Federally Mandated “Race Based Discipline” – Eric Holder Wants To Know “Race, Sex, Disability, Age And English-Learner Status” of Misbehaving Students…

For over three years we have been tracking this new federal protocol of qualifying school punishment for misbehavior around the race of the offender.    The origin of the approach actually stems from Miami-Dade, Florida, and a diversionary tolerance program initiated by School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

Alberto Carvalho

Carvalho is a close ally, and political affiliate, of both Barack and Michelle Obama.   Carvalho also turned down a position inside the Dept of Education which would have placed him second only to Education Secretary Arnie Duncan.

Carvalho’s program within the Miami-Dade school district actually preceded the Executive Order given by Barack Obama which initiated the new DOJ directives around “Disparate Impact”, establishing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.  Effectively placing “quotas” on school discipline based on race.

It  was also Carvalho’s widely heralded program which led to the Miami-Dade School Police Department putting Trayvon Martin into diversionary programs using School Discipline to replace Criminal Justice in an effort to avoid a criminal record.


The M-DSPD diversionary programs were implemented by Police Chief Charles Hurley.  Chief Hurley was eventually fired as a result of the surrounding controversy; against a backdrop of sexual misconduct/harassment which was used to cloud the *real* controversy of the ridiculously unlawful program.

During the height of the media-frenzy surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting in April 2012 Jesse Jackson proclaimed “school suspensions are racist“.  Many things have happened since that proclamation which have outlined a push forward in this regard.

People often ask me what is the biggest unwritten story around the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case.   The answer is always the same – these diversionary programs are unknown to the general public.   The consequences from them are extremely dangerous – the death of Trayvon Martin was a symptom of the disease;  the educational directives to manipulate criminally corrective behavior in the school system, solely on the basis of race, are -in essence- the cellular construct which comprises the underlying disease. 

National Urban League (www.nul.org) president and CEO Marc H. Morial has applauded President Barack Obama’s creation of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans, calling it “an important endeavor that will highlight the barriers and challenges to African-American educational achievement, and develop solutions to improve outcomes.”

2014 WASHINGTON DC – The Obama administration, concerned that “zero tolerance” policies are sending too many students to court instead of the principal’s office, on Wednesday urged schools to back off — particularly in the case of minority students and other federally protected groups.

“Racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem today,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who joined Attorney General Eric Holder in speaking about the new guidance. Holder said ”students of color and those with disabilities” often receive “different and more severe punishment than their peers.”

While the nation’s schools are under local control, they must follow federal civil rights and disability laws. And the new guidance for the nation’s schools could subject more of those schools to federal discrimination lawsuits. In fact, the crackdown already is happening, as CNSNews.com previously reported.

While the guidance is “voluntary,” it encourages schools to set up a “record keeping system” that tracks demographic information on misbehaving students, including their “race, sex, disability, age and English-learner status” along with the infraction, the discipline imposed, who imposed it, etc.

“Schools should establish procedures for regular and frequent review and analysis of the data to detect patterns that bear further investigation,” the guidance says. (CONTINUE READING)

To learn more here are some research links:













trayvon-martin-original-hoodie-photoStudents are commonly victimized by members of their own race and peers of the same ethnicity. So watering down discipline for members of a racial group does not help that group. The fact that black students have been shortchanged by the larger society is not a reason to add insult to injury by depriving them of an orderly school environment and effective school discipline, or subjecting them to the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Pressure to discipline minorities and whites in numbers proportional to their percentage of the student body may also lead to other forms of racial discrimination in discipline, such as suspensions of white and Asian students for technicalities that would result in nothing more than a warning for a black student.

This is the natural outcome for government attempting to legislate behavior based on racial statistics as models for equality.

Think of another example of how this thought process would carry out, only this time in the Criminal Justice World:

If you apply this same methodology now being implemented by President Obama and Eric Holder to the criminal justice system, if blacks make up 17% of the population then blacks can only receive 17% of the incarcerations.  If blacks commit 40% of the crime under their proposal then 23% of black criminals would be allowed to engage in crime, unless the police arrested more white people to offset the disparity.

So to convict and incarcerate a black male of murderer, the police will “have to” arrest a white male.  Perhaps a white guy speeding down the street gets thrown in jail, because a black guy just murdered someone and they need the parity.  (link)

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42 Responses to Federally Mandated “Race Based Discipline” – Eric Holder Wants To Know “Race, Sex, Disability, Age And English-Learner Status” of Misbehaving Students…

  1. maryfrommarin says:

    “federally protected groups”

    I’m beginning to despise that term.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Me, too, Mary. We are supposed to be protected by our constitution but they are walking and stomping all over it.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      The only group that I think this phrase could ever apply to would be Native Americans.

      I’m beginning to despise what this country is becoming. None of these so-called changes are going to fix anything. It is just going to fix the statistics to make it look better. The White House is making this the U.S.A.: The United States of Appearances. If it looks good, sounds good, and appears to be good, then you can bet the media will do everything in their power to make you believe it is good; regardless of actual facts and information. That’s how Obama got elected so we know that’s how things work in real life.


      • michellc says:

        Well I don’t think Indians should be federally protected either. They(we) are but I don’t think it should be so.


      • Partyzant says:

        We are now officially a Potemkin nation.
        https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=DLEE2UL_N7Q is the Odessa steps sequence. That is merely a prequel for what the DHS, DOJ and the familiars will be up to here later on a bit.

        What is the country coming to? Well, this clip about “hood rat stuff” bodes ill for the future.
        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=qcqOgnQyXp4

        This is the mentality. This is what will be “paying” into YOUR social security. 7 years old. Amazing…. simply, amazing. What sort of wonderful citizen will the kid be in a decade? The kid needs a lot of prayers and a firm presence in his life, but he is a symptom of a much deeper disease that is gnawing away at our republic (no, it is NOT a “democracy”, no matter WHAT your state funded agitprop brainwasher, er, I mean “teacher” told you). My apologies to the decent human beings who sometimes escape the screening process and make it as teachers anyway.

        As a post script, the little thug had a minor career out of it. The gist was “it was comedy”.
        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=2r2eQaJmeUA

        Our society has collectively suck-started the existential .45. Don’t have to listen too hard to hear the swirling sound of civilization circling the drain.


    • maryfrommarin says:

      The only thing I’m really sure of about “federally protected groups” is that I’m not in one.

      [I’m in the UNprotected sector of the only one I’d qualify for–“women”–because of being straight, white, and conservative.]


    • yankeeintx says:

      Sounds similar to the “Endangered Species Act”.


      • Be Ge says:

        I thought a 40M+ population with the appropriate fertility rate would be in the “least concern” group. Silly me. Endangered species, all of ’em.


        • scaretactics says:

          You are in a protected group if you are a woman. And if you’re over 40.


          • Partyzant says:

            Guess again. The category of White, Phallic Christian Oppressor seems to be at the receiving end of a lot these days, despite winning world wars 1 & 2, bleeding out in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan… a slew of other places where Americans were piled up as the byproduct.
            Agincourt, Crecy, Poitiers, Vienna, Stalingrad, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin… Iwo Jima, Okinawa… the list does not stop. These places and events made the world what it is. Now, the micro scale events of “knock out assault”, “robberies gone bad” and “dating misunderstandings” redefine the world into a bizarro world. These micro events change the world just as much ONLY if normal Americans forget the spine they were born with and realize the value and worth of the birthright handed to you through the blood spilt over millenia.


  2. John McLachlan says:

    The current conviction rate for most violent crimes disproportionately includes members of some minority demographic groups.

    Does this reflect a lack of success in obtaining the conviction of white criminals, who disproportionately benefit from escaping conviction for similar crimes, solely because they were not prosecuted so vigorously or does it reflect that members of certain minority demographics are more likely to engage in criminal behavior?

    Is there any evidence that upon conviction, a white criminal would receive a lessor sentence than would a criminal who was categorized as member of a minority demographic, when convicted for a similar crime?

    Do historical crime rates reflect an incorrigible constant inherent propensity for criminality, among any demographic groups, or do historical records indicate that the proportions of criminals within any demographic has varied over time, presumably, in response to other variables rather than genetics.

    Do those who seek to impose their policy of selective enforcement of law, based upon the race of the criminal believe that the victims of such a policy will forever acquiesce, without retaliation?

    Implicit in the demand to confer racially-based selective immunity for criminal acts are two possible underlying motives:

    Members of certain minority demographics are inherently inferior, cannot be held to the same standards of behavior as white people are held to, therefore punishing them for failing to reach an inherently unnatainable standard of behavior is cruel.

    Members of certain minority demographics could be held to the same standards of conduct as white people are, but the state will indulge them in criminal behavior, for political reasons, justified to the public by selectively edited and falsified history.

    It seems that the DOJ seeks to confer the same privilege upon members of minority demographics as the Nazi government in Germany conferred upon members of the non-Jewish german people, when they committed crimes against jews.

    Oppressing any minority group is morally wrong.

    Oppressing a well armed majority group is also morally wrong. It is also foolish.

    Without equality before the law, there is only spoils system, where different factions can vie for privilege, at the expense of and to the detriment of others.

    The proponents of conferment of selective immunity for criminal behavior upon members of their particular favoured race seem not to consider what the consequences to themselves would be, if opposing factions conferred similar privileges upon themselves, to facilitate their own oppressive behavior.


  3. Lou says:

    the Public School System is trying to push white teachers out, so the entire school system will be black people “controlling” their students with very little teaching. whites need to start suing.


    • Lou says:

      “blacks are the stupidest kids in the United States”. this is due to everything SD noted. giving excuses for kids because they are black is just wrong.


    • Partyzant says:

      White people need to homeschool, abandon the public schools for the festering dens of iniquity that they are. Do it to save your children (they are your most precious asset, right?) from violence (mob, ethnic and peer). This also opens up new places to live if you do not rely upon the state funded re-education centers. Find a low tax place that you can live with, if possible.
      Don’t wait until little Suzy comes home with her new “Young Pioneers” outfit on and little Timmy dimes you out on a trumped up charge so that he can gain the admiration of the school apparatchik. I’ll bet he’ll LIKE the shiny “hall monitor and morality police/Basij” title he’ll swear fealty to.
      Don’t be among the last to leave, as that is when the largest pain is inflicted, during a rout.


      • Now YOU rock, partyzant.

        Our current public school system is both a breeding ground for sub- and mis-educated citizens, and also a training camp for public nuisances–i.e.,violent pawns in the hands of a rogue government.

        Not all will turn out that way. But enough will.


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  5. reformeda3 says:

    The percentages are even worse. Blacks are around 10 percent of the population but commit around 50 percent of the crimes. If your prisons must be 10 percent black due to some race scheme, that does not mean blacks got away with it 40 percent of the time. It means 4 out of 5 of them got away, 80 percent! So to make up for that, a full 40 percent of all arrests need to be trumped up against the other races and since Hispanics commit so much more crime than Whites but are a protected class and Asians are said to commit substantially less crime than Whites, the reality is that almost every black and hispanic criminal would get away and almost every crime hey commit would be balanced out by a bogus, trumped up charge against a White.

    Pure anarcho-tyranny, Guilty of Being White as law. They will try it out in skool, see that they like sticking it to YT and try to take it right to the courthouse.


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    This is insanity. PERIOD


  7. nyetneetot says:

    …”Holder said ”students of color and those with disabilities” often receive “different and more severe punishment than their peers.””…

    Mr. Holder, you’ve attributed fact the students that are black or retarded as the qualifier for being chained in the school yard and given a good flogging in front of everyone.

    I think you are lying or stupidly wrong. I’m going to bet it’s the fact that the students are “repeat offenders” and haven’t learned what they did was bad” from the first twenty or so times the had to stay at home alone watching TV and video games. That is what earned them “different and more severe punishment than their peers”.

    In fact I will guaranty if flogging were to be reinstated, petty crime would drop to near zero. White or black.


    • Be Ge says:

      To illustrate this, Singapore does have flogging (or, rather, canning) in the same way that Englishmen and the Americans had it in the 19th century. Works like charm, there is virtually no violent crime in Singapore. There is no illegal immigration as well, as all illegal immigrants are flogged before deportation.


      • nyetneetot says:

        There is also no chewing gum on the sidewalks.
        Save a child, use a belt.


        • Be Ge says:

          Well, try even quoting aloud Shlomo ben David, qohelet, the speaker of words to qahal, king over the Jews in Jerusalem:

          He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.
          (Prov XIII:24).

          See how long it takes you to become a target for finger-pointing and accusations of being an al-Qaeda type religious zealot who wants to harass children. If you dare to try it, be prepared to face charges and the very likely situation of your child being taken away from you to “protective custody” by the government.


    • Partyzant says:

      It appears that Erich “My people” Holdherr has stated that being a student of color is a disability. If I were a person of color (and who is to say I am not???), I think I’d be a tad miffed that he considered an unalterable genetic characteristic of mine to be a disability. Erich “My people” Holdherr is losing his grip on coherence, clinging to his office that is extended to him as a mere courtesy as to see him go by the wayside would be too unseemly. seriously, how much more damage can the guy do?
      In comparison, the Commies had hundreds of Divisions of mechanized infantry, atomic weapons, all sorts of stuff and NADA. This guy comes along, and it as if the 7th seal has been broken. It was said that there were 4 columns outside Madrid, and a 5th one inside. I think you all know what we have here.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Does Holder really really want to know the races of misbehaving students or does he want first crack at massaging and rainbow-washing the results? If the race(s) of the misbehaving becomes an embarrassment to those concerned will the professional apologists dig in with excuses – ‘scuse me, ‘explanations’ – as to why it’s someone else’s fault these children (after some 4 decades of the Federal government occupying our local schools) are not Rhode’s Scholarship candidates? Will more Federal oversight by progressive social beginners be required to further distract the teachers from educating OUR CHILDREN (people sometime lose track of that fact) in the hard disciplines versus social reprogramming?
    When white politicians start asking for things sorted by race many of the various Federally-protected groups start grumbling and mumbling with their suspicions so, using the same race-based suspicions which are never questioned when used by them, I wanna know exactly and with full truthfulness (like that’s gonna happen) why the head of the DoJ wants data on a race basis.


    • texan59 says:

      I know that there is some rhetoric in the first part of your post czar. We know that Hold-up is really only interested in fairness. It ain’t fair that black chirrens are getting in trouble and y’all wanna point it out. It ain’t fair that black chirrens don’t have the same grades that others do. It just ain’t fair. One question I have is what is the racial makeup of the administrators in the schools where an overwhelming amount of this unfairness is happening? I would wager that most are the same color as the perps. Not that it will shut that race-baitin’ bastid up.

      “further distract the teachers from educating OUR CHILDREN” – I might use the word indoctrinating. But that’s just me. 😉


      • czarowniczy says:

        We were deployed in the NOLA schools in the early 90s while the crooked NOLA school district was trying to work out having security officers and metal detectors installed. The majority black NOLA schools, black run in a majority black city governed by a majority black government, were rated the WORST in the nation. The parents who wanted their children in the functional Catholic schools in the city would stand in lines for days waiting for enrollment, just to get their kids out of the city schools. Post-Katrina billions of dollars have been sunk into the city’s school system, dozens of school administrators and government-connected pols have been tried and jailed for theft, fraud, embezzlement and bad dental care – and the schools have gone up some, but then when your at the bottom any improvement’s an improvement. Black families trying to get their kids an at least 2nd world education still stand in long lines for days to get them into charter or the fast disappearing parochial schools. The schools are better (toilets work, there is hot water and there are fewer AKs in the classrooms, but the schools still churn out class after class of potential service industry workers while the dropout rate’s still right up there with the graduation rate.
        In the next parish over the suburban kids have a school system that churns out college bound kids like mad – and it’s viewed as some sort of secret racism by the DoJ. Innercity parents believe that if they can get their children into these schools the staff will say some secret chants, drill holes into their lill’ darlin’s heads and –poof- they’ll be geniuseses. Parental engagement? Innercity Rhodes Scholars blooming en masse through suburban nurture? It’s all part of some secret plot to keep the helots in the fields while the majority population reaps the benefits of their labors.


    • Partyzant says:

      Because the head of DoJ is Raaay Ciss!


  9. CarrieAnn says:

    There is just so much wrong with Holder’s whole proposed system here that I don’t even know where to start.

    I’ll try with a little common sense though as I have a family member who teaches special ed here in Philly, and I’ve gotten a really good eyeful about what goes on in these schools in terms of discipline (or more aptly, lack there of). I do agree with everyone’s points though on this “protected class” non-sense and what is likely to happen with the data being collected.

    Here’s the real truth – this protected group not only doesn’t get disproportionate actions taken against them for acting out, on the contrary, most of the time they often face no punishment at all. Now my family member has a very diversified class of white, asian, hispanic, latino, and black students and without exception, when a student in the former four categories misbehaves, they are immediately sent to the office, their parents contacted, and appropriate action taken to punish and correct this behavior. The parents almost always back up the teacher and principle and carry consequences on to the home environment as well. As for the latter group, a very few of them also fall into this first category and have wonderful, involved parents who want the best for their children.

    There is, however, a sizable portion of this latter group whose mothers will call or show up raging at the teacher and staff about how their child isn’t responsible for one reason or another (often claiming racism), and in more than one of these instances at this school parents from this group even got so threatening and violent the police had to get involved and charges filed. Mind you this is an average elementary school by Philly standards (not great but not nearly the worst). They will continue raging about racism and threatening to sue, even if there is video evidence of their little thug trying to stab a classmate in the eye with a pencil. The instant the words racism and lawyer are screamed, the principle will drop the whole matter.

    I know for a fact that my family member as well as other teachers at this school have had to get their union reps involved because the principal will not discipline or enforce any rules on members of this group and send them right back to class even when their behavior is dangerous. There was even a teacher at this school who had go so far as to threaten a lawsuit because the principal wouldn’t remove a dangerous, emotionally disturbed black child from her classroom, despite the fact that both the child and the child’s mom physically assaulted and threatened the teacher.

    Now I have a sneaking suspicion that regardless of what data these schools start collecting, it will be manipulated to make everything appear that racism is to blame for all the ills of the black community. What I think would be much more illuminating though is for them to look at the statistics comparing not only the disciplinary measures taken but the actual incidents leading to them between urban, suburban, and rural schools, especially where things like racial makeup and income levels are similar. My family member has taught in a lot of areas over the years, including several schools in some very poor areas of the south, and she swears this particular issue is only a significant problem in city schools.

    Perhaps Holder should look into why it is that urban schools are producing so many misbehaving and often violent kids. It might just also explain why the violent crime rate for the country is quite low once you factor out all of the gang related cases. I realize the answer to this is both very obvious and non-PC – but it obviously needs to be addressed. Simply finding even more ways and excuses not to punish those who misbehave and are often dangerous to other students will only make the current problems worse – regardless of how much they manage to manipulate the data to say otherwise.


    • “Simply finding even more ways and excuses not to punish those who misbehave and are often dangerous to other students will only make the current problems worse…”

      CarrieAnn, your comments are entirely valid and right on the mark. Unfortunately, the point is not to improve the system–IMO, the point is to excuse and NOT punish those who are being groomed into foot soldiers of rage and discontent. Our inner city public schools are a new and effective boot camp for future berserkers.

      This is what Holder and the current administration want .


      • CarrieAnn says:

        Hi Mary,

        You are so right!!! I never thought of the inner city schools as boot camps, but that is exactly what they are. These schools are certainly succeeding if you measure their output by the criminals they produce, especially when considering the other multiplying factors like the kids they hold back that could succeed in a better environment and the babies they often have before graduating who will likely continue the cycle. I also agree with you too that Holder and this entire administration want the effects they’re producing, as there are just too many working examples of actual solutions that have been effective elsewhere.

        I’ve seen the schools here in Philly have another dramatic effect on the city as a whole that many people don’t fully appreciate, in that the awful schools and students in them (along with the insanely high taxes and resulting high cost of living) push out the vast majority of decent, law-abiding middle class families who leave for the suburbs or other greener pastures. Personally I can’t wait until we move this coming April, and I’ve lost count at this point of how many people we’ve known who have left Philly over the last few years so their kids could attend better public schools or so they could afford private or homeschooling instead. White flight may have described this push accurately in the past, but from what we’ve seen just on our own street, this is not a racial phenomenon at all any more and should more aptly be named middle-class flight.

        As a result, Philly (along with many other similar urban areas) wind up with very unique demographics and values that don’t at all reflect the majority of the rest of the country – the generational poor on welfare, criminals, university students and 20-somethings. and ultra wealthy progressives who can afford to absorb or avoid the taxes. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that these demographics tend to vote the same way (often multiple times and even after they die).

        I personally suspect the collectivists in power are hopeful that Common Core and initiatives like this Disparate Impact will bring the same tragedy to smaller cities and even rural communities who have thus far managed to avoid or contain the progressive destruction at the local level.


    • Partyzant says:

      The schools produce them because that is the mission of the school. They are effective at that, not at churning out Rhodes Scholars and Nobel Laureates.
      Thug is the the intended result. How else could it be? If they (school admin & teachers) were so smart and knew what they were doing and the results are this dismal, one would have to conclude the whole progressive mindset is a degenerative disease.
      Kafka and Heller together could not dream of this.


  10. scaretactics says:

    Why is Holder implementing this mandate in the first place?

    If whitey or Hispanics were committing most of the crimes in public school, Holder would be fine with that. No mandate required because it makes blacks look good in comparison. And because he and Barry are “black,” and they want to look good, flaunting that whitey and hispanics commit the most crimes would be done anywhere and everywhere.

    However…the facts don’t match up with the fairy tale….so they are going to *artificially* skew the numbers to * even the playing field.*

    Well…if they are enforcing this mandate in public schools, how about going all the way with it? I suggest doing away with affirmative action. Maybe the whiteys like my oldest son (high GPA, extracurriculars, and ACT score of 31) would be accepted into good college programs over black students (some of whom had dismal GPAs and ACT scores less than 20).

    If we’re going to be fair….let’s be fair with everyone.


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