Philadelphia Mob Assault – Two White Temple University Students Attacked By Black Mob of 10 Eight To Fourteen Year Olds…. *Update* Suspect Video ADDED “They Are NOT Children”…

Temple University is a North Philadelphia University (Broad Street) totally surrounded by black neighborhoods. If you are a white person -and you go one block “off campus”- you might as well be in Mogadishu. Temple University has its own armed police force comprised of around 300 heavily weaponized and armed patrolling officers.

Yes, it’s that bad; well, actually worse.

The Philadelphia media avoid discussions of race for both victim and attackers.

PHILADELPHIA – A female Temple University student is vowing to return to class despite being unable to chew even the softest of foods after a gang of “children” smashed her in the face with a brick Friday night.

Savage: The pair says they were attacked with a brick similar to the one being held by the reporter in this NBC Philadelphia report

The 19-year-old woman, who has declined to be identified, was walking with her boyfriend just off campus when a group of about 10 children began taunting them – they were followed for a block until the vicious assault that left her with dislocated teeth and a fractured jaw.

Where it started: The couple was accosted on this street by the unruly mob, Temple's athletic fields are behind the green fencing

‘I’m definitely going to go back to class,’ she told WCAU despite her parents expressing reservations about returning to the North Philadelphia campus. Her boyfriend is also a Temple student.

Her 20-year-old boyfriend, who has also declined to be identified, told the station the destructive delinquents likely ranged in age from eight and 14-years-old.

‘I’m walking by and one of the people from the group screamed at me, really loud and really close to my face,’ she recalled. ‘I kept walking because I don’t want to engage them.’

The group at first only taunted the pair, but things escalated within a matter of minutes.

black_white_crimeOne girl then punched her in the face, she continued, but that was only the beginning.

‘A couple of them started to grab at her earrings and her hair,’ he said. ‘My instinct was to stop them from hurting us and leave and get away.’

He told the violent juveniles to back off, but they had other ideas – a girl believed to be the oldest of the clique grabbed a large brick and brutally bashed his girlfriend in the face before running away. (read more)

UPDATE:  Thanks to Jello who found police video:


New York Report HERE 

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52 Responses to Philadelphia Mob Assault – Two White Temple University Students Attacked By Black Mob of 10 Eight To Fourteen Year Olds…. *Update* Suspect Video ADDED “They Are NOT Children”…

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  2. Bogey says:

    They should have listened to 911 and stayed in the car… /sarc


  3. Stormy says:

    What color was the brick? /sarc



  4. nyetneetot says:

    Woe unto you, if thou lay a hand upon them. Thou beest at the ready to encounter thee viper’s nest.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      The yoots were sent a powerful message by the Zimmerman trial. Even if you’re bashing in a guy’s head and get shot, they’re going to blame the older, white (Hispanic) guy. They read the handwriting on the wall very clearly: “Don’t shoot that thug assaulting you, because we will take you down!”

      It’s like every little thug is America was given a set of Ghost Armor by Obama, Holder and The Media.


    • John Galt says:

      ‘A couple of them started to grab at her earrings and her hair,’ he said. ‘My instinct was to stop them from hurting us and leave and get away.’

      He told the violent juveniles to back off”

      His girl friend was already being physically assaulted and Pajama Boy wanted to talk. LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      • jello333 says:

        That’s what I was thinking. If that happened to me and my wife, I’d base my response on what I considered our best options for getting out of it with the least damage to US. The well-being of our attackers would be of ZERO concern to me at the time. So if trying to talk our way out of it seemed like the best option, that’s what we’d try (I know, VERY unlikely scenario). Or if grabbing my wife and taking off running (without laying a hand on the attackers) seemed the best option, that’s what we’d do. On the other hand, if I thought fighting back, even if that meant grabbing the nearest tire iron and bashing every one of these “children’s” heads in, then THAT’s how I’d respond.


        • Sha says:

          Jello me and you are the type we don’t start any trouble but there will be hell to pay if someone pushes it on us. That’s called self defense and it doesn’t come with a age or race just the RIGHT to stay alive.


        • Carlos Castaneda says:

          Fantasy. The nearest tire iron? Gimme a break. Yes, many or most of us would be glad to smash in their little heads–certainly I would be–but unfortunately, they attacked in a pack and the students didn’t happen to have a tire iron or similar nearby. Outnumbered and out-bricked. They did their best to get away but couldn’t escape the pack of animals.


          • jello333 says:

            Yeah of course… obviously. Clearly the last of the scenarios is more fantasy/Hollywood than anything else… I figured everyone would realize that (coming from me, at least).


    • MATTHEWM says:

      There is no way that Temple University has a 3000 person police force.

      Doesn’t anyone edit these stories?


  5. jello333 says:

    A video of some of the “children” has been released. Apparently the guy who was attacked isn’t so good at estimating ages. And as if there was ever a doubt… yep, white victims & black attackers.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      Great info. We’ve narrowed it down to around 28,000 suspects in the Greater Philly Area!


    • sundance says:

      Yeah, apparently the word “children” has a considerable latitude. 😦

      Look more like late teens or early twenty somethings to me.


      • jello333 says:

        Hmm… check out the description written on the screen near the end of the video. Every one of the “suspects” is listed as “16-17 years old.” I’m wondering… do they REALLY think those estimates are accurate, or is there some reason for making SURE they don’t list any of them as 18+ (and so technically adults)? I mean does that change how it’s investigated, or the amount of manpower put into it?


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      Call the number and say the female suspects look like Malia and Sasha. You won’t be lying….


    • jordan2222 says:

      All of the vids are private. What’s the trick?


  6. Dan says:

    This very topic came up in my concealed carry recert class. I raised the question of ‘disparity of force’ given myself facing a gang of 14 year olds. The instructor blew it off.

    During break an older gentleman pulled me aside and identified himself as a former sheriff deputy in the twin cities area. Evidently he pissed off the wrong people and lost his ‘LEO life time carry privledge’.

    He explained to me that my hypothetical situation was more realistic than I ever would care to find out. He instructed me to never underestimate the capabilities of such feral children and never turn my back to them. Be prepared to protector yourself. He said the law would probably be on my side but the media would make life a living hell. He said my best bet would be to stay out of the city if at all possible and if I had to go there go heavily armed and ready to kick ass.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      When I go into “the hood” in the USA (where I’m armed in TX and reciprocal CC states) or “over there” where I am either unarmed or have a bodyguard, I always carry my “escape kit”. It’s a loose wad of small denomination bills, some coins and some cheap, plated jewelry. If cornered or confronted, I throw the stuff and escape. Truly, there is no honor amongst thugs or thieves.

      The only time I ever used it was in a slum/industrial area north of Paris, near CDG. You know, those places where they always burn cars when someone offends Muslims. An idiot vendor told me to meet him at his warehouse, forgetting to tell me that being Algerian, he blends in perfectly.

      Anyway, a pack of teenage garbage from across the former French empire saw us park and walk across “their turf”. They cornered us near the warehouse building, which was at the end of a short, dead-end street. I tossed the “kit” and they went for it. Fueled by adrenaline and anger, we busted through their scurrying ranks and ran back across the hundred or so meters to our car. The three of us barely made it back to our car with our hides. All of us are former military, and the youngest, early-40s now, had just been out of HM Parachute Regiment for about five years at the time. He literally had our backs and planted a 12E Doc Martin in the middle of one kids chest who was opening a folding knife.


    • Olorin says:

      Please go to American Renaissance and post your reply there where this story is being discussed. Someone asked this very question.

      Where I come from in Black Owned America, it is TYPICALLY this sort of mutant child who commits the most mayhem. They travel in packs. Search on

      Chester PA disabled woman gang beating


  7. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Just a few of Eric Holders “people” auditioning for jobs as Poll Watchers come November 4.

    Philadelphia… Lucifer’s new Branch Office of Hell. 👿


  8. Chip Bennett says:

    Ban Assault Bricks, now!


  9. Cyber says:

    Ah Philly, one of two American cities where a mugger, er, child tried to rob me. The other being Nawlins. Of the two attempts, the one in Nawlins was infinitely more scary as it was three “childs” who were literally chasing me down in a commercial area at night. I had accidentally taken a wrong turn trying to walk from my hotel to the French Quarter around 10 PM. Fortunately a security guard saw I was trying to get away from this trio, and even knew who they were. I was trying every door I came to and heard one buzz just as I approached it. They were only about 20 yards behind me. I bolted inside this lobby, slammed the door behind me, and the guard buzzed it locked just as angry pounding began on the other side.

    He said I was very smart to get away, those boys wouldn’t have been satisfied with just robbing me. They were known to use knives on their victims. He called me a cab, a specific cab, one that was well versed in extracting a person in my predicament. The guard, who was behind bars at his desk, told me when he buzzed the door the passenger side door of the cab will be right outside and already open, and to dive into the cab as fast as possible. The boys were still waiting outside, about 10 yards away. I did so and the driver took off before I could even get the door closed. Turned around in the seat the the thugs were not happy looking.


  10. Partyzant says:

    In Philadelphia, “Temple” is no longer associated with being a school name. “Temple” is now the aiming point on the victim’s “haid”.
    “City of Brotherly Love” HAH!
    Parents who care don’t let their kids go to Temple, or places like it.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      “Parents who care don’t let their kids go to Temple, or places like it.”

      Either that, or parents who are either excessively liberal, or too lazy to investigate the university their kid wants to attend. Somehow I get a picture of Tom Green (ala the movie “Road Trip) conducting the parent/prospect tour and diverting attention away from the area surrounding the campus.


    • Olorin says:

      Come now. They’re just indulging in the fine old ancient religious tradition of sacrificing their offspring to whatever gods (in this case PC).


  11. doodahdazee says:

    Just a few of Obama offspring cavorting in the city.


  12. Moishe Pipik says:

    They say they don’t have any solid leads–and they’ll never get them if they refuse to release descriptions!

    Sadly, if she had shot them, she’d be in trouble for shooting “unarmed” “children”.


    • scaretactics says:

      There is a video with some grainy close ups near the beginning of this post. These suspects are all wearing jean jackets. Hmmmmmm….


  13. Partyzant says:

    There are some points worth repeating:
    1- Women, don’t date sub -Beta males.
    2- If for whatever reason you have to be in/transit through/encounter any of the Obama street militia, be prepared by not wearing jewelry or carrying packages or purses. Earrings are easy to tear out. They won’t ask you to remove them, they will just rip them out. It will hurt and it will bleed a lot, so earrings are a no-no.
    3-If you must be exposed to this sort of danger, travel in defensive packs. Minimize exposure. Talk with each other before hand about what can happen and what each person’s responsibility to the others is. If you STILL need to be in a place like that, you may want to rethink your life choices and options.
    4-Dogs are useful. Big ones more so.
    5-Don’t be oblivious, put the phone down and take yer earbuds out.
    6-It is not an “IF”, but a “WHEN”.


  14. Bill says:

    There will come a time in the not-to-distant-future when white and hispanic ARMED MEN will rise and exact some justice (read whatever-you-will into that word) and put the fear of God into these animals, courts and media be damned.

    Mark my words…


  15. surprise surprise says:

    You hear the story and you cringe. What makes people act like this? And why are these five angry thin skinned low self esteemed teens attacking people? They need a serious wake up call. A little late for programs like scared straight…these girls are writing themselves a fast track ticket to a life of jail. Where they undoubtedly will be on the receiving end of the brick. Way to waste your lives. Grow the hell up and act civilized you little hood rats. Karma is a bitch.


  16. Don’t you understand? They’re just “expressing their culture”.
    Libs and Progressives just LOOOOVE “diverse cultural expression”, … (unless the culture in question is traditional White/ Christian/ Conservative. In that case, it’s considered micro-agressive patriarchal hegemony or some such garbage.)


  17. Someone please find the video again. It is showing up as PRIVATE.


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