DA John Champion On Gangs In Panola County Mississippi: “well, we might have a little problem”…

Jessica Lane Chambers – Open Discussion Research Thread

District Attorney John Champion moves from “nah, we don’t have gangs” on 12/9/14, to “well, we might have a problem with gangs“, on 12/17/14, “but doesn’t everybody“?

Panola county sheriff, Dennis “Jesus Solves My Crimes” Darby, apparently unavailable for comment.

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  1. Anon says:

    Heard local talk of a shooting in courtland sunday. Heard car with Iowa? tags had road barricaded, man drove up and got out and was shot, got back in his vehicle and drove to hospital and is expected to be okay. Shooter was supposedly 15 yr old male. Could just be gossip, but just passing along.. Maybe check Panolian? I can possibly get more details later. Just overheard a conversation


  2. White Hat JD says:

    Would it be possible to do a daily recap of where we are. It is hard to keep up with all of the comments and say on top of this. Just a quick summary for new people coming in to catch up possibly major new ideas thrown out each day or theories being floated. If someone is going to read it all, could they keep a rough outline and post a summary. Just a thought. We need a program just keep up with the starring characters here. 🙂

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    • cajunkelly says:

      Good googly gosh, a program listing all the quasi starring characters would end up being fifty pages long, in the smallest type available!

      There is ONE starring character here, IMO, and that is JESSICA. The name of the yet-to-be exposed villan (NOT a co-star) will be the repugnant EVIL sub human FILTH who took Jessica’s life. A pox on that person, and every individual who is protecting that person.

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  3. Sean Williams says:

    Someone is gonna spill the beans for that reward money. Every Facebook page in this town is guys holding up high sums of money in there hand..I gotta believe for the reward money someone’s gonna blow the lid off this and speak up..


  4. Lou Lou says:

    In the gang lifestyle if you join a gang the gangster hopeful is , * jumped in* that means all the gang members jump you and beat you up, if you pass the test you’re accepted , but if you have a change of heart and want out of the gang , you can’t just leave a gang , you would have too much info on them and they would view you as a threat

    It is permanent . As permanent as the tattoos on your neck . The gang , in essence , owns you .

    Was Jessica trying to get out of that lifestyle so they killed her ?


    • pbscblog says:

      I don’t see any evidence of Jessica being in the black squad or any other gang. With all of the gang-outting photos i believe something would have turned up if she were indeed involved.


      • Ziiggii says:

        she throws a sign in at least one photo. But, honestly that could be ignorance of what she was doing to some degree for all I know


        • sidneyaneres says:

          That question would be easier answered if one of her friends had seen a tattoo to tie her to a gang. I would think her friends might only answer that question if the po po asked it.


        • NEWS SCOOP says:

          Can someone post the photo of her showing a gang sign?


          • moogey says:

            It was posted on one of the earlier threads. Part of putting a story together is going back and forth between links & threads & seeing information that one doesn’t know at the time may be important to a future question. I have seen at least two different photos posted on previous Threads with Jessica using hand gestures. Whether they are gang signs or not, that is not my interest. I do know that prior Threads also provide informational posts on gang lifestyles, language, signs, enemies, etc. and might be useful in making that determination for those who are interested in deciphering the language. Good Luck.


  5. In my humble opinion, this was indeed a continuation of the ongoing racial attacks. A small twisted little town with a victim of convenience. A place where one can’t tell where the gangs stop and the Law begins. The good ‘ol boy network obviously has a hooked ring in its nose. The multiple rapes being just a linear step in a seamless sequence of violence. I think they actually thought in the current atmosphere that they would get away with it. Either way we know that with the gangs, DOJ and the collective oathbreakers the true enemy of freedom has His civil million man army. Know the times in which we live. This crime WILL break and at least someone will pay…but I don’t think all those complicit will pay.

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  6. aprilyn43 says:

    Just because “Ali” was at the store doesn’t mean he’s not involved in this crime, it just means he’s wasn’t present, in physical form. Also, the FBI is looking into threats against “Ali”?? .. Please tell me a case concerning a tortured, burned alive, dead girl takes first place … But, the FBI is a government agency, and …. White lives don’t really count, not in this administration.

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  7. Alane says:

    The call from Jessica came in around 8:15. Ali admits on a recent interview tape that he took the pic of the car on the trailer at 9:30 or 10:00pm local time at his station. It sounds like he’s about to say 8 something…. (4:05 into this video) http://www.newsms.fm/gas-station-clerk-responds-police-clear-suspect-jessica-chambers-case-video/ What kind of crime scene investigation occurred AT NIGHT in that short amount of time? I’m guessing none? Subtract time for putting out the fire and loading the car and transporting it to the gas station. I am mystified beyond belief. How do people put up with the incompetence/corruption?

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  8. dsp says:

    I’m a Southerner. I live Not close but within a reasonable drive of that county. I’ll go there this weekend if anyone can give me some idea of what info on the ground might be useful that can’t otherwise be obtained.


    • coeurdaleneman says:

      The key to this case is the dynamic of the southern part of the parking lot, out of security camera range. At night.

      Look, this is not very complicated. Jessica went to the M&M with a set of intentions that changed once upon arrival. It’s highly doubtful that her dad knew about any of them, before or after. Unless he had a mole there? Not likely. Her mom did not know anything once Jessica changed her mind, either.

      No, there is only a small subset of Courtlanders that had access to her intentions. Ali, possibly, but doubtful. Someone on her phone (of whom the cops would have knowledge). Or someone in that parking lot. I don’t think that she was affected by anything inside the M&M itself.

      I am convinced that Jessica did not leave that lot with intentions of finding a dark spot to, for instance, smoke by herself. Therefore, conspiracy theories about being accosted by her dad or a stranger are very remote. No, Jessica left after being invited by someone on her phone or somebody at the lot.

      Personally, I’d like to have a feel for what goes on there. People coming and going quickly, like for drug deals? Folks on foot and in autos hanging around for hours? The suspicious part of the M&M is behind the building, and halfway toward the tip of the triangle in the southern part of the lot. I wouldn’t hang out there, only watch from a vantage point up Carlisle Road or across from Highway 51. It’s not a mission that I would take without serious safety concerns, though.

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    • partyzantski says:

      What you are asking for is Intelligence Requirements (IR). Read this and it will help structure what you are doing and maximize your use of time http://www.globalsecurity.org/intell/library/policy/army/fm/34-8-2/34-8-2ap-d.pdf
      http://armypubs.army.mil/doctrine/DR_pubs/dr_a/pdf/fm3_55.pdf and then just google “intelligence collection matrix”. It will help you structure what you are looking at doing.

      I do not see any decisions that would be made from it (hence not PIR), but what you appear to seek to do is develop the situation. To be up front with you, I would ask you to consider your own safety in doing this. The woods are deep there. Is your personal risk worth what you hope to achieve? (is the juice worth the squeeze?)

      I would not presume to tell you how to go about your business, but if you go, have a plan for what you want to see (I know, you are asking for that input). To keep some degree of OPSEC going for you, it might be best to move your IR process out of public view so that you do not telegraph your moves.

      I know what I’d suggest for you to consider and look at, but I would not put it out publicly. Maybe something could be worked out via admin? Your call, but however you go or don’t with this, may God be with you.


  9. JACK JONES says:

    Any more info on the notion Jessica was an informant for the police because of prior issues with the law ? Heard this bandied about a few times that she was a confidential informant. But it’s unlikely there is any or would be proof, I’m sure just more scuttlebutt, however that would sure be motive for a gang that one of their own was a snitch. Not saying she was in the gang but she dated one. Probably just a baseless rumor.


  10. TexasJustice says:

    I have a little something to report. A friend a television station in Atlanta said the “media chatter” in this case is starting to evolve around the targeting of blacks.

    I sent a text this afternoon asking why it wasn’t being covered more – especially in the south? She said the only time it came up in the (news directors stand up?) was that blacks were being named and harassed on social media.

    Can you believe that? We have what has to be at least 75% confirmed as “some” kind of hate crime and the narrative is developing into a race thing AGAIN!!!

    I don’t think it will help much (she is technical type employee) but I still sent her all the links I could and asked that she try to get them in front of someone to tell the real story.

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  11. MississippiGirl says:

    Please excuse my curiosity but I have a couple of questions. I apologize if they were previously answered somewhere else.
    1. Ben Chambers profile picture…. Who is the little girl? She looks a lot like Jessica so I assumed they were sisters but a Kevin Childress has tagged himself in the picture, over the child’s face. On Kevin’s profile he is complaining about not getting to see his little girl.
    2. Lisa Daughertry is Jessica’s mother, correct? Go to her profile and look at the names of her friends that have liked her profile pictures. The majority of them have some very interesting names.


  12. MississippiGirl says:

    Ha! Yes, like him! She has some very interesting acquaintances!

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