CDC Calls Ebola Outbreak “Perfect Viral Storm” As Infected Count Reaches Almost 4,000 With Over 1,500 Fatalities…

AFRICA – The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is distinctly different from any over the last 40 years, several public health officials said Monday, making it far more challenging to control.

ebola 4

As of Friday, 3,944 people had been confirmed infected with Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal since December, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which has admitted that it is likely under-counting cases. More than half of the victims have died.

The epidemic is growing exponentially in both Liberia and Sierra Leone, and a WHO doctor was evacuated from Sierra Leone Monday after coming down with the virus, the organization said Monday. The WHO declined to release any details about the sick doctor.

ebola 3

In Liberia, where nearly 2,000 people have been diagnosed, “the number of new cases is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them,” according to a news release from the WHO.

One treatment center set up to manage 30 patients had more than 70 demanding treatment as soon as it opened, the release said. It takes about 200-250 medical personnel to safely manage 70 Ebola patients, WHO officials have said.

Healthcare workers have been extremely hard-hit by the fast-moving epidemic, with more than 240 infected across the region. There were hardly any doctors in Liberia, population 4.4 million, when the outbreak began, so “every infection or death of a doctor or nurse depletes response capacity significantly,” according to the WHO release.

How did the outbreak get so far out of control? Several factors created a “perfect storm” of disaster, said Barbara Knust, a virologist and veterinarian with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (read more)

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22 Responses to CDC Calls Ebola Outbreak “Perfect Viral Storm” As Infected Count Reaches Almost 4,000 With Over 1,500 Fatalities…

  1. I know the CDC thinks that they will be able to handle this virus should it show up in America, but cases are exploding in Africa at an exponential rate, not to mention the doctors who get sick in spite pf protective gear. Doesn’t that show that this virus cannot be contained?

    And speaking of perfect storms, only an fool sees a tornado or hurricane on the horizon and turns and goes on with their day as though they didn’t see anything. Can we please close down the borders and stop people who have been in Africa from entering this country before this disease comes over here? The time for containment is now, before it gets here.*

    *Assuming those two suspected cases of Ebola we have already run into were, in fact, not Ebola cases. I never heard one way or the other.


  2. georgiafl says:

    Meanwhile in the USA, Enterovirus 68 is spreading across at least 10 states hospitalizing hundreds of children. The outbreak began in the St. Louis area a couple of weeks ago.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      Entovirus is very common in south and central America. How the hell did it get here and spread so fast? Especially among young, school-aged children?

      [chirping crickets]


    • polk8dot says:

      And so it begins….
      The illegals’ children from this summer’s border siege, spread all over the states thanks to Obama and Jeh Johnson. New school year barely started; the illegal kids infected with who knows what, and surely carrier hosts to many more infections to which they have inbred resistance; co-mingling with ours, who have had no exposure to hundreds of diseases eradicated or laid dormant over the last few decades.
      The Perfect Storm of disease we’ve all been foreseeing has just made landfall.

      And this is only the beginning . God help us, and have our kids in your care, because this will outgrow our government’s ability to handle in a very short time and then the pestilence explosion will be impossible to stop and a disaster to avert.

      Another criminal negligence of the Usurper in our White House….

      (Yes, I know that these cases have been popping up all over the states in the last 5-6 years, but nothing compares to the scale of this outbreak, and to its potential consequences.)
      Thank you, Choom-Barry for all the nightmares you’ve wrought upon this country. May they all be visited back upon you tri-fold.


  3. Chip Bennett says:

    I know: let’s keep bringing more victims to the US for treatment. What could possibly go wrong?


  4. Cetera says:
    The reproduction rate for this ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone in July was 2.53. More than half the infected cases for the entire outbreak have occurred in the last 21 days, or one incubation period.

    At an R0 of 2.53 (and assuming a constant R0), it would take one initial case a year and a half to infect the entire planet. With the 4,000 current cases, at that same R0 (2.53), it will take ~320 days to infect the remainder of the planet. It would also take only about 9 months to infect the entire population of Africa.It is extremely unlikely that the R0 will remain so elevated. Of course, they are saying it is also very under-reported, and therefore could be worse.

    If it continues to spread at a high logarithmic rate, people will shoot other people who come near them, and hopefully it will stop spreading. Quarantines where nothing comes out alive would be enforced. However, it is certain that a lot of people are going to have a very unpleasant and possibly very short future over in Africa.

    God be with them.

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    • John Galt says:

      I previously read something by some virus guy to the effect that Ebola is uncontainable if it hits 20,000 cases. If 4,000 reported cases means 8,000 actual cases, it seems we’re getting pretty close to 20k.

      With a 60% kill rate, survivors probably won’t have to listen to global warming propaganda for awhile.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Ebola ain’t no new thing to the Feds at any level. Post-Soviet meltdown when it was STRONGLY ALLEGED that the Russians had weaponized it there was a panic to develop some vaccination/treatment. Once the attention hose refocused onto conspicuous consumption Ebola, with a few exceptions, investigation took a way-back seat. USAMRIID and the CDC had folks who eyeballed it regularly, especially during the few outbreaks and when we got a chance to go to the ‘Monkey Island’ and pour a shipload of bleach into some pit that may or may not have contained thousands upon thousands of gallons of very frightening biowar agents that the Russians never really had regardless of what some pundits say (fulfills the requirements of my SF 312).
    So far no one’s said anything about our Chinese allies who have more gene sequencing (made in the USA, by the way) machines on line than any other country. Anyone wanna bet me lunch that they haven’t sequenced the Ebola strains yet? My little dirty clinger mind (not Kilinger – wrong MASH up) wonders if they have managed to not only sequence but manipulate the genome into some more selective, if not fun, version. They could quite easily do so, even have US/European pharma pay the bill as they would be doing the research to provide the world a vaccine to prevent/treat the infection. You gotta tinker with the base genome to see what you get when you crosswise B to A and A to B, it’s science. What you learn in the process….welllll. Now the Chinese manufacture the vaccine (if they even get that far) as they pop out some 80% of the world’s pharma products, and they not only have the info on the virus but the info on how to morph it into a new and improved brand at will.
    It’s all about words and how to play with them. The Russians for decades swore that they still had the base gallon of smallpox virus that they had (along with the US) under lock and key in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnal’s porch. When the International Witchdoctors Union (WHO) announced that smallpox had been eradicated (despite a case or two popping up here and there) and asked the US and Russia to destroy their respective Jeroboams of death and destruction both refused, and good for us. The Russian wordsmiths we employed parsed the Russian lies and determined with a margin of less than zero that the Ruskies were lying – it was later (and I believe under estimated) that they had in excess of a thousand gallons of smallpox virus, some of which may have been ‘altered’ as were ALLEGEDLY some of their bacterials.
    OK, now that I’ve brough a few rays of sunshine into your lives I’m going out to lunch.

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  6. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Sadly no end is in sight!


  7. furrcats says:

    Our country waponized the brid flu.


  8. Rurik says:

    And American Thinker is reporting that another infected missionary is being brought to Omaha.
    This is too close to me for comfort.


  9. CM says:

    Re: southern border:
    Our Doctors are being stolen- ok, so borrowed, but–
    I found it interesting one of my Dr’s (TX) tells me last month- she’s going to be gone for 7 wks. She was recruited by a private Co- contracted by our lovely govt., to help screen & treat illegal children at border facilities.
    She said the Co was struggling to get anyone willing to go (gee, wonder why) Near desperate, they begged her a few times. Although since initial contact, more drs were said to be committing.
    They Wanted her to sign on for 6 months. She let her boss decide timeframe, to ensure she kept her job. Her reasoning, safer than overseas- as she always intended to do some humanitarian work.
    I cautioned her that likely she wouldn’t be able to carry in her cellphone- per reports of BPA & politicians. She said probably right, considering the magnitude of paperwork.
    I asked, “meaning nondisclosures/ confidentiality agreements, liability waivers…?”
    All of the above.
    She said What most annoyed her: “despite the billions of dollars allotted this big Co for this *project” (Co said to manage others worldwide), they would not provide or pay for any staff housing while down there.
    She mentioned she had to have some immunizations prior to. And also take antibiotics before, during, & after. Believe she made ref to anthrax as precaution.
    At facility She’d be given 5 types of antibiotics to work with in administering. I asked whether they’d be immunizing the kids. She said possibly to some extent, but Not definitive.
    She also revealed to Co she did not speak Spanish. only few words like “what hurts?” & some Basic body parts. Good enough.
    A nurse already there told her- regardless of your political views, it won’t matter once inside & you see the kids. — Hmm, that bad huh?
    Anyhow, I’m curious to hear her observations & perspective on return.


  10. justfactsplz says:

    We were running around to doctor’s appointments yesterday and I heard on one office t.v. that a sky marshal in Africa was grabbed and injected with an unknown substance. He has been transported to a Texas hospital. I didn’t catch the news agency. Did anyone else hear about this?


  11. akupaclody says:

    This is truly scary to me. Yikes is my only thought.


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