June 3rd 2013 – Pre Zimmerman Trial Beginning – New Discovery Emerges…

Those of you who were deep in the weeds during the Zimmerman research and discoveries might be interested in this little loose end.

During the “discovery phase”, and intense pre-trial preparation, Trayvon Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump refused explain or reconcile his public claims about witness #8 (he called “Dee Dee”).   Crump refused to discuss his relationship with witness #8 or anything about her despite his public, yet secretive, introductions of her to the media in March of the previous year (2012).

March 20th, 2012 Crump holds a press conference introducing

March 20th, 2012 Crump holds a press conference introducing “Dee Dee”. The ear witness who heard Trayvon Martin getting shot by a White-Hispanic neighborhood watch vigilante. Crump even holds up Dee Dee phone records to prove it. It was all BS.

By the end of May 2013 a frustrated defense team couldn’t get Crump to explain his claims of Witness #8 being 16-years old (she wasn’t – she was 18 per the prosecution); or being “a minor” (she wasn’t per the prosecution); or being “Trayvon’s Girlfriend” (she wasn’t); or about her being in “the hospital” (she never was – lie admitted one day prior to her deposition); or about Trayvon knowing her “since Kindergarten” (she didn’t – only met him 2 weeks prior); or about her “writing a statement” (she didn’t – and couldn’t write); or about the State Attorney taking an affidavit from someone claiming to be her without ever asking for ID (yes, they actually did that); or about neither Crump nor the State of Florida, knowing Witness #8’s last name (yes, they both claimed they never asked).

Despite these ridiculous “on the record” discrepancies, Judge Debra Nelson refused to make  attorney Benjamin Crump answer questions about them.

[Additionally, in one of the most bizarre examples of judicial malpractice, because it was claimed in 2012 Witness #8 was a minor, Judge Nelson protected the witness identification all the way to the moment of witness 8’s deposition in 2013 (Crump was to bring her in) – thereby denying the defense team any time for research or background investigation.  Additionally x2, as unbelievable as it sounds – the State (Angela Corey) denied allowing the defense to “record the deposition” – and Judge Nelson went along with the State’s position, on the day of the deposition itself.  Yeah, it was THAT BAD.] 

Witness 8

[The world found out what we already knew, when Rachel Jeantel walked into the courtroom in July 2013 and the entire construct of  her being “a devastating ear-witness” collapsed; because everything told to the media about “Dee-Dee”, aka. Rachel Jeantel, was a complete and utter fraud.]

That’s the backdrop for a seriously frustrated defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, filing a pre-trial motion to force Crump to sit for a deposition.  Judge Nelson denied the motion – O’Mara quickly appealed to the 5th DCA for an urgent appellate decision.

The 5th DCA was well aware of the trial shenanigans, and had already overruled Judge Nelson once before in pre-trial motions.  The 5th DCA immediately took the deposition appeal and ruled in favor of O’Mara (aka Zimmerman defense).

The trial was on the cusp of the jury selection phase; time was of the essence.

On June 3rd 2013 the 5th District Court of Appeals overruled Nelson and granted the deposition.  You can read HERE

Here’s the part recently discovered (Hat Tip David P.).

WHERE DID Ben Crump go immediately after finding out he was going to be forced to be deposed?



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170 Responses to June 3rd 2013 – Pre Zimmerman Trial Beginning – New Discovery Emerges…

  1. jke456 says:

    LoL. Running to potus. Did crumps depo ever get made. Public. Whatever happened to all the motions of misconduct? Did the whistleblower on the phone get his job back? Or was it all pushed asise when zimmerman was aquited.

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  2. Daniel says:

    This is pretty awesome. But what can we do with this? The real problem with all of this is timing. In the moment, this is huge. Now that things are essentially settled, no one cares. Our society is set up like that. Only law enforcement cares and we already know who is ultimately in charge of law enforcement.

    The people who support Obama will continue doing so. The guy could be caught on camera literally stabbing someone while yelling allahu ackbar while smoking a cigarette and he MIGHT come under criticism for smoking,

    And more on the timing thing. People make up their minds and their beliefs early on and they solidify within a month or less. After that, it almost doesn’t matter what retractions are made and what’s discovered later. It’s the damage in the moment they are after and they are achieving that.

    A mayor of a major city and others see to it that their city becomes an enormous political spectical. Real people have been hurt and possibly even killed in all of that. Real business has been destroyed as well as the livelihoods which depended upon them. We knew the lies being told were lies and nothing can stop that machine.

    The machine needs to be uncovered at its source and exposed to the world (a good portion of which will not care or believe it when they see it). How?

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    • doodahdaze says:

      I wonder if the CRS was also at the meeting.

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    • Stamp says:

      I think this is awesome actually.

      Crump trotted to the Whitehouse, to tell OBAMA “our race baiting case is TOAST what am my gonna do now and cant you do nuthin?”

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    • Amity says:

      “The people who support Obama will continue doing so.”

      I dunno. I strongly suspect my brother voted for Obama (I’ve never asked), but he just about never posts to Facebook, however he was there last night to tell my cousin off for calling people who’re upset about the gay marriage decision racist haters, and his weapon of choice was an Obama quote — “was Obama a hater when he said he was opposed to gay marriage on religious grounds?”

      He may be learning. I hope a lot of people who’ve blindly supported Democrats for years may be learning. Obama’s doing a good job of exposing the hypocrisy of the liberal position just by making so many liberals feel safe to speak honestly about, and act publicly on, their true agendas.

      The only weapons we have are truth and the witness of history. Whether they’re powerful enough to solve the problems the U.S. is facing, I dunno, but I do believe they will win in the end. Time and again, revolutionaries come to power based on lies, and they’ve had many big and spectacular victories — but then lose power over the years as people slowly recognize the truth. I see no reason to think it’ll be any different here, but it is hard on the wise people living in the same time and place as the revolutionaries.

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    • Renewsit says:

      People still care. There are people investigating Crump at this very moment who care…it all goes in a file, the more the better. Great job David!

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  3. labrat says:

    Who is Brad Jenkins?


  4. boutis says:

    I guess Crump had to physically go there because the White House staff couldn’t understand him on the phone. But seriously what poo pie hasn’t the politburo at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave had their finger stuck in during the last 6 years? Did Debra Nelson go too?

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  5. ZurichMike says:

    What Sundance has pointed out used to be the job of reporter — even a new one — someone who would be tenacious, connect the dots, and report on it. But now, the story is the leftist narrative and nothing else.

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  6. Lee says:

    And, the press is where? Media malpractice!!!

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    • ytz4mee says:

      The “press” have been a well trained sleeper cell waiting to be activated. In 2007, they were. This isn’t about facts, it’s about advancing the narrative and the wilfull subversion of Americans to break their will. THAT’S their job.

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      • Dixie says:

        How does one get that many people to do the same thing all at one time? I guess it’ll be explained that the planning for this has been going on a long time and it was just a matter of putting the right people at the top of each msm outlet. But I still have a hard time with the fact that this many people (msm and judicial all the way to the top) sell out all their integrity at one time. How is it that Conservatives are the only ones left with morals, integrity, honor and patriotism.

        There is something else at play here.

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        • ytz4mee says:

          The J-schools are training grounds/indoctrination centers for the Fabians, as is the London School of Economics, etc. These institutions that have either been founded or co-opted by the Fabians are then held up as the gold standard for ideas, etc by other Fabians in the media, think tanks, etc. It’s a closed system, a self-perpetuating loop.

          To enter the ranks of the professional media class now, you are “screened” for the appropriate political ideology before you are even admitted to a J-school. Then you are massaged, led to a particular belief system, trained on how to deceive, write headlines that frame the perception, etc as part of your education.

          Why it is hard to believe that it’s a “matter of putting the right people at the top”, when the only people who are “qualified” have been vetted very early on in the process?

          You need to listen to Bezemonov’s lecture. He was a propaganda/subversion specialist who was trained as a journalist. We have exactly the same “agents” here in the US, doing exactly the same work, with the same methods.

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          • dginga says:

            I know a couple of fairly recent graduates of “Top J-schools” like Columbia, and not only are these people complete idiots, but they have completely swallowed the leftist Kool Aid and asked for more. One has an undergrad degree in Feminist Philosophy and a Masters in Journalism, the other has an undergrad in Film and a Masters in Journalism. Neither one ever took a college level math, economics, accounting or science class, instead focusing on such important subjects as “The Films of Woody Allen” and “Female Archetypes in a Misogynistic Society.” Both feel more than qualified to spout such profound leftist talking points as “There is no objective standard of truth. My truth is just as valid as your truth.” And here I thought journalists were supposed to report THE truth.

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        • partyzantski says:

          They do not need direct orders (in general) to be what they are and do as they do.
          The “mission type orders” are instilled in them early on during “education”.

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        • mcfyre2012 says:


          The Progressives have been refining their game plans since Woodrow Wilson was ousted. McCarthy tried to do something about them in he 1950’s, but he was ignored.

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        • anubis says:

          Its not that hard. Here is a link to 240 people purged from their fields by SJWs
          I saw a really good explanation for how entryism functioned on Vox Day.-
          “This can work for a professor at Elite University, because the 25 replacements will get jobs at Big State University around the country. It does not, however, work for a professor at Big State University because his PhD students will have to compete against graduates of Elite University doctoral programs.”

          I was going to follow up on this idea. This concept is why a small number of schools can remake the entire educational and judicial institution of 300 million people. Probably 150 law professors (those at the best 5 or so) educate the majority of law professors and federal judges throughout the country. Control those 5 schools, and you control the judiciary for everyone in the United States (and, as mentioned, this is how academia was remade as well). 25 mentors from a Harvard professor/law professor go on to teach at 25 schools. 25 mentors from Iowa State go on to be marginally- or un-employed.


  7. bertdilbert says:

    So the first day was to meet with POTUS to find out how big of a suitcase of money he needed and the following day was to deliver the suitcase of money to a minion.

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  8. doodahdaze says:

    According to what I have seen about the crazed killer in Charlston, the first thing that caused him to snap was the persecution of Zimmerman by the BGI. This is going to help tamp down the media campaign against white southerners they will wage during the trial. Obama himself at the center of the web.

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  9. Mr. Winter says:

    Why Crump went to White House June 4 2013:



    (I searched “June 4 2013 white house rose garden”)

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    • Good sleuthing!


      On Wednesday, leaders of the National Bar Association (NBA), along with community and organizational leaders around the country, met with the Obama administration about the judicial vacancy crisis which has left nearly 81 courts vacant and 32 judicial vacancies across the country.

      The meeting was convened a day after President Obama announced his nomination of three judges to the D.C. Circuit Court.

      NBA President John E. Page stated, “The National Bar Association is committed to ending the obstructionism that continues to leave judicial seats around the country vacant. We applaud the nomination of Judge Wilkins to the DC Circuit Court and encourage the need to diversify and fill the vacant seats that continue to exist and intrude/impede upon access to justice and equality.”

      Note that the NBA is an organization of all black attorneys (not to be confused with the ABA). Both Crump and his partner Daryl Parks are prominent among the NBA leadership of which Eric Holder is also a member, as mentioned in the caption below a picture in the article you linked.

      No small wonder now just how easy it was for Crump to get Obama’s and Holder’s “ear” and get them to put pressure on FL Governor Rick Scott, causing the forced removal of the original prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger.

      If I have said it once, I’ve said it 100 times:

      I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Rick Scott talked to Wolfinger. I will bet dollars to donuts that Scott threatened Wolfie with some sort of closet-skeleton from his past, causing Wolfie to ask to be replaced, and retiring shortly thereafter. I would pay hard earned money to get a one on one interview with Wolfie.

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  10. Given all the racial strife Obama et al. have promoted, using leftist logic — ie, we are not truly responsible for our actions, but are a product of our environment — wasn’t it inevitable that someone like Roof would eventually snap and grant the racists at the White House the incident they were begging for?

    We need to revoke judicial immunity for flagrant acts of corruption like those Judge Nelson imposed upon Zimmerman.

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  11. myopiafree says:

    Hi Sundance –
    I am pleased you stayed with all the lies that sociopath Crump has told. He should be kicked out of law (disbarred), for all his lies. Thanks for the complete research you have conducted.

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  12. ctdar says:

    Can George use this evidence with a suit against the state for prosecutorial obstruction.

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    • Josie says:

      Interesting. That person is an arab muslim and worked as an executive asst to ValJar. So, Valjar ran that operation. I sense they’ve coopted the entire National Bar Association to run these riots across America. Wasn’t Crump the President of it?

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      • partyzantski says:

        I rather suspect they volunteered long before the need arose.
        Puppet met the puppet master.

        One could write a lengthy paper on the MICE factors (material, ideology, compromise, ego, revenge, coercion) used in CI work as related to the Crumpster and the association writ large.

        I rather suspect that many are purely pro bono contributors and get rewarded for achievement. There is a large pool of volunteers, a few get bennies- thus motivating the rest to strive ever more.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Yes. He founded it.


  13. Lou says:

    the BGI will throw RJ under the bus. she better snitch on them. till this day, I still believe she had an earpiece when she was on the stand.

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  14. Nomadic100 says:

    I seem to recall that Jesse Jackson promised her a “college scholarship.”


  15. rod serling says:

    Has anyone checked requests for bids in the Federal Register for yard signs saying “BGI Consultant, Pro Bono, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Inquire Within”?

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  16. auscitizenmom says:

    For those of you who might not be familiar with Crump, I give you Crumpisms.

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    • art tart says:

      auscitizenmom ~ LMAO! I’ll never tire of the Crumpisms, I needed the laugh this morning.

      I checked yesterday on Crumps/Parks Civil Suit against D. Wilson & couldn’t find anything.


  17. manickernel says:

    Appears that Crump got more face time with the US President two nights running than most heads of state could ever hope for. Wonder who else was in those meetings.

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  18. GrimmTale says:

    That rectangle box in the living room.
    If we, as a nation of truth-believers, and poo-poo’ers of lies and falsehoods – want to get a grip on the lies spun and crafted to distort and sway – we MUST stop watching that box in the manner which we currently do!
    We need to WATCH the box, to document the lies and distortions, but for ONLY that reason. We then must document these atrocities and call BS on them (as Sundance so eloquently does already).
    If we are to win this fight, we must take a page from this website’s and other BS calling site’s book, and figure out how we can become a voice, and not just a watcher…?
    I am 56yrs old, work full-time (yeah, I’m employed as a photographer w/the federal government – please don’t hate me for working for the enemy lol), have 2 grown sons, and an 8-month old grandson. I come home every night exhausted (I don’t sit at a desk every day), and on the weekends, I’m lucky to have the energy to do the chores I must do. I ALWAYS find time, however, to browse this site and at least 30 others who offer no-nonsense-news. But, I DO NOT do anything in a big way about it. What I do do is talk to everyone I know at work, to spread the word, to outwardly call BS and provide facts and substance to my calls. That is what I am currently able to do to help thwart this assault on white Americans. Maybe when I retire in 7yrs I can do more (God willing), but for now, I scream at that box, call BS constantly, and then turn on HBO to watch a movie, (after I’ve confirmed the BS via the internet and gathered the truth to alert my coworkers-friends). Once they circumvent the internet and remove the truth…then what will we do? Because, I firmly believe that day IS coming. Oh, and – I WILL purchase a Confederate flag, a DVD of the Dukes of Hazard – simply because this govt is telling me I cannot! I may just hoard every single $20.00 bill I can get my hands on because when Harriet Tubman’s face appears on that bill – it’s all over!

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    • ytz4mee says:


      “Resist what you can, where you can, while you still can”.

      Making others aware of how you feel is important – it makes them realize they are not alone. A big part of this relies on those who oppose them being made to feel as if they’re the outliers, when THEY are a supraminority within a minority.

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    • art tart says:

      GrimmTale ~ Bravo, well said with so many good points. “Screaming at the box” reminds me of how out of control I was during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, I boiled over the night Clinton pointed at America & said, “I did not have sex w/that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” (Thank God for the blue dress.) I was screaming “liar” & “do you think we’re stupid” at the top of my lung when my 10 yr. at the the time said, “mama, I hate it when you cuss at the TV & scream.” I felt so ashamed as I hadn’t realized how rageful I was at the TV & being unaware my daughter was in the room. Getting a grip wasn’t easy as I felt that rage w/GZ’s trial/Officer Wilson being falsely accused & leaving the job he “always wanted to do.”

      imo, the problem of “the box” lies w/the low information voters, too lazy to read or can’t read facts known but believe everything the BGI promotes as well lies spewed on MSNBC. I felt it was appropriate Brian Wilson has been demoted to MSNBC, another documented/ shamed liar.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Wellllll, someone ain’t gettin’ read in at those diversity sensitivity session, eh? Lemme see – you are a professional photog, then that means at least one supervisor above you can list ‘line prep at a fast food store’ as post-grad education on his/her OF-612. Or was that just my experience?
      When you retire make sure you have enough cash to hold you over for a few months – your paperwork will have to go to (in all likelihood) the NFC for processing, from there it will sloooooowly wend its way to OPM/Boyers (where it will be staged in the ‘too be compromised by foreign hackers’ box). You will start receiving a guesstimated retirement payment AFTER a clerk at Boyers receives a faxed preliminary copy of your entire retirement package. After your official paperwork’s received in the mail and Boyers goes through it with a fine-toothed comb, you will get a make-up of the difference between what you received in the preliminary payouts and what the final amount should be. It took me about 8 months to get onto the correct payout but that was due to OPM finding a $25,000 underpayment to my retirement account that my agency was forced to cough up out of their coffee fund.
      I found the folks at Boyers to be really helpful, efficient and thorough but overworked. They found that error buried in my retirement pay records and corrected it (Senator made my agency cough up the cash) and the depth of work they put into clearing your file combined with the number of files each clerk has to deal with can slow the process down. FEHB process is infinitely better than it was a few years back (and far less costly to the retiree between putting in your papers and getting the final processing) but it’s still best to have some cash in the kitty to tide you over while Boyers does its thing.
      Sorry to the non-Federal employees here but just had to put my 2-cents in.

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      • GrimmTale says:

        @ czarowniczy, yeah you’ve got ALL of that right! Because it’s the fed govt as an employer, they should allow at least a 2-year head start on retirement processing! Makes sense to me…but I digress.
        As far as supervisors go…you’re gonna love this…my department currently has SIX supervisors for THIRTEEN employees! I’ve pointed this out, mocked it, ridiculed it, and basically came right out and said it must be because it takes that many to come up with one half-way competent supervisor. numerous times (much to my chagrin), but no one seems to care. And because it’s a law enforcement agency, they all believe that to be appropriate! Go figure.
        Oh, and regarding diversity sensitivity sessions – we just had a LGBT “event” honoring…well, I honestly don’t know what the heck we were “honoring” – but they drudged-up some transgender guy of 6’4″ wearing wedgies and a flouncy shirt whose face would stop a truck to come and speak AT us about his struggles, blah blah blah.
        Anywho…Thanks for the retirement paperwork circus of fun – I’m looking forward to it! heehee


  19. True Colors says:

    The most disturbing aspect of all is how the president of the United States has gotten personally involved in legal cases involving individual private citizens. In some cases he has done so before they even have a trial

    beer summit cop
    George Zimmerman
    Darren Wilson
    Daniel Panteleo
    Baltimore 6
    Dylan Roof

    Just imagine if you were accused of some wrongdoing and the president of the U.S. was making public statements against you. Condemning you and/or openly favoring the person that you had a conflict with.


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  20. GrimmTale says:

    P>S> Maybe I should tell you all that the govt entity I work as a photographer for is the USBP here in Tucson AZ. Yeah, this branch of govt is at least TRYING to perform its mission – but it gets harder and harder w/the likes of Jeh Johnson at the helm!

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  21. Litchee says:

    I wonder what happened to the real Dee Dee, whom I’d seen an interview with by a cop who had already been coaching her. She was probably the real girlfriend/eyewitness but backed out.

    So my response to sundance’s question about what my question was on a recent thread is, I guess this demonstrates that CTH does in fact acknowledge that the system – the government – is anti-white? I can’t see any other conclusion about the government’s posture that could be made from this and so many more cases.

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  22. Jill says:

    Was the deposition ever taken? Is there a copy of it?


  23. czarowniczy says:

    I do believe that more than once the POtuS’s disproportionate interest (verging on meddling?) in this case was mentioned. I’m sure that were we able to depose the flies on the Oval Office wall (blow-flies, I believe) we’d probably also find disproportionate and quasi-illegal DoJ interference.
    It appears that every trial that is a high-profile civil rights oriented one has come under this Administration’s vulture wing. The ‘justice’ aspect’s become blurred by the racial vengeance taint the Administration injects. The Administration seems more interested in tossing ethnic sacrifices to its adoring mob than justice – President Cooligula, a man of the masses. If only he and the DoJ could find a way around that troubling ‘trail’ thingie and go right to the public executions…

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  24. Art Deco says:

    IIRC, TM and Rachel Jeantel had known each other in early elementary school and reconnected recently. I think there may be a picture of TM out there with another girl who has been identified as his actual girlfriend (and with whom he was much better matched than Rachel Jeantel).


    • auscitizenmom says:

      That Dee Dee knew Trayvon in kindergartin was the story line. But, the truth was that she had just met him, I believe.


    • Swamp Witch says:

      I remember seeing a twitter post by Trayvons friends and they wondered if Rachel had catfished him . They were in disbelief about the close relationship between them .


  25. i remember having dinner at one of the chow halls in afghanistan last year while watching snippets of RJ’s testimony and laughing so hard i was spitting food out of my mouth….after listening to her attempt to speak english thats when i lost it

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  26. Stamp says:

    Obviously Obama / Holder were heavily invested in lynching Zman, would love to see the email and phone records of which there must be many.

    This proves it… Our sitting POTUS bending over backwards to lynch a citizen regardless of the law.

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  28. maggiemoowho says:

    Obama gave a presser in the Rose Garden June 4, 2013 about nominating people to the courts. Crumps meeting place was the Rose Garden on the June 4th. That means there were lots of legal brains for Crump, Obama and the BGI to pick at and scam with. Enough to keep that Rose Garden fertilized.



  29. Crump law license should be revolked along with the rest of his clowns. And Dee Dee should of been charged for false information. To bad that did not happen.

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  30. zigmister says:

    To bad they didn’t pull Crumps Law license after all he had pulled. An Dee should of been charged .A long with the other crooks on the case.

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  31. Stephen says:

    Law and order is part of the foundation of a civilized country; in the modern-day U.S. it gets crushed under the dead weight of black privilege.

    Goodbye, civilization.

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  32. Moishe Pipik says:

    This is a serious, disgusting, crime against America. The President can’t undermine our legal system. I know it’s a long shot, but we should all contact our representatives (if Republican) and ask that the President’s involvement in this be investigated.

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  33. jackphatz says:

    You all probably have seen this, but it made me chuckle!

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  34. Black Lies Matter. Even if you are the President!

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  35. rumpole2 says:

    No mystery to me…

    Crump and Dee Dee were NEVER seen in the same room…..

    Rachel Jeantel is clearly, actually CRUMP in Drag!


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  37. I think this DE DE was a made up phoney from day one. They paid this girl to lie about TrayThug.


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