The Milk Carton Candidate – “Where’s Marco”?…

Senator Marco Rubio, a wholly owned subsidiary of the CoC, is difficult to locate

marcorubioWASHINGTON – During a recent town hall in Derry, New Hampshire, a voter asked Sen. Marco Rubio about the large number of Senate votes Rubio has missed in recent months. “I just wanted to know what your reason for that is,” the voter said.

“I’m running for president,” Rubio answered. “I’m here in New Hampshire talking to you.”

Rubio has taken some flak — most notably, from Donald Trump — for not showing up for votes. He’s missed most of October’s votes so far. From April to June of this year, he missed about one-third of the votes, and from July to September, he missed a little over half the votes. That’s not good, even by Senate terms.

The striking thing, though, is that while Rubio is not in Washington, he is also not on the campaign trail in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, at least as much as many of his Republican rivals. 

[…] So Rubio hasn’t been voting on the Senate floor, and he hasn’t been spending day after day after day in the early primary states, either. What is he doing? “He’s working his tail off,” says Rubio spokesman Alex Conant. “It’s possible that somebody is working as hard as Marco, but nobody’s working harder.”

It appears what Rubio is doing most of the time is fundraising.  (read more)

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86 Responses to The Milk Carton Candidate – “Where’s Marco”?…

  1. Julie A says:

    Reminds of Obama, where he voted “present” to get out of a vote to be on record.

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  2. NHVoter says:

    I cannot express how much I loathe this phony. He is so much like Obama that it’s frightening yet many so called conservatives are gaga over him.

    Sure he sounds good when repeating memorized talking points but so did Obama. But this person who can’t even be bothered to show up for his taxpayer funded day job and who has not served in the military wants to send our troops back to the Middle East for another dangerous, endless war.

    Those who say Hillary is frightened of him have no idea what they’re talking about. She’ll eat him for lunch.

    Look up 2 things to know more about Rubio:
    1) His love for amnesty going back to his Tallahassee days and
    2) Project For A New American Century of which his slogan & dangerous foreign policy doctrine is based.

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  3. R-C says:

    The issues here are maturity and judgment, or rather, “lack thereof”.

    Rubio HAS a job. He should be breaking his neck to perform its duties to the best of his ability. If he wants to run for president, he ought to resign his seat in the Senate.

    To do as he is doing is what I call “dereliction of duty”.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Can’t be trusted !

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    Rubio has no business running for the presidency. He is not responsible, reliable, or trustworthy. He is an embarrassment to the State of Florida, along with Bush. His usefulness to the GOPe will run it’s course very soon and he will just be a has been nobody wants.

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  6. Burnt Toast says:

    Rubio was TEA Party until the day he was elected.

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  7. moogey says:

    I thought this little article from 2013 was a nice reminder of exactly how comparable to Obama, Marco Rubio truly is.

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  8. dizzymissl says:

    Rubio has chosen some nasty people to run his campaign:


  9. Perhaps he is taking time to search his soul after realizing he has sold his soul to evil…….nah…..


  10. mpmp2015 says:

    Waterboy Rubio is a RINO. There it had to be said. Pretty obvious his entire campaign strategy is to “phone it in” or allow his PACs to run the show, and they say Trump is not the serious candidate. Trump almost spends the least amount of time in Iowa and is essentially on top of the state polls (depending which poll….). Now that is time WELL SPENT. It’s not quantity, but quality.

    As we all suspect, Rubio’s basically a splitter candidate that is valuable in a couple of states to throw the election to Jeb Bush in a multi-candidate scenario. He has a better veneer of an actual campaign compared to Pataki or Graham. With Bush doing so poorly, GOPe is now looking to Rubio to take the establishment mantel and he is playing catch up raising hard money and building out infrastructure that he didn’t anticipate needing. Rubio’s original role was obviously to carry Jeb’s water. Why would a young first term senator who doesn’t have any substantial financial assets gives up his coveted senate seat in an important state to run against a popular former governor of the same state? Pre-Trump, it looks like a big gamble Rubio is playing with his career. Of course, the GOPe was just promising a whole bunch of consulting or lobbying work worth millions for Rubio as long as he played along. Trump’s entry into the race upended everything and a splitter candidate (essentially the understudy in a play) has to now take the lead role in the biggest political play in recent presidential cycle.

    Clearly the GOPe has reached a fork in the road: Support Jeb to the end or back a stronger candidate that has a better chance against the insurgent candidates?

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  11. rashamon says:

    I want someone leading my country whose family has been here sufficient time that they no longer are referred to or think of themselves as Cuban-Americans or Indian-Americans or Mexican-Americans or African-Americans or Scots-Americans or British-Americans or Italian-Americans. They are simply Americans.

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  12. jameswlee2014 says:

    Rubio and Bush both support open borders and amnesty. That’s it, Game is over. What were they thinking? Do they have a short term memory disorder? Does the name Dave Brat mean nothing to them?

    There are no ‘issues’, plural. There is only ONE issue; clearly stating that illegal immigration will be stopped, the illegals deported, and the border sealed. All other issues are trifling and insignificant, like arguing about where to hang the pictures when the house is on fire, compared to the massive invasion swarming across our southern border. Trump is its undisputed champion and that is going to carry him to the White House. Trump with 55% of the popular vote for president.

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    • Judgy says:

      I could NOT agree more! Stopping illegal immigration is EVERYTHING.

      It baffles me that so many cannot understand that. Either illegals are working here illegally, OR they are scamming/ living off the dole. How the hell does that “help” us as a country?? (I realize I’m preachin’ to the choir here!).

      On top of that, it’s sickening to think that we HAVE TO pander to them just because so many have just BARGED in, and given birth to scores of anchor babies who will vote for MORE freebies. And we’re supposed to be ENTHUSIASTIC about this??

      Boo Jeb! Boooooooo Rubio!!

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    • keebler ac says:

      Carson is a danger too. He is pro-amnesty, of course he apparently will say anything and change his mind later for whatever arbitrary reason. Rubio and Jeb are employees of K street so they stick to their talking points in lock step with the CoC.

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  13. 22227z says:

    Funny how Ted Cruz manages to campaign and show up for work.

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  14. flawesttexas says:

    La Raza Rubio probably down at the border…playing matador to all the Illegal Aliens running across. Ole


  15. georgiafl says:

    My bet is family or health problems. It may be that Rubio, his wife or one of their four children or one of the grandparents is going through some kind of problems.

    Did his wife and children move to DC to be with him or did they remain back home in Miami to be in school and near grandparents?

    Wife Jeanette is former NFL cheerleader who ‘runs’ Norman Braman’s charity, but they did not give away any money over several years. The only thing I have read about her is that she had a fender-bender at a hotel after dropping him at an event and had numerous driving tickets.


  16. He knows that he has it made. He is in tight with the gopE and they will take care of him. His huge and outlandish push for Amnesty was too beholden himself to the gopE for their future support and $money$! It worked and now he doesn’t have to work but just bask in the glow and support of his bosses (and that ain’t the taxpayers)!

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  17. Doodahdaze says:

    None of the CoC stiffs are going to beat Trump. They are going to have to dig up a new one.


  18. NCPatrick says:

    I liked the comment about Rubio’s being the understudy should any thing happen to derail the crowning of Bush 3. And then suddenly the little waterboy, who really hadn’t paid much attention to his optics except that his hair was trimmed nicely, found himself in center stage. But he had already shot himself so blatantly in the foot when he got into the Gang of 8 and was revealed as what we suspected he might be: another stinking shill, and nothing he can ever say or do would change my mind about that. Frankly, I was very surprised to learn that he thought he could still run for President after that. I hope the good folks of Florida don’t forget how miserably two of the Presidential candidates have lied and betrayed them. Remember when Rubio planned a trip to Las Vegas the same time and day Trump was appearing there .. last week I think? Rubio was said to have been at a senior center with 250 people briefly but his primary reason for being there was to ask for cash from one of those big Vegas donors. That is exactly why he is not seen on campaign trail with the folks I’d say. Plotting a new plan.

    Rubio is not presidential in any way, tho Glen Beck has looked into his heart and thinks he is delightful. Of course Beck also loves Snarly and the governor of Louisiana (whose name escapes me) and adores Ben Carson. They run a Glen Beck radio ad about every hour here in Raleigh where the lead remark is, “He’s a Game Show Host!” and proceeds to giggle and lambaste Trump. Such a moron.

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  19. don welch says:

    what’s laughable is that none of these stiffs can beat piaps anyway. even trump is going to get smoked.


    • MsCynlynn says:

      Trump can take her. He’ll manage to get her so frustrated in a debate with statements about her role in disrupting the ME she’ll go off script and show her true colors. Her hatred of humans will come out of her eyes or her wherever.


  20. TwoLaine says:

    “Trump is the first candidate this election cycle to hold a public rally in Jacksonville.”

    Where’s Rubio? Where’s Jeb? Isn’t this their home turf? Where are all the other candidates?

    And they have the nerve to call TRUMP “not a serious candidate”?

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    BTW, Morning Joe have been all over Rubio, Jeb! and Carson today. What TRUMP says, they are parroting.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      Trump hits 50% and it is over. He is already close. None of the polls include Indies and democrats. Tough crowd but he left them smiling.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        What crowd?

        BTW, It’s been over since TRUMP announced, ONE DAY after Jeb! announced. They just won’t truly admit it. EVER!

        They are gonna’ try everything that they can! They just keep throwing darts at him and his supporters. The Usual. False Information. False Flags. Shiny objects. Manufactured polls. Manufactured crises. All out lies.

        It all bounces off TRUMP, or he catches it and throws it back with yet another deadly shot. And the crowds and support just gets bigger and better!


        DEAL WITH IT! 🙂

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        • Doodahdaze says:

          Bush is quitting. Maybe today. That Turkey is done. Stick him with a fork. Trump wiped him out.

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          • TwoLaine says:

            NO. He wiped himself out. In SO MANY WAYS!

            TRUMP just kept pointing out what we already knew. Jeb! couldn’t, and wouldn’t get the job done.

            LOW ENERGY! NOT Doing the Job! Serving big interests and illegals vs citizens. DENIGRATING CITIZENS and CITIZENSHIP!

            Yes, I saw his concession speech. It’s been replayed hundreds of times on the tubes already! There is no way to spin this.

            Mama’s gotta’ be proud. I bet this blew that weekend counseling with mommy and daddy thing. 🙂


            • Doodahdaze says:

              Actually the attack started here. Sundance figured out the plan before they were able to pull it off. It has spread like wildfire. The GOP is shellshocked. We know what they will do before they do it. He wrote about their plan and rules. Others picked it up. Now listening to Rush he says Cruz is the last hope for an elected republican. They will have no choice but to try and surge Cruz next.


    • SharonKinDC says:

      Fox was horrid this AM. I wasn’t watching, daughter said it was so annoying, she changed the channel. The Today Show ‘Pancake Breakfast’ was a hit job by Lauer. Now Fox doing more hit jobs. It’s staggering how obvious they are.


  22. Notmeagain says:

    When we renovate the Constitution and term limits, my suggestion is: no one gets more than one consecutive term. They can have more terms, maybe even unlimited terms, but have to take off a minimum of one year between any office. And campaigning while in any office results in immediate disqualification for that future office. So sick of this, it isn’t just Rubio, it’s everyone. And change the retirement rules, Rubio will get full retirement for 5 years “served.”


  23. Ono says:

    Congressman B-1 Bob Dornin (R Ca.) was so busy campaigning against Clinton for President that when he came back he found his district lines had been changed, Bill had come to town to personally back Lorretta Sanchez in her bid to become a represenative, and the rest is history…Bye Bye Bob.
    FYI one of the worst partisans asking Hillary “How nice a person” questions last Thursday on Benghazi…Lorretta Sanchez Debt paid

    Rubio for pool boy at the Doral CC

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      More like a waiter I think. I used to hook up Ono’s at Red Hill down to Milolii on the 40 fathom line. Have not heard Ono since then. Everyone around here calls em Wahoo. Welcome aboard.


  24. Lou says:

    brilliant picture, and so true.


  25. Doodah, no offense, but what the heck does your comment about “Ono’s” mean? What’s a “40 fathom line”? I’m just a West Virginia girl these days so maybe that’s why my translating skills aren’t what they used to be 😊


    • That’s fisherman talk. An Ono (also called a wahoo) is a type of fish, and the 40 fathom line is a reference to water depth.


    • Doodahdaze says:

      Yes, fishing. Years ago I ran a big game fishing boat in Hawaii. They have diff names for fish. Tuna is “Ahi”, It means fire. It came because they caught them on hand line and it burned like fire when the tuna dug out with the bait. Marlin is “Ihu Nui”, means “long nose.” A fathom is 6 feet of water depth. 40 fathoms would be 240 feet deep. Out there it is right up close to the beach.


  26. BenY says:

    I’m getting email bombs for Rubio donations. Sent back a appropriately worded response, but I’m sure they don’t read them.

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    • JRD says:

      I’m getting snail mail from him.
      I sent it back in the prepaid envelop and with a red marker wrote on the face of the envelop:
      Corrupt. “Bought and Paid For” before his name.

      On the back of the envelop I wrote remove me from your mailing list.

      Every person who handles the mail sees it.


  27. beowulf says:

    “And why would Rubio (who is broke) want to be president if he doesn’t even like the Senate and DC?”

    Yup, this was never about winning office, this is about getting paid. When he first ran for the Senate, I doubt he expected to win (the way the GOP base turned on the incumbent governor in the Senate primary was unprecedented and surely unexpected by Rubio). The original plan was, since he was term limited out as FL House Speaker, it was time to cash in from the lobbies he’d helped in Tallahassee. The seemingly no-win primary race against Gov.
    Crist was intended to build name recognition statewide to set the table for a statewide race down the road– after he’d spent a few years cashing in and getting his finances in order.

    Rubio lucked into a Senate seat he didn’t actually want and he’s ready to quit to finally make some money, in the meantime a WH run will look good on the resume. He started the race knowing his mentor Jeb Bush was frontrunner which meant he had no shot at VP (the ticket has to be from different states for electoral college reasons).

    Once you understand that Rubio isn’t running for president– he’s running for a Goldman Sachs partnership– only then do his actions make sense.

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  28. bullnuke says:

    Rubio hates the Senate because it’s too hard so he will just be a no show? Boo frickin hoo. Waiting for those people that bashed Palin for quitting the Governor’s job. At least she had a financial reason to do so. If I was still in Fla. I’d be pissed off.


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