says:

      Not at all surprised about this but Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina has one of the city mayors begging for refugees. I certainly would do everything possible to prevent any of my loved ones from applying to or attending UNC. Common sense has left the building and the moonbats are c-r-a-z-y. Unless all the parents are uninformed, I imagine that applications will diminish considerably for that university.


    • jello333 says:

      Hmm… I’m VERY happy to see my city isn’t on the list. It’s a pretty liberal town, it and the country has been “blue” for as long as I can remember. We’re good about soup kitchens, shelters, poverty assistance programs, big on environmental issues, bike paths, etc. HOWEVER, we’re not on this list, and we have had ZERO Black Lives Matter support around here. In fact, when there were a few instances of “knockout game” attacks here a couple years ago, the entire community rose up to demand something be done to catch the scum doing it.


  9. texasgypsy53 says:

    This country should be screaming “consealead carry on campus now!”

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  10. moogey says:

    I am fascinated by the fact that yesterday, the Sheriff stressed the fact that his office was investigating the officer involved shooting, but that the University Campus Police were investigating the classroom “incident”.

    The event occurred at around 8 a.m., the news media, social media and campus students were silent on the issue. There was no chatter of any kind regarding this attack, no banners, no hour long speeches by media pundits. Silence.

    Approximately 24 hours between the time of the attack and the release of the assailant’s information, and announce that the FBI is involved. Now why would the FBI be involved, on an issue that yesterday, fell under the jurisdiction of the “Campus Police”?

    The media & government warfare against the American people has reached extraordinary levels of cover-up.

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  11. FireAm 85 says:

    Let me guess, irrespective of his mooslim name, he was a Christian, just like Obozo.

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  12. don welch says:

    well….at least he won’t be voting for hillary next year. there’s always an upside if you look closely.

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  13. FTA:

    The FBI are now trying to understand what drove formulate a fictitious narrative that discounts any possibility that Islamic radicalism motivated Faisal Mohammad to carry out the attack less than six months after graduating from Wilcox High in Santa Clara.

    There… fixed it for them…

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  14. joshua says:

    Time to start using the pig blood embalming fluid option for these terrorists….something has to be done to interfere with their myth of dying and eternal bliss. not kidding.

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  15. Angry Dumbo says:

    I’m shocked! The Obama Administration lied . . . and the media didn’t tell us about it.

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  16. formercanuck says:

    Let’s see why this isn’t getting the attention of MSM.

    Guns were used for the ‘good’ (i.e. killed the suspect)
    He wasn’t ‘white’ or ‘christian’.
    Everyone survived thanks to the attention of a maintenance worker (this goes to Ben Carson’s logic, not Hillary’s) – take him down vs. wait for the authorities. Fortunately this at least disrupted his plans.
    Armed security.
    Mental issues (smiled as he was stabbing?) This may follow into parts of #5.

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    • KBR says:

      That’s not a mental issue. He was delighted to be following the dictates of his culture and his “book.” You should read it, and look up the halal. Know thine enemy. Especially when they are coming in droves.

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      • formercanuck says:

        To the MSM, they would probably see it as a mental issue (i.e. depression, loner, etc) vs. ISIS infidel knowing that he’s going to get his virgins once he’s been taken out.


        • allhail2 says:

          Well, his afterlife will be just as pathetic as his alive one was. The only way he figured he could get laid was by martyring himself.
          Guess what, dumbass, you’re the virgin that your muzz buddies are fighting for.


  17. zephyrbreeze says:

    Good to know our president is concerned about these things. In late breaking news, the government is discontinuing a youth anti-radicalization program.

    “The Obama administration has once again caved into the demands of Islamic activists that have already strong-armed federal and local law enforcement agencies into purging anti-terrorism training material considered offensive to Muslims.

    “This week the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suspended a new internet program aimed at preventing the radicalization of youth because Muslim and Arab rights groups determined that it discriminates against Muslims and will lead to bullying, bias and religious profiling of students. The interactive website (“Don’t Be a Puppet”) was created by the U.S. government as a tool for the nation’s schools to prevent susceptible youth from getting recruited online by terrorists. The ultimate goal is to combat a growing epidemic of violent extremism by keeping youth from falling prey to online terrorists.”

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  18. tz says:

    Night of the long knives coming to a gun-free zone near you.


  19. noritadek says:

    Ok Obama. Confiscate the guns AND the knifes, we will no longer cut our steaks with them. (Sarc)) Remember what Trump said? It’s NOT guns, but mental illness that cause this tragedies. Please pleople! Trump 2016

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  20. Sam says:

    So where’s the Coalition to Stop Knife Violence? Why aren’t they in full cry for knife control?

    Seriouly, the jihadis are here and they are ready to kill for Allah. Keep your guns close at hand.

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  21. stringy theory says:

    If Obamus had a son, he’d look like old Faisal here.


  22. “We are under attack , quick, disarm law abiding citizens and import more muzzies!” /progressive dumbass mode off


  23. Fred says:

    Well that is one less punk muslim to feed and clothe. Too bad he hurt so many innocent people before he was stopped. I guess he will meet his 72 virgins, starting with Bruce, Bubba, Tiny, and Slick. Maybe Keshawn, Trevon, and Michael Brown.


  24. BigMamaTEA says:

    FTA: _Police are investigating the contents of a backpack he was carrying at the time, while a witness said a bomb squad detonated one of his possessions near the scene.

    The attack drew praise Thursday from a Twitter account associated with the Islamic State, Fox News reported. ‘May Allah accept him,’ read the tweet in Arabic just minutes after Mohammad’s name was divulged by campus authorities.

    Last week the same account released a series of videos calling for lone wolf stabbing attacks.
    Veryan Khan, of the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), which monitors ISIS and other groups on social media, told Fox that ISIS had called for stabbings in recent days.
    She said: ‘Over the past three days, the Islamic State has released nineteen videos encouraging Palestinians stabbing attacks on Israel.

    ‘There is no direct evidence, however, that suggests Wednesday’s attack is connected in any way to Middle East violence.

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  25. Mr.Right says:

    Someone mentioned that this story was covered by any MSM… and sure enough, its not anywhere on or

    Its sad that we need to get out news from foreign organization…

    And why do I have a feeling that if the man was called John Smith, used a gun and the victims where darker then him it would be front page news and rolling 24/7 on CNN and MSNBC.

    I’m not a betting man, but because the guy is named Mohamed I’m willing to bet that Obama is not going to address the nation about this horrific university terror attack.

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  26. tellthetruth2016 says:

    I love how they said ” Police are trying to find out his motive”……….Hello, They hate us and want us dead……..That’s their “motive”………

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  27. BobNoxious says:

    Hello!! Anyone paying attention to what is happening in Israel at the moment? Dude is bringing the knife intifada global!

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  28. MfM says:

    Any word on his first victim? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone he knew was Jewish.

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  29. jeans2nd says:

    Hmmm…You sure it wasn’t really the Amish? Those guys in Cleve court for hate crimes for cutting off beards were my Amish neighbors just down the road. (Ok, I’m kidding, altho they really were my amish neighbors down the road.) Would be curious to hear how long this stays in the local media. Would bet not long. The Amish trial was covered ad infinitum.


  30. Piggs says:

    I suspect that he was outraged that the Engineering Department didn’t have a place for him to pray.


  31. Backspin says:

    What kind of Meds was snackbar on ?


  32. GSR says:

    The bigger question is, why are Mooooslims in the USA at all? It’s the immigration, stupid.


  33. ekjiuhkjkjn says:

    Hey FBI, Go over and investigate that gas station-convenience store in Livingston, about 16 miles from UC Merced. The one that sells lamb and goat. YOU SHOULD KNOW THE ONE I’M TALKING ABOUT.


  34. shipley130 says:

    He’s not going to be smiling when he finds out that he is going to be a slave of a Viking instead of getting 72 veerrrgins.

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  35. Serpentor says:

    A single lone white crazed gunman in a church and the whole world changes in an instant after a photo surfaces of him with a Confederate battle flag.

    It’s been so many times now that I’ve lost count that a Muslim goes on a killing spree and all we hear is crickets. The only changes we hear about are Obama’s plan to bring MORE of them into country.

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  36. regedit says:

    Its not about guns on campus -that is secondary -ITS about the muslim scum
    We should round the up, like we did with all the japanese during WW2 lock them up or better yet deport them
    You have to realize this is not about religion -To be a muslim is by definition commiting treason


  37. taqiyyologist says:

    Dear Leaders of Law Enforcement in America:

    I have a question for you. Are your stupid or are you cowards?

    Pick one answer. You either, for some reason, can’t really figure out a motive and are therefore unbelievably stupid — or you know, like the rest of us, and are too cowardly to tell us what we already knew.

    After answering this two-option multiple-choice question, ask yourselves:

    Is it healthy for our nation to have leaders of law enforcement, charged with protecting our Constitution and its people, to be EITHER stupid or cowardly?

    It is not, and you should all be fired and replaced with people who are neither.

    I would ask the same question of our media elites. Which are you, you supposed Reporters?

    Cowards or idiots? Pick one, and ask if it is good for our nation for those charged with discerning and telling truth to be either? Why are any of you idiots or cowards still employed?

    If you say, “Neither”, then you are just evil.

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  38. Attorney says:

    The religion of peace.


  39. Monroe says:

    .1. The motive should not be unclear. He left a document listing targets and intentions.

    FTA: “Merced County Sheriff Verne Warnke told the Sun-Star Thursday that the document found on the body of 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad included “a detailed list of his targets and his intentions.”

    .2.The creeping new narrative is some sort of “ism”.

    FTA: Mohammad’s motive appears to have been anger he felt over being “kicked out of a study group,” Warnke said. “He was mad at a student.”

    Read more here:


  40. sonjay says:

    The sheriff describes him as “a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates.” He was 18. He was old enough to attend college and to plan a mass murder. Characterizing him as a “teenage boy” is one of their methods to minimize his responsibility for his actions and attempt to generate sympathy for the poor young misguided upset boy.

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  41. lbmomblog says:

    researching on something and ran across this
    Muhammad Faisal belongs to Okara, Punjab. His father Shaukat Ali owns a General Store and earns around 14,000 (140.00 approximately) monthly. This amount is not enough for a family of five. His younger brother is a student of intermediate and his younger sister is a student of 9th class. His family is going through a tough financial situation.
    Faisal has always shown his love for education, which is very obvious from the high marks he has obtained. He scored 91% marks in Matric and 87% marks in Intermediate. Later on, he got admission in BS Civil Engineering at University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. He got high marks in the first two semesters of engineering.
    Under all the hardships that Faisal has been going through, he did not lose hope and is still studying with devotion. He needs your financial support, which will eventually be encouraging for his educational career.

    Adopted by Arshad Farooqui

    Not sure how valid the article is.


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