Madison Wisconsin Authorities Cower To Political Correctness In Tony Robinson Shooting….

tony robinson 6 mugshotCNN is giddy with praise for the Madison Wisconsin response to the Tony Robinson shooting. Their praise comes as a direct result of the professional political class worrying about the delicate sensibilities of the professionally black Grievance Industry.

The “F**k the Police” crowd and the “#Black Lives Matter” crowd are fully engaged to write a very specific narrative of an unjustified police shooting and the professional race-baiters at CNN are more than happy to be their mouthpiece.

However, the current extent to which CNN is willing to obfuscate the facts is arguably even more entrenched than the Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown shootings.

tony robinson 5 wisconsin capitol

The protesting crowd has now marched to fill the Wisconsin Capitol with their cries of grievance, yet no-one seems to be factually looking -yet again- at the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Tony Robinson, a convicted armed robbery felon, was assaulting people in the street. He then went inside a building and assaulted the occupants and then the police officer who tried to stop his rampage.

As shared by an eye witness:

…This so called “gentle giant” was high on suspected hallucinagenics, and in a violent, volitile rage, walking down the streets of madison battering citizens, whom were frantically calling 911 for police assistance.

This out of control, violent man, high on acid hallucinagenic drugs, which not only gave him super human strength but made him impervious to pain, than battered a peace officer. Yes a peace officer who’s job that night was to protect the citizens screaming for help, and to protect the community from further harm from this man.

Again a man who made the choice to consume quantities of drugs, that made him a mad man, who was on a mission to critically harm others in his path”… (link)

The police scanner and other witness testimony confirms this account. We previously wrote about it HERE.

Tony Robinson 2 mugshot

But CNN is selling a narrative of Tony Robinson as a victim, and in the clearest example of the extent of their ideological affirmations in that regard is obvious in this article.

Including their happy highlighting of the PC frozen LEO and Politicos:

[…] Within hours of the shooting, [Police Chief] Koval went to Robinson’s mother’s home.

“We need to start as any healing or any reconciliation should with an ‘I’m sorry,’ and I’ve done that privately, and I’m attempting to do that publicly and that’s the only way we can sort of begin the healing or the rift that may take years if at all to mend,” the police chief said.

The mother didn’t want to meet with him but the chief talked and prayed with the biracial teenager’s grandparents in the driveway, he said.

They told Koval to hold off on trying to talk to the mother because emotions were too intense.

“I couldn’t even begin to get my hands around the enormity of the loss and the tragic consequences,” Koval said. “Nineteen years old is too young.”

tony robinson grandmother

[…] Wisconsin Circuit Court documents indicate Robinson pleaded guilty in December to an armed robbery that occurred last April. But when Koval was pressed for more details, he refused to talk about the teen’s record or any run-ins with law enforcement.

“I could but I choose not to,” the chief said. “I frankly think it is, for our purposes today, wholly inappropriate and I am not going to blemish anyone’s character, particularly someone’s as young as his.”

[…] On Friday night, dozens of demonstrators gathered in Madison. “Who do we trust?” some called out, prompting the response, “No one!”

And in another refrain, they chanted, “Black lives matter,” a phrase that Ferguson protesters coined.

Online the #WillyStreet hashtag, referencing to Williamson Street, where the shooting happened, trended. “Praying for Madison tonight,” wrote one activist. “Stand up, sit in, walk out – until u get answers. And until there are no more hashtag eulogies.” (read full article)

…And so it goes.  Yet again.  The Black Grievance Industry continues the ridiculous protests against a police officer defending himself -and protecting the citizens of Madison Wisconsin- from a 19-year-old violent street thug and convicted felonious armed robber.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat !

Go figure !

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76 Responses to Madison Wisconsin Authorities Cower To Political Correctness In Tony Robinson Shooting….

  1. doodahdaze says:

    CNN is agitating more than MSNBC. Amazing.

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    • steve says:

      I used to watch CNN every morning because I liked Robin Mead and Bob Van Dillan. The only time that I watch that channel now is when Forensic Files is on. Good luck with your ratings CNN.


  2. Joel says:

    The only reason is to hurt Scott Walker’s chances.

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  3. Sharon says:

    Same capitol building that was being crapped on in the hallways, etc. two-three years ago for a different reason.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    They are trying to avoid what happened in Ferguson, but they are only inviting it.

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  5. It’s too bad there’s never really an active organized counter to it all, I mean I know they tried a bit in the Wilson/Brown case but for the most part we whites, the ones with the actual facts and true narrative, just sit and take it.

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    • beth60497 says:

      I have numerous friends who live in Ferguson. None.. NONE of the people that contacted the DOJ wanting to tell the other side of the story had their calls/e:mails returned by investigators.
      One friend, 1/2 of a biracial couple and a target of protestors, was at a meeting with DOJ officials when “Protestors” (read rioters) came and banged on the windows of the coffee shop. The owners locked them all in and the DOJ officials called for a police escort to get out.
      Sure didn’t see that mentioned in those 108 pages.
      I don’t think that it’s that we, the truth knowers, aren’t speaking up, it’s just that no one is listening.

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      • taqiyyologist says:

        At the workplace they told me to shut up years ago. My friends. So I did.

        Now we all get along great. Because I don’t tell them any truth.

        They already, for many years, let it be known that they only want to believe what their “cool people” on television and music tell them is true.

        I still love them, but I shut up years ago. They can’t handle the truth. As it were.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        I don’t think that it’s that we, the truth knowers, aren’t speaking up, it’s just that no one is listening.

        They say “shut up.”

        We do, because we don’t have a flat-screen television bezel around our bust.


  6. Kin Mapper says:

    I bet their news anchors and legal experts will not repeat the defamation that they and CNN still need to be sued upon by Officer Darren Wilson against this officer. It is not that hard to fashion a sentence that is one-sided against the Madison cop but which does not defame him and yet their idiot talking heads could not resist blatant defamation. Nor could some Fox and MSNBC ones either.

    It is time foe defamation law suits and excusing from the jurors all the ones who reject that white racist US AG and his report that say there is no evidence of Hands Up and no evidence of Don’t Shoot, which would remove most black jurors from the defamation cases and most anyone who works for the mainstream media as they still stick to it being too close to call.

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  7. PatriotUSA says:

    Wash rinse and repeat……………………..with a ton of bleach. Hmmm….no outpouring of support for JLC was there? Just a young white girl who was set on fire but all lives matter right to FTP and such disgusting groups? Shame on those who jump into the streets in defense of a thug.

    Madison. One has to be a card carrying communist to live or go to brainwashing skrewel there.

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  8. BitterC says:

    I look forward to see how this one plays out. My understanding is madison is a leftwing Mecca in the Midwest. Can these cops/police dept be labelled “racist”. Will Obama’s DOJ put the screws down? In some way it could end up that the left eats itself, or so I hope.

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    • joanfoster says:

      The police chief of Milwaukee would have a totally different point of view and response to this. It’s hard to believe that these to law enforcement officers are operating in the same state.

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    • whippet1 says:

      What leftists fail to realize is that another leftist will stab you in the back for the “common good.” This cop has been sacrificed at its altar and it’s very likely it could be the same altar he worshipped at.


    • furrcats says:

      The left gets eaten by a Lion can’t wait for the day


  9. bogeytct says:

    Loom at all the young white kids angling to impress their black friends and have a “cool” story to tell 30 years from now.

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  10. beaujest says:

    Mulatto lives matter ! We are getting there,soon white lives will matter !


  11. fred says:

    This leaves the new AG Lynch a cause she can sink her teeth into to. Thanks Lindsay graham and Flake we know you can’t wait to confirm her. This stupidity will continue thanks to the GOP along with amnesty. WHY did we elect them???


  12. True Colors says:

    It is truly amazing how ALL of the public empathy(and sympathy) is reserved for the violent criminal who assaulted a police officer. Nobody is showing any caring in the press for the police officer.

    The police chief and the mayor are very eager to sacrifice their own policeman. They are acting like this is already an open and shut case that he is guilty.

    Wouldn’t you just love to have this type of support fro your boss.

    The police chief of Madison, Wis., on Monday apologized in an online blog post to the family of Tony Robinson, the black teen who was fatally shot by a white Madison police officer three days ago.

    “Reconciliation cannot begin without my stating ‘I am sorry,’ and I don’t think I can say this enough. I am sorry,” Chief Mike Koval wrote. “I hope that, with time, Tony’s family and friends can search their hearts to render some measure of forgiveness

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    • whippet1 says:

      The Chief is a liberal moonbat from what I hear.

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    • Monroe says:

      The officer had to know how his Police Chief would respond to such a situation. Sadly, the officer never realized that all the multicultural/diversity/sensitivity training and advocacy would not protect him from racism claims. It stings when you realize that at the end of the day, the color of your skin and not your deeds will doom one to be considered a klansman.

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  13. whippet1 says:

    I went to college in Madison for a year many moons ago as did my brother and sister. Couldn’t stand it. Sister still lives there. She’s learned to keep her mouth shut. Madison is Berkeley North. Everywhere you go it’s recycle bins, bike lanes, arrogant bicycle riders, prius’s, little flags in bins to stop traffic so you can cross the street safely ( I kid you not), grimy unwashed crunchy granolas who think they are the super intelligent in the world. If you put up a republican political sign in your yard it’s more likely to be stolen or burned than it is to still be there in the morning. During the Walker recall families and friendships were ended. There is no tolerance for dissent. It’s a city of activist residents, too bad too, because the lakes and landscapes are beautiful. Considering the behavior of the union police officers during the recall and protests and their lack of protection to those being attacked I wouldn’t count on them now to stop Madison from burning. Anything for the agenda.

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    • Scott S says:

      You paint a very accurate picture of what living in Madison is like. You have to keep your views to yourself. The irony is, the “tolerant” ones have absolutely no self-awareness of their complete lack of tolerance. It first hit me when I was in college here back in the late 70’s when a group calling themselves the National Committee Against Racism held a big rally by the capitol. The gist of their message was you have to hate and vilify any group of people who hates and vilifies groups of people. It’s possible that very moment solidified my conservative world view.

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  14. Murse says:

    The police chief needs to be fired. To all of those who wear the uniform, I respectfully urge that you leave LE for you are now expendable and are to be prostrated upon the altar of cultural dysfunction.

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  15. Justice_099 says:

    And like every other killing they blew up in the last several years, it has very convenient timing to distract from some very inconvenient scandals.

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  16. Brett says:

    Stick by the facts, refuse federal money when threatened as with Ferguson, Mo, deeply cut welfare ‘entitlements’ FIRST when reworking the budget. Refuse to back down. Take that…

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    • whippet1 says:

      This time it’s not about “black lives matter”, it’s about Scott Walker. A dead black man is their opportunity, nothing more, nothing less.

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  17. PatriotUSA says:

    Wonder how much Soros and his evil henchrags will be dumping or have already dumped into Madison? If they lie down in the streets, run them over with a one ton International 4×4 p/u or Travelall.This is the upper midwest and fitting turf for a Cornbinder.

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  18. sundance says:

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  19. bob e says:

    a few more of these & the police will not confront the crazies .. crazies with injure & kill ..
    police dept’s & muni’s will be sued ..


  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    I just cannot believe that with all the crap on her son that the mother even has the Gall to say what she said.
    Armed robbery…Tried to strangle someone…

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  21. yakmaster2 says:

    Is that police chief begging for his department and the city to be sued? He rushes in with public mea culpas before the incident is even investigated? What a butt kissing apologist for all the disruptive demonstrators claiming police are running amok murdering innocent black kids. Only a rube would think his groveling could stop these professionally organized demonstrators. Or stop the DOJ from jumping in. Quite the opposite!


  22. Scott S says:

    I know this is neither here nor there, but eight years ago, I got married in the Capitol here in Madison. I had to get a permit that specified the time we’d be there, limits to the number of people, etc. (It was just my wife and I, our pastor and my two grown children as witnesses, but I had to specify). I also had to check in when we got there. When I see this whole crowd of goofballs filling up that beautiful building, saying it’s their “right” to be there, it just makes me hopping mad. They’ve all ruined it for us. Then again, the BGI cares naught for us.

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  23. jello333 says:

    Despite this and other attempts by the MSM and all the PCers and white-guilters, I think the vast majority of average people are getting SICK TO DEATH of all this “black lives matter” garbage.

    Just anecdotally, does anyone else here use I do, and on the opening screen before where you log in, there’s news headlines. Up top they always put the “top story” with a picture. For the past 5 or 6 days, EVERY day 24/7, that story and the picture has been about Ferguson and the DOJ’s report. I’d love to post a comment and say how laughable it is that they’ve chosen to make that THE story… but not surprisingly the comments are disabled.

    But here’s why I brought it up, and the point of my first paragraph: At the bottom of the story, rather than a comment section they’ve got the Twitter and Facebook logos, begging people to “tweet” and “share” the story. But guess what? After several days of this thing being top-of-the-page, the story has been “tweeted” a grand total of 2 TIMES and “shared” 7 TIMES.

    🙂 I knew you’d like that.

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  24. southronist says:

    The links to the “eye witness” testimony take us to a People magazine column that doesn’t contain the quote cited above. What’s up with that? Did People decide that the quote was too incendiary and remove it at some point during the day? Or did you mean to link to something else? I tried copying a line or two from the quote in question and Googling it, but nothing came up. Unattributed quotes are never a good idea, especially marginally literate ones. (Too many typos and/or usage errors.). Sundance, I hope you’ll set this straight.

    FYI, CNN’s Gary Tuchman interviewed several eyewitnesses on an account shown this evening on Anderson Cooper and they more or less corroborated the “eye witness” account you’ve posted.


  25. Mist'ears Mom says:

    That police chief is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. What a flippin moron he needs to be fired. He’s so sorry about the shooting of this thug without any consideration of the consequences or his officer. How about standing up for your department? The officer was doing his job.. to Protect and protect the public from out of control thug. This idiot is more concerned about the thugs lost “potential” life and the activists 1st amendment rights to protest because they are ‘angry’. Oh boo hoo.
    The thugs mother says, “I think he shot him because he was afraid of him”…duh-you think? This shooting an ‘unarmed’ meme is wearing thin. They think because you are unarmed there isn’t a reason you could get shot. They just can’t figure that one out. Stupid sheep.

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  26. whippet1 says:

    A lot of people are missing the agenda here. This isn’t about the lefts charges of racism or PC views of minorities or the deaths of black youth. This is a planned effort to create anarchy by any means necessary. Blacks are the perfect targets of the lefts propaganda. They’ve been bowing down to their leftist masters since the beginning of time lacking the ability to see that each new master makes their lives more miserable. But they continue to go back for more like a battered woman who has been told she won’t be hit again. They know nothing else than to be used and enslaved by their own for the promise of a few trinkets. Leftists know how to use those who have blindly trusted them. Obama is the Leftists last great hope. He doesn’t have much time left. They are going for broke.

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  27. Jeff Traube says:

    But of course, no press coverage for two black officers killed in line of duty in Philadelphia (Robert Wilson) and Atlanta (Terence Green) nor the white victims of black crime (See Daily Kenn). To translate the mainstream media spin – an unholy trinity of Radical Egalitarians, Marxist Jews and grievance minorities:
    A gentle giant (vicious felon) who was turning his life around (in the process of committing a crime) and heading for college (destined for prison) was shot down in an altercation (resisting arrest) with the police [report only if policeman is of European ancestry]. His family (enablers) commented what a wonderful person and how kind he was (when not acting unruly or committing crimes)

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  28. TheLastDemocrat says:

    The police chief apologizes.
    Good God.

    The parents need to apologize. If one of my kids acted like this,…

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  29. I honestly don’t understand this narrative…show his prom picture over his mug shot??? And the police chief not ” putting the victim on trial?” Why not? This “kid” was assaulting people in the street? Oh but wait….Mama said he wasn’t violent! This being political correct has to stop! Another police officer’s life has been ruined over a thug. And the more this goes on, the more thugs are learning they can get away with crime because the justice system is taking guns out of law enforcement’s hands.

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  30. Deadhead says:

    The pile of junk serving as a memorial is ridiculous! Why does it have to be by the street this time? And why is there one sorry looking teddy bear?


  31. Maggie says:

    Minorities are not obliged to obey laws or conduct themselves in a civilized manner due to historical grievances that they haven’t received huge lump sum checks for redress. It’s all the Evil White People’s fault. Thank you very much and you’re welcome. That is all.

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  32. Mr. Izz says:

    The race is on to protect violent criminals. The police chief ran out there as fast as he could to protect this criminal, then he ran to the media to defend him, then assured that everything will be taken care of properly.

    If I were an officer underneath this man, I would consider resigning and/or moving to a different city. Your chief doesn’t care about you, doesn’t care what happens to you, and doesn’t care if your life (or your family’s life) is threatened or destroyed. It is all about optics. He has chosen to defend criminals instead of officers that do their jobs. Do police lives matter? No. No they do not.

    By releasing the name immediately, there wasn’t any preparation time to the officer and his family to flee to safety, or to be protected from the onslaught of threats and violence. The media is saying that the chief did everything better, but we can see how “everything better” only involves criminals and protesters. Protecting the innocent isn’t a part of that plan.

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  33. lovemygirl says:

    So these weak kneed politicians think they’ve won by paying out millions to avoid riots.


  34. taqiyyologist says:

    It’s an appropriate Kipling poem.


  35. Alan says:

    People need to be knowledgeable of the “doctrine of hot pursuit” IF a law enforcement officer has his eyes on a suspect he wants to question, and the suspect flees into a dwelling, bawdy house or church (but not a mosque), he may follow, even making forced entry. The police officer has to be certain, hence the eyes on rule. So, the cop has rights to enter.


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