Ohio – Another Crime Spree Death By Illegal Alien – Two Women Shot, One Killed, Attempted Rape of 14-Year-Old…

Juan Razo(Via Gateway Pundit) An admitted illegal alien from Mexico confessed to a crime spree in Ohio on Monday when in a matter of hours he tried to rape his 14-year-old niece in a park, shot and wounded a mother walking a bike path with her children, shot a woman to death in her home and fired his gun at police when they tried to capture him, according to police. (read more)

“Razo could not produce a driver’s license, a green card, a birth certificate nor any kind of identification.

“”How in the hell do I even know it’s him?” (Judge Michael) Cicconetti said loudly.

“When Cicconetti heard what the further charges were likely to be, he remarked “I can’t set a bond high enough” and set it at $10 million. (read full outline)

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53 Responses to Ohio – Another Crime Spree Death By Illegal Alien – Two Women Shot, One Killed, Attempted Rape of 14-Year-Old…

  1. beaujest says:

    If our country can not figure out what is happening we deserve to go down in flames !
    Votes matter !

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  2. SlavicVillageGirl says:

    I just moved from painesville 5 yrs. ago. My parents and my sisters family are still there. You all should pay attention to Judge Cicconetti. He’s a bit of a local celebrity for his creative sentencing. We love him around here.

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    • dizzymissl says:

      Painsville is a sanctuary city. If Trump doesn’t get elected, they should get the heck out of there or maybe even leave now.



      • SlavicVillageGirl says:

        One of the reasons I moved is I saw prop. values on the way down- but,not for the reason you might think. There’s been a sizable illegal population there for maybe 50 yrs. They live on their side of town and there was no significant crime problem due to this. Just east of P’ville is nothing but nurseries. The problems started when they put up a huge section 8 building 10 yrs. or so ago. The Hispanics pretty much kept to themselves and had some of the best landscaped yards. Plus, I loved that I could get real ranchero cheese straight from Mexico. The other demographic is what’s destroying P’ville. Not that I’m defending the illegals. Just sayin’.


        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          I remember the good ol’ days. soon after i got my driver license, some landscapers in a small pickup tapped my car from behind at a red light. no damage no harm no foul.

          they were very polite, and eager to point out no damage.

          that is how it was – they were happy to be in america and keep a low profile. we were happy to have inexpensive lawn care, car wash, and so on. in their low profile, they would not go around conducting petty theft, etc. as people have mentioned, these immigrants brought their work ethic and family orientation.

          but i guess three things have happened. first, the drug runners used this in-place community as cover. second is the “lawlessness” issue: since it is a bigger hassle to sweat an illegal for little things like getting your car broken into, or a fender-bender, the illegal immigrants, realized that there was not so much down-side in being discovered, or in committing small crimes. plus we have been so moral in looking the other way in order to provide medical care and schooling for the children of illegal immigrants, the fear of getting noticed decreased. the third is that our businesses and governments began favoring the development of a two-strata society, with one accountable to the rule of law, and one almost totally off the grid.

          it is possible that it has been a bad formula to have off-the-grid drug importers building customers in the other racial/ethnic groups – Black and white alike have gotten into using, and downstream selling, and so the off-the-grid, unaccountable, counter-culture (genuine counter-culture) has been able to flourish.

          so, for some of us, having a nation where benign, family-oriented, hard-working illegal immigrants provide those plusses, we just have not been seeing the illegal immigrant problem as all-bad. hopefully everyone is waking up to see things have changed since the 1970s.

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      • Ellie says:

        What on earth is wrong with that city? The taxpayers and voters should stage a revolt and run these incompetent liberals out of office. People need to take back control of their communities..and a good start would be the next election. We can’t rely on Washington to fix this. Have they fixed anything yet? No. And don’t expect them to. These criminals need to be run out of town, either that, or make it extremely uncomfortable for them to live there, so they leave on their own. A “sanctuary” city is an invite to these criminals. It puts all legitimate US citizens and taxpayers at risk. And if the local churches are behind the effort to attract and keep these illegals in your community, you need to bankrupt your church. Don’t give them your money. I could come up with at least a 100 good ideas to get rid of this mess. Why can’t government? Because they profit from it, just like the churches do. That’s why. This makes me so angry I could spit. Because it’s all the result of stupid, stupid public policy. There’s no excuse for it. Except that people won’t fight back.


        • SlavicVillageGirl says:

          I was rather sad when my parish decided to limit services to one English speaking mass on Sunday. All others were Spanish and that was many years ago.


  3. Raj verma says:

    Anyone with two functioning brain cells can project this pattern of violence out five years and see full scale war between illegals and citizens in the streets of middle America. Still the Republicans push for these idiotic policies.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The idiot RINOs see the importation of Mexican violence to America as unavoidable. We are the egg-shells they so callously consider breakable in their fancy Global Chorizo Omelet recipe. We need to surprise them by not breaking.

      Mexican violence is unacceptable North of the border. If we have to put up a wall to stop it, then the wall begins January 2017. Send King Obama and Queen Hillary to the political gallows. Trump ’em! And most importantly, to destroy the source of the contagion and the main vector, (1) defeat all Democrats, and (2) primary all RINOs.

      Trump’s people need to take out more than just McCain. Every RINO up for re-election in 2016 needs to fall, so we can have us a wall.

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  4. aprilyn43 says:

    Well at least the judge knew the severity of the case!
    But hey there’s gotta be a Liberal lawyer around who will get this piece of dog poo out; I mean the DoJ should be arriving shortly if not there already.

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  5. Donald Joy says:

    You can saaaaaayyyyy he’s a dreamer… … … … but he’s not the only one….

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  6. Well castaration is a start, then after he heals, proceed to the Gallows.. No playing.. A eye for a eye.. We need to administer the most severe punishment and do so quickly.. NO JAIL!

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    • joshua says:

      seems the American Indians of the Southwest…the SAVAGES as they were called by those that violated their land and living….would often strip captives naked, cover them with honey, and stake them out spread eagle in the sun over a large antbed. The message was clear, and HORRIFIED the citizens that were merely living well in the East while the natives were confronted by massed military with high tech weapons.
      they did not build a fence. they sent a strong message. was the best they had. worked for awhile.


  7. hocuspocus13 says:

    Time to clean house…

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    • smiley says:

      and the street gangs in L.A. are revving up on social media with some fearful threats…

      ” #100days100nights : L.A. Street Gangs Take Vicious Feuds To Social Media”
      July 28, 2014

      “…strategy last week, as rumors swirled on social media about a gang violence movement…allegedly sparked by the death of a member of the Rollin’ 100s…warn residents in the area of impending violence….rival gangs are competing to be the first to reach a hundred slayings..”

      the goal : to kill 100 people in 100 days/nights.

      LAPD not sure if this is just bluster or a valid concern…but it shows a NEW TREND of street gangs moving their feuds & street presence to social media….FEAR.



    • joshua says:

      I read a strange strategy to “stop drugs” coming in….not to interdict them, but to poison them so the users DIED, then social media used to WARN others of POISONED MJ, Coke, Crack, etc…..kills off the adicts who cannot be rehabilitated, ruins the BRAND NAME of the cartels, takes the pushers off the street as murderers….and the beat goes on…I don’t know about solutions….but this was was certainly as using Planned Parenthood to reduce unwanted babies via abortion.


      • Paraquat sprayed marij. In 80 and on thru the 80’s.. Didn’t stop the weed from selling in America.. Just poisoned it..


        • fred says:

          Weed is full of roundup right now and all the organic hippies think it’s so natural and no GMOS. Little do they know when roundup is superheated or concentrated it becomes quite a bad animal.


  8. bill says:

    wasn’t there a movie “they shoot vermin, don’t they”.
    this creature seems to fit.

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  9. Horsesoldier says:

    Back then, Wilson was right and Trump (once again), sure as hell is right.

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  10. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    When I go to downtown Cleveland, I carry my “cane.” It’s made of thick-wealled EMT, conduit. The bottom foot, and the curved handle are filled with lead shot, held by epoxy.
    grain-painted to look like wood. One swing will break a femur or crush a skull.

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  11. robertnotsowise says:


    The sheriff’s department also recounted that on July 7, Razo was detained regarding a “suspicious vehicle” incident and that the U.S. Border Patrol agents told sheriff’s deputies that he was here illegally from Mexico but border patrol agents refused to arrest him.

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  12. fred says:

    Where I live in SO CAL there are tons of guys like this all early release or newly arrived from the south. he looks lone wolf and just a sicko and maybe drugs too. There are hundreds of gangs here and they do all this stuff he did just for fun. If you live in middle America you have a surprise coming your way. They don’t all come to work.

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    • boutis says:

      This type of guy has told law enforcement for years in Texas that the Mexican police told them to head north. They tell their crazies, criminals, and misfits to head north so we have to suffer their crime, crazy and pay for their incarceration. Then you have cartel guys who have used too much of their own “products” snapping and shooting and raping. No one believed us. Now they are everywhere in the continental US. Obama likes this. We are sick of it. I would like to see some “Mexican-style” jails built on the border so when they are released from prison (if ever) they walk ten feet back into Mexico.

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  13. Justice_099 says:

    The dirty little secret is that Hispanics from Mexico are counted as ‘white’ in crime statistics. So when this topic comes up, liberals will call us racists and point out that the majority of rapists, pedophiles, and murderers are ‘white’ males. Don’t bother to argue this point with them, most are fully aware of this convenient point.

    Their crimes have been getting added into our bucket since at least the 80’s. Hispanic is not a ‘race’ category so there is no way of calling up statistics to show just how much crime they commit.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Wow. Now THAT is interesting. I’d love to see conservative politicians start flipping this in the face of Democrat “journalists” more often!

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      • joshua says:

        during the 2010 Census….Hispanics were enumerated as WHITE on the forms….and then an optional question was “does anyone in your household claim to be of Hispanic descent.
        So the “hispanics” were COMBINED as WHITE and all others enumerated as their race.

        I did enumeration as a retired guy because I wanted to know how it worked….was a bureaucratic total mess how it was handled…and way overstaffed and poorly managed with a lot of duplication and pathetic “management”…..


  14. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Razo? Bet his sister La Raza will deny any connection.


  15. Ellie says:

    It’s too bad when the local police picked him up, their gun didn’t accidentally fire into this POS head. Really.


  16. georgiafl says:

    Speaking of Crime sprees – the black mob violence has not abated One.Little.Bit.

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  17. mcfyre2012 says:

    What gets me about the crimes committed by illegals is the savagery and nonchalance of the perpetrators.

    I’m all for rounding up these savages, putting them on a C-130 cargo plane and dropping them over Mexico at 10,000 feet (sans parachutes).


  18. fred says:

    if it’s a hot summer where you are and need a chill go to social media and look up some Hispanic gangs in the CA area like LA. 18th street is a good start but there are hundreds. Check out how they talk and think and tell me if violence is not their main drug. it’s so much worse than you may think you will be chilled to the bone what is taking over large areas of the US.


  19. S.O. says:

    My parents are LEGAL immigrants to the US from India. I am against ILLEGAL immigration. Why? Because you need to be able to SCREEN the immigrants! They did this back in the Ellis Island days. It is NOT RACIST to want to know who is entering the country.

    The reality is that there are good and bad people of all races. Of course not all Mexicans are rapists, drug dealers, etc. But some are! Just like there are white people who are meth-heads and black people on crack cocaine, etc. The legal immigration process allows people to be screened. Only an idiot or someone who hates America would have a problem with screening the people who come into this country. And it’s not just about crime – it’s also about disease. They did that during the Ellis Island days, too.

    Plus, with the economy in the tank, we should not have any new immigrants right now any way. When the economy is booming and everyone who wants a job can get one and wages are rising – then it may make sense to allow some immigration, particularly since immigrants and second generation Americans are more likely to be entrepreneurs. And for those who are anti-immigrant – LEGAL immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than the general population. But illegals have higher crime rates. (Note, I’m not advocating immigration, just pointing out that there are both pros and cons to LEGAL immigration. ILLEGAL immigration though – I can’t believe we even have a debate about this. What about “illegal” do people not get?)

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    • fred says:

      Good writing but what you are leaving out is this. Mexico and Central America are true narco states run by ruthless cartels and drug thugs. They are extremely violent and have the highest murder rates in the world. Number 3 4 and 5 I believe. Most of the young dreamers have been employed by these groups as it is the only way to make money. They are sharp at 10 years old in crime. That is a bad well to be drawing your future from.


  20. Director says:

    I didn’t say it but the following nails the contemporary problem:

    “Conservatism Inc. keeps invoking ritualistic phrases that no longer elicit the usual response. We don’t think it’s clever to talk about “liberal fascism,” “Democrats are the real racists,” or that “Martin Luther King was a Republican.” We think it’s shallow, self-deluding, and most of all, pointless. Such phrases actually further the interests of an increasingly hostile elite anyway. And these hoary clichés simply won’t suffice for a generation that has been propagandized with lies their entire lives. If alt-Right activists and thinkers were the type who believe what they’re told, they’d be Social Justice Warriors.”

    This should make Libs and Center Right folk squirm.


  21. archer52 says:

    ICE is broken, by internal pressures. You talk about a bunch of guys with no idea what their mission is!

    I’ve told this before. We had a Sgt who HATED this illegal problem. We had more than our share. So occasionally, just to mess with ICE, if we ran across a dozen all together he would bring them in, sit them down, give them food and water and call ICE for pick up. The ICE people would say “But we can’t come and get them, they haven’t done anything wrong!” My Sgt would say “They are here illegally with no papers. They do not belong to us, by law they belong to you. Come and get them!” It would make the ICE people go nuts. After a while we’d try to ID them and let them all go, driving them back to wherever they came from or making sure they got rides out of our city.

    I think he was checking to see if anything had changed with Washington. That was started in the nineties.

    Nothing has changed except to get worse.


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