The Media VS. Reality – Special Snowflakes Seek A More Leftist Locale…

To listen to the media versions of the Kaci Hickox story you might believe she is perceived as a celebrated heroine. However, the truth is fundamentally divergent. She is a visible personification of all things selfish, self-serving and smug; a pariah amid her own community.

As we shared last month: “at what cost do you want to fight – we the people”?

kaci hickox skype(MAINE) Nurse Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend are leaving Maine next week for parts unknown.

Hickox made national headlines last week when she fought efforts to quarantine her in New Jersey and Maine because she had just returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.  Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, say they will stay in Maine through Monday, when a state court order expires.

Her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, withdrew from an accelerated nursing program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent on Friday and said the couple will stay through Monday, after which a state court order expires and Hickox will no longer have to submit to daily health monitoring, inform state officials of travel plans and let them know if her health changes.

Wilbur said the couple will depart Fort Kent in the middle of next week, drop off some items in storage in southern Maine, and then leave the state.  (read more)

Perhaps Kaci will find solace somewhere with Sandra Fluke and Wendy Davis… 

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61 Responses to The Media VS. Reality – Special Snowflakes Seek A More Leftist Locale…

  1. angie says:

    You’re right, sundance. I’ve kept up on articles about Kaci. In the comments sections of those articles, maybe 1 in 50 is sympathetic to her-it may be even less than that. The others call her selfish and say her license should be pulled.

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    • Lorra B. says:

      I can’t imagine how she felt but how could she not also think of others and what her choices could do to impact those around her? Being in the medical field I would think she would, with complete understanding, submit to a home quarantine? I believe, even if she where sure she was Ebola free, that her actions where selfish and self-righteous. Like I said, I can’t imagine how she feels or felt, and am sure it was very hard, but if it was someone else she would undoubtedly expect them to remain in quarantine….just sayin….

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      • Daniel says:

        She is the classic, arrogant “nothing bad happens to me” living a life of delusion. A delusional, unrealistic medical professional isn’t anyone that is needed in the medical profession. She has demonstrated she cannot be trusted to “do no harm” and she wouldn’t be the first of her kind as I have known many others. Like police who see civilians as someone who needs to be herded as cattle, so too do many in the medical profession. She cannot serve as an example, let alone as a leader which is required of critical decision makers in the medical field.

        All she needed to do was to appreciate the situation objectively and take a break of a few weeks to satisfy the concerns of the rest of the civilized world. If she emerged clear of the disease, she would have been celebrated as the hero she already is in her mind. It’s unfortunate she isn’t what she thinks she is. “Delayed gratification” is a sign of intelligence. She failed that test miserably.


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        • Lorra B. says:

          Its a sad thing to me, Daniel. These folks take positions to help the comunity and, yes, to do no harm. Is it the ‘God’ complex that gets to them, the pressure, the nightmare of their positions, or is it just bad inate tendencies these folks suffer from? I find myself in a baffled state when contemplating the nature and weaknesses of the human race at times…

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          • arttart1983 says:

            Hi Lorra B. ~ you may be right, it may well be the “God Complex” that some physicians & nurses project. imo, Ted Wilbur is a POS, self absorbed, narcissus that feels he’s far more important than anyone else attending the 2 yr. nursing program at the college. He was given back his tuition/I bet the school/his peers were delighted he withdrew.

            imo if I were an employer, I wouldn’t be interested in hiring Hickox because of the drama she caused over the quarantine, her attitude of “I’m smarter than everybody else” is a glaring negativity of a future employer imo. I would think she/Wilbur did suck up all the negative “energy” directed at their arrogance in the comments in the National News articles. Even Hickox acknowledged she wouldn’t enter the small town as the residents didn’t want her there, they didn’t support her.

            Shout out to Hickox/Wilbur: I don’t think anybody give’s a rat’s a$$ where you move to, good radiance!


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Ah, Ebola Girl. Does she think she can find a place where NO ONE will recognize her?


  3. Vainamoinen says:

    There are Speshul Snoflakes on the right as well. They seek more rightist locales also, like offshore tax havens, ship registries, dual citizenship, etc., so they can starve a system of their money despite having made their (speculative) money out of that system. Instead of changing the system they complain about, they whine and play the victim…while reviling the degenerates whose only modus operandi is whining and playing the victim.

    The operative issue here isn’t left versus right. The operative issue here is that white people who made this system and this republic no longer feel any allegiance to it or other whites. Ms. Wilcox has demonstrated that she doesn’t care one whit about anything but her own selfish whims. In the far north of the Ice Age, she would have been driven out into the blizzard to fend for herself.

    Good evidence of all of this is several entries earlier: your Flanders Fields one. The 20th century was one massive civil war between white nations and tribes. The poppies grow there now because the elite Eurotrash of the late 19th and early 20th centuries wanted nothing more than to perpetuate their decadence and the expense of the most diligent and hard working people. England, France, Germany, Russia–tied together and riven by the same sort of elitists whose ghosts wander in people like Kaci Wilcox. Those who have no allegiances whatever except to their own egos and the principle of personal gain.

    Kaci Wilcox isn’t a leftist, she is a selfish narcissistic princess.


  4. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    It was interesting to read about students leaving the classroom when Wilbur walked in, and that he had threats made against him. Apparently, the people in Maine were not sympathetic. There were a lot of libs in the comments calling people anti-science morons though. I guess the phrase “rock-ribbed Republicans” to describe people of Maine no longer applies. [e.g. see Snowden and Collins]


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I think he said there were threats made against him, but the way I read it the students leaving the classroom never happened. He was just afraid it would. “Wilbur was concerned about the threats and also about potential silent protests, such as students getting up and leaving a room when he entered.” “Potential silent protests”

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      • boutis says:

        He wanted the school to “prevent” or forbid any students from disagreeing with him or Hickox. He wanted the school to force other students into his presence against their will and better judgement. Their insistence that they only were the arbiter of public health, who and what college age students were to be exposed to against their and their parents and teachers will, Hickox agreeing to quarantine in Maine in order to be allowed to leave NJ of which she lied, boyfriend agreeing to stay off campus and attend by telephone hookup of which he changed his mind, the financial damage to the entire town because she had to ride a bicycle for spite making people avoid the town, all led to the town shunning them to get them out because neither is anything but a temporary resident. Anyone else wonder why she didn’t go to her mother’s house? Maybe she is sick of her stunts too.

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      • yankeeintx says:

        Exactly, her boyfriend sounds more like a girlfriend (see we were right all along). He is whining and worrying about what might happen to him. I don’t know if I believe there were threats made against him.


      • Thanks so much for correcting me.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Oh, I hope I didn’t offend. It was just when I first read those lines in the article, I was shocked by his fear of having this happen to him. Just the fear it might happen.


      • polk8dot says:

        ~ “We’re going to try to get our lives back on track,” Wilbur said Friday night.

        ~ Wilbur was concerned about the threats and also about potential silent protests, such as students getting up and leaving a room when he entered. ( I wonder if he also demanded a brain waive-scanner and micro-aggression detector be installed at the door, and the thought police to monitor everyone in his vicinity. Because clearly the danger was not from him to other students, but the other way around…SMDH)

        ~ He ‘agreed to campus officials’ demands “under duress”‘.

        ~ School officials refused to agree to talk to students ahead of time about his return and warn about acts that would not be tolerated.

        ~ Wilbur said Hickox needs to find a job, but her background, including experience in public health programs, means she should be able to find something quickly. He also said she plans to talk with medical groups that are in West Africa about returning to treat Ebola patients.

        Wilbur got a full refund of the tuition he paid at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. He said he has a strong academic record and isn’t concerned about finding another school where he can pursue a nursing degree.

        Listening to his whining you’d think they just freed themselves from some savage captivity, at least on par with our troops in a war theater. Next thing they’ll be claiming PTSD from ‘this awful, inhumane ordeal’ and demanding lifetime disability benefits.

        Aaaaaaannd…now we know what the whole purpose behind their publicity chasing was. Hickox was building herself a platform off which to springboard into some new, lucrative,public engagements-based job. I bet they projected that such level of exposure will be extremely profitable and an instant draw for a lot of businesses out there, to get her on board and cash in on her ‘fame’ and ‘agenda’. Sucks for them to have miscalculated so egregiously. 😆
        Oh the delusions of grandeur…..

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  5. libby says:

    She wasn’t offered a promotion contingent on scaring locals of remote rural villages?
    Yup, i am in no way surprised at the outcome.
    The muderous slanderous media (msm) never discuss the need to find new work since: a) she’s more popular than mother Theresa and (here’s the kicker), b) her employer is the cdc and they just gave her a big phat raise, a bonus, & that promised promotion.

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    • yankeeintx says:

      Just like Obama wanted Bergdahl to get a hero’s welcome, he wanted her to be seen as a sympathetic hero too. Americans have wised up and we are not falling for it.

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  6. lynnielu says:

    I am done with this one. Can’t stand to look at her anymore!


  7. In her world, Africans were important enough for her to fly over there and risk her life treating them, but Americans were so unimportant she couldn’t be bothered to take three weeks off and stay home, just in case she had been exposed to Ebola.

    Does she really think that simply relocating is going to be all it takes to solve her problems? She ostracized an entire town in Maine. That’s not exactly promising as far as her being a “good neighbor” goes.

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  8. arttart1983 says:

    Did Hickox not have a job to come back to? For some reason, I thought she worked for the CDC, but in what capacity IDK.


  9. Moishe Pipik says:

    She thinks that because she’s so “good” and goes to Africa to help the poor savages (because that’s how Liberals view them), she should get a pass to do whatever she wants. She believes she’s better than the rest of us, and if a few of us get Ebola, we deserve it anyway.

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  10. jello333 says:

    I’ve been spending a lot of time at doctors and the hospital recently (tests and stuff for my mom). Pretty much every person we talk with — nurses, doctors, aides — the subject of Ebola comes up. And about a dozen times it’s even been about Kaci Hickox. And EVERY SINGLE person (who by the way, aren’t noticeably on one side or the other of the political spectrum) feels the same way: She is a selfish person who is making the medical profession look bad.

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    • jello333 says:

      By the way, I want to be clear that I think this woman (or anyone else) who goes to Africa (or anywhere else) to try to help people who really need it is admirable. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that she should expect special treatment when she returns. Whether she’s a nurse doing dangerous work, or just an average person who accidentally came into contact with someone… either way, they should understand that this is bigger than any single person. And she especially, with her healthcare background, should know better than to act as she has.

      What she tried to do in Africa was a very good thing….

      What she has done since then, not so much.

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  11. texan59 says:

    No offense, but don’t give her any ideas about hangin’ with Wendy. We don’t need anymore goofballs down here.


  12. yankeeintx says:

    So because she won her case, and her freedom, does that mean our soldiers coming back can ignore quarantine orders?


  13. justfactsplz says:

    Well, Tex don’t want her and I don’t want her here so I guess she better stay out of the South. Maybe she could go to Mexico.


  14. TheLastDemocrat says:

    What’s up with Kaci?
    My repeated theme: she is in a virtue-cult with the rest of the progressives.
    They have the “special knowledge” and the “right beliefs” and the rest of us are either ignorant/uninformed, or evil/bad.

    She is above the rest of us, and does not have to play by the rules we have to play by.

    States have their reserved powers, the police powers, including the regulation of population health, including quarantine.

    Law at the federal level does come into play, since to quarantine someone compromises some civil rights. However, the legal system generally acknowledges the reasonable practices of the states out of deference, relative to federal-level/Constitutional-level civil-rights claims.

    Unless Maine was wildly off base, they are the final word on the matter of who should be quarantined and for how long.

    Kaci answers to a higher authority – the one-world-government of elitist intellectuals.

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  15. carterzest says:



      • Wizzum says:

        How can there be a budget deficit when there hasn’t been a budget for 6 years?

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        • carterzest says:

          A ProgLibTard friend posted that on her Facebook tonight. The comments are priceless. I have this one friend, in fact, she is the only person I know that was able to signup for ACA. She stated early on, as soon as the website was up, that she was able to register successfully online.(not one person was able to register online for (UN)CoverOregon! 😀

          Here is her comment today after the above photo:
          Damn. Just when I can finally afford health insurance (because of the Affordable Heathcare Act!)…

          She has backed it up a bit after I called her out on the enrolling online fib, now its just the ACA.


      • Murse says:

        wow, someone has been smoking the crack big time!

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        Think the Dems got a case of sour grapes, much? The wine they’ve been drunk on since Obama’s coronation has turned to vinegar and it’s making their cheeks pucker. 😄

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      • Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

        “Here is what you rejected by by voting out the Democrats”

        Here’s a clue: The American voting public figured out that the points on your list are nothing but a pile of warm horsecrap, in addition to Obama being nothing but a bona fide loser on the international stage.

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      • Burnt Toast says:


        I did not know any of that – references would have been helpful, without which I have to discount all of it as made up.

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  16. kellyseamus says:

    I wonder if there’s a way to get her back to Sierra Leone to do more good work along with the BF. Some kind of immunity, familiarity, compassion…that sort of thing.


  17. notyours says:

    She’s a Valerie Flame type CIA agent, if you ask me. Psyop agent with her handler boyfriend. The op was to beta test quarantine and it worked to perfection. These ops make you mad and get your blood boiling to see how you react. Will the people let the government put you away, if the government says it’s for your own good or just disappear you. Obama is a master of psyop’s which tends to make me believe he’s been trained in this by the company. His so called mother in law funneled money through her bank in Hawaii for USAID, in off book blackops and regime change programs . Cognitive dissonance just doesn’t allow you to believe people can be this selfish and corrupt.


    • Egghead says:

      Yes, that’s what I said in another comment: Without much effort, the government can have people BEGGING for mandatory ebola vaccinations and mass quarantines.


  18. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    “Nurse Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend are leaving Maine next week for parts unknown.”

    San Francisco. A match made in heaven.

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  19. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  20. whodoneit says:

    I still believe that this entire scenario runs much deeper than just the issue of a selfish bitch. I think she is a progressive plant who’s purpose is to stir up sympathy for the poor mistreated and abused volunteer health workers who come back from West Africa only to face the horrendously brutal threat of – dare I say it? – housebound quarantine. According to our president and the “experts” of CDC, such a common sense requirement implemented in order to protect the American population from contracting Ebola is not only a deterrent for workers to go to West Africa: but an unwarranted infringement their rights. Screw the American public. The risk is worth it in order to help West Africans. But by all means quarantine our military members who were sent there against their will. We are being had, people. And this dizzy dame is part of it.

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  21. ensitue says:

    I have noted a propensity for crazy PPL to be drawn towards mental health care, Crims to become police officers, Megalomaniacs to become Politicians, Radicals and liars to become journalists and as was especially clear in the Nazi Regime, Murderous thugs to become Doctors and Nurses. An Italian nurse recently confessed to torturing and murdering over 60 patients. I suggest everyone read Evil Genes as a primer to understanding such behavior

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  22. TexasRanger says:

    Well what do you know…………………….

    Looks like Ms Me, Me, Me, Kaci Hickox cut herself a deal!

    Ebola Nurse Doll That Looks Like Kaci Hickox Now On Sale Just in Time for the Holiday’s and, only $29.99.

    The socially relevant gift: The “Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure.” made by
    yet socially relevant gift: The “Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure”.

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