Dear Congress, Choose Wisely…

red_hair Cold Anger !

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104 Responses to Dear Congress, Choose Wisely…

  1. “This bill offends my principles, but I’m going to vote FOR this bill to protect my principles.” ???

    In what world does that make any sense, other than in a world where that particular (ahem) speaker has no “principles”???

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  2. Ziiggii says:


    {lost to say any other words}


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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    40 Politicians have turned into a thousand Americans ✌

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  4. TheTorch says:

    Posted this in a prior thread, but there was an error with regard to the start time.

    Donald Trump Rally in Burlington, Iowa
    Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    Make America Great Again Rally
    Event Begins at 7:00 pm (ET), 6:00 pm (CDT)


    FOX 10 News Now (HD)



    • kallibella says:

      Oevil will try to harm America even up to January 20, 2017. Heck! I fully expect him to have deals worked out to be deployed and unleashed at us even as he is packing to leave DC. This man is …well…evil.

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      • TheTorch says:

        Yes know doubt about it, he will do some kind of scorched earth policy for a number of things over the next year or so. He does not care anymore, Biden who he wanted running won’t be, and Hillary he can’t stand. So he won’t care what state the country is left in by the time he leaves office. The amazing thing is he has done immense damage to the democrat party as well and at the local level it is horrifying what he has done to them (although most of them are so brain-washed, they can’t see this at all). This is one very bad guy, fundamentally anti-american to his core.

        But their is hope and a resolution to this nightmare, and that is Donald Trump 😀

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      • jackphatz says:

        Can you imagine who many criminals he’ll release through his pardons?

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    • liberty2828 says:

      California has been doing this now for years… excerpt from article.

      In a 63-page handbook, the Education Department urged schools to create support groups for illegal immigrant students and their families and warned against asking about students’ legal status.

      “Message publicly that your institution supports undocumented students and their rights to a high-quality education,” the handbook said.

      The administration hopes to enlist schools in the effort to normalize the experience of being in the country without authorization. The guidance specifically urged schools to challenge leaders in states “with exclusionary or less inclusive policies.”


      • czarowniczy says:

        “Message publicly that your institution supports undocumented students and their rights to a high-quality education…” Heck, kids of taxpaying legal residents can’t even get that in Mississippi.

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        • lastConservinIllinois? says:

          Or chicago


          • czarowniczy says:

            Sadly, any number of cities/counties/states where if your eligible for a US passport you’re forced to subsidize the wave of compost washing up on our shores.
            For those who think I’m too harsh and lack internationalist compassion (I actually do lack it) – are there any doubts that taking the US oath of citizenship may easily be considered permissible and honorable lying to non-believers by members of an unnamed rock-worshiping religion which shall go unnamed?

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  5. stringy theory says:

    Fantastic video. I think Ryan’s arrogant proclamation has begun to solidify the opposition to more GOPe hacks in the speaker’s chair. I called my supposed conservative R today to ask whom he supported for speaker. The dunce who answered the phone couldn’t say. I mentioned that he voted for Boehner. Then I told him I would be at the polls next year to vote for his democrap opponent, regardless of who that is. He had his chance and sold out. He’s GOPe now.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      It is very hard to get leverage over the GOPe short of threatening not to vote for them. Ryan’s victory here, with a very public demand that the freedom caucus and we wacko birds stand down, means trouble. We are marginalized within our own party and when Ryan does what we expect, passing TPP and a CR on the budget, we have nowhere to go except third party. Trump is nice, but he ultimately needs to start a third party.


  6. archer52 says:

    Here’s is what John Boehner would love to say to all of us.

    “Dear little people. I am John Boehner. I am part of the group that rules you. You think you are free but you are not. I and my friends control your taxes, the rules on what you say and do, how you work, what your kids are taught, what you get paid, and the land you say is yours, until we say different. We aren’t afraid of you, just annoyed that you won’t lay down. It’s over. With Obamacare we now control your health. We control everything.

    Lay down.

    I know I’m leaving but I will be replaced with someone just like me. I’ll retire, take my government retirement money- which is far greater than you can earn- because I voted for it myself. I will have great health insurance because I decided you get Obamacare and all of us up here don’t. I, and my friends, voted that for ourselves over your complaints, because your complaints mean nothing.

    Hear me, just lay down.

    We will tell you who we decide comes into our nation. You cannot stop it. We will decide who must submit to the rule of law, and who is above the rule of law. Hint, it won’t be you.

    There is no hope, lay down.

    We will tell you who will be President, and if by chance you elect someone who fight us, we will destroy him too.

    So give up, be silent and lay down.

    I’ll go away, be given a job by some billion dollar company as a form of a payoff for being a good soldier. I will not be able to spend the money I have collected or will be given. You will continue to struggle, because we are your owners and we give you only what we think you deserve.

    You will struggle, you will tire, it will not matter that you know the truth, because the truth doesn’t matter. We control the truth, we control your children so we control the future.

    So all of you just lay down.

    I will go now. And yes, I will sleep well, because I long ago sold my soul, so my conscience will never plague me.”

    I can see this in his eyes, hear it in his voice. He is so tired of playing the game. The game he knows is rigged because he helped rig it.

    To him, I say this; Go away. Take your thirty pieces of silver. You may think you own us, but as long as we breath, we think, we dream, we stand, you will never own us.

    We will never lay down.

    You forget your rule depends on our good nature and our will. When our will changes.

    Your rule will end.

    PS- take Paul with you. We’ll choose our own leaders from now on.

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  7. BenY says:

    For all those who keep yelping, “but Trump is not a conservative”….”did you see what he said in the past”. Even if somehow there was validity to those statements, I would counter with…”doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity”. Trump is the only choice we have.

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    • joshua says:

      Teaparty: populist American conservative ideas
      Constitution adherence
      Lower taxes
      Opposition to fed govt in health care
      Other “conservative traits” in US :
      Opposition to World Governance
      Opposition to Environmentalism
      Law and order
      Defense of Western civilization from modernist culture and totalitarianism
      Small government
      Limited regulation
      Free enterprise
      Support for Israel
      Oppose abortion
      Oppose homosexual marriage
      Restrict immigration
      Support for school prayer
      Tougher foreign policies

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  8. fred says:

    The second I heard Ryan would consider running for speaker I screamed noooooo. Now I really have to wonder about the Freedom Caucus getting Boehner removed and everyday on Hannity spewing we need conservative leaders to replace the RINOS betraying us. Suddenly they have to meet with Ryan for 2 days to discuss it and some even applauded him. Now I’m baffled beyond repair. The Tea party and Freedom caucus actually entertained the idea of this guy for speaker…. Whewww… knowing he’s worse than what they removed. Took me 2 seconds to decide so why are these patriots still considering him and meeting with him today after he demanded they do what he wants….. Whewwww… Has the Tea party lost it’s mojo or got lost on the way. We are lost in the forest at this rate.

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  9. Garrison Hall says:

    The TP Patriots really knocked a home run with this ad. Only Big Truth can counter the Big Lie and this is a perfect example of how that’s done. The GOPe just announced today that they’d going to bury Trump in a massive negative ad. campaign. Interestingly Trump, in one of this speeches last week casually mentioned that he has one billion budgeted for his campaign. I have a feeling he anticipated the GOPe boast and decided to up the ante. Trump also happily pointed out that he has actually spent very little on his campaign, buying no local or network advertising—basically just paying his overhead expenses—and yet he’s absolutely crushing everybody else in the polls. A one billion dollar campaign budget my be a huge (yuge . . .) bluff but it also signals that Trump is ready to go dollar-to-dollar with anybody who’s running campaign ads. against him. Once again, Trump is a step ahead of a group of opponents whose backers most definitely do not like being second guessed as easily as Trump is doing with them. GO TRUMP

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  10. texan59 says:

    I’m about thissssssssss close to this sentiment.

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    ‘Dear Congress, Choose Wisely…’ Dear Congress, why start now?

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  12. Shamus says:

    Did I just read that Ryan secured the speakership?.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Appears Ryan’s not yet there but he’s trying on crowns for fit. WashPost’s saying he won over hard-line GOP conservatives (he found the…where?) and is presently sending out for more lip balm, hookers and fresh BS scoops. I understand his threat that won over the hardliners (must have had to turn over a lot of rocks) was that he’d vacate and we’d get Boner back on the rebound.


      • WeeWeed says:

        I dunno – it’s hard to cut down a crown to fit a pinhead. They’ll have to call the Oval orifice to see how to do it in time.

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      • archer52 says:

        They didn’t budge on him from what I just read. I think his “Okay…I do this, but don’t want to, but only if i get my way” attitude soured some folks.

        Jeezz, pal. It isn’t like we can’t find someone else who really wants the job. His head has really swollen since 2012.

        I think there are four others. The female congressman is popular. Let her take a shot at it. She’s liked by all factions.

        Let Paul have ways and means. Egghead that he is, that is where he shines.


        • czarowniczy says:

          I’m wondering if folks behind the curtains ain’t aplannin’ on something bigger for him and this is part of the lipstick and Air Wick process


  13. kallibella says:

    Ryan is Speaker!!!!
    I am so discouraged with this Speakership! What the heck???!!!!
    The GOPe angling to stop the Trump administration.
    King Ryan ….


  14. fred says:

    I saw Washington post… Ryan secures speaker position with super majority from the Freedom Caucus,,,,, Tea Party who….. Tea party what……..Choose how… Should I read that list of tea party ideas again. Electing the worst RINO of all time…. HUM surprized is not the word I’m looking for…lets see what could it be…. Betrayal again by the Tea party this time… Oh man tell me I’m wrong……

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  15. TheTorch says:

    Someone posted this on another blog site, make of it what you will:

    The Freedom Caucus’s own rules state that there needs to be an official caucus endorsement for them to vote as a block for him as speaker. They support his bid, but do not endorse. He publicly stated that without the official endorsement he will not run. They’re calling his bluff.

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  16. amjean says:

    At midnight they will post another story stating that Paul Ryan
    is in. Nothing these traitorous bastards do would surprise me.


  17. fred says:

    30 of the 40 voted to support him. Needing 4/5’s that means there could be 8 dissenters but there were ten which tecnically means they don’t endorse him. But 10 votes won’t stop Ryan and he has more than enough other votes. In other words the Freedom guys are doing the Boehner Kabuki dance to claim no full endorsement but almost full support…..We been had by the Tea Party……

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  18. catmom says:

    The GOP is dead to me.

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  19. three by one says:

    ANYBODY in Congress that votes for Ryan for Speaker needs primaried.

    ANY. BODY.



    • three by one says:

      This is despicable. House Democrats endorse him.

      What more do you need to spell T-R-A-I-T-O-R

      The GOP will pay dearly for this treachery.

      Not gonna wait for 2016. Calling the state GOP tomorrow AM and letting them know they will suffer for the never-ending BS from the National.

      If we can’t control them at the top, cut the legs out from under them. Bastages.

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      • three by one says:

        NEVER EVER gonna “hold my nose and vote” again.

        From now on, I vote on principles only. I will vote AGAINST any RINO. I don’t care who it puts in. I will not have my vote used by scumbag, slimeball sleazes that put jokers like Ryan in power. Or McConnell for that matter.

        If Mitt and Rove think shoving Ryan in as Speaker as a stopgap to control Trump, they are badly mistaken. The GOPe will LOSE the House along with the Senate thanks to this latest in a nonstop stream of miasma emanating from the RNC.

        I wish I could vote tomorrow morning.

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  20. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Do they not realize we are watching them now? Do they think we are incapable of splitting our ticket and not voting for them in the general election?

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  21. rodney says:

    Well, we’ve seen the GOPe end run around Trump, rig Congress up with a power mad sociopathic traitor running it, so when Trump wins, lyin Ryan will block everyone of his moves.

    Yeah I think he’ll still be there when Trump wins, the people of Wisconsin are big time socialists so he’s staying.


    • Lea says:

      “Well, we’ve seen the GOPe end run around Trump, rig Congress up with a power mad sociopathic traitor running it, so when Trump wins, lyin Ryan will block everyone of his moves.”
      Trump will then have the power of the pen and the phone. Remember, only polite rumbles from the GOPe were heard when Oevil used this method. It will be a ROAR when Trump does it to bring this country back to the PEOPLE!


  22. fred says:

    three, I’ve written it for a year now and always get the worst reply s you can imagine mostly from Tea people on Brietbart. Like rabid dogs some days. It’s time to go to a new party and get busy with it. The GOP continues with amnesty which will spell political suicide and we will never win an election with them anyhow. They have completely abandoned their base…again complete suicide…. So why stay around these bipolar nut cases selling us out calling us names destroying the country with millions of illegals and worst making Obama look good. Why???? there is no fix for them they are ALL crazy now even the Tea party gone over the edge. Time to go all aboard….


  23. amjean says:

    I am very disappointed, however, not surprised. Few in government
    seem to care about what the citizens want. However, I trust that
    Donald Trump is smarter and more importantly, more cunning
    than all of them. We need to pray moe.

    BTW, when is Paul Ryan up for election? Perhaps we voters can
    do to him what was done to Cantor. In Wisconsin, I think only
    the Madison area is rabid liberal. Milwaukee is a mixture of both
    and the rest of the state could vote conservative. There are also
    many manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin; those voters will not like
    illegals taking their jobs.


  24. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Steve King has consistently proven himself to be the wisest, most principled, and toughest elected pol in DC throughout the post 9/11 era.

    Following his leadership is always the wisest course for America.


  25. Justice_099 says:

    Trust but verify. None of these people are your ‘friends.’ I am dismayed that they created this piece of propaganda. Not because I disagree with them, but because propaganda is ALWAYS used to sell an unpopular idea. It is ALWAYS used to sucker people into something. All it does for me watching this is make me think they have something up their sleeves that we haven’t seen yet.

    They are going to fold and endorse Ryan or some lesser vetted rino. Nothing is coming from the Benghazi committee because the FBI has confiscated and secreted away all of the evidence now. Now that they have ensured this, Biden stops all the fake taunting. The propaganda will now come from both left and right to tamp down the controversy. Everything is going according to their plan, even the drama has been planned out. There is no real struggle going on. I had hope momentarily, but all the signs have shown me that it is all just a ruse.

    It just reminds me of numerous insurance and other commercials which try so desperately to convince you that they ‘care about you’ and their customers are more important than anything. In every aspect of your life, you can be assured that whatever someone is boasting about, the reality is the opposite.

    It may seem cynical, but being cynical has been my secret to success. I cannot tell you how many times people have spat at me thinking I am crazy only to be proven right after the fact. If only people weren’t so easily manipulated, we wouldn’t have to wait until afterwards to learn our lesson.

    So I sigh…. Trump may very well win, but unless WE change, nothing will change.

    Just enough to placate the people and tamp down revolt. And we all will fall back into complacency until the next 10 seconds of hate.

    But what do I know? I’m just crazy.


  26. RINOKiller says:

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here.

    Let me straighten this up for you folks

    Accepting his bid means they have accepted his application. It does not mean he got the job.

    No endorsement means you don’t have the position

    Someone is telling the truth and someone is telling the lie. As usual, the drive-bys are going with the lie.


  27. TexasRanger says:

    Mark Levin Warns Freedom Caucus on Paul Ryan

    Video-Audio Clip Oct-22-2015:


  28. Lou says:

    the Tea Party was founded on the concept of not bailing out the banks. Koch (AFP) turned the focus to Global Warming. Plain and Simple. the principle of not abandoning principles has been forgotten by many on this site. the UniParty all voted to bail the banks out. Only Bernie Sanders voted against the bank bailouts. something that is never brought up. the Uniparty is all about Big Government.


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