With “Big Mike” Scheme Team Assembled – We’ll Show You The Similarities of Ferguson, Missouri 2014 and Sanford, Florida 2012…

The team that is assembled to sell the Mike Brown narrative, and seek the wrongful death financial justice, follows a very specific pattern.   That’s why as we have tracked their specific constructs we are able to label them “The Scheme Team“.  Their pattern is quite predictable.

That pattern includes a networking playbook replete with an index of specific people used toward the end goal of lawsuits.    People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the obvious ones.   However, the lesser known -but always present- include Jamal Bryant (Baltimore AME church) and the current NAACP head.


Also included in the playbook index is a very specific set of national media people who they consider “safe” to sell their chosen narrative.

That’s why yesterday you saw the Mike Brown autopsy leaked to New York Times writer Frances Robles.   Ms. Robles was previously working for the Miami Herald during the Trayvon Martin scheme in 2012 and gained the insiders position of favorability for attorneys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump.   Parks and Crump now represent the family of Michael Brown.

Frances Robles - legal collectionMs. Robles works closely with former Herald cohort and now MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid. You’ll see various assemblies of coordinated media strategy showing on the pages and TV screens of Frances Robles, Joy-Ann Reid, Al Sharpton, Goldie Taylor and their network affiliates.  This is how they control the narrative.

Remember “control” is key to advancing a false narrative.

So far the entire Trayvon Martin “scheme team” has almost fully assembled for their 2014 version in Justice for Mike Brown; where “justice” is defined by financial reward.   The only character missing from 2012 is ABC’s Matt Gutman who, I have a hunch, will probably stay out of this one because of how close he came to losing his professional credibility in 2012/2013.   [After the Witness #8 fraud exploded in the Zimmerman case, ABC quickly dispatched Gutman to foreign correspondent roles.  ABC closely avoided civil litigation similar to Zimmerman’s NBC lawsuit]

So with Ms. Robles back in the loop via the Mike Brown autopsy we can take another look at the similarities between the two highly visible schemes:

crump 4

• The age of both both Brown and Martin was originally misreported. Trayvon was 13, then 15, then 16 and eventually 17. Mike Brown was 17 in most original reports, and then eventually 18.

• Both Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were at a convenience store immediately before the shooting.

• Both Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were legally represented by attorney Benjamin Crump, from the Law Firm of Parks and Crump.

• For both shootings Benjamin Crump enlisted the assistance of MSNBC and Al Sharpton.

• Al Sharpton enlisted the AME church network, and Jamal Bryant in both shootings.

• Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton called for the NAACP’s assistance.

• The New Black Panther Party involved themselves in both shootings.

• The congressional Black Caucus involved themselves in both shootings.

• Neither Brown nor Martin lived in the neighborhood where they were staying. Martin was from Miami Gardens (shot in Sanford), and Brown did not live in Ferguson, MO.

• Brown was staying with his Grandmother, Martin was staying with his dad’s girlfriend.

• In Both cases the media use the catch phrase “unarmed teenager”.  You’ll not find much, if any, reporting without the use of this catch phrase.

• The media called both “a child”, and a “minor child”.

• Both Brown and Martin families refused to help local police officers and demanded federal intervention.

• Eric Holder used the FBI and the Civil Rights Division “Community Relations Service” (CRS) in both cases.

• The CRS enlisted the Dream Defenders in both cases.

• Benjamin Crump, initially, would not allow witnesses to talk to local authorities in both cases.  Witness control is imperative.

• Both Martin and Brown had their social media history scrubbed.

• Both Martin and Brown had their juvenile criminal records sealed.

• Initial statements from local police indicated that both Brown and Martin threw the first confrontational punch – they were the aggressor and the responding gunshots were as a result of their aggressive physical confrontations.

• President Obama made a highly public statement in both cases.

• Both shootings happened in an election year (2012 and 2014).

• Both shootings preceded requests for legislative changes.  For Martin it was “Stand Your Ground” reform.   For Brown it’s body camera’s on all police

• Media, and some eye witnesses initially claimed both Trayvon and Brown were shot in the back.

• Media ignore, overlook, or initially don’t question the injuries sustained by the shooter.  Have you heard of media FOIA requests for Darren Wilson’s injuries?  You won’t because that doesn’t assist their narrative.

• The issue in Trayvon Martin case was whether lethal force was necessary, but that discussion was buried under the racial elements (both of Zimmerman being white and Trayvon being black). The issue here is also whether a police officer had a right to defend himself, but that investigation is completely buried by the issue of race.

• Both Martin and Brown came from broken families, yet both were sold to media -by Crump- as intact family units.

• In both events, Howard University (dream defenders) at the heart of the national media narrative.  Petitions, change.org rallies, etc.

• In both events the family attorney(s) Ben Crump and Daryl Parks accused the police of a cover-up.   Facts be damned – they’ll still make the claim.

• In both shootings Benjamin Crump immediately says he’s going to have a second autopsy.  For Mike Brown there’s even going to be a third thanks to Eric Holder.

• Both Martin and Brown had false narrative about how long their body was unattended. Brown meme was “laid in the street for hours”. Martin meme was “laid in morgue unidentified for 3 days”;  neither of which are accurate or factual.

• Both families immediately had T-Shirts printed up with catch phrases. “Justice for Trayvon” (trademarked by Sybrina Fulton), and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” for Mike Brown.

• In both events the New Black Panther Party was handing out flyers within 24 hours.

• Both Martin and Brown had quick narrative constructed of personality “good kid”, “aspiring astronaut”, “no trouble”, “gentle giant” etc.

• Both Martin and Brown were black.

• Both Martin and Brown were unemployed.

• Initial media physical descriptions of both Martin and Brown were horribly false and unchallenged due to “child” narrative affixed to both.  This also provides a screen to stop people from asking questions.

•  In both cases a surveillance video surfaces which contradicts the initial media preferred storyline.  For Trayvon it was the 7-11 video showing his 6’2″ stature in dark hoodie buying skittles and watermelon juice and trying to purchase cigarillos.  For Brown it was the strong armed robbery of the Ferguson Liquor Market.

•  Both Martin and Brown took possession of cigarillos, or blunts, immediately prior to their deaths.   Brown stole his, Trayvon paid another guy to purchase for him while he waited outside the 7-11.

• Neither Brown nor Martin themselves paid the cashier for the products they needed.

• In both cases the media trying to cover for the lack of character inherent within the recorded and visible activity.   Again, this is a loss of control.  Control of the narrative is key; any extraneous fact-based details are considered a risk to that narrative.

•  Both community responses calling for the firing of the police Chief, and the local prosecutor for sharing the truth.  Again, a control aspect.  The network includes federal officials so they are considered more in alignment.

•  In both cases the Federal DOJ comes down against the release of the truthful information.   Eric Holder telling Ferguson PD not to release robbery footage.  In Sanford Florida 2012 it was keeping the Miami-Dade School Police encounters hidden from the public review.

•  In both cases the New Black Panthers show up in the community and demand the DEATH of the shooter.   This is alarming to witness because it is allowed.

•  In both instances of death threats to Zimmerman and Wilson the local, state and federal authorities do nothing about the death threats, and conversely seem to actively support them.  This is even more alarming.

•  In both cases the Scheme Team (Attorney’s Parks and Crump) use specific media entities to “leak information” (ex. Frances Robles – Autopsy results)


When you understand what the scheme team was doing in 2012 with Trayvon Martin’s narrative, it becomes easy to predict what they will do in 2014 with Mike Brown’s narrative.   They won’t stop – their determination is part of the strategy.

If they ramp up the anger, hatred and potential for violence far enough, they create a situation where acquittal or not pressing charges becomes impossible for the community leaders and elected political officials.   This is strategic positioning – they won’t stop.

If city officials don’t press charges – the scheme team will insure the city will erupt.

Soon, the montra will evolve into “all we want is an arrest, just an arrest” or something similar (it’s like getting to 2nd base).   The reason is simply is to insure a financial payout for a wrongful death claim.  If they don’t get an arrest, or don’t get charges pressed against the shooter, they can’t sue the city for a wrongful death award.

It’s important to know their goal.   They are not looking for a conviction, all they need is an arrest.  The outcome of a trial is irrelevant to them; once the roles are played, they don’t stick around.  You’ll remember the Martin’s were not even in court for the jury verdict of the Zimmerman case.   By that time they had already extorted the  Homeowner Association of the Retreat at Twin Lakes for $1.7 million.  The jury verdict didn’t matter.

It’s also important to look at not only “who” but “why” specific characters are introduced into each situation.   In 2014 so far the most obvious, and troubling, addition is Captain Ron Johnson:

Captain ron johnson marching with the bloods

“When this is over – I’m gonna go to my son’s room, my black son, who wears his pants sagging, who wears his hat cocked to the side, who’s got tattoos on his arms … But that’s my baby.” ~ Captain Ron Johnson

That’s why we wrote the post “Why They Picked Ron Johnson“. <– important to understand and read the internal reference links in that article;  it might make your neck hair stand on end to see the extreme lengths the scheme team is willing to go.

They’ll watch Ferguson City burn to the ground if that’s what it takes.  It matters not.

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364 Responses to With “Big Mike” Scheme Team Assembled – We’ll Show You The Similarities of Ferguson, Missouri 2014 and Sanford, Florida 2012…

  1. Bee bee says:

    Not to mention that it’s an election year, and there has to be SOMETHING to use to call on black voters about, to unify them, and to call on them to vote for Democrats so there will be CHANGE (not specified what kind, usually ambiguous so that no concrete promises are made). Works every time.


  2. labrat says:

    I’ve seen other blogs pick up the CTH video story, has it been picked up by any major media? I haven’t seen it there anywhere. They know it’s out there – I personally informed dozens of outlets.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Expect, in the future, to see Barrister Holden’s photogenic self in these kinds of pictures when well-dressed ethnic lynch mobs are assembled. I can’t believe that now he’s had his chance to scent mark the Constitution he will be able to resist the opportunity to rise to the sound of the rabble. Normally I’d just hum-ho the prospects but he’s had years to infect they DoJ at all levels with his ethnic revisionist like. They and their corrosive race-based results-based philosophies will metastasize through the system, corroding the process of justice from the top down. I’m betting his dream is to be able to, at some point, be able to throw a rock into any courtroom in the US and hits one of his kids. The Sharptons and JJs are little more than background noise, albeit loud background noise, as we flip through channels, but Holden can be a a far greater threat than either of them ever dreamed of being.
    And there goes my NBA franchise request again.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “The only character missing from 2012 is ABC’s Matt Gutman who, I have a hunch, will probably stay out of this one because of how close he came to losing his professional credibility in 2012/2013.”

    Has Ryan Julison offered his services yet? My guess is he won’t touch this one with a 99 1/2 foot pole after the calling out Sundance gave him over the fake Martin PR campaign he orchestrated.


  5. barbie says:

    OMG, for the third or fourth time, the attorney for Brown’s friend is telling the friend’s story–changed each time.


    • barbie says:

      Greta–bad interviewer. She just finished interviewing Baden who said they know they shots did not come at Brown from the back. Then, in her interview with this farcical attorney, she allows him to do on and on. When he’s done, she says, yes, but your client told authorities that Brown was shot in the back and so it seems he gets the details wrong.

      The attorney responds by saying yes, well, you have to remember they were running in front of the officer and your previous guest (Baden) just said it was possible that one of those wounds in the arm could have come from behind Brown.

      No, that is NOT what Baden had just minutes before told Greta. She asked Baden if he could have been shot with his hands up and Baden said yes. But Baden added the wounds could have been delivered with Brown’s hands down, no way he could tell.

      Does Greta point out to the attorney that he is misrepresenting what Baden just said. NO!



  6. maggiemoowho says:

    Not sure if this was posted yet, I just came across it and couldn’t believe it. SKITTLES have actually made it into the story.


    ” Bryson Jenkins, a classmate and member of Brown’s extended family, couldn’t be there. He just started as a freshman at Arkansas Baptist University.
    “It hurt so bad to get that phone call,” Jenkins said. “He was a sharer. He was a giver. When one of his friends needed something he would give. Mike used to sell candy in middle school. I’d come up to Mike and say, ‘Mike, let me get some Skittles or something.’ I’d offer him a dollar and he’d say, ‘It’s on me.’””


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      We’re up to 50 similarities!

      Liked by 1 person

    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      OMG skittles again? time for some reinventing the skittles slogan.. something along the lines of 9 out of 10 dentists recommend crest… 9 out of 10 thugs recommend skittles.. wonder if Wilson’s report will show gentle giant saying “taste the rainbow” as he punched him?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Skittles–one of the three main ingredients of the codeine-laced narcotic ghetto drink called Purple Drank or Sizzurp. It’s a Hip-Hop, euphoria-producing opiate drink using 1.) prescription-strength cough syrup, 2.) Skittles and 3.) Sprite or Mountain Dew. Interesting that both Mike and Trayvon both had Skittles.


  7. Moishe Pipik says:

    One more: In both cases, the New Black Panthers inexplicably blamed “the Jews!”

    Here in Zimmerman:

    And here in this case:

    (The NBPs are spreading a false story that the Ferguson police have been trained by “Israelis” and the BGI supporters on twitter have been retweeting this).


  8. In reading the above story, I thought to myself, “I’m reading real journalism.” It’s such an impressive assemblage of information. Thank you for such focused fact finding and reporting. I say “Wow” to this reporting. I am grateful for this info. It gets us closer to the truth, where we need to be.


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