Ferguson Islamic Extremist Runs For Saint Louis Mayor as a “Conservative Republican”…

Many of you may remember the name “Umar Lee” aka “Bret Lee” from the Ferguson protests in 2014.   In the months of Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests, Umar Lee surfaced as a rather unstable fellow who called on his BLM cohorts to engage in violence.

Umar Lee is now running for Mayor within the City of Saint Louis. See Video:

Flashback 2014:

umar lee tweet 1

Umar was arrested during the protests as shown in the following picture.

umar 1

Upon posting bail, Umar Lee gives the ISIS (Islamic State) salute leaving jail.

Umar released

Full Back Story of Umar Lee AVAILABLE HERE

Duuuude OMG


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36 Responses to Ferguson Islamic Extremist Runs For Saint Louis Mayor as a “Conservative Republican”…

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Isn’t that an oxymoron? 🍁


  2. According to Umar, the problems it St Loius can be solved by giving the street gangs control over their own territories and making them “Financially Incentivized”. He would also hire Ferguson Black Lives Matter protestors to be “Consultants for the reform of the police department” AND put them on a “Civilian Review Board” AND give them the power of attest.


    Ya gotta be kidding me! This guy isn’t just “nuts” he is totally BatSh*tCrazy!

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      However if you look at the demographics of Ferguson..he just might win.

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      • IntoTheFray says:

        Given that nobody in the Political Elite is busted or even looked down on anymore for breaking the law, we have a Constitutionally unqualified POTUS and given that Washington DC re-elected Mayor Marion Barry after he was busted dealing drugs, does this surprise anyone? If we don’t start upholding the law in this country, THIS is what happens.

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      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        I hope he does, then people will finally have their eyes opened! The Political Class will be sweating this one out.

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        • IntoTheFray says:

          I would have thought the re-election of Obama to a second term would have done the trick, but it didn’t. The utter stupidity of the sheeple voters in this country anymore is absolutely stunning! There is something here about doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.


      • beth60497 says:

        He’s running for city of St. Louis. Ferguson is a different city.

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        • JeremyR says:

          Imagine the chaos that would result. I-70 is a major corridor, and traffic would not be safe on it. Same goes for the rail lines through the city. The Governor of Misery would be forced to implement marshal law at some point.


      • Sniffy Pop says:

        Ferguson is in St Louis County and that is different from St Louis City. He will not make it in, there is much money here that will keep him out.

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  3. What a complete Fool….
    He should be tried for Treason.
    Mayor of GIMO… ( GITMO ) yea, that fits.

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  4. Butch says:

    So the new trend is for “them” to identify themselves as conservative republicans?

    Between this guy and the Oregon College shooter…………………….I’m sensing a trend. Somebody sent out a memo………………a new version of lying in order to infiltrate and make all actual conservative republicans be guilty by association?


    • IntoTheFray says:

      There is no difference any more between Dems and Reps. Both parties are in bed with each other and are as crooked as a dogs hind leg.
      As for the label “conservative”, Yeb! tries to advertises himself as one!
      Words mean nothing to liars!!!
      I think someone DID send a memo to start a false flag operation of having crooks claim to be conservatives. I’m thinking Rove.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Who is paying him (them?), I wonder?


    • manickernel says:

      When the only party that has any street cred is the Republicans you know the Dems are doomed. 🙂


  5. truthwitness says:


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  6. Stephen says:

    If these kinds of stories were intended as parody, they wouldn’t be funny. And they’re not parody.

    We’re sunk!

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  7. oldschool64 says:

    I don’t know if I would call him a conservative. I can imagine him as a RINO in good standing.


  8. tappin52 says:

    And the establishment GOP is going wall to wall moonbat crazy over Donald Trump!

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  9. Sam says:

    If this guy actually runs and wins and is able to implement his style of government, a lot of people will not be happy with the results. Put those black women in burkas and forbid them from traveling anywhere without a male escort and see how long it is before they riot.

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  10. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Life is an IQ test. Unfortunately for the dumbasses among us (like this clown), the test results are published globally.

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  11. Dixie says:

    Apparently anybody who is over 30 can run. No other qualifications mentioned. So why doesn’t somebody just run a monkey against him? I think he deserves some competition.


  12. chiavarm says:

    I would not be surprised if this guy wins.


  13. karnakelli says:

    Black People, making America a better place since 1964™


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      Fascinating slogan. Curious if you picked 1964 because of that year’s 1) federal legislation; 2) national news; or 3) personal recollections of events in your locality.

      I tend to say today’s dynamics date from 1962 because that’s when black militant murders began in my locality and I say political correctness including affirmative action and other forms of black privilege are all the result to the mortal fear instilled in whited by the 1960s black militant killers.


  14. 0Hour1 says:

    STL the back end of America literally


  15. Fred says:

    I wonder how much the Republican, and/or Democratic party is giving him to run for office.


  16. glk26 says:

    This guy is an anarchist who was converted to islam in prison, not for the religion ,but for the ability to use it to promote his hate.The rest of the muslims he hangs with(blacks also converted in prison)) understand this, but they have a mutual goal and him being white they think he will click with other ANARCHISTS, and have no problem with what he is doing,so, he WON’tT get his ass beat, they will join him, and they all have the same goal. ANARCHY.

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  17. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    “Ferguson Islamic Extremist” = redundant and beneficial to the stealth jihad because of the inaccurate inference that islam itself is not extreme.

    “Ferguson Islamic CONVERT” = informative.

    “Ferguson WHITE Islamic CONVERT” = Ferguson WHITE AMERICAN MUSLIM = highly informative.

    “FAT @$$ WHITE BOY MILITANT WANNABEE” = ebonics description of Lee.


  18. He doesn’t look black. Another Shaun King?


  19. e.g.g. says:

    Remember DeRay McKesson, a Soros paid race agitator who went from city to city to incite riots? And making a nice chunk of money. Yale hired him to teach a one credit class. I don’t remember what the class is titled.

    The contents of one of his “lectures” has come to light. It is disgusting, appalling…..I can’t find the words I am so angry and physically ill over the content.
    He “taught” that rioting and looting is not violence. It is political activism and the right of blacks to do so. He also spewed White hatred rhetoric. He said Blacks have a right to take what they want because the White supremacists won’t share with Blacks. He is inciting racist hate and who knows what else.

    Just imagine what would happen if a White said these things about any non White race or about other cultures. I looked on some Black blogs that talked about this recent so called lesson by the race baiter McKesson and the comments were just as disturbing and very revealing.

    Look up this lesson on the Internet. Several sites are talking about it.

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