STUNNING !! American Sniper Will Be #1 War-Themed Movie of ALL TIME – Beating Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”!!

american sniper 5HOLLYWOOD – American Sniper has set its sights on another record: Within a matter of days, it will overtake Steven Spielberg’s WWII classic Saving Private Ryan to become the top-grossing war-themed film of all time in North America, not accounting for inflation.

Clint Eastwood’s history-making movie jumped the $200 million mark on Sunday, putting it ahead of Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, another WWII title topping out at $198.5 million domestically in 2001. American Sniper is distinct from those two film in being set during a modern-day conflict.

Saving Private Ryan, released in 1998, earned $216.7 million […] Sniper will cross $216 million sometime this week for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow.

American sniper 4

Films addressing recent conflicts have had a decidedly mixed track record, but American Sniper’s is benefiting from a massive turnout in America’s heartland, as well as from its six Oscar nominations, including best picture and best actor for Bradley Cooper’s performance as the late Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who fought in the second Iraq war.

In celebrating Sniper’s $200 million milestone, Warners domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman said that Eastwood “created a gripping drama with a rare insight into the toll of war that has resonated with audiences in almost every demographic.” (read more)

God bless our troops especially our snipers

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35 Responses to STUNNING !! American Sniper Will Be #1 War-Themed Movie of ALL TIME – Beating Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”!!

  1. aprilyn43 says:

    God Bless Our Troops …. Especially, Our Sniper’s!

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  2. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  3. stella says:

    Well-deserved success. Happy for Mrs. Kyle, and for Clint Eastwood. I haven’t seen it yet, but look forward to doing so.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    🙂 Love it! 🙂

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  5. doodahdaze says:

    Warning. Stay clear of libs. Exploding heads are dangerous.

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  7. angie says:

    Saw American Sniper last night. While this was not the best movie that I have ever seen but it was good and I think it will become a classic. The segues could have been better but I’m sure it was done for effect. I would compare it favorably and unfavorably to a couple of Gary Cooper movies, Sergeant York and The Pride of the Yankees ( Lou Gehrig story). I don’t want to introduce any elements of the movie that would spoil it for those who have not seen it to back up my statement.
    It’s definitely worth seeing.

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    Oh how I love hearing this. I want to see it so bad. I haven’t been to the movies but once in seventeen years. The last one I saw was Saving Private Ryan. We can’t afford movies but sure will rent one when we can. I checked and it’s not coming out on DVD until April.


  9. pspinach says:

    I was being punk’d then when told AS was not up for Oscars! This is tremendous!


  10. robertnotsowise says:

    only dropped 28 percent. that’s staggeringly LOW…

    this will clearly break 250mm. I’ll report midweek numbers

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  11. robertnotsowise says:

    friend at WB says they have revised their studio ultimates (the $ amount the film will “ultimately” make) to north of 300 million. that’s just domestic box office. it’s done over 50 million internationally thus far

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  12. lovemygirl says:

    Added my $ last night and thought it was $ well spent. I was even impressed with those Lazy-Boy type recliners the theatre now has. It was playing on 2 screens where I went and both were sold out until the 10:15 one when we went. I think I’ll take my wife out on another date soon. 😉

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  13. Murse says:

    Does anyone know if the Kyles are vested in the gross ticket sales? That would be nice if so.


    • froggielegs says:

      According to this article, she will.

      Course it looks like the investors of his company are going to be vultures too 😦 What a sad and pathetic world we live in


    • art tart says:

      Murse ~usually it’s the actors that sign up for the “back end profit” when they agree to taking a smaller salary up front, lower than they usually receive. Chris Kyle was paid for the rights to his book before his death since he met w/Eastwood & visited via phone w/Bradley Cooper, the planning of the movie/casting was under way. The movie may have helped sell more books as I have read many read the book after they saw the movie.

      Sandra Bullock was paid 80 million for Gravity for “back end profit.” She signed on to do Gravity for 10 million + a % of the box office. It was a huge success, she made a fortune as well as being nominated for best actress & the movie for Best Picture, it made a ton of money even though it didn’t win in either category.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cooper & Eastwood both took a “back end profit” deal, even Cooper/Eastwood didn’t dream the movie would be such a huge success as they have both stated.


  14. pspinach says:

    American Sniper will be a collector’s DVD item too.

    On a side note, never listen to those lib movie critics. Before Unbroken was even out in theatres, it was touted as an Oscar shoe in. The worst half of Brangelina, who is neither a military patriot nor ever a faithful believer, as opposed to Brad who calls himself 20% atheist and 80% agnostic, went the typical Olympic athlete as Jesus Christ on a cross (cheapening both lives). AS was said to be left out of Oscar contention, admittedly now, prior to its immense showing in box office. SMH.


    • pspinach says:

      went the typical Christ on a cross route to bring in the Christian audience.

      Day 5 of Barry’s second term. What else can go wrong for him?


  15. polk8dot says:

    God Bless The Sniper. God Bless Our Troops. God Bless America.

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    • big daddy says:

      First God Bless this country USA Thanks to our solders for their bravery.American Sniper was great.loved the movie…so proud of our military..CHRIS KYLE one bad ass dude…
      sad ending to his life.but it showed him still helping the people..How anyone could criticize this man or movie!!!! blows my mind, but thats your liberals..

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  16. froggielegs says:

    I loved this movie! Dare I say, I absolutely hated the movie Pearl Harbor. It was too much of a chick flick for me (which sounds funny coming from a chick LOL). This is a must see movie!

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  17. Lou says:

    I’ve seen Saving Private Ryan a couple dozen times, watched Lone Survivor twice today, but I can’t see how Pearl Harbor made so much money. I saw it on opening day myself, but Pearl Harbor just doesn’t belong in the same company as a movie like Saving Private Ryan.

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  18. Roger Michaels says:

    I saw it the day it came out. Loved it. As others have said, not the best movie ever made but will easily be a classic.

    Of note, I’ve talked to a handful of folks who have seen it – every one commented on the silence in the theater when the credits ended. When I was there, not one word was spoken by a sellout crowd, no applause, no small talk……. just silence, until we were in the lobby. Many were silently weeping. I had tears in my eyes. Wow. That alone was worth the price of admission. Very humbling.


  19. lovelyd24 says:


    As Hollywood weeps 🙂


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