President Obama Directs Planes Loaded With Illegals To The Sanctuary State of Massachusetts…

deval(MASSACHUSETTS)  A Boston TV station has discovered that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been flying planeloads of illegal immigrants to Massachusetts over the past couple of weeks.

ICE officials confirmed to Fox 25 on Friday that at least six commercial, agency-owned charter flights have transported detainees to the Boston area. The agency told the station that moving detainees from the southern borders to other areas of the country is routine.

“There are a number of concerns,” said Jessica Vaughn spokesperson for the Center for Immigration Studies, adding that the crisis at the border is distracting U.S. agencies from their regular mission to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

Recent reports found that in May, ICE released 36,000 immigrants with criminal convictions into communities for a number of reasons, Vaughn said.

“This influx of people is a direct result of recent policies,” she said. “According to border patrol’s own intelligence, what the immigrants are telling them, is that they’re coming now because there’s a new law that gives them permission to stay.”

When Fox 25 questioned Massachusetts Gov. Duval Patrick about the flights, he said he was just hearing about the situation.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Patrick said.

“How does the governor not know anything about this?” the news anchor asked. (read more)

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49 Responses to President Obama Directs Planes Loaded With Illegals To The Sanctuary State of Massachusetts…

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Si! Si puede.


  2. Jesus.

    And to be clear, by that I mean the Son of God, and not hay-soos.


  3. texan59 says:

    A couple hundred more flights to places like this and the libtards might begin to understand the problem. Enjoy! 👿


  4. maryfrommarin says:

    There is no spin for this.


    • Devil Patrick will be stuck with his thumb up his butt when the flotsam and jetsam begins to overwhelm the hospitals, public services, and housing in Massachusucks.
      Plus, wait until this influx kills the tourist business in a few short years. 😈


      • texan59 says:

        Those of us on the frontline of this monstrosity don’t much care if some of these east coast guv’s bowels suddenly loosen up with the arrival of several thousand miscreants.


      • maryfrommarin says:

        This is “forced population replacement”.

        This is war against the citizens of the US. We are actively being replaced.

        What are you going to do about it? Better start thinking fast.


        • tappin52 says:

          I wholeheartedly agree, but just what can we do about it? Call our congressmen? Vote? March? Organize? This administration is moving at breakneck speed to take down this country and there is not one thing that a lowly citizen can do. The people with the jobs that are supposed to keep this traitorous group in check REFUSE to do anything to save this republic for political reasons. Seems hopeless.


          • Frank says:

            Agree with tappin52! what can be done? If we speak out or try to rebel we are targeted by the IRS, CIA, NSA, etc. and there is no one to speak out TO anymore! American Freedom is a myth! Although it’s 30 years off schedule, Orwell’s 1984 is upon us.


  5. doodahdaze says:

    A camp should be set up on the Boston Common. With free food and medical. All should be sent there permanently. They could live in tents.


  6. Dixie Darling says:

    I don’t know this for a fact, but it appears that some of them may have been flown or bused to North Carolina. We’ve been noticing big groups of what appears to be illegal immigrants. We already had many of them here, probably relatives of those making their way here now.


  7. Ellie says:

    Massachusetts is a place full of compassionate liberals. They’ll be happy to take these immigrants, I’m sure!


    • Frank says:

      Not all of us are idiot liberals! and we are NOT happy to take these criminal aliens! Devil Patrick is a tool and best buds with the hater in chief who wants to destroy America. This is the only voter base the libs can get now – illegals with the right to vote and there are millions.


  8. libby says:

    Meanwhile, the marine sgt is still held in captivity, after 78 days.


  9. House them in the Ivy League college dorms for the Summer and then ask them to leave when classes resume in the Fall. 😈

    Teddy said tonight at dinner, “Damn, we got the Hell out of Hyannis just in the nick of time. The Cape is going to be crawling with wetbacks speaking Spanglish.”


  10. justfactsplz says:

    I think it is good that some of these liberal states get some of these illegals that some of the rest of us have been putting up with. Here in Florida we have Mexicans, Cubans, and Haitians, to name a few. I have noticed the Hispanic population has picked up recently. They’re everywhere.


    • michellc says:

      Everything I say anymore is racist, so I’m just going to say it anyway. They’re like roaches, when you see one you know there are hundreds more hiding in the cracks, flip on the light and you see them scurrying everywhere.


      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t consider myself a racist but ever since George’s trial others have considered me to be. I am sick of the BGI.


        • michellc says:

          I discovered I was racist against blacks after Obama was elected.
          I discovered I was racist against Mexicans after Oklahoma passed it’s illegal immigration law. Also discovered at that time that I wanted to shoot any brown person who crossed our state border.

          The facts that can’t be denied and anyone who lives in a state that has been invaded will tell you when you see a Spanish speaking Mexican before too much longer you will be seeing twenty and they keep on multiplying.


          • lovemygirl says:

            Don’t feel too bad, I’m learning to feel prejudiced. I know of several towns that went from 90 some % white to 90 some % Mexican / S. American in less than a generation. I know a 2 bedroom bungalow in our town that I found out was section 8 that rented to a Mexican family and see 4 cars parked in the driveway / yard and many, many kids running around. I went to a park that used to be a fun family pace and it is now filled with large Hispanic gatherings, blaring music etc. A friend had a Birthday party in another park for their daughter that we attended and some of the Mexican kids pushed some of ours down and stole the water toys that were purchased for the party. Both the kids denied it, most of the parents pretended they did not speak English and the one that did flat out lied about it. It was really sad because I saw the kids throw them into her pickup and pointed them out. She then claimed they had purchased them before coming there. Things are changing rapidly and I’m only talking about families and haven’t touched on the gangs / drug dealers.


          • Sassy1 says:

            Michellc: You are not racist. Racism, or prejudice in any form, is something that does not have any basis in reality. A legitimate concern, which we now have, is something entirely different. Our country, formerly run under the rule of law, is now being overrun by the lawless. So here we go. Their dream = our nightmare.


  11. mikayla825 says:

    I shiver to think what my town on the Central Coast of California is going to be like. They’ve been coming here steadily for the last four years. I can’t imagine it any worse than it already is. Just because I can’t imagine it, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, right?


  12. 2x4x8 says:

    In Boston, the Tea came in on ships, now Tacos come in on planes


  13. Lou says:

    Scarface Part 2.


  14. ajsmith says:

    Ray Stevens sings about Obama’s illegal aliens immigration policy – Come to the USA (please share this song on the internet.

    If you’re thinking about illegal immigration, be careful when you choose a nation
    Because breaking the law in some countries is frowned upon. Imagine that!
    SO …… Come to the USA – There’s no penalty to pay should you get caught illegally immigrating
    Come to the USA – it will be your lucky day, because if you get in there’s lots of goodies waiting.


  15. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Massachusetts today, wherever you are at tomorrow.


  16. Susan M. says:

    Maybe they will be invited to Preezy’s Martha’s Vineyard Monthlong Vacay.


  17. west1890 says:

    Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children
    Solicitation Number: BERKS-RFI
    Agency: Department of Homeland Security
    Office: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
    Location: ICE-OAQ-DM


  18. czarowniczy says:

    Ah yes, how long before the Massachusetts bleeding-heart progs start singing the NIMBY song?

    If you look in some of the dark corners of his Cabinet you’ll see Latino/a staffers he’s hired with the hopes of having them wield the implementation sword he’ll have when/if the Immigration Bill passes. Take a look at their resumes, especially the ones that he’d refer to as ‘Chicano’ (with all of the political shades the term carries in his multi-volume, ongoing, neo-Mein Kampf). It may be unkind and terribly rude of me to say so but all I can think of is Adolf in his earlier days picking his management staff for the various ethnic hostels he planned to populate.


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