Jahda and Marvin Bakari – The Activism Behind The McKinney Pool Party Narrative…

Jahda and Marvin Bakari - Pool PartyIn a video interview, following the chaos of the Craig Ranch pool party, Mr. Marvin Bakari and his 13-year-old daughter Jahda Bakari took to the airwaves to make a very specific series of claims.

If you were to follow the construct of the racial narrative espoused by the activists around the Craig Ranch incident, you will find the media delivered “RACISM” story originates specifically from Marvin Bakari and his daughter Jahda.  No-one claimed any racial tones to the events until Marvin Bakari stepped forward claiming racism.

This is important because the Black Lives Matter national activists flocked to the neighborhood based in large measure on the claims of the Bakari’s.

One of the first things Marvin Bakari did was to start a Fundraising effort with a goal of $6,000.  Within moments of his setting up the fundraising we noticed it because we were deep into research for the truth behind what happened at “Craig Ranch“.

Initially it seemed curious to see a fundraiser being broadcast by the professional Black Grievance Industry (BGI) within 36 hours of a controversial story; before the actual facts behind the events even surfaced.

As soon as we connected the origin of the party (which was not just a few friends gathering for an end of school year party, but rather a business endeavor of 20-year-old  Tatyana Rhodes and her mother LaShana Burks) was actually for profit promotional partying,  we noted the sales force for Twinzzpromotions, ie. “Dime Piece Cookout”, actually included the three visible media ‘victims’:

pool party - LaShana Burks

Tatyana Rhodes, 20, (party organizer and head of Twinzzpromotions);
LaShana Burks, (Tatyana’s mom and co-host party organizer);
♦ Dejerria Becton, 15, (ticket seller for ‘MakeItClapPt2’) Bikini Girl “main victim” of police – niece of Marvin Bakari;
Grace Stone, 14, (friend of Tatyana and Dime Piece Cookout participant);
♦ and Jahda Bakari, 13 (friends of and participant with Dime Piece Cookout)

It was immediately obvious these were not disconnected disparate witnesses.  A little more research and it became obvious they held a vested financial interest in the events which initiated the chaos (outlined here).

We immediately brought sunlight upon: The facts of what was going on;  the backstory being ignored by the media; and we shared the fundraising goals of Marvin Bakari.

As a consequence of the sunlight Marvin Bakari shut down the fundraiser after only gaining $90 of his $6,000 goal.

However, the story definitely doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the very troubling backstory of teenage sexploitation, if you re-watch this interview with Jahda and her father you might note her saying she, and “they” – her friends, had no idea who the boys were that were trying to come through the gate (eventually they jumped the wall).

Pool party - mosleyThe “boys” she is describing included two of the young men who moved in behind the police officer, and eventually one was arrested.

Adrian Martin, real name: “Adrian Mosley”, was arrested and later released.  Mosley has an extensive history with law enforcement – HERE and HERE.

The “boys” are actually quite older than the media describes, and came to the “Dime Piece Cookout” party as part of the ongoing promotional activity surrounding the “Make It Clap Parties“.  Those parties being organized/promoted by Tatyana Rhodes and sold by the Dime Piece Girls.

According to local reports, Adrian Mosley, his brother Mylin Mosley, along with others named Keithan, Cam, Miles and Devin run in a close knit crew around the McKinney community.  Mylin and Adrian live in a neighborhood off Skyline, some others over by McKinney North High School, and some live in section 8 apartments on Skyline.

None of them live in Craig’s ranch, and the McKinney police are very familiar with all of them.

pool party - mosley 5

From a local resident:

I would also like to point out that this “victim” Adrian Mosley, brought 8 teens to my home last month with the intentions of causing harm to my sons friend. I was out front with my 1 year old son and 5 year old daughter when they all came up harassing my older son and his friend. Adrian Mosley took off his shirt and was threatening my son.

When i told them to get off my property, they pulled a gun on me and then pointed it straight at my sons chest. Half of the boys are seen in the Craig’s ranch video. These are not innocent teens. They travel in groups looking for trouble.

[…] It was actually the 16th of May at 5:30pm when 9 boys rolled up in my yard, driven here by Adrian. [The Police] waited until they could pick them all up at school the following week. All but Adrian Ugh..

McKinney PD is very aware of this group and that they are known for fighting and carrying weapons. As soon as I spoke to the DA, they knew exactly who i was talking about and where each one lived. I’m just appalled that he is still out and is now playing the victim card.

Like, how dare someone pull a gun on him, yet he drove a gang of boys to the home of a young white family and they did the exact same thing. Except the gun was pulled out on a mother (me) and very young children. Then waved in my face as they taunted me to call the cops…..

Now one might think that Jahda Bakari (13), Dajerria Becton (15) and Grace Stone (14) might indeed be unfamiliar with the “boys” who showed up to their “Dime Piece Cookout” party.  That is, until you look at the promotional material for the main event they were promoting with the cookout itself.

First you have 20-year-old party organizer Tatyana Rhodes looking for more “DimePieceGirls”, like Dejerria, Jahda and Grace etc.

troubling 8

Second you recognize what the “Dime Piece Cookout” was actually all about:

pool party - Dime girls 1

The Craig Ranch cookout being promotional pre-sales for the larger June 19th Event:  “Make It Clap Part 2“:

pool party coordinator 4

And to understand what “Make It Clap” Parties are all about, you only need to reference the previous event “Make It Clap #1”:

troubling 5-1

Which features the “Special Guest” @Lawdasa .

So who is this “@Lawdasa”?  Who is the special guest for parties exclusively for those “aged 19 and under”?

troubling 2

troubling 7

Why, um, well, HELLO THERE!  “weed”, “blunts” and “codeine” to make “Sizzurp” or some “fire ass lean“.  Just add Watermelon Drink and Skittles

Does that provide a bit more context for the aforementioned “Pool Party” and the subsequent victims?

pool party - mosley 3

And what did Adrian Mosley along with Mylin, Cam, Devin and Miles have to look forward to with Tatyana, Dejerria, Grace and Jahda?

For the answer to that question, again we return to “Make It Clap #1”:

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  1. Lucille says:

    Obama’s sons leading the way to “diversify” the suburbs of America, one Dime exploitation at a time.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      You know what bothers me intensely about this? When Trayvon’s twitter feed was exposed to the world, most parents were horrified at the absolute filth and complete lack of respect for self – or others – in the comments he posted to his Twitter account. The BGI immediately swooped in and called it “normal teen stuff”


      Now we’re seeing some pretty disturbing behavior of young girls, again, posted in the Twitter and Instagram accounts – including the white teen, Miss Grace Stone. And the parents of said teens seem to feel that this hypersexualization and wilful personal degradation is A-ok and “normal teen stuff”.


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      • patrickhenryrevisited says:
        • Stormy says:



          • ytz4mee says:

            Yes. If you have teens, you should buy them a copy of Skousen’s The Naked Communist. It’s written to be easily understood by anyone in high school.


            • Stormy says:

              Mine are all adults… home educated through high school (MD, IT, and a pastor’s wife) 🙂 I am very familiar with the Humanist manifestos, etc., that impacted public education, however I had never seen this particular list before. It’s very compelling.

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              • ytz4mee says:

                Yes. You can also google Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt and her outing of the plan to amalgamate the US and Soviet educational systems and curricula long term. She has the documentation to back up her assertions. Fascinating woman.


            • Stephen Mac says:

              I buy the book Naked Communist and give them away. The majority of Americans don’t have a clue.
              The marxists are hiding right out in the open. The country has sat by and allowed them to take over every major institution of America. They now control the narrative, that is why you see lies portrayed as truth and truth called lies.


              • czarowniczy says:

                Ahhh, Cleon Skousen, a name from the past. Used to hear him speak while we lived in Utah years ago. He was a prophet who was honored in his own town, problem is that the Leftist propaganda machine tarred him through his religion so he’s frequently ignored as a political philosopher through the religious smokescreen his detractors created. They need it printed in Spanish and hand it out along with bottles of water along the illegal super highways on our southern border.


      • BitterC says:

        The REAL war on women. And it’s being waged from the left.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Do they have a lawyer yet?


  2. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    ‘Protected Class’
    Black scams matter.

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      • patrickhenryrevisited says:

        Maybe one of his bruthas will convince him that to cannibalize other black prisoners will assure his release…………..
        After all, just being declared insane will only get him an indefinite stay at a worse institution than a prison.
        If he starts chowing down on the voting base, the feds will spring him and give him a job.


        • lourdes says:

          Blacks are truly ugly scary looking beasts, sorry but I’m getting fed up and terrified at all the blatant anti-white and kill all whites chants that EVERYONE is hearing but NO ONE is doing anything about it. The government wants a race war, I can feel the tension in the air. The blacks are getting away with murder at the expense of all white people. Perhaps if we go transracial they won’t kill us. We are allowing the blacks to get to uppity it’s time to put them in their place but who will lead? We have no leaders, perhaps they are too afraid they will be murdered because they know that blacks do not play by the rules, they know that blacks make up their own rules which is NO RULES. No one is safe from the blacks, unless you are super rich you might be able to save yourself when the race war comes knocking. Negroes are the shit on the bottom of my shoes and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of the stench. Ya I’m pissed.

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          • Tonawanda says:

            This comment by lourdes is proof that leftists love stirring up racial hatred benefiting nobody but leftist power freaks.

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            • Yeah – I work with a bunch of great black people who are frankly more tolerant than almost everybody else, who are already model citizens. They’ve gotta be feeling this even worse than the whites. I feel like we’re all caught between a whirlpool of PC lies and the monstrous reality of leftists fomenting the very worst aspects of the black American culture and calling it grand, just because they have some power plan that counts it all as a cost of doing business. But most of all, it’s just painful to see what these leftists have done to race relations. I just find it incredible that this administration could take us this far back in time.

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              • Kitty Smith says:

                I don’t find it incredible. Many people, myself included, expected it. We saw his books, we heard the Rev. Wright, we know he launched his campaign with his good buddy, bomber Bill Ayers. We knew about his communist mentors and black activist associates such as Father Pflager and others. We knew he was a community organizer. We knew about his muslim ties. The Audacity of Hope spelled out who and what he is. He stated it all during his first campaign.

                Then our rocket surgeon fellow citizens re-elected him and stood by while his campaign committed massive voter fraud organized primarily by David Axelrod.

                None of what he’s done is a surprise.

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              • amwick says:

                I had something almost like a teenage crush on Sugar Ray Leonard when he was at the 1976 Olympics, because I thought he was handsome. Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder, so if someone sees “ugly” they must have something bad in their eyes. IMHO. Unless of course you are fortunate enough to own beer goggles, then everything is beautiful. 🙂

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            • manickernel says:

              Agree, a leftist troll couldn’t have written it any better.

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          • Lucille says:

            Just remember, lourdes, that this is how the media wants blacks to be portrayed since it furthers the agenda of fomenting race hatred leading to race riots, leading to government take-over of our freedoms. It’s fake tolerance rather than real tolerance and understanding. The average American who is black is just as hard-working, religious, good-natured, virtuous and kind as the next person, no more, no less. But we don’t hear about those who are not in trouble, who do not commit crimes, who do not riot, who work and pay their bills and who love their children.

            Question, always, what you read, what you see on the news and begin today to re-think your assumptions. I guarantee you that you will live a happier life once you begin to see the good and not the bad; the optimistic not the pessimistic; the truth rather than the manufactured agenda items of the Left.


      • jenveloz says:

        Followed this link, and I must say, it’s people like the the individual who runs that blog that make stories about racism VALID. What scum bag, and same goes for the people who actually follow and agree with what he posts. How STUPID!


    • ytz4mee says:


      In addition to the underage sexploitation, the “adults” in this scenario are teaching these teens how to be accomplished grifters and liars before they’re even old enough drive, let alone vote.


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  3. TRONGOD2000 says:

    WoW wonder if President Obama will come out and say these girls could be his daughters?

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  4. John Galt says:

    “Bakari” may be an adopted name. “one who will succeed”


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  5. ytz4mee says:

    We’ve seen this story before, and how it plays out.

    Immediately Marvin Bakari puts up a CrowdRise fundraising begging page saying he needs to raise money for an attorney and for “mental health counseling” for the two girls.

    Annnnd, just like in the Traydemark shakedown, the purpose of the funds was ever-shifting and what would “sell” best, politically. Reality and truth have nothing to do with it. Jus’ sho’ me da money!

    So now Marvin Bakari has essentially a placeholder page until he can get it organized with a better and more persuasive narrative:

    I’m working on creating my first super compelling Fundraiser so please keep hitting refresh over and over until my first Fundraiser shows up. Or just wait for me to email you about it.

    The place-holder page has a graphic: “Stop Police Brutality”.

    (ADD: Click on his name, “Marvin Bakari” under his picture to go to his placeholder page)

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  6. Brilliant research. The larger picture emerges.

    SO this is a gang that already pulled a gun on an unarmed family in their own yard (how “drive-by”), and when one of them tries to flank and sucker-punch a cop, the cop is forced to resign for resisting???!!! And a woman is fired for defending an older lady from a gang squeeze???!!!

    This is Leninesque madness.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      Mosley/Martin lawyered up and charges were dropped. He’s in the process of legally changing his name. He threatened a woman and got away with it, but the police know who he is and where he lives yet he goes along with his life unmolested by the PD. I smell a police informant.

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      “This is Leninesque madness.”
      The ‘pawns’ though, will never figure out how they are being sacrificed.
      Pastor James David Manning did try to explain it to them (Why Black People Make Good Slaves).

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      • It’s scary. What actually happened under Lenin makes apocalyptic “extremist” projections like the infamous Turner Diaries seem like a genteel Southern picnic. When I consider which horror would be a worse fate for America.,… in the words of my out-of-date GPS….



        • patrickhenryrevisited says:

          The reality is the alinsky protégées that were smart enough to infiltrate the government.
          Hillary Clinton says she told alinsky that the better way to advance their agenda would be to ‘effect the necessary changes to the system’ from the inside, not from without.

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          • That brings an interesting thought. Why has Hillary never denied her mentor? She betrays anybody else, but never, ever, Saul. Perhaps her whole life, which seems to have been about winning that argument, is a price she cannot bear to ante up as some part of what would be the ultimate betrayal of her mentor – to deny that his ends were worthy of her means.

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    • lourdes says:

      I agree it’s a mad mad bizzario world we live in, in which part we are to blame the day decent civilised whites began to give Negroes rights.


  7. Millwright says:

    You put entire major network news staffs to shame !! Kudos for your SOP superlative reporting !!

    I’m completely astounded at the blatantly exhibited and expressed sexuality of young teen girls and their willingness to be exploited in such a manner. And now that we know the ‘backstory’ on the two males attempting to rush Officer Casebolt, I can see why he went for his gun. They were known by his department to carry firearms.

    Just my perspective, but it seems a young black minority is so at odds with its own race and cultural values as to be reasonably defined as “??????” . (Any of multiple terms coming readily to mind would reflect poorly on this forum and probably get me banned.) It isn’t “America In Crisis” so much as it is ‘Black America In Crisis’ . To paraphrase a spontaneous rant by gentleman I deeply respect upon his encountering someone wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt. “All lives matter ! “. ‘And if you’re going to follow the path of attacking other races you’d better look long and hard at what’s gonna happen. Push too far and we come to your ghetto and burn it down and kill anyone we see.’

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  8. yakmaster2 says:

    These “victims” are all bald-faced liars, schemers, exploiters, and criminals. No dang wonder the cop pulled his gun when those two punks ran up on him— it’s a high probability he recognized them and KNEW they were/are quite capable of violence. This new info makes it so obvious the McKinney Police Chief is a panty-waisted, political butt kisser. Just wait until the good citizens of that town realize their police force are now more timid about serving and protecting.
    As far Marvin Bakari, he’s letting Twinzzpromotions pimp his young daughters by using them as sex lures (for monetary profit), while HE’s simultaneously using them for his own race pimping (for monetary profit). Pass the barf bag ’cause that’s puke-worthy behavior.

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  9. rgcook1251 says:

    I spent many weekends in McKinney growing up. It is a wonderful place to live. You have had the best reporting by far of the backstory that wasn’t being told. What really stood out from the latest article is that the officers knew the kid that caused gun to be drawn had a habit of pointing guns at people. There has been a miscarriage of justice here that grieves me. Our social fabric has been ripped to shreds with today’s office holders starting with Barry. I believe the girl everyone felt sorry for was so out of control because she probably gets paid for the tickets she sells to the next party that was planned and those mean police officers cut into her game. The reporting by most outlets was abysmal. Thank you for getting some truth out.

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  10. Sniffy Pop says:


    Where do I start with this one?

    Have a long time friend who is involved with Higher level Real Estate and promotional events. A few days ago we spoke about this incident. This person is very neutral but let it fly. The general consensus is that this neighborhood was targeted for another staging event in the whole Bull Shite protest movement. I know that the AG of Texas has been informed of many details on this issue.

    IMO and after speaking with my friend, this was all orchestrated and they have accomplished their goals. McKinney has been rated as one of the best places to live in the United States.

    IMO this should fall under the RICO act.

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      Texas has RICO statutes.
      We will see if they use them
      I don’t really expect the FEDS to apply their RICO laws to a protected class.

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      • Sniffy Pop says:

        They just F$C%ed an entire neighborhood. This was a planned shake down along with IMO Child Exploitation.

        This Father goes on TV defending his daughter, I wonder if he was aware that his little precious gem may have been being used as a “Dime Piece Girl”

        Any real Man would be embarrassed and a laughing stock. But in order to feel shame, one must possess a conscious.

        F this B.S.

        Needs to be driven to a screeching halt !!!!!!!

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        • ytz4mee says:

          Yes, McKinney has been targeted.

          First the “Inclusive Communities” Lawsuit and now the ready-made meme about sweet innocent little black children not being allowed to swim in pools by mean white racists.

          Once again, the reality doesn’t matter. A survey of the drivel being spewed by the Left wing propaganda swat forces shows the accepted narrative is that the incident was provoked by white racism and “fear”.

          All your pools are belong to us.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      I’d like to see Twinzzpromotions investigated for sexploitation of these underage girls and for taxes and licensing.
      Since Miss Thang and her Momma are such willing players in this whole fiasco, they deserve legal scrutiny. True also of the parents who are letting their daughters be used as bait. Yeah, they’re so willing to go in front of cameras, seek publicity, and lie in interviews, so they need to learn the hazards of exposing themselves to scrutiny by people who don’t just accept what they say as gospel truth.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      “I know that the AG of Texas has been informed of many details on this issue”.

      Such as – the next step will be to force the McKinney PD to accept DOJ mandated “Consent Decrees” outlining what they can and can’t do when interacting with the public – especially with minorities. These “Consent Decrees” will be ridiculously restrictive, and will be entered into in secret without any public knowledge, discussion and debate.

      For example, I have it on good authority that a suburban PD in the Washington DC suburbs is under a policing Consent Decree which makes even unholstering the weapon – not even drawing the weapon – an offense that must be examined by an independent body.

      Since the McKinney Chief was so quick to rush and proclaim Casebolt out of line before any of the facts and results of the investigation could be known, I am sure the ink is not even dry on the Consent Decree which is in essence Federal Control and Long Distance ovesight of YOUR local PD without even so much as a whimper.

      If they can get Texas to roll over and show their belly, there goes the rest of ‘Merica.

      Lady Liberty, it was good to know you. Fun times while they lasted. 😦

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    • ytz4mee says:

      A hint as to what’s coming McKinney’s way:

      “Cleveland Police Enhance Training in advance of Consent Decree”

      • Plan will cost the city of Cleveland and the (majority) white taxpayers millions:
      • Cleveland police also will receive training on how to deal with young people. That training is intended to make officers aware of how young people perceive them and why they respond as they do when confronted by police.

      • The consent decree, which Jackson acknowledged will cost the city millions of dollars, requires various types of training that has not previously existed, such as bias-free policing.


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    • Tonawanda says:

      Every 2-bit scam involving 2-bit scam artists should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law backed up by federal agencies if necessary because we citizens are too delicate and need to have our sense of righteous outrage vindicated to protect us from illegal pool parties which might lead to marijuana and sex! RICO! RICO! Let’s hope this is just the start of RICO and MORE RICO!

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  11. lynnielu says:

    I rarely post but read everything daily. This absolutely infuriates me. I noticed SD was a bit quiet for a day or two and knew he and the rest of the treehouse were investigating this scam. Please tell me at least one news station is willing to pick this up?

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  12. deqwik2 says:

    I read that Sheriff Joe in AZ hired Casebolt to head his swat team. If this is true, I would love to see DeRay & co mess with him. lol.
    They didn’t show up today in McKinney when word got out about the bikers coming & it being an open carry state. Maybe we need more bikers & open carry gun rights to help squash this movement…. And more Sheriff Joes so they don’t win in the long run.


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    • Not sure (different monitor), but I think that’s a satirical site that tries to story-bomb real news. Not a word on CNN, and I’d expect them all over it..


    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      There is no verification of this that I could find.
      It did make me smile though.

      G/nite all.
      GOD Bless

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    • ytz4mee says:

      Funny – but would be even a better parody would be to “report” that Sarah Palin had hired him to head up her Personal Security Detail. THEN you’d see some heads explode!

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      • Countering leftist disinformation with our own might indeed be a bit of fun! 😉

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        • Judgy says:

          In addition to trying to get this out to any media that will pick it up (would reaching out to black TV reporters possibly help at all, or, because the BGI is usually MOST vicious against their own, would it have THEM immediately having to go into hiding too–assuming the station’s muckety-mucks would even let it get to air?). Oh, to have a reporter “of color” go rogue on live air! I realize I’m dreaming, but remember that black woman who quit her on-air position ON THE AIR?? She just did that b/c she owned a marijuana business, so she wouldn’t be our gal anyway–plus, she no longer has that forum. But if only we could discover someone w/ that maverick SPIRIT!

          Since I don’t know how we could find any conservative black journalists at a local level (which otherwise might be a good place to start), and I’m just guessing that most of the folks on FOX, like Harris Faulkner, Arthelle Neville, the pleasant man, David Iforgethislastname who appears on Hannity, and um, Ted Williams, likely would not want to risk their positions, does anyone here think maybe trying to contact the commendable Sheriff David Clarke, or even Allen West, would be worth giving a go??

          I suspect that, given the teensexploitation angle, normally Sean Hannity would be all OVER this, but again, the scary black elephant in the room probably squashes any hope of that.

          I hate to say it, but I really feel like the info needs to come from someone who is black themselves (and not Rachel Dolezal’s form of black!). Sundance, etc. has put together an awesomely damning line-up of events and shady characters. If someone were brave enough to go on-camera, and read aloud the story pieces between the video clips, does anyone think the end result could be a success on YouTube?

          Obviously, I’m just kicking my own naive little ideas around. I get that even a superhero might shy away from being the one to bring this stuff to the public, One thing I DO know for sure though–people LOVE to find out things that they’re not supposed to know about, and equally love being the first ones “in on the loop”. So, could that fact possibly be our saving grace??

          Just askin’.


    • bertdilbert says:

      Story is a fraud. The AP photo listed as announcing Casebolt I also found on a WND 2014 article. http://www.wnd.com/2014/11/arpaio-takes-obamas-executive-order-to-court/

      Maybe it is an Onion type site.

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      • I think it’s a bit more insidious than the Onion. They don’t really try to be all that funny. I think it’s a discrediting operation funded for disinformation, under the plausible excuse of humor. I’d love to know all the dots that connect to the site, and the people behind it. It’s been lowering people’s opinions of conservatives and conservative sites for a number of years now.

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    • lourdes says:

      I heard the Black Panthers showed up at Mckinney, it would be awesome if bikers were to come and run them out like they did at the Joe Horn rally in Pasadena TX https://youtu.be/TEZ9s0ZBAu8


      • deqwik2 says:

        They did. Sat morning there was a rally called Back the Blue & some members of the 2 Million Bikers to DC came to stand with the residents of McKinney. Word got out Fri. night about the bikers & open carry. Short stack, DeRays friend, was all worried on twitter about it. The rally went great they said. The article may be false but the bikers & open carry was a true event.

        This is from 2 Million Bikers to DC facebook page:
        The Panthers didn’t show up in McKinney Texas this morning so we canceled the riot they had scheduled. God Bless Texas
        John Bostick



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        • deqwik2 says:

          Here’s the link to Back the Blue facebook page. They are promoting the research from CTH big time on this page.
          For those of you who do not FB here is what the pg said Sat. night:
          I have never in my life been so proud to be a TEXAN! Today, the citizens of McKinney, Collin County, Texas, and America came together in yet another massive show of support for our brave officers in Blue! The race-baiters, cop-haters, child sex ring organizers, and out-of-town agitators have quite literally run out of town with their tail between their legs. Al Sharpton didn’t dare show his weird balloon face.


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          • yankeeintx says:

            I had some friends there, and they reported that some of the Panthers (or possibly Next Generation Action Network) drove by in cars early on. Guess they decided it would not be a good idea to show up on Sat. 🙂

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    • deqwik2 says:

      Thanks guys, I didn’t know for sure if it was real but thought it was funny for him to announce it on a Sat morning. Maybe some of deray’s folks will believe it & start a stink..lol.

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  13. BitterC says:

    Doesn’t that video from makeitclap border on child porn? How come it hasn’t gone viral? If those are 15 yro and under girls I am oh, words escape me. This is criminal!

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Stormy says:

    This incident is really infuriating.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah. The police – in Texas, of all places – conceded immediately.

      There’s a silver lining for the two fired whites. I think they could use this gang stuff, and the threat of highly embarrassing internal police discovery about these actors, to get back money, jobs, or BGI heads on a platter. Probably not all, but they can take their pick of which wimps to burn.


  15. archer52 says:

    Yet, with all this truth, dug up by your great work, and handed to the public, I predict the following:

    Nothing will happen.
    Lawsuits will be filed and claims paid without a fight.
    The HOA will end up having a pool party FOR the “offended group” as a way of proving they are surely not racists at all.
    The BGI will continue because as a society we cannot say “enough” and make them stop.

    Seriously, the white woman claiming to be black and STILL people think it is okay just shows how far down this rabbit hole we’ve gone!

    If aliens were to land here tomorrow, they would take one look around and say collectively “WTF?! This b**ches be crazy!” and then get back on their ship and leave, convinced we are not intelligent enough for first contact!

    Liked by 3 people

    • georgiafl says:

      I personally hope TEXANS will stand up to the shake-down artists and ignore their false claims. It’s time for these dishonest immature self-serving blacks to grow up and be responsible American citizens.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Lou says:

    yep, the media made Adrian Martin into a victim. if the story of what he did to that mother becomes public, the media will never speak of this story again, and Mr. Iber of North Miami Senior should get his job back or expose this punk who people were defending instead of the police. exposing Adrian Martin would be suicide, but Mr. Iber should be on TV ranting about it left and right instead of saying “I’m sorry”.


  17. BobNoxious says:

    And Mosley still got all the charges against him dropped. The lesson he learned:

    If I scream racism them I can break the law w/ impunity.


    Liked by 2 people

  18. Piggs says:

    That video of Make-It-Clap 1 and the start of Ramadan make me think of the very funny
    Charlie Brown spoof on youtube. (NSFW)


  19. Pingback: The McKinney pool party story has added some chapters |

  20. CCG says:

    Business model?


    “Sicko trio used Facebook to lure young girls to Brooklyn sex parties, authorities charge”

    The sickos solicited girls between the ages of 12 and 15 to have sex with the men and pole dance at parties, authorities said. Daniel mentions in a Facebook chat that there’s a party planned at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn and another at a club.

    If this is indeed what was going on in McKinney, the authorities should be able to connect the dots
    I think the “pool party” was being used not only as a pre-payment for the next “Make It Clapp Party”, but as a recruiting event.


    • punkinseed says:

      And this sick recruiting of underage girls makes the promoters nothing but pimps. And to add more to this sexual exploitation of children, these criminal organizers are getting the girls’ parents to open their wallets and pay for them to attend these parties.
      Has anyone checked the criminal background of Tatyana’s mother? I wonder if she has a hooker history.


  21. Sandra says:

    I can’t get past the fact that the biggest troublemakers are imports. Chicago (Rhodes/Burks and Bectons), East St Louis (Bakaris), and Oklahoma City (Mosleys). Chicago ghetto neighborhoods, projects, and Section 8 housing are filled to the brim with white-hating blacks. I’m talking about an extreme level of hatred that causes these people to lash out and get in your face for the most minor non-racial incidents. (I speak from experience, I’ve lived in other cities with significant black populations and never saw this level of hatred there.) We know Traythug’s father Tracy Martin is from East St Louis, is East St Louis just as bad ? And does anyone know about the OKC area ?

    The good residents of McKinney, of all colors/ethnicities, are going to have to find a way to band together to flush out the troublemakers. It will take years, unfortunately.


  22. georgiafl says:

    Two thoughts:
    1. Obama is trying to normalize and legitimize the thug way of life as well as se xual per version and Islamism (just another totalitarian thugocracy) in the US.
    2. These people (along with Crump, Parks, Sharpton, the various Jacksons, et al) are trying to use/cash in the Race Card like an EBT card.

    America is tired of these false claims and disgusting vulgar dangerous lifestyles.


  23. Tkim says:

    Between black males killing one another at a horrifying rate, and black women treating their bodies like slot machines, it is every pointy headed klansman’s dream come true. Add to that the number of black babies slaughtered in the womb and you have a racist’s trifecta.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. ctmom says:

    “We told the cops to shut up because that is what they were saying to us.” And Dad just sits there instead of backhanding her. SMH.


    • czarowniczy says:

      This wasn’t meant for the white community, it was to establish their creds as street fighters for the greater black community. Probably didn’t have time to go to the local hip-hop clothing store and buy a Garvey-flag t-shirt and matching headband.


  25. czarowniczy says:

    Andy Warhol was the true augur of out time, his ’15 minutes of fame’ prediction came true beyond his wildest dreams. Now anyone with access to a smartphone, half a nose for provocative propaganda and the desire to create a narrative can almost instantly become an international authority on whatever.

    As both current events and entertainment have melded, people seem to want to be entertained vice informed, or at least entertainingly informed, so any person with the ability to create a tale will have an audience. I won’t go so far as to suggest the attempt to honestly relay their version of the truth was anything less than 26-carat golden truth, to do so might have me finding a waxed-suited BGI lawyer camped out in my driveway (provided s/he gets past the Redneck Naval Militia). I will say that there are many versions of the truth, quite a few created to be self serving, but I’m sure that their story is as truthful as the day is long – and the days are getting longer.
    “Scvuse me, gotta go out and turn the pile


  26. Stephen says:

    White Americans need to jettison any


  27. Stephen says:

    pretense of color blindness and become openly pro-white.


  28. waltherppk says:

    BGI needs a pure contentment anthem quick ……maybe …


  29. jakeandcrew says:

    Tweet from Mr. Bakari ~

    By June 7th @ 7:46 pm, when this was sent out, Mr. Bakardi had already deleted his original tweet.

    It’s filled with lies. I wish a reporter would ask him about this tweet, while watching the video. Exactly when, Mr. Bakardi, did the officer strike your daughter (twice)? Can you show us on this video exactly how the officer violently beat the other girl? (Isn’t Dajerria his niece? Why didn’t he call her that?) What evidence do you have that the officer did anything because the girls were black?


  30. Harry Z says:

    If they had fathers, they would not be raised to be like woman. Too gay, even for today!


  31. Katy says:

    Damn ghetto trash and if oblowhard thinks we want this crap in our nice neighborhoods he’s in a rude awakening


  32. Cheyennebay says:

    If you are investigating, you might this post I found on FB interesting, this isn’t my post, but a copy of someone else’s I found interesting and worth the read: As most of you probably know my city, McKinney, has made national headlines & is a top trending topic. Forgive this long post, but I feel most of my friends would like to know some actual facts involving this. For those of you still blindly trusting the media, let me tell you I have seen it with my own eyes how inaccurate & one sided it all is. I have truly lost all respect for the media & these so called “journalists” who sensationalized a story with a very one sided, inaccurate report. We moved to Craig Ranch in McKinney almost 5 years ago to get out of Dallas & put our kids in a great public school system. If you will recall McKinney was also recently named #1 best place to live in America. It really IS a great city & part of what makes it so great is our top notch first responders. I have several friends who are on the force, we have crime just like every other city, but what we don’t have is a bunch of racist cops “assaulting innocent teenagers”, “crashing a pool party” or using “police brutality” as this recent event is being portrayed.

    Let me share with you some facts which have conveniently been left out of the narrative going viral.

    First & foremost, Craig Ranch in NOT an all white neighborhood. It is the most diverse place I have ever lived. The situation & issue was not racial at all. Many black families live in CR along with Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians & more. The claim that it is some elitist neighborhood with “white privilege” is beyond ridiculous.
    This was not a little pool party at a residential home & neighbors didn’t call the police because they saw too many black faces. That is absurd & absolutely laughable given the demographics of this neighborhood. The pool is a private community pool for residents only. They pay a large HOA fee each year for the benefit of having a private pool. Residents have to use an ID card for access & are allowed up to two guests/ID card. Security is in place to ensure that rules are followed & the area is safe – again, another expense paid for by homeowners.
    In some news reports I have seen it reported in a way that implies this was a resident having a private pool party at their home. Now while some of the people there were in fact residents, the vast majority were not & they were trespassing in a private community pool. Why were they there? Because the party was being promoted by people on Twitter, including a DJ who sat up in a public place next to the community pool & begin playing very loud explicit music while parents were there trying to enjoy the day with their kids. Tickets were being sold. No one had the right to do that & no one had authorization from the HOA for a party.
    HOA rules for the pool also include that children must be at least 16 years of age to be there unsupervised. Teenagers were being dropped off by the carload. When the security guard at the pool asked to see ID & refused to let them in, these kids displayed an absolute blatant disregard for rules/authority & began jumping over the fence. Once inside their behavior was wild, loud, obnoxious, rude, with no regard for the families & small children there. Small children were knocked down in some of the ruckus. Cursing, sex, drug use & more. It was not good & certainly not what these families want to see when they are at the private pool they pay for with large HOA dues each year. And let’s not forget these teens were trespassing. In addition to the above, there was a verbal altercation between one of the party goers & a mom who lives in the neighborhood. By all accounts things were being said on both sides that should not have been, BUT when the mother attempted leave with her children an actual physical fight broke out & the mom was assaulted while her children ran to the car terrified & crying. THAT is when the police were called. The same girl & others threw items including water bottles at the mom’s vehicle as she was driving away.
    This is not the first time these types of parties have taken place in local cities – the people posting about them on Twitter actually brag about taking over the neighborhood’s pools. Craig Ranch is great neighborhood who takes care of their own & pulls together whether someone is sick, needs help jump starting their car, loses their home in a fire or just help fixing something around the house. Fund raisers have been held for a critically injured child & anti-bullying rally after a neighborhood teen tragically took his own life. These are for the most part GOOD people. When the Craig Ranch homeowners & security guards see destruction of property, an unsafe environment, rules & laws being broken by what some are estimating as at least 100 non-resident teens who are trespassing & being violent, yes they called the police. Wouldn’t you? Let me be clear, the police were not called because there were black kids just hanging out at an innocent little pool party. Black kids are always there, as I said it’s a very diverse neighborhood & seeing a black face in not unusual in the least. I can also guarantee that the police would have been called if it had been a crowd of all white teenagers behaving the same way. The difference would be the lack of race card being played.
    The small portion of video that is circulating on the media outlets is a clip from a 7:20 minute video which also does not clearly portray the entire situation. There was mass chaos & a large crowd all around. When the responding officers got there they were massively outnumbered by a crowd of kids who were violent, refused to comply, began running & displayed a complete lack of respect for authority. What most people, who have been spoon fed garbage by the media, think is that a police officer used excessive force, drew his weapon unnecessarily & was a racist. Let’s address racism first, it is a fact that most of the party goers were black. The people who were Tweeting the invites were black, a lot of their followers & people coming to the pool were black. So based upon the law of averages, yes black children are going to be detained. That’s not racist, its just a fact, there were more black kids there. These officers were walking blindly into a hostile environment & their job was to protect people & restore order. Its very difficult to establish order when you have dozens of kids running around wildly, shouting, fighting & refusing to obey simple commands. When an officer asks you to leave, you leave. When he tells you to sit down, you sit. Once order has been established they will listen to you & sort things out. It’s true, that is what they are trained to do. Just because they ask you to sit does not mean you are being arrested, but order had to be restored first. The police department had to call for additional units & back up assistance from the fire department because it was mass chaos & took at least 30 minutes to get things under control. This video & the brief clip being shown cannot possibly accurately capture the events that unfolded. The girl in the video was running her mouth & refused to leave the scene when directed to do so, several times. She was given every opportunity to comply, she didn’t & when she continued ranting the officer went to detain her. At that point she is breaking the law by resisting & the officer did what he had to do. Of course he took her down, she should have left when she had the chance & stopped running her mouth. She wanted to act tough & grown. Guess what? Act grown, get treated grown, she didn’t like that much & called for her Momma. If Momma had taught her to respect authority, she would have never been in this situation. With regard to the amount of force, more force was needed because she was fighting him. He followed protocol by putting her down & restraining her with his knee until she calmed down & stopped fighting. Again, none of this would have happened if she had just left.
    The issue of drawing his gun is being raised. He didn’t just openly draw his gun & swing it around threatening “innocent” teens. While attempting to subdue the girl he was rushed by other teens including one who looks to be reaching behind him. The teen probably wasn’t but remember this was all happening in real time with a very chaotic environment & the officer had a split second to make a decision. Those kids charging him could have overpowered him, mob mentality could have taken over, someone could have been hurt including those boys, the officer or innocent bystanders who were attempting to help. If I was being charged by two teenage boys in a large unruly crowd, you can bet your sweet a$$ I would have drawn my weapon too. There are two things to remember, 1. his finger was not even on the trigger he handled the gun safely & properly and 2. he reholstered it as soon as possible once the threat of immediate danger was gone. Please remember that these officers were trying to do their jobs without interference. I fully support the MPD & the actions taken on scene. Not for one minute do I think he used excessive force, nor was there police brutality. He did what he had to do in the moment to re-establish order & create a safe environment for everyone. They are there to protect & serve, their lives are put on the line every single day with situations most of us can only imagine.
    Once things calmed down & got sorted out most of the teens were released to their parents and NOT arrested. Good, right? No, unfortunately most of the parents who showed up were more concerned about how their precious babies were treated vs. what they did wrong that actually led to all of this nonsense. Police are immediately blamed, accused of brutality, the neighborhood & police are accused of being racist. Threats of complaints to the department & making the story “go viral” were made. Guess what? They got their wish, local media decided to show a slanted one sided view & fan the flames on this one – rushing to the news desk without doing their due diligence regarding the actual facts.
    But the fun doesn’t stop there, no, there is more! These kids decided to host another party in the neighborhood the next night at private residence. Again, said party was publicized on social media. Party goers roamed the neighborhood, vandalized it, were beating on people’s doors at all hours of the night, stole a vehicle, crashed into parked cars & other petty nonsense. Threats have been made on social media against one of the residents & his family. This man was there & stepped in to assist both the police who were establishing order & the kid who got hurt while running from police. People have also publicized the police officer’s name & address with threats against his life. This is not ok!!! Yes, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ but so do everyone else’s including the police officers on scene. The residents of Craig Ranch, regardless of race, should all be able to safely & peacefully enjoy their neighborhood without fear of violence or retaliation. At this point while most everyone in the Craig Ranch Family stands united in a non-racist attitude with support & gratefulness towards the MPD, many of them are afraid to go on camera or even on record to give a statement regarding the actual events. The journalists are taking their intel from minors who were committing crimes.
    The media frenzy surrounding all of this is ridiculous. At the end of the day an officer who was doing his job has been labeled a racist, received death threats & placed on administrative leave. That is procedure in a case like this & doesn’t mean he will be found guilty of any wrong doing, but the court of public opinion has already tried & convicted him without all the facts. Now a man’s career could be on the line, his reputation has been tarnished by irresponsible reporting. The media keeps race baiting & fanning the flames of racism. I urge you all to do some research on this & other news stories before blindly accepting the crap the media feeds us for ratings. Information is out there, I will also be adding links & screenshots in the comments below.

    Are there cases of excessive force used by officers? Yes, of course there are, it’s wrong & should not happen but this was not one of those cases. Does racism exist? Yes, we should not be naive enough to believe it doesn’t. Sadly racism is all too real, but it goes both ways – being black (or any other color for that matter) does not entitle you to automatic exemption from obeying the law & following a police officer’s commands. Nor does being caucasian mean we all have “white privilege” & hate black people – that stereotype is wrong & just another form of discrimination. It’s offensive just like all forms of racism.

    Sorry for the super long “book length” post. If you took the time to read it, thank you. There is so much misinformation out there, bits & pieces here & there and a complete lack of integrity by the media/journalists to give the full story. Their soundbites are causing passionate reactions & people are hopping on the racism train without the benefit of having all the facts. The media is playing a shameless role in dividing this nation’s people & they need to be held accountable for this. Do not blindly trust everything reported – they are there for ratings not the benefit of the public & certainly not for those they choose to villainize. Do you think they care for one minute that a police officer’s career could be over because of their irresponsible reporting? No, he is just collateral damage. And truth be told, they don’t care whether those teens were in the right or wrong, it was a story & in a couple of days the news cycle will change and someone else will be thrown into the fire… If you found this post helpful at all, feel free to like or share. Even if it didn’t change your opinion, that’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own, but before anyone jumps to conclusions more people need to realize how slanted & one sided this “viral” story is.

    Bottom line: I know & love McKinney, Texas – Unique by Nature, I know the McKinney Police Department & McKinney Police Association and I fully support the MPD & the officer’s actions, and I know Craig Ranch which is full of many wonderful & caring people and friends. The Craig Ranch Family is not a racist one, it is one that will pull together & get thru this and then continue to enjoy living in the #1 best place in America.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 666 says:

      “Do you think they care for one minute that a police officer’s career could be over because of their irresponsible reporting? ” Yes, its horrifying they would be so irresponsible or use this incident to further an agenda of their own. I could not believe the articles which compared this to the segregated swimming pool days even got by an editor. Thank you for taking the time to give us your side. I have sent a few emails to your police department showing my support for Officer Casebolt and I will continue to do so.


  33. Barb says:

    Here we see the consequences of non-stop social media activities instead of school activities, sad commentary on today’s kids, it will take years to roll back the liberal progressive “accomplishments” that allow kids to disrespect themselves, adults, police, teachers, etc. In the meantime, the rest of us will be horrified at these outcomes and the backstory that accompanies each incident..


  34. Ernst Wilson says:


  35. Makeitstop says:

    Even more insulting, half of the text on the fundraising website was 100% plagiarized from the naacp website and presented as the organizers original words. I have screenshots of this page if anyone wants to see it. He stole words from a document referencing the Ferguson situation.
    The Media needs to be held accountable for publishing unsubstantiated lies that place people’s lives in danger. They are supposed to fact check and double check before inciting riots. Irresponsible media needs to pay this police officer’s salary for the rest of his life since they have ruined it by only showing part of the picture and not presenting a true representation of what happened.


  36. mandi says:

    These are the same boys responsible for the suicide of the young boy last month from Mckinney Boyd. So sad.


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