Ben Chambers Discusses Daughter Jessica: “She was getting on the right track. She had learned her lessons from being in bad relationships,”

Ben Chambers tells NBC Jessica Lane Chambers had left a battered woman shelter two months prior to her murder.  This explains the letter to her niece….

jessica angel(VIA NBC) Friends and family members of Jessica Chambers, the Mississippi woman who was set on fire and burned to death this week, packed a funeral chapel Saturday to remember her life — as questions remained about who killed her in such a horrible way.

Deborah Sanders, the 19-year-old’s aunt, said before the service at Wells Funeral in Batesville that the support of the community following the young woman’s death has helped comfort the family, but they are desperate to find whoever killed her. Hundreds attended the woman’s wake Friday.

“We’re going to focus our energy on the capture of those who did this,” said Sanders, who planned to honor her by decorating a Christmas tree in her honor — the holiday was Jessica’s favorite time of year. “Her mother and I were there when she took her last breath,” Sanders added. “The fire took all that away.”


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Rev. Larry Kilgore told around 300 mourners Saturday that Chambers “fought some battles, some very tough battles,” but that she was committed to improving her life before she was killed. He shared the feelings of many who wondered why someone would kill the teen. “Our hearts are hurting, our spirits are burdened,” he said.

Jessica’s father, Ben Chambers, said his daughter left a battered women’s shelter a few months before she was killed. “She was getting on the right track. She had learned her lessons from being in bad relationships,” he told NBC News Saturday.

Authorities say Chambers was doused in a flammable liquid and set on fire on a back road in Panola County on Dec. 6, and firefighters found her badly injured but still alive. She later died at a hospital in Memphis. Police have made no arrests, but have questioned one person in the case, who denied knowing her, NBC station WMC reported. A reward on Friday was upped to $11,000 for information leading to her killer. (link)

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629 Responses to Ben Chambers Discusses Daughter Jessica: “She was getting on the right track. She had learned her lessons from being in bad relationships,”

  1. Moishe Pipik says:

    What I find interesting is non-Black people have no problems with considering the character of the victim, and any self-imposed problems she may have brought to herself.

    In the Black community, you can never question anyone’s character. Every black person is a Saint, and all issues are, figuratively and literally, black and white.


  2. thisissomeofwhatsgoingon says:



  3. thisissomeofwhatsgoingon says:

    just imagine yourself as a nineteen year old in that situation fearful and scary


    • thisissomeofwhatsgoingon says:

      and imagine if you did not come from a strong family whom does not love you unconditional. you see how wrong your decisions are and want to to do right but in many ways you are on your own and sometimes the path is so unclear. I believe she was wanting to the right side of life…but she had seen so much evil. evil killed her. my opinion.


      • thisissomeofwhatsgoingon says:

        I believe she was wanting to go to the right side of life……because she had seen so much evil. evil did kill her.


        • thisissomeofwhatsgoingon says:

          these young (our children)need to know they have mom,dad,family,and Home,they can run to for love, care and protection.We love you.
          I wonder if she had a Home she could run to for her safety?


    • whodoneit says:

      Imagine yourself being nineteen and not “going there” to begin with. It’s all about “choices”.


  4. d'hack says:

    Is this a marketing piece??


  5. reconcharlie76 says:

    JESSICA is on L Arm in shot


  6. reader says:

    Everything mentioned but the elephant in the room.

    whoever cares about western civilization should make jessica chambers more famous on social media than kim kardashian.


  7. reader says:

    She didn’t want to play gang bang with the gang anymore, and knew too much about their dirt.


  8. Paul says:

    A cautionary tale writ in flames. Hope a few MTV victims will heed it.


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