Glenn Beck Calls Sarah Palin “A Clown” Says: “I’m Embarrassed I Once Supported Her”…

Will this finally be the tipping point where people recognize that Glenn Beck is an unstable, self-centered nutter?  Too soon to tell.  It will be interesting to see how his partner Dana Loesch responds/aligns on this.

Last year it was the insufferable “Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear Tour” for illegal aliens.  In February of this year he stated he swore off the Republican party forever and would never return.  Now Beck mounts a full-throated attack against Sarah Palin…..  As previously stated, the Donald Trump campaign is putting a spotlight on the festering underbelly of corporatist political media.  Beck being a big part of that.

(Via Washington Examiner) Glenn Beck ripped former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a “clown” on his radio program Thursday, one day after sharing a stage with her at an anti-Iran deal rally in Washington, D.C.  (MediaIte Link)

“I didn’t listen to her speech. Yeah, I’m going to say it,” Mr. Beck said. “I don’t care what Sarah Palin says any more. Sarah Palin has become a clown. I’m embarrassed that I was once for Sarah Palin. Honestly, I’m embarrassed.”

“Why do I say that about Sarah Palin? ‘How can you say that about Sarah Palin?’ Because I don’t know who she is any more, I don’t know what she stands for,” he said angrily. “I saw a clip of her talking to Donald Trump. What the hell is that? I don’t even know who she is any more. I don’t know what she stands for. I don’t know. She doesn’t know what I stand for. We had a falling out long ago because she listened to people who were lying to her about me. Fine. Don’t care. I don’t care.”

Mr. Beck said reporters at Wednesday’s rally, which was headlined by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, asked about about his feelings on Mr. Trump, but he was much more concerned about the violence happening in the Middle East.

“Same thing with Donald Trump. You won’t believe what happened with his people and my people yesterday,” he said, The Blaze reported. “And I’m thinking, ‘You’re having this conversation while people are dying and we’re talking about a deal that will vaporize millions of people? Really? We’re having this petty conversation?’”

Mr. Beck said Mr. Trump expects him to personally call and “kiss the ring” about whatever transpired the day before. He did not elaborate.  (read more)

Palin the Slayer

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167 Responses to Glenn Beck Calls Sarah Palin “A Clown” Says: “I’m Embarrassed I Once Supported Her”…

  1. fred says:

    All you hear anymore is who is the true conservative. Who cares I mean really are the GOP guys currently running the party conservatives. If so count me out. Who’s a real Christian…who cares this is politics not the watch tower. Some issues are kind of sacred but our current guys have broken every rule of being conservative there is. I want a mean SOB for president who will fight not say Jesus was a refugee or only George Will is a conservative like Reagan. I want a fighter not politically correct who calls people out for BS. No wimpy baby boys like Rand or Jindal insulting the base as well for supporting Trump when they are the ones in Government who have done nothing but run their mouths. I’m a Christian.. nuff said…Whatever the Dems are I’m the opposite..nuff said. But if I’m reading articles here I’m not stupid.

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  2. Veritas says:

    Glen Beck has made errors in the past. Looks like he will continue to do so in the future. I wonder when he will endorse Bush?

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    • dekare says:

      You are right…I used to like Beck, but it seems that at one point, he just snapped. He quit making sense, and rambled on and on about nonsense. I think he may have been kidnapped and given electric-shock brain therapy, and is now the Beck we see today. How sad.

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  3. PatOne says:

    Hey Beck…remember when people calling YOU a clown, some things NEVER change.

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  4. chasmaniac says:

    Glen who ?

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  5. AllOrNothing! says:

    Beck, Beck, Beck…tis, tis, tis…going downhill fast.

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  6. Maquis says:

    Wow. What a nutter indeed. I do very much appreciate Sundance your sunlight on who owns who in the “conservative” media world. I’m pretty POed at Beck right now, first Teddy Bears and now assaulting a Patriot like Palin? He claims his animosity is based on his ignorance of “who she is.” Well whose damn problem is his own ignorance? It surely isn’t Palin’s, who persevered through some seriously vicious hatred and abuse both political and personal. Beck hasn’t had one iota of that to suffer through, not one bit, but he can gracelessly spew his ignorance and animosity, referencing some interaction somewhere wherein she failed to support Teddy Bears or something…Beck has beclowned his own self. I am done with that self-serving chameleon of a political assault weapon.

    Thank you Sarah.

    Go Trump!

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  7. squid2112 says:

    I was once a huge Beck fan, but since I have wised up to realize what a total nut job and “clown” he really is. If I were Dana, I would leave and go somewhere respectable while she maintains her good reputation.

    Beck is an idiot and a complete self-absorbed nut case.

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  8. Glenn Beck is sounding more and more deranged. Like he’s bipoloar in the midst of a psychotic episode. Perhaps an adjustment in his medication is needed.

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  9. acumenmac says:

    Really Glenn? You define being a clown.
    And anyone with a brain knows you are emotionally un-stable and feel. You do not know how to think. Just like a liberal.

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    • Backspin says:

      Clown shoes now says he’s ” sorry ” – As sorry as Hillary I’m sure. Let sponsors know your displeasure. Those who pay the bills like real world feedback. Ratings fail in 3…2…1…

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  10. Michael says:

    Sounds like Sarah Palin had been living inside his mental midget mind for a looooong time, and will continue to do so for quite awhile. I agree he needs his meds adjusted.

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  11. west1890 says:

    I watched the broadcast of the Washington D.C. anti-Iran Deal speeches on Beck’s TV channel, the Blaze, yesterday. After Trump spoke they broke to in-studio commentary by two of Becks guys, Pat and some other guy. The mocking and ridicule of Trump was incredible. I know Beck backs Cruz, but this verbal attack on Trump was inexcusable.

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  12. Hillbilly says:

    Beck lost me with the Bundy ranch and his support for the BLM, His position of resistance is futile. I could care less his position on Trump, I happen to support Trump but to each their own. Going after American sweetheart and patriot Sarah Palin…..Beck MSNBC is calling you, midnight to three am slot is open. You should really consider your future. It’s all soccer balls and teddy bears…

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  13. Speaking of clowns, have you ever tried to listen to his radio show? He and two other juveniles giggle on and on about ridiculous things. Give it up, Beck. We know that you’re a Mormon and love Mitt, but he’s NOT coming back.


    • dekare says:

      You are right, he used to have a somewhat serious show about political views and thoughts, but now he sounds like he is doing a college radio show starring him and Howard Stern’s Wack Pak.

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  14. Marliese says:

    I remember coming this site when I was trying to find rational information about the Trayvon Martin case. I found it. I’ve been a constant reader since. Unfortunately, I’m sad to say, things have changed.
    Since when has this site become a “hate Beck” site? Hey, he really ticked me off with the teddy bears and balls thing when he went to the border too, but come on, he’s not a GOP guy. He hates the GOP. Yes, he made some nasty comments yesterday about St Sarah. Sorry, as a woman, I’ve been a little embarrassed by her myself. Carly comes across much better than Sara Palin. Palin has given the left more ammunition to make us all look like rubes. I don’t think she’s stupid, I think we don’t need her kind of articulation. When I hear Obama dropping his G’s and acting all folksy, I gag.
    I’m sure I’ll be attacked like I was a while back when I said you all remind me of the hysteria of Germans when they heard Hitler. Fine, the Keebler elf can come after me again. I like what Trump says, Sundance, and I get what you think backing him will do, but what about losing our souls. He has no principles. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Yes, we think he’ll “get em” for us, but at what cost?
    I won’t vote for Bush if he wins the primary and I won’t vote for him in the primary. I’d like to vote for someone that understands the constitution and that isn’t Trump. He’s Obama without any constitutional principles either. A flim flam man you want us to follow over the cliff believing he’ll get even for us. Am I wrong?
    Spare me the hate. I’m an old woman trying to make sense of what happened to the TreeHouse I used to love.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      This is not a “hate Beck” site, it’s a “disappointed in Beck” THREAD. This is a last ditch effort to save the country. If “comprehensive” immigration reform happens, there will never be another Republican president. The fix is in. Only Trump can beat the GOPe. Have you read all of Sundance’s posts about the primary? It’s not about “getting even”. We are not lemmings here. I.have carefully considered and agree with Sundance’s view.
      As for Beck, I no longer care for him because he no longer represents the Tea Party view and seems to be nutty. Bashing Sarah is a bridge too far. If you prefer Fiorina over Palin, perhaps you are in the wrong site.

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      • Reid Maxwell says:

        Well said… very well said!


      • Marliese says:

        No, I don’t agree with Fiorina at all. She’s a rino, I know that. She does come across as a serious person and not a Hollywood biker babe. As a woman, Sara needed to have a completely clean slate without all the family baggage she had at the time. I know it’s not fair, it’s just the way it is. Women are more harshly judged than men and joining with a rino candidate like McCain was a mistake too. Maybe 10 years from now (if we still exist as a country) she’ll have some gravitas.
        It’s obvious most of you don’t watch Glenn Beck or any of his programs on the Blaze TV. He’s doing the same things he was doing on FOX but without the FOX filter. They didn’t want him saying the things about Islam and Obama that he was saying. Yes, he goes off on religious rants too much. He’s really gone off the deep end about Planned Parenthood and the killing of Christians in the mideast. It is horrible, isn’t it.
        I just want to say, I’m a slam the door and let people assimilate before allowing anymore immigration period. I’m with Trump, cut out the benefits for legal and illegal immigrants. They’re here to help this country, not be helped by it. I’m a legal immigrant for God’s sake. I get it, probably more than some of you. I lived in Miami for 15 years and got a snootful of Hispanics in particular (I know, some of you think Cubans are different.) and they think Anglo’s are stupid and will pretty much tell you that to your face. That’s why they tend to have dictators in their countries. They only respect strength (kind of like Muslims) and being nice is seen as weakness. Where in latin countries could they get away with taunting us the way they do?
        Yes, I’ve read all of Sundance’s articles. It’s depressing to see the way these elections are manipulated. We need to go with Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments”. Term limits for everyone including the Supreme Court and Senators sent from state legislatures like it was meant to be. Do you think Trump even believes in the constitution?


        • raw moon says:

          Hey marl – never seen the show, however, his trump-bashing, boys club, giggle-fest radio show has changed for the worse. I listen to Laura ingraham from now on …


      • Curry you are correct. I once enjoyed Beck. Until I found he was establishment psyop. Why do I say this? Because he always said “Question with boldness”. Then any question that actually exposed the deceit he politically correctly told the caller or people we were idiots. Like questioning how steel melted and was molting for months after 911? The only thing that could do that would be an explosive like thermite. He labeled any one who questioned “truthers”. Anyone who questioned Obama’s eligibility of birth was a “Birther”. Anyone who questioned FEMA camps was a “tin foil hat”. Those who wanted to know more about the Bilderberg Group were idiots for he said it did not exist. The same as Bohemian Grove. Anyone who questions anything he is pushing is an “idiot”. He is part of the establishment or he would be questioning all things. He knows and gets paid to keep sheep silenced. It’s all part of the game. Good media, bad media – until the people became the media. Now he is exposed for the phony he is.


    • Justice_099 says:


      Hate is a very strong word, but I really, really dislike him. That was long before Trump came along.

      I don’t think he is as far removed from the establishment as you think he is. People seem to forget that these pundits make their money by peddling influence.

      We should have learned to be very cynical and cautious by now, of shiny, conservative “rockstars.” How many times must we be fooled? How many of those who fooled us have been peddled by these very same ‘conservative authorities?’

      Beck literally created a fake Trump tweet claiming that Trump voted for Obama in 2008. And when he was caught, he CONTINUED to claim that his ‘researchers’ were 50% split on whether it was real.

      Firesale in the Beck store. 50% off healings.

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  15. shipley130 says:

    Yeah, I’m so concerned about what “Mr. Fake Tears” has to say about anything, now.


  16. I’m furious that my cable company just raised my monthly bill because it added Beck’s tv garbage to its lineup. I’m dropping cable asap.


  17. I have more respect for Congress than i do beck.


  18. david says:

    my feeling about Beck was take him or leave him….. didn’t listen to him much…….now I really don’t like him and he is now a channel changer for me….not worth my time to listen to a thing he has to say………he has gone off the deep end for sure….and what is with Beck sending out phony tweets under Trumps name…… no better than a democrat……useless

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  19. Well Glenn Beck, we are embarrassed by YOU! And we’re all pretty dang sure that Sarah Palin does NOT have you in her thought processes at all! She has much more important “stuff” on her mind these days than your BS!

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    • I agree Barbara. I hate to say I once listened to him. I quit watching about six months before they booted him off Fox. Was sick of his denial of the real problems we have and his fake tears and phony half truths.


  20. NCPatriot says:

    I really liked Beck, contributed in the past to Mercury One, and subscribed to the Blaze. I learned a lot from his chalk board sessions. Then he began to change–after his health issues, perhaps. After telling us if comprehensive immigration would be deadly for the country——he goes to the border with Cruz and the teddy bears.

    I could live with his right to prefer a particular candidate—-but then “the truth lives here” and the “truth has no agenda” became meaningless. He began to spew absolute LIES about Trump. Saying things Trump never said. For whatever reason he let his vitriolic opposition to Trump
    taint his personal honesty honesty. That was it for me.


  21. NCPatriot says:

    Many things Trump supports ARE conservative views—get rid of PC, support of the second amendment, strong military, secure the borders, free BUT fair trade, job creation, eliminating Obamacare, decreasing EPA and it’s over strict regulations, doing something about the 21 T debt, support Christianity etc.

    But the clincher for me is that he is an “America First” business man, self funding——and all other Republican contenders ,including Cruz, are tied into the GLOBALISTS who want open borders.


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