Busted ! CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Planted In Audience To Frame Donald Trump Narrative/Hit Job….

During an appearance at a Jon Huntsman / The Hill “No Labels” event, a female audience member named Lauren Batchelder played the role of a female antagonist toward candidate Donald Trump.

However, Ms. Batchelder is not just an average audience member.  She’s a paid political operative of the GOP and a paid staff member of Team Jeb Bush:

NH 6

Within minutes of her scripted performance at the event, the producers of CNN were quickly editing soundbites and framing a narrative.  That story was pushed into the media stream within hours.  CNN’s Jeanne Moos was the delivery vehicle for the a hit piece.

Here’s the CNN narrative as presented yesterday:

However, as previously noted, it didn’t take long to discover that Lauren Batchelder was not just an ordinary audience member, she is actually a current staffer for Senator Kelly Ayotte and also working in New Hampshire on behalf of the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign.

Batchelder’s LinkedIn profile shows she is a Jeb Bush For President 2016 staffer.

nh 7

Given Senator Ayotte’s position being pro-life, and contrasted against the framework of Ms. Batchelder’s line of questioning being completely opposite of the boss(es) she is working for, it doesn’t take long to figure out this was a planted Establishment GOPe hit job targeting Donald Trump:


Of course, Ms Batchelder quickly began scrubbing her social media history trying to hide who she works for.  Almost all of her Twitter history is now deleted, but not before much of it was able to be captured.  Several other profiles remain available:

[LinkedIn Profile HERE] [Twitter HERE] [Instagram HERE] [ FaceBook HERE]

NH 1NH 2NH 3NH 5NH 8NH 6

(LinkedIn Profile)

From her Facebook Profile it appears Ms. Batchelder has quite a history as a Thespian (actress).

[ You can read more of the texts within her deleted tweets HERE  Not surprisingly most of them are disparaging toward Donald Trump and Ben Carson ]

It is amazingly pathetic how the RINO Caucus has to operate in order to try and eliminate their political opposition.


Facebook Status: “With Jeb!”

NH 11

nh 9NH 13 Jeb Bush and lauren bNH 6

jeb bush whatThis is an embarrassing fail on behalf of the establishment GOP and in particular Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

This current fail also exemplifies how the broadcast media, specifically CNN, is willing to assist the republican cause when there is a mutual benefit to the elimination of an enemy.

However, it is also further evidence of the entire construct of the Jeb Bush alliance.  There are eight candidates remaining in the race specifically to assist Jeb Bush and help him win the nomination.  They are:

  • Jeb Bush
  • Marco Rubio (FL)
  • Carly Fiorina (VA)
  • Chris Christie (NJ)
  • John Kasich (OH)
  • Lindsey Graham (SC)
  • Mike Huckabee (AR)
  • George Pataki (NY)
  • Jim Gilmore (VA)

A vote for any of these fraud candidates will only result in a later endorsement of Jeb Bush and the transference of delegates to assist his nomination efforts.   This was/is the original design of the road map created to help Jeb win in 2016.  [ Much More Here ]

The 2016 plan is similar in many ways to how Mitt Romney was able to win the nomination in 2012.  If you remove Donald Trump – Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush replaces Mitt Romney.

It is all by design, all of it; and the only thing standing between TEAM JEB and achieving this outcome is:

Trump rally texas 2

Hence the GOPe apparatus is going to use every trick they have deployed in the past to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

Also, don’t be surprised to see them use the same tactics previously deployed against Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel in Mississippi 2014.  Between now and removing their fingers from the grip of power, there’s going to be a SERIOUS Political WAR !

nh 12

Hat Tips:

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1,612 Responses to Busted ! CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Planted In Audience To Frame Donald Trump Narrative/Hit Job….

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  2. Shouldn’t be a surprise that the Republican party like to play dirty pool after what they did to Ron Paul the last time around.

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  3. Sadly Jeb Bush would not had done that childish stunt to a Democrat!!! Only RINO’s do that!!! He is desperate!!!


  4. John says:

    Paul, Your comment is rude and crude, while she may have earned your criticism you should critisize yourself while your at it.

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    • I would like to say, this young women was planted by a desperate Jeb Bush to confront Donald Trump, it did not work, Mr. Trump handled the insult very well. I would also like to say, Lauren’s shirt was way too short for her legs, she should have worn a pencil skirt… Sorry Lauren you do not have the legs for short skirts..


    • glk26glk26 says:

      Well he is a JEBITO+no meato. Is planting a cadet against Donald Trump Republican like or is he taking cues from La Raza. In fact he seems to be using muslim tactics of lies and smiles as he is pulling out the knife.


  5. John says:

    She really doesn’t need to worry about having control over her body when it comes to “reproduction rights.” Who would want to be with that?


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:



      That’s gonna leave some nasty marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. george vejar says:

    These pols actually matriculated ? Putin is smart ,he’s for his country ,as are the rest educated in america, Where is the rock quarry we get ours from?

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  7. Axle Corvette says:

    When are the Republicans going to learn that when you tear down other Republicans you are just giving ammo to the Democrats…remember Obama won two elections using the ammo given to him by Republicans…If a candidate does not have any other way to win but to try to make the others in his party look WORSE than him/her…maybe it is time to take a hard look in the mirror and ask if it is a good Idea to run for that office…think about it!

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  9. Josey Wales says:

    I didn’t think there was a stupid redhead out there, but after what I saw there’s one..Lauren, your plans backfired..If I were you, I would worry what Trump might do to you on the Social media..And Jeb Bush, I would worry that Trump might give you a dose of your medicine back to you, to see how you like it..

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  10. mari says:

    I don’t think Bush sent her, or she would have actually said something that would reveal Trump to be the phony that he is. All she did was help Trump look less horrible.

    Not a shill for Bush. I don’t really know enough about Bush to have any real opinion about him, except that he isn’t stupid. I’d only vote for him if he was the only shot at beating Hillary (but I’d vote for SpongeBob if I thought he’d beat out Hillary, so….). But as I know he isn’t stupid, even if he were desperate, Bush wouldn’t have sent THIS girl to do what she did.

    She was AWFUL and obviously fake. Anyone who bought that routine needs to up their meds!

    She reminds me of one of those socially awkward types in high school that just insert themselves into the fringes of of certain groups…. you know, that awkward girl who hangs around the cheerleaders during practice, running to get them water bottles or whatever…. or she hangs around the band kids, offering to carry their cases for them…. or she hangs around the newsgeeks, or the spanish club, or the science nerds, or whatever groups they have at schools today…. never really a part of the group, but useful enough to be tolerated….

    That’s who this girl reminds me of….

    And if that’s who she is, then it totally makes sense that she would send herself to Trump’s little meeting to try to make him look bad…. unfortunately, she’s a terrible actor and she blew it.

    UNLESS…. maybe she is a Trump plant…. maybe she was sent by Trump to work for the Bush campaign to spy on them…. and then maybe Trump planted her to look like a plant against him in order to make Bush look bad…. yeah…. maybe that’s what happened….

    Personally, I’m not a fan of either of them. Jeb is too soft, and Trump is a phony. Like I said earlier, though, I’d vote for either of them if my only choices were them or Hillary!

    I’m actually a Carson fan, though….

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  11. unsheepled1 says:

    PUTIN 2016…. ugh , all of this is political theater, entertain the sheepled masses. We will get whomever the banks allow/want in. Unless you understand how the FEDERAL RESERVE (a private bank ) controls government, you should not vote…

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  12. gemjunior says:

    She has a somewhat crazy look about her – unmedicated crazy, of course. That kind of crazy-eyes look that says manic – notice how many times she tried to get the mike back so she could start interrupting Trump as he tried to answer. Apparently, the guy handling the mike and the commenters knew her act and wouldn’t let her get it, had to practically put it behind his back. I thought he was going to say NO! The other funny thing was when Trump was beginning to talk, did you see her put her arms out and shake her head around like “What??? He’s actually trying to answer me??? I thought I would silence him!”
    I can’t stand nasty little full-of-themselves-girls like this one. Imagine her thinking! A pert little college know-it-all, (the kind who constantly corrects everyone’s grammar) having the nerve to think she’s going to make Donald Trump slither away with his tail between his legs? Ha ha, I’m sure The Donald’s had tougher adversaries and can handle this. Unbelievable.

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  13. Dean says:

    Spoken like a true LOTE! Lesser of two evils voter. This kind of thinking is the reason this country is in the shape it’s in.Anything is better than a Demo or Repo attitude. If you look at the Democrat roster you will see they have a candidate running that is more conservative than all the Republicans running but two.Trump and Carson. Perhaps Cruz.

    I’ll bet you don’t know who that candidate on the Demo side is!


  14. wallery says:

    I have a business and must attend an “ethics” education class each year required by gov rules. It is explained how law suits can arise and licenses can be docked for bad ethics.
    But I am sure anyone related to government relations are immune. That is the way the crooked system works- being taught ethics from those who know about it the most.

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  15. Paul says:

    That’s one sick child. You can see it in her eyes.

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  16. Gretchen May says:

    Her friends:

    “…during her days as a high-school student at Pinkerton Academy recall a lively, bright and outgoing girl who they could not imagine charged with planning…”

    Lauren Batchelder?




  17. Andrei says:

    Those are all of the candidates? Way to “forget” the only real conservative running. Keep pretending Rand Paul doesn’t exist, keep pointing out the establishment GOP – when Trump gets out of the race you will just resort to the establishment and act like there are no other candidates… seeing you already eliminated the others as ‘herman cain’, ‘newt’ and ‘romney’…


    • stella says:

      Preceding the list are these words:

      There are eight candidates remaining in the race specifically to assist Jeb Bush and help him win the nomination.

      Rand Paul doesn’t fit that description, which is why his name is not on the list. Reading comprehension is your friend. As for Paul being the only real conservative running, that’s another discussion.


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  19. pappad says:

    The fact that Webb received 25% of the “he won” vote, that gives me hope that some in the DNC are finally “getting it” that socialism is the pathway to our downfall.


  20. Gin Lee says:

    People who have nothing to “HIDE” – Hide nothing. Trying to get rid of her social media posts is really pathetic in this time and age. From the get-go her immaturity level spoke volumes … this whole stint by her was actually just embarrassing to women, but then, she is just a young girl.


    • susan says:

      Look at one of the pictures, the only people showing up for Jeb are his staffers. How in the world do these people who work for him believe he can win unless by cheating. There is no groundswell of support, never was. It is disgusting really that he would be so arrogant as to think this country needs another Bush after the last two. Now he is reducing himself to planting people to make the real leaders stumble. Yuck!


  21. tom says:

    She’s a bit of a stalker.

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  22. Smitty says:



  23. tellthetruth2016 says:

    Great job, treehouse…….Nothing gets past you……….

    Liked by 1 person

  24. William Reeily says:

    She’s got that Prozac stare

    Liked by 1 person

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  26. JiveCookie says:

    Why does ANYONE care who put her there? Anyone should be able to go up there and ask Trump any question they want if he’s running for president. I like how he tried to move on to the next question because he got nervous. Lol “Oh I LOVE WOMEN”, he said.


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  28. janegantz says:

    This is just so sad and underhanded…oh yeah, JUST LIKE POLITICIANS. No wonder folks are clamoring for Donald Trump who breaks through all those tricks and games and straight up tells it like it is. Folks are SO tired of liars and underhanded junk.


  29. Lawrence says:

    We have got to make it clear to our politicians that nothing but complete honesty will be tolerated. It’s got to be clear that if we are lied to, it becomes a knockout punch for the politician. Never to again be permitted back on the political playing field! Then we as the electorate must stand by our commitment. Anything less than that means doom for our culture and our country.


  30. If any of these had been the nominee :

    Jeb Bush (RINO)
    Marco Rubio (FL)
    Carly Fiorina (VA)
    Chris Christie (NJ)
    John Kasich (OH) (RINO or Full-On Democrat)
    Lindsey Graham (SC) (RINO)
    Mike Huckabee (AR)
    George Pataki (NY)
    Jim Gilmore (VA) (?)

    Not a single thing about Hillary would be in the News today.


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