Baltimore Politicians Hold “Meeting” (Strategy Session) At The White House….

According to The Hill the Baltimore and Maryland politicians had a meeting today at the White House; described thusly:

[…] Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D), Ben Cardin (D) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D), who represents Baltimore, huddled with White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and other top ranking officials to “discuss ways in which the administration can continue to serve as an active partner in supporting local priorities following the recent unrest in Baltimore,” the White House said in a statement.

The officials pledged to work on “expanding opportunity in Baltimore and in communities across the country.”

Also participating in the meeting were Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, and Broderick Johnson, who leads the administration’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative to aid young minority males.  (link)

Well, at least that’s the reason as explained by the group.

However, what’s far more likely, given the nature of the current collapsing case against the Baltimore Six, is the meeting was needed to strategize around how to control the optics and avoid embarrassment.

baltimore mayor face

Maybe they just needed a bit more “space” to strategize how to further destroy the community, while claiming victimhood against the backdrop of a city, Baltimore, entirely operated by leadership who claim placement upon the same mantle of perpetual victimization.

Another curious snicker.  Notice the original headline as embed in the hyper link ↓

“Baltimore Mayor Spotted At The White House”

However, as published the headline evolved to:

“Baltimore mayor meets with Maryland lawmakers at White House”

Almost as if someone called the White House for comment about the nature of the “spotting“….. I digress.

Angel of Death - Demonic False Purity

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51 Responses to Baltimore Politicians Hold “Meeting” (Strategy Session) At The White House….

  1. Don G says:

    Pathetic. First world, third world. Square peg, round hole


  2. doodahdaze says:

    IOW. How much $$$$ can we squeeze out? I bet lots of free money is on the way. This is about the Free Obamabucks.

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  3. libby says:

    They might need to arrange more space for those who seek to destroy

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  4. wyntre says:


    29 y-o female police officer killed by thug while serving a warrant.

    She was scheduled to take her preemie baby home from the hospital tomorrow. She delayed her maternity leave to coincide with the baby’s release. She and her husband have 2 other children.

    Expect wall-to-wall coverage on all media – – -oh, wait. Wrong race.

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    • James F says:

      Notice how the headline and tweets are “she died in the line of duty” instead of “murdered by a young thug.”

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      • James F says:

        If she had managed to kill him first the headline would likely be “white cop guns down young black boy, ruled a homocide by coroner” or something like like that.


      • wyntre says:

        In addition to raising 3 children and serving as a cop, here’s what else she did with her life:

        “She had coached baseball since 2009 at the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club, volunteered with the Special Olympics, took in rescue dogs, mentored Girl Scouts and frequently spoke at Girls Inc.”

        What a tragedy.

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        • Monroe says:

          Will the WH send anyone?

          A black college student scrapes his knee outside a bar while resisting arrest, and there are huge protests.

          An honorable woman, mother, wife, police officer, and involved community member is assassinated while protecting and serving her community.

          Who speaks for her?

          Who stands up and says enough?

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        • Worc1 says:

          If the thug who shot her ends up dying his obituary will read: “Marcus Wheeler, 26, died at the hands of police who unfairly served him with arrest warrant. Marcus dropped out of high school at 16, had 5 children, maybe 7, with 5 different mothers and sold drugs for 11 years along with other crimes to support his “lifestyle” while his kids grew up on welfare and never ever saw their father.”


          • Meyer says:

            Sounds like an obituary I read once in my town with one exception . . . instead of ‘sold drugs’, he was labeled an entrepreneur! What a spin!

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    • karmapos15 says:

      Ya where’s the up roar because this hideous black thug killed a white woman. …unbelievable .. he killed a mother who just had a baby and never got to her take her newborn home from the hospital …sick evil spawn I hope you get the death penalty. .your r a disgrace to your race and then some …may u die suddenly. ..

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  5. libby says:

    With a community agitator as potus what could possibly go wrong?


  6. Concerned says:

    “Serve as an active partner” and “expanding opportunities” can mean only one thing: mo’ money thrown at b’mo’.


  7. kpm58 says:

    What they need is a squirrel.
    A dead squirrel. Maybe three.
    Lined up on the floor of an abandonded row house, execution style.
    With lots of circumstantial evidence that the murders were done by white Baltimore cops.
    The BGI narrative lives on and the government money flows in to Baltimore. Freddie Gray is forgotten other than as a name on a list of names for talking points.

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  8. True Colors says:

    The mayor of baltimore is all to willing to surrender her own authority to daddy D.C. Some leader.



    • Coast says:

      Perhaps its an indication that they are worried…and that the charges against the police officers will not hold.

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      • Sandra says:

        I was thinking that too. But they would have sent the CRS. I think Obama is going to use Baltimore as a test case for a federalized police dept.


    • TeddyOn20th says:

      “surrender her own authority to daddy D.C. Some leader”

      All part of the plan. DC wants to federalize EVERYTHING, not just police. They’re halfway there already.


  9. jakeandcrew says:

    Noticeably absent from the guest list is (Republican) Governor Hogan, who showed great leadership during the riots, got the National Guard in there, and gave no “space” for any more rioting. He was the one out in the streets of Baltimore, day after day, talking with people. I know many politicians will do things like that only for show, for political gain, but I believe Governor Hogan truly cares about the people of Baltimore, and he gained the respect of many for the way he handled it.

    One Baltimorian said she couldn’t believe that an old white man was doing a better job than her female, black mayor – but he was.

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  10. justfactsplz says:

    Baltimore police department will become federalized. The six cops haven’t got a chance. The BGI are sinking in their teeth.


  11. valerie jarrett….thats all i needed to read. if i could build a time machine out of a delorean i’d go back and kill that woman (T-800 style) before she ever met barack obama. IMO, the day they met was the real starting point of his political career/ambitions and without a doubt she is THE ONE who ultimately guided him to reaching the presidency. no one can convince me otherwise that he would have still gotten as far as he has…even without meeting her.

    sure there are a lot of “man behind the curtain” types around obama…..but make no mistake….this woman is THE puppet master that controls this anti-christ of a man.

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  12. Jersey Beach says:

    I knew it was going to go into complete Twilight Zone territory as soon as Big mouth Al showed up and spoke of nationalizing the police force. The uninformed have no idea what they are going to get.

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    • dalethorn says:

      These new-communists – they’re like something out of a doomsday prophecy. They have their toe-hold and they’re not gonna let go. Nobody expects Hillary to win the presidency, but it could turn out worse. McCarthy was right, but he got sabotaged by the CIA, who were employing some of the communists he was outing.


  13. jake says:

    Why hasn’t anyone been grilling Democrat ex-governor O’Malley on the riots in his state of Maryland? He’s running for president, or so it appears, and he should be held as accountable as the Black Democrat leadership in Baltimore for what has transpired. That whole state has been run by Democrats forever. Has anyone even taken a hard look at what kind of leadership, or lack thereof, that O’Malley provided to Baltimore? If Baltimore is any indication, O”Malley should not be considered as a serious Presidental candidate.


    • jakeandcrew says:

      If Owe’Malley runs for President, these two words should be plastered across every photo of him, every billboard, every commercial…”Rain Tax”.

      Yes, the man that taxed the raindrops that fell on each Marylander’s head would like to do the same to the entire country.

      He taxed Maryland so much, that we voted in a Republican governor. 😉


  14. Millwright says:

    Move along folks. Nothing to see here ! If all the sewers in Baltimore suddenly spewed their contents into the air it would smell sweeter than how this ‘revoltin’ development’ reeks.


  15. kathyca says:

    I love that pic of Baltimore’s mayor. She looks like a toddler on benadryl (or the adult version on the adult equivalent)

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  16. joshua says:

    Well, I hear they brought Mike Brown Sr. in as a consultant, who advised them all to merely, “BURN that byche down”….and they all agreed and went out together for a beer and hot dog with the POTUS.


  17. Horsesoldier says:

    The In Over Their Heads meet with the Chief In Over His Head. This ought to end well.


  18. Armie says:

    “discuss ways in which the administration can continue to serve as an active partner in supporting local priorities following the recent unrest in Baltimore,”

    In other words, Obie’s giving them discount coupons for their noose purchases.


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