White House: “Our ISIS Strategy Is Dependent Upon Something That Is Not Yet In Place”….

…. and that is Syrian forces on the ground who can fight ISIS !

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot !

question markWhat the heck are Syrian Kurds if not “Syrian forces on the ground who can fight ISIS” ?

This makes absolutely no sense.

By their own statements – The White House is willing to watch 10,000 Syrian Kurds die fighting ISIS in Kobane as the Pentagon works to train 5,000 Syrians to hopefully fight in April 2015.

Can the broad electorate see that Obama’s actual objective is to allow ISIS to win Syria?

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23 Responses to White House: “Our ISIS Strategy Is Dependent Upon Something That Is Not Yet In Place”….

  1. sundance says:


  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Well if I was doing targeting, drones, tomahawks, maybe be some heavy Iron from B52s. Now on the other hand, deception is a combat muliplyer, maybe pull back and watch the big picture.
    So what’s not in place? Phone call from their girl Valerie, Obola hasn’t attended prayers yet, what could not be in place? Oh do you mean those attacks that were scheduled to go down around the US, UK, Europe, or Israel.


  3. Obama is NOT sympathetic to the plight of the Kurds. He wants Islamic rule and any hint of secularism must be eliminated. The “moderate” rebels he wants to arm and train are the ones who will join up, when the time is opportune, with ISIS to complete the overthrow of Assad and complete the ISIS takeover of Syria. This is not going to end well for the Middle East. Instead of eliminating ISIS, the U.S., under Obama, is aiding and abetting them.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I wouldn’t want to be the next guy to have the job of providing Obola with his Mid East intelligence briefs. He will certainly be rolled under the bus by Teh Won when the 5,000 fighters we train and arm join the IS and help overthrow Assad.

      Barry will just say “Hey! My advisers gave me bad intel so we didn’t know who was who! How was I to know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s cousin was an IS sympathizer?”

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    • Josh says:

      You are correct, txconservativemomof2. I would add: “This is not going to end well for the Middle East” and everywhere else.


  4. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The Turks do not like the Kurds and would just as soon see them all killed off. The Obama administration is heavily influenced by the Brotherhood which is Sunni (as in Turkey) who in general do not like the Kurds it also seems that there are those in Turkey that support ISIS so letting Kobane fall to the ISIS make perfect sense.


    • polk8dot says:

      Zero and his administration is so adamant, so ferocious in their dedication to Erdogan and his geo-political and religious aims, they will turn themselves into a pretzel in order to excuse our own illogical actions and inaction which stem from and follow that muslim’s interests.
      And how come the ‘one year, at least’ needed for training the ‘moderate Syrian unicorn army’ has suddenly turned into ‘they’ll be ready by April 2015’ to join the fight? We won’t start till at least Nov, and probably much later, as we still do not know whom to train, and if/when we find them, they will still have to be ‘vetted’, and yet have them ‘ready to fight’ in barely 5 months plus??
      I understand that under our education system, 2+2= not 4 but whatever you want, but even the magical thinking has its limits.


      • rashomon says:

        You are so on target. “Whatever. I didn’t read the newspaper yesterday. So? We’re off to see the Wizard…, How’s that working fer ya?” This administration is clueless.


  5. #notinplace
    the caliphate

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  6. Hughes Angell says:

    Saw USAF B-1 bombers over Kobane on the news last night. The Air Force is doing what it can to keep ISIS from overrunning the town but without someway to reinforce or just resupply the Kurds there they are probably doomed.

    Beyond the is Obama a closet Jihadist issue, there is the practical problem that Turkey is a NATO member and a key one given Putin’s ambitions and compared to that major problem, ISIS and the Kurds are a side show. One I wouldn’t even be bothering with. The US has inflamed this problem by giving the Kurds unrealistic expectations of what they can get out of the Syrian and Iraqi fighting. If they want an independent nation in Northern Iraq they can probably have that. The US might even force the Shia regime in Baghdad to let Kirkuk go since if the Kurds don’t get it ISIS will but they aren’t going to get their Syrian enclave unless they come to terms with Turkey so I’d put the ball in the Turkish Kurds court. Erdogan is going to want Turkey’s Kurds to meet his conditions if they want Turkey to intervene against ISIS. Do that and a grand bargain might be struck in which the Kurds get their Northern Iraq and Syrian enclave in return for being Turkey’s ally against Iran. My two cents anyway.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Let me go back a post or two to my smarmy reply about the Germans training the Kurds. Hey, that early in the AM smarmy is what you get. The US, Germany are training the Kurds and what about the Turks?
    The Germans have been under CDU leadership, Reich Chancellor Merkel at the helm for nearly 10 years now. A lot of Germans are not happy with the Turk guest workers they had to import after the war to make up for the lack of a labor force needed for Germany to recover. The Germans are not the most ethnically accepting folks in Europe (as the events from 1935ish to 1945 hint at) and the thoughts (and hopes) were that these Ausländer would go home after a few year; some 50 years later and guess what? Every now and then a latter day mini-Kristallnacht pops up when nationalistic Germans attack some ethnic Turk housing units, trying to get them to unass Greater Duetschland and go home – even though many of these people are 2nd3rd or more born–in-Germany.
    Enter Merkel and the CDU. Coincidentally the CDU has a BIG plank in its platform based on keeping Turkey out of the EU – that’s right, arguably the main reason that Turkey has been denied that EU seat it so desperately wants is because the Germans do not want Turkey in it. The rest of the EU just sits on its hands as Germans are THE EU power both in industrial production and EU financing. Merkel and the CDU have been keeping Turkey out of the EU while keeping Turkey in NATO to screen NATO’s southern flank, and from the German election results the overwhelming majority of Germans agree with that position.
    Germany has been training, arming and riding herd over the Kurds for years, this is nothing new. I take it as sort of a national finger in the eye to Turkey, why else treat Turkey worse than they treat the old Bloc? The Germans are constantly pulling the EU football away from an endlessly hopeful Turkey while training and equipping Turkey’s main enemy. That ‘whatever’ reason the Germans have of nationally giving Turkey the finger while asking it to be a good friend is an ongoing thing – like ‘friends with (German) benefits’. This latest rotation of German trainers and equipment in isn’t some new humanitarian gesture, it’s part of an ongoing, low-level provocation. As the issue’s so rarely mentioned this release makes it sound like some special and unique event but it’s just something that bubbled up.


    • Hughes Angell says:

      Germans and Turks were allies in WW1. EU membership for Turkey is opposed not just by Germany, in fact, Greece would veto Turkish membership. The reality is that having been kept out of Europe, Turkey under Erdogan is looking for a new role and towards that end has been re-Islamizing Turkish society and perhaps, envisioning a new Ottoman Empire.


    • rashomon says:

      This is why I enjoy CTH. Lots of people with lots of experience and different viewpoints that make you think twice. TY all for your contributions to the knowledge pool.


      • czarowniczy says:

        In my case y’all paid for me to soak in all of this miscellaneous crap over the years, might as well get some return on your investment even if it is argumentative.


  8. skeptiktank says:

    The Kurds are not asking the Turks to fight their battles for them. They just want permission to send Peshmerga fighters through turkey to cross the border at Kobane. http://basnews.com/en/News/Details/Barzani-Asks-Turkey-to-Let-Peshmerga-Through-to-Kobani/36887


  9. ensitue says:

    A hint for Obola’s Bagdad Bob:
    It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt


  10. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Not all news from Iraq or Syria is bad:

    “150 IS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga Forces”

    After a number of villages in Khurmatu area, in Salahaddin Province, were freed from the Islamic State (IS) militants by the cooperation of both Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and 150 IS insurgents surrendered themselves to those forces.


    He also pointed out that a big number of IS militants were killed in the clashes and the bodies are left in the frontlines


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    • John Galt says:

      “150 IS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga Forces”

      So they beheaded captured Kurdish troops then turned around and surrendered? Good luck with that.


      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Now water board these POSs find out the who, what, why, where, and when. Either put them to death, or use them to clear IEDs on the roads. These IS POS fought under the blog flag, “no quarter”, then show them no quarter. Or make a propaganda movie, on the beach, with some local hotties, driving nice cars’, having a good time, or infect them with the some commutable virus and set them free towards the IS lines……..there are many options on what to do………


  11. doodahdaze says:

    Time to get rid of Obama and “Rock the Casbah!” Cause….we don’t like it.

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  12. maryfrommarin says:

    “Our ISIS Strategy Is Dependent Upon Something That Is Not Yet In Place”

    Like courage, integrity, and morality. And I doubt they’ll EVER be in place with this gang.

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  13. Crystal says:

    That “something” will conveniently fall into place right before he leaves office in January 2017. That way, he can claim success should events fall in our favor. If his strategy proves to be a disaster, he’ll then blame the next administration. That’s how he rolls. ALWAYS.


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