Bowe Bergdahl Refuses To Speak To, Or See, His Parents…

(Via Wall Street Journal) Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl hasn’t spoken to his family since he was released from captivity in Pakistan, according to an Army official.

Bergdahls with Obamabowe bergdahl haqqanni

Sgt. Bergdahl has refused to see his parents or speak to them on the phone, the official said. The decision by Sgt. Bergdahl, who returned to regular duty on Monday, suggests a deeper estrangement between the soldier and his parents than the military understood when he was released. Still, officials said, they don’t know the precise cause of the tension or when it began.

Sgt. Bergdahl’s father, Robert Bergdahl, emerged as a fierce advocate for his son during the five years that Sgt. Bergdahl was held in Pakistan by the Haqqani Network, pushing for action to get his son released. When Sgt. Bergdahl was released to U.S. Special Forces following a prisoner exchange that freed five Taliban detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Mr. Bergdahl and his wife appeared at a White House announcement alongside President Barack Obama.

Since then the decision to trade Sgt. Bergdahl for the Taliban detainees has become deeply controversial.

The family has put sharp restrictions on what information can be released about Sgt. Bergdahl’s condition and has asked the military not to give updates about communication between him and his family, according to another Army official. (read more)

Saving private bergdahl

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40 Responses to Bowe Bergdahl Refuses To Speak To, Or See, His Parents…

  1. maryfrommarin says:

    Cue the “Twilight Zone” music.


    • lovemygirl says:

      It has me scratching my head.


    • sundance says:

      I’m trying to gain altitude to see beyond the horizon – because the tentacles of this one are pretty far reaching thanks to the insufferable President Stompy Feet and McDonough….

      Is it a phone tapping NSA thing? Or is there some other reasoning ?….


      • Perhaps it is that he has rejected his Western roots altogether, including his family, in order to give himself over totally to his new Family.


        • ctdar says:

          Or nirvana was not what his father promised/forced on him in his desertion. Who knows what happened to him while he was on the other side.


          • bogey says:

            My thoughts exactly.

            A man enters life often with his father’s world view. So he sees his fwlow soldiers as oppressors, the war unjust, and the Taliban as sympathetic.

            After experiencing the reality of being their prisoner, perhaps he realized he made a mistake and everything his father believes is a lie.


    • Pam says:

      Maybe what daddy did caused son more suffering and trouble??


  2. triper57 says:

    my question is: Why was he put back on active duty? His enlistment has to be up, besides his duty station should now be the stockade waiting on the courts martial for his desertion.


    • ctdar says:

      Maybe part of the process of re integration?


    • lnvaderzee says:

      As part of an investigation, a soldier cannot PCS to a new base, or ETS out of the army until the investigation is complete. I was active for a few years, I know how these work. So far, this is all normal, he needs to be assigned a unit and a Commander for the purposes of accountability and his Commander will most likely be the one to issue him his punishments, unless he gets court martial-ed.


    • lnvaderzee says:

      This is all very normal. He cannot leave his newly assigned position or the Army while under investigation. The “stockade” would only be used if he was found committing a crime, so it’s up to his unit to maintain accountability. I was active for 3 years and currently a reservist, about to start my 9th year of service, trust me this is normal.


  3. justfactsplz says:

    There must be some strange family dynamics going on here. This doesn’t pass the sniff test. Something is going on here, a cover up of some kind. I don’t trust Bowe or his father. I think they would do something to harm America if given the opportunity.


  4. Sentient says:

    He was put on active duty because it’s part of the scheme to portray him as a hero. Obama wouldn’t want to be seen as having traded 5 terrorists for a traitor. Bergdahl will also get a lump-sum payout for back pay – and some advice to STFU. The administration may also be keeping him away from his dad, Mullah Bergdahl, since a photo of them going to the mosque together would work against the official narrative.


  5. lovemygirl says:

    I heard that he had to be cleared and put back n active duty in order for the to pursue an investigation into his reported desertion. I have no idea if that is true or just political cover.


  6. “Mom, Dad”…”shut up. I’m trying to save my life! If I can survive this, THEN we can speak and help our muslim brothers to gain the control of the world. In the meantime……ssssshhhhhh!


  7. froggielegs says:

    I just heard on the news he has hired an attorney Eugene Fidell. I also noticed his father hasn’t tweeted since June 5th.


    • froggielegs says:

      Oh hey he specializes in defending “enemy combatants” at Gitmo. Interesting choice don’t you think?


    • Josh says:

      Bowe Bergdahl hires lawyer as military investigation moves ahead.
      The sergeant has hired Yale University Law professor Eugene Fidell to represent him during the Army’s investigation.

      “Fidell is currently the President of the National Institute of Military Justice.”
      “Fidell has been a critic of the Bush Presidency’s policy on captives taken in the “war on terror”.


      • arttart1983 says:

        Josh ~ another link on the Professor/Lawyer to represent Bergdahl. The PRO BONO attorney is already seeking his 15 minutes of fame!

        Bergdagl’s latwer:

        Fidell, who teaches military justice at Yale Law School, told ABC News today that he has been representing Bergdahl for about a week and is working pro bono.

        “I think it’s important that people, particularly people who have been vilified, have proper representation, and every lawyer has a responsibility to represent even unpopular clients and that’s why I’m involved in this,” Fidell told ABC News. Bergdahl also has an Army lawyer who will be representing him, but he approached Fidell for additional help, Fidell said.

        The lawyer said that Bergdahl has not yet been interviewed by Maj. General Kenneth Dahl who is heading the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance from his Afghanistan outpost. Fidell said he spoke with Dahl Tuesday and they had a “cordial and professional” conversation and he looks forward to meeting him. He doesn’t anticipate Dahl will conduct substantive interviews with Bergdahl for a couple of weeks, and he’ll be present for the interviews


  8. tappin52 says:

    It appears that there are a lot of empty pages in this book.


  9. realitycheck says:

    How about the obvious. He is upset with all the pressure his “parents” put on his friends, the Taliban for his release. He believes the idea for the “trade” comes directly from his parents influence etc.
    He never wanted to leave and wishes he was still with his compatriots, the Taliban and is doing his duty by being exchanged for the fab five.


    • Jake1 says:

      That’s my first thought too reality. I’m thinking he’s so upset he was put back in a place he doesn’t want to be and wanted to stay where he was. He’s blamining his dad for his release but because his team got 5 players, he’s doing his duty to them. Bet he goes back there as soon as he can.


    • John Galt says:

      +1 If you like your Taliban, you can keep your Taliban should have applied.


  10. Ellie says:

    Something about this smells very weird. I don’t believe this.


  11. RJ says:

    You can bet the shrinks who were told to interview this guy know what’s what and just maybe why. If so, then what do they do with such information? They relay this to “their bosses” who then make decisions.

    Remember, there has been a rather large file created on this guy some five years back, a file with time lines, witnesses, and other relevant facts with conclusions suggested. Who has this file and who has access to it?

    Meanwhile, the White House has told our English teacher Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and that enlisted guy who allowed the Washington, D.C. memorials to be shut down…Hagel to do just what? Put the guy back on “a job” hidden from view. Do you think the “regular Army” types want this guy anywhere near their world on a daily basis?

    How would the White House go about making this guy and this problem disappear prior to the coming November elections? Out of sight, out of mind. What do you think Mom and Dad were told by the White House? Out of sight, out of mind might apply here too.

    MacDaddy Obama runs a rather “smooth massage parlor” don’t he?


    • Sibyl S. says:

      Most shrinks are very PC/politicized these days and don’t know their back ends from a hole in the ground.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        They always were. The whole psych racket is, from the get-go. It’s all an attempt to fill the hole which can only be filled with God and His Spirit with human-made concepts, and a pharmakia-selling, back-scratching, self-loving, insanity-making, God-denying machine.

        I know first-hand.


  12. Shipwreck says:

    It’s probably because his father is a Shia and he is a Sunni and he’s afraid his father will blow him up. That’s how Muslims roll.


  13. As an aside, i wonder if the survivors of Benghazi have spoken to their families yet… or if they are still being warehoused in VA mental wards…. or if they have been “taken care of”.

    “That’s just where we’re at, now.”™


    • taqiyyologist says:

      I hope there’s a Deitrich Bonhoffer up in there, somewhere, who will bear witness.

      Is Snowden a Bonhoffer?

      I tend to think so.


  14. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Hello Robert
    Hello Jani
    I wish you’d left me
    With Haqqani
    The Mullahs loved me
    And my training
    They even said we’d have some fun once they are reigning


  15. P.Spinach says:

    The muslim-converted father sold his son out. He was contacted by WH operatives who had long ago collected NSA data on convert-friendly suspects of which papa Berdahl was a choice prospect. The guy 1. would do anything for money since he’s a lazy twit, 2. shown dissatisfaction with America because he felt it owed him an Olympic gold medal, 3. had nut case tendencies stalking two single women on his UPS route and, 4. his son’s name coincided with Obama’s initials which the muhajdeen sponsors like as an extra kick to add insult to injury. Papa was promptly contacted to participate in a scheme to deliver a POW to the terrorists in order to negotiate an exchange for 5 imprisoned Taliban leaders. Remember, releasing these masterminds is key to the terrorist movement. They cannot do damage without these proven masterminds. One was already released by Obama who went on to lead the ISIS massacre and take-over of Iraq. Incidently, this released prisoner kept in contact with subterfuges thanks to Obama in the WH, and plotted everything. Iraq fell in 2 days. This does not happen without treachery. To continue, papa promised his son BOwe that he’d be freed immediately for trade because he has Obama’s word. The freedom did not occur right away due to political blocks by Congress. Eventually, to keep his word to his sponsors, Obama snuck the trade in overnight by faking ignorance on proper oversight.

    BOwe today, refuses to talk to his insipid, snivelling father due to be a victim of their plot. Recall that papa had to emphasize to Bowe that I AM YOUR FATHER, YOU CAN TRUST ME in a televised speech. Why in the world does he need to communicate this to his son? Because the son no longer trusts him. They used him on his name, sadly, this is how Obama works. All things must point to him. So let it be such. Point away!


  16. lorac says:

    Since when does the family of an active duty solider tell the military what they can and cannot say about a soldier. ……..I don’t think so that is rather fishy to me.


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