Things That Make Other Things Make Sense….

Eric and Diane Cantor

Eric and Diana Cantor


tom donohue

Tom Donohue – President of The U.S. Chamber of Commerce  – aka Diana Cantor’s boss.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2014 goals:

      • The full implementation of ObamaCare without adjustment. (link)

      • Comprehensive Immigration Reform – to include Amnesty for illegal aliens. (link)

      • Support for full delivery of Federal Common CORE education standards.  (link)

Recently – […] NRSC Executive Director Rob Collins said in a statement that the committee will “continue to fully support Thad Cochran.” And the heavy-spending U.S. Chamber of Commerce signaled a similar commitment; one of its top political officials, Rob Engstrom, tweeted that the business lobby will “stand by Senator Cochran.” (link)

LAST NOVEMBER – […]  Sixteen months ago, mustering support from tea party activists and Christian conservatives, the attorney general of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli’s,  backers forced a convention, instead of a primary.   This worked around the establishment control and wrestled the nomination away from establishment favorite Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.

Bolling was the chosen “next-in-line” favorite guy of every Republican party insider.  Upon losing the nomination, Bolling did what all establishment Republicans do when they are defeated, Bolling refused to endorse Cuccinelli.   Joining him were numerous establishment Republican mayors and numerous former Republican legislators.

The GOP establishment machine decided to do what they do best, burn down the house rather than give up the keys upon ideological eviction.

According to the Washington Post reviewFour years ago, McDonnell’s largest single donor other than Republican Party organizations was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which spent $973,000 on his campaign. This year, the chamber gave Cuccinelli nothing.    (link)

CoC Diana Cantor

Any Questions ?


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21 Responses to Things That Make Other Things Make Sense….

  1. stella says:

    One of the only things that bothers me about Ted Cruz is his wife. She is a managing director at Goldman Sachs.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Yes ma’am. But some of us are keeping a close eye on that!
      YES WE CAN! {sarc}


      • stella says:

        She says she is committed to his big ideas, because he believes in them. And she worked on the Bush campaign (that’s where they met). Still ….


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Still….I will never again blindly trust ANY politician no matter how hard I work to get them elected!
          I love TED so far. Worked to get him elected. Helped recruit him to make his first endorsement for the Oklahoma candidate, TW Shannon to replace Tom Coburn, spoke to him personally when he was in OK to do a rally for TW. But still……I will watch all of them like a hawk for the duration of their careers in DC, and will be the first to call them out publicly should they stray!!!!!


          • stella says:

            It’s the wise thing to do!


            • BigMamaTEA says:

              It is essential. Somehow, I had dreamed that my upcoming retirement would be on a tropical beach, with something about a cabana boy! DH was not there for some reason!{oops! kidding!}

              Silly me. I am now, forever more, a proud political activist!! I have a Republic to save!


          • michellc says:

            From a fellow Okie I don’t trust TW Shannon as far as I can throw him. We’re in opposite camps on this one, I’m working hard for Randy Brogdon.


        • hoosiergranny says:

          Hopefully, he’ll be able to continue to follow his moral compass without allowing personal relationships to side track him. There are many “mixed marriages” out there that make it work. And there are many of us who, like BigMamaTEA, will no longer be caught unaware.


  2. BigMamaTEA says:

    well, well, well, whaddoyouknow!!! {start singing…it’s a small world after all}


  3. judylwhelan says:

    From November 14, 2012
    This tells one most of what they need to know about Cantor….
    The central figures in the David Petraeus sex scandal are not talking. That includes Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Yet, the decision by this top Republican to turn to the FBI rather than his colleagues in the House with inside information about the scandal has proven to be monumental, a development that enabled Barack Obama to win the presidency without getting tainted by the allegations of immorality and corruption that are now the subject of daily news reports.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    I like Bill Whittle but oh, gee. I am not only a Bible clinging conservative, racist, and domestic terrorist, but now I find out I suck too. Oh woe is me, the labels they put on us.


  5. ZurichMike says:

    Thanks for this, Sundance. Another “puzzle” completed, but instead of being happy with the results, I get so fracking upset. I don’t think even Hercules could clean these politically filthy Augean stables.


    • sundance says:

      I know what you’re saying Mike. Truly.

      This whole Tom Donohue Chamber nonsense has been an annoyance in my periphery for a long time. After chasing his tentacles for a few years, the puzzle bits finally came together yesterday with a little tip from Mark Levin about the foundation.

      The CoC is to, and for, the GOP – what ACORN is to, and for, Democrats. (<– I say that frustratingly) 😦


  6. doodahdaze says:

    Americans are in the last throes of trying everything else. Then hopefully they will do the right thing. If Churchill was correct.


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