Three Illegal Alien/MS13 Gang Members Kill Teen In Virginia – Arrested Today…

Looking at the names, ages and origins of the murder suspects gives a clear profile of identity within the South American “Unaccompanied Alien Children” influx.

UAC middleschoolers 2

Emphasis in the articles mine:

Loudon County Virginia – […] Danny Centeno Miranda, 17, was a student at Park View High School. He was gunned down in a neighborhood not far from the school’s campus, according to police. Schools in the area were subsequently put on “lock out mode” throughout the morning.

At a morning press conference, officials said Centeno Miranda was shot in the back twice. They have arrested a juvenile suspect, 17, and charged him with murder in the second degree and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. His name cannot be released at this time due to his age.

Police have also arrested two men involved with the shooting who are not U.S. citizens.  Henry Ernesto Dominguez Vasquez, 20, and Juan Moises Aguirre Zelaya, 18, both of Sterling, have been charged with possession of a firearm by a person who is not a citizen of the United States and accessory after the fact.

Meanwhile, the school and Sterling community are dealing with the shock of the violent morning, which took place in the first week of the county’s school year.

Centeno Miranda transferred to the high school in January 2014 and officials believe that he came to the area after leaving El Salvador, says Wayde Byard, spokesman for Loudoun County Public Schools. (link)

uac graph 2

More on the three murder suspects:

[Loudon Times] A 17-year-old male from Sterling is charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in connection with a felony. His name is not being released at this time because he is a juvenile.

However, Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman said today that his office will seek to try the 17-year-old as an adult.

“He will be brought into court on Tuesday for arraignments and advised to his right to counsel, undoubtedly appointed an attorney. We have every intention at that point of filing a notice of certification on his attorney and proceeding to prosecute him as an adult. The nature of the charge and his age and a combination of that I think is an automatic certification to do that,” Plowman said.

Two other suspects, Henry Ernesto Dominguez, 20, and Juan Moises Aguirre Zelaya, 19, both of Sterling, have been charged with possession of a firearm by a person who is not a citizen of the United States and accessory after the fact.

Dominquez and Zelaya are undocumented immigrants from El Salvador, according to Maj. Richard Fiano. The 17-year-old, he said, is believed to be from Mexico.

Dominquez and Zelaya were arrested at their home. They lived together, Fiano said.

If convicted, they may be eligible for deportation, depending on how federal agencies choose to handle the cases, Plowman said.

[…]  This is not the first time Park View has been in the news for possible gang activity.

In March, a group of possible MS-13 gang members tried to recruit students from Sterling Middle School, according to a search warrant filed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office April 8.

A group of Sterling Middle School students approached the school’s assistant principal, Elana Barham, and told her students from Park View High School in Sterling had harassed and intimidated them about joining MS-13, according to the warrant.  (more)

UAC stats

illegal alien 10This is not the first, nor will it be the last.  Recently:

Four Salvadorian Nationals rape 16-year-old girl

Rapist on the run in Texas.

Two-Year-Old almost beaten to Death.

64-Year-Old Veteran raped and killed

Two women shot, one killed, 14-year-old raped

Woman shot while sleeping

13-Year-Old Kidnapped, sexually assaulted

Reality TV Star Killed by Illegal Alien

uac interactive map 10-5-14

Illegal Aliens Distributed by Obama Administration

Interactive Map Here


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42 Responses to Three Illegal Alien/MS13 Gang Members Kill Teen In Virginia – Arrested Today…

  1. franker01 says:

    Our country is in a self-imposed Death Spiral.
    That this happened in Virginia makes it even sadder.
    Original Colony, Capitol of the Confederacy and, on a personal note, state in which I was married. It was a far better place then because of the people who lived there.
    The people who have a right to live there now are being crowded out by 3rd Worlders who are essentially invading our Country. As they are in Europe to an even greater extent.
    I won’t be around long enough, probably, to see the complete destruction of this Country and Europe that will result from all of this.
    Unfortunately my 8 kids and 15 grandchildren probably will.

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    • I share your lament, but I disagree with a few things:

      (1) This is not self-imposed. There are dupes, moles, and traitors in high places, and they will be brought down.

      (2) They will not see the destruction of this country, which is a far greater thing than our feckless “leaders”. They will be fighting next to the people who carry my guns, as I smile in my grave.

      (3) In the end, God wins. It’s God wins law.

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    • Michael Dixon says:

      The browning of America goes on apace, and all that it entails: increased criminality, increased welfare dependency, crowded schools forced to hire multilingual teachers and staff, crowded emergency rooms dispensing free medical care, the pricing out of American citizens seeking low wage jobs thus forcing more workers to live at or below the poverty line, and more Democrat votes to perpetuate a third-world subculture of dependency.

      You are so right: Our country is in a death spiral.

      Liked by 2 people

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Ditto DItto, Ditto, especially your last 3 sentences…You all have heard my rants.
      This is exactly what I have been saying. Can’t say anymore because I am just so PI$$ED that so many Americans have been turning a blind eye to all this crap.

      Liked by 4 people

    • fred says:

      If you live in CA. your already there and have been for a while now. It’s an asylum of lefty nuts running the state and welcoming even more illegals all the while going broke and dealing with heavy crime. Good luck to your family I really mean it it’s real here where I live as we speak.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mikayla825 says:

        It’s really real where I live too Fred.


      • justfactsplz says:

        We are over run with them where I live. You can’t go out in public without seeing tons of them.


      • Les says:

        In the High Sierras of California, range justice still rules and people still vote red. If you cross the mountains from there, you are in a completely different country.

        I was born in California when Reagan was governor. It was still the golden state then.


        • TheFightingMan says:

          I love the Golden State. Always will. Love Cali. I remember the 1st time my dad showed me the golden hills north of Sacramento. Know we feel your pain.


    • lou says:

      Virginia is for Lovers, after all….


  2. mickie says:

    Absolutely sickening. I worry for my grandkids future also.

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  3. JeremyR says:

    may be eligible for deportation What ever will they do.
    “Hey Mom”
    “Sonny! What are you doing home? Did those terrible Americans mistreat you?”
    “Well, mom, I just wanted to get home fr a few days and see you, so I offed a kid I recognized as not helping us move drugs. Make me some tortillas, and a few sanchos for the road. I need to get back to America with a fresh load of meth.”

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  4. Mike says:

    This is so wrong in so many ways. Our civilization is under siege by invaders abetted by traitors.

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  5. NJF says:

    Last week I had on some news show on talk radio, and they were interviewing Jindal. He stated that when people come to this country & refuse to assimilate, it’s not immigration, it’s an invasion.

    Trump gets it.

    The first example listed above of crimes committed by these people happened not far from me. It’s shocking, heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time.

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  6. fred says:

    Job one right now is getting rid of Boehner and McConnel so some real resistance to Obamas leftist paly to overwhelm the country with the most undesirable immigrants a country could take. Uneducated sick and needy. Only fools would stand by and allow that. Or complicit politicians getting paid somehow to allow it.
    Any way I lived in El Salvador. It’s number2 in the world for murder rates. Honduras may be number one. They kill all night long and it’s nothing to them. The young boys are stone cold sicarios. No wonder you see all this. MS13 has a reputation to uphold and they do. I live near a big cluster of them and they have no hesitation to commit hard crimes. Good luck to the rest of the country. God bless you all.

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  7. s.c. says:

    On the subject of non-assimilation, this one just hit youtube and it’s pretty amazing:
    I pray with my shoes on

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    • franker01 says:

      Maybe he was an Outlier and is not representative of most Muslims.
      Maybe Hillary Clinton is an honest and trustworthy person.

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      • texasgypsy53 says:

        Mebbe there’s ice water in hell,too. I never thought I’d ever live to see the day an English born citizen could have her backside advocated for prison because of the awful “sin” of having a shoe dressed foot on a public seat in her country,for religion’s sake. Is this next for us in this country. Maybe so…😞

        Liked by 1 person

        • franker01 says:

          Battle of Britain.
          All those Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires buzzing valiantly around.
          And in the end it was all for nothing.

          Liked by 1 person

          • texasgypsy53 says:

            Yea,I know. Dad went to Normandy. Our people are putting up whith the same crap here too. I could wish for the patriotism of the 50s but then I would be accused wanting things to go back to pre civil rights era and be labeled a racist. I sometimes wonder if pre civil rights concerning ” some things”,wouldn’t be good again. But then ya’d have to argue who would get to decide “which things”?…oh well…😞

            Liked by 1 person

            • franker01 says:

              Personally I think things were a whole lot better in the 50’s.
              To me that was the Golden Age.
              If some others don’t agree or think that is not PC I don’t really care in the slightest.


  8. justfactsplz says:

    None of the politicians are willing to do anything but talk about immigration. They will do nothing. Trump gets it and he will do something about it. Trump 2016. We really need him to start working in the White House yesterday.

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  9. texasgypsy53 says:

    I want Trump to scream “assimilate in this country, or go back to your birth country. And there should be no duel citizenship here either. Be completely loyal to this country only, or lose citizenship.”….America first!!!!

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  10. Maquis says:

    Race is real. Culture is more so. Get over it and deal with it. Really deal with it.


  11. Nomadic100 says:

    Many commenters here are feeling desperate – as do I. We must rid ourselves of the GOP leadership and elect a principled conservative President. That may or may not be Mr. Trump. I want to believe he is on the right track, but I fear that, in his obvious arrogance, he may underestimate the knowledge an effective president must have to lead effectively. We do not need a proverbial bull in the political china shop! It is important to realize that a catastrophic Trump presidency could set “conservatism” back decades even though it is obvious that Trump is not a philosophically based conservative – he will be castigated as such.

    I have some problem with the evident religious bent of some of the commenters here. I am a Christian but believe that God acts in very mysterious ways in affecting human life. Disasters today may result in wonderful outcomes tomorrow but the connection may be obscure. I do not believe that virtue in life ineluctably results in obviously good outcomes in the here and now. There is just too much evidence to the contrary. But I pray.


    • franker01 says:

      I don’t think Conservatism has “decades”.
      Demographics are a cruel thing but are entirely quantifiable.
      So it goes.


    • Mike says:

      Trump doesn’t have to solve all problems. But if we don’t get a tourniquet on some of the problems like illegal immigration, the US is done. Demographic sabotage is hard to change – look at western assimilated parts of Texas since 1836 and then at Mexico.

      Obama is choosing Mexico et al for US.


    • wanthetruth says:

      Nomad, your “we do not need a proverbial bull in the political China shop” is wrong. It is EXACTLY what we DO need. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but the disaster of PC-ness has almost destroyed our country. In addition both parties in DC were somehow warped in the casting or the firing process. The “political china shop” needs razing along with all these defective products of political gain.

      Who do you see in the list of candidates that is your fantasy “conservative” that has the leadership qualities, let alone the ability to buck the bought and paid for corrupt politicians in place, to effect ANY change in our country’s current course?

      Certainly having power of 2 arms of the control of DC has not changed one thing about where our country is headed. So you think your “pure conservative values” candidate can magically make it better?


  12. Millwright says:

    Most civilians don’t have any knowledge, or even a suspicion, of how dangerous and pervasive the personal threat alien gangs like MS13 present. Or that much of the nation’s political ‘leadership’ is working to conceal it ! Inside our borders they’re like weasels in the hen house ! These alien gangs aren’t interested in “assimilation”; but conquest and domination. And they target our youth !

    Today our America isn’t facing “another wave of immigrants”, but an invasion ! Immigrants historically came to America with the desire to improve their lives and accepted adoption of, allegiance to the laws and mores of their new land as a ‘quid pro quo’. The ‘new invaders’ come ashore proclaiming their “right” to maintain their native culture, mores and laws even if they conflict with ours.

    Prayer may help, but I’ve long heard, ‘God helps those that first help themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. chiavarm says:

    I wonder, Did they still have those teddy bears and soccer balls?


  14. thesouthwasrght says:

    All of this, and worse, must come to pass for any chance at fixing things can happen.

    Personally speaking I’m to the point of if you see a tatted up face then grease his ass.


  15. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  16. TheFightingMan says:

    I am Anglo – Frisian. If you like our way of life, get on-board. Otherwise, die. Period.


  17. Elaine says:

    If convicted, they may be eligible for deportation, depending on how federal agencies choose to handle the cases?. They better be eligible. Federal agencies need to put a stop to it now if they are already harassing other kids on this MS-13. Do ya’ll want another shooting or maybe something worse. Who knows with these animals.


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