Thomas Friedman Interviews President Obama on Iran….

When President Obama, or more aptly Team President Obama, feel they are losing the media edge they turn toward a familiar strategy. Call in Thomas Friedman, give him an interview, and the New York Times will publish the transcript as a commentary.

In August of 2014 the rise of ISIS visibly beheading Americans was the political embarrassment the White House needed Friedman’s assistance to control.  In April of 2015 it’s the general embarrassment of a non-existent Iran Nuclear deal. A deal in name only.

obama-mad-550x330Within the article President Obama expresses that if Iran were to fulfill its pledge to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” he’d be unhappy with Iran.

[…] I’m willing to do is to make the kinds of commitments that would give everybody in the neighborhood, including Iran, a clarity that if Israel were to be attacked by any state, that we would stand by them.

Of course, in actuality, when the considerations involve Nuclear weapons, there wouldn’t be a “them” to stand next to any longer – But Thomas Friedman skips right over that little uncomfortable truth.

Another interesting aspect that gets a large amount of attentive listening from Friedman pertains the U.S. and Israel relationship. In that part of the interview President Obama laments serious concerns about his anti-Semitism being exposed.

[…] There has to be the ability for me to disagree with a policy on settlements, for example, without being viewed as … opposing Israel. […] “It has been personally difficult for me to hear … expressions that somehow … this administration has not done everything it could to look out for Israel’s interest — and the suggestion that when we have very serious policy differences, that that’s not in the context of a deep and abiding friendship and concern and understanding of the threats that the Jewish people have faced historically and continue to face.” (more)

Of course non of this Obama nonsense is challenged by Friedman.

Friedman makes no attempt to share examples of the Obama anti-Israel policies and ask Obama to reconcile his actions against his words. This entire interview (article) is pure propaganda.

Read it and notice how 80% of the article itself is just transcribed commentary from President Obama himself.

New York Times – […] President Obama invited me to the Oval Office Saturday afternoon to lay out exactly how he was trying to balance these risks and opportunities in the framework accord reached with Iran last week in Switzerland. What struck me most was what I’d call an “Obama doctrine” embedded in the president’s remarks. It emerged when I asked if there was a common denominator to his decisions to break free from longstanding United States policies isolating Burma, Cuba and now Iran.

Obama said his view was that “engagement,” combined with meeting core strategic needs, could serve American interests vis-à-vis these three countries far better than endless sanctions and isolation. He added that America, with its overwhelming power, needs to have the self-confidence to take some calculated risks to open important new possibilities — like trying to forge a diplomatic deal with Iran that, while permitting it to keep some of its nuclear infrastructure, forestalls its ability to build a nuclear bomb for at least a decade, if not longer.

[…] The president gave voice, though — in a more emotional and personal way than I’ve ever heard — to his distress at being depicted in Israel and among American Jews as somehow anti-Israel, when his views on peace are shared by many center-left Israelis and his administration has been acknowledged by Israeli officials to have been as vigorous as any in maintaining Israel’s strategic edge.

With huge amounts of conservative campaign money now flowing to candidates espousing pro-Israel views, which party is more supportive of Israel is becoming a wedge issue, an arms race, with Republican candidates competing over who can be the most unreservedly supportive of Israel in any disagreement with the United States, and ordinary, pro-Israel Democrats increasingly feeling sidelined.  (continue reading – with video embedded inside the article).

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31 Responses to Thomas Friedman Interviews President Obama on Iran….

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Obama said, “Blah, blah, blah” as usual.

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    • smiley says:

      The Great & Compassionate Citizen of The World speaks, thru his propaganda machine, about “the neighborhood” and “his views on peace” and being so “distressed” as if its another day in the life of Mr. Rogers, and he Really Really Cares about Israel even tho he kindly betrays Israel and stands with Israel’s enemies and subverts Israel’s elections and insults Israel’s Prime Minister every chance he gets whether here or abroad.
      what a little pal he is !

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  2. Little Tommy Friedman – are the libs still trying to convince everyone that he’s a conservative?


  3. freepetta says:

    Tom Friedman a complete failure as a journalist and only a partisan hack for an unreliable dishonest ragsheet.


    • Sentient says:

      He’s a hack and a name-dropper supreme. Two years from now he’ll be regaling us with his wisdom about something totally unrelated and he’ll throw in “I was just talking to president Obama about that when I realized… The world is flat”. King of the mixed metaphor.


  4. James F says:

    Imagine if the Whitehouse put even a fraction of the effort to work with Israel to bring their desalination technology to California as they put into working with Iran to make them a nuclear power.

    Megascale Desalination
    The world’s largest and cheapest reverse-osmosis desalination plant is up and running in Israel.

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  5. labrat says:

    OMG It took me a while to slog through that article, I had to take breaks to keep my blood pressure down. It was like a bad rendition of Imagine. God bless us everyone.


  6. RJ says:

    I shut down listening to his crap nor reading his thoughts some time back. B. Hussein O. is a liar, while Friedman is a self loathing Jew in my opinion. A liar and a pseudo intellectual who seek each other: I need neither, nor want them in my life!

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  7. doodahdaze says:

    The enemy only works with its allies in the media. Fellow travelers. Maybe some day the GOP will learn not to give the interview to enemy agents.


  8. crazy says:

    Sanctions, bad – engagement, good because it worked so well with Russia and China. The calculated risk he’s taking for US and our allies is historically naive to say the least.


    • smiley says:

      but he’s the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being we’ve ever known in our lives.
      just ask bennet marco.


  9. Jett Black says:

    “I’m willing to do is to make the kinds of commitments that would give everybody in the neighborhood, including Iran, a clarity that if Israel were to be attacked by any state, that we would stand by them.”

    Surely the smartest POTUS and greatest Constitutional and literary scholar evah knows syntax, so the use of the pronoun “them” refers to the closest noun (in this instance a collective, so consistent with this uber-scholar’s use of the plural, “them”), i.e., “any state,” not Israel. Cutting through <0’s crap, his true position, revealed by his verbal ineptitude, is that he’ll stand with any state that attacks Israel. The fact that a nuclear weaponized Iran would, in one attack, essentially and perhaps actually leave no Israel to “stand with” is the VJ/Soros/<0 admin’s desired result.

    Of course, if Israel ceased to exist, that would bring peace and tolerance to the world, just as purging all the Jews and Christians, etc. from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, etc. has done. Muslims, like communists, just need another chance to create the utopia they’ve failed at miserably and with horrible carnage for as long as they’ve existed. /SARC


  10. georgiafl says:

    A review of the interview:
    “President Obama sat for an interview with New York Times columnist with Tom Friedman on Saturday. When it comes to Obama Friedman is no doubting Thomas. He is the Apostle Tom. He believes in what he views to be “the Obama doctrine.” This is the gospel according to Tom.”

    More here:


  11. QuadGMoto says:

    I’m willing to do is to make the kinds of commitments that would give everybody in the neighborhood, including Iran, a clarity that if Israel were to be attacked by any state, that we would stand by them.

    He will be very upset if Israel is attacked or destroyed, yet he refuses to proactively prevent the ability to do so. That sounds to me a lot like a mob Don telling his lieutenants, “I’ll really miss Louie the Lug when he’s gone.”


  12. kafir says:

    Why do we need a new agreement with Iran? They’ve violated every agreement so far.

    Just like why do we need a change to our immigration laws? He’s violated every one so far.


  13. doodahdaze says:

    Jewish democrat donors are making a bit of noise it appears.


  14. Pam says:

    Oooooh, that Mr. Friedman is so smart! He was able to figure out all on his own that, “embedded” in the depths of the words proceeding from the brilliant mind of one of the smartest people in the world (aren’t we the fortunate citizens to have this gifted leader) … was an actual “doctrine” of substance and import. Of course, the brilliant doctrine only “emerged” after the equally brilliant Mr. Friedman asked the right question. I am so impressed.


  15. BitterC says:

    After viewing the clip SD posted recently of Bubba from ’94 on Korea’s nukes, I found this article. We have a bipartisan history of stopping craxies from getting nukes going back to Bush I. Am sure Iran is aware of this…


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