Why The Chamber of Commerce Is Planning To Attack Conservatives and Tea Party Candidates…

Yesterday we shared the story of the CoC announcing their intention to spend $50 million in order to protect and maintain establishment Republicans.     Yesterday the SCF (Senate Conservatives Fund) also sent out a distribution letter notifying supporters of the same issue.

However, the SCF misses the point when they note:

“The Chamber is pro-bailout, pro-stimulus, and pro-debt so it’s no surprise they want to elect more liberal Republicans.”

GOP-versus-Tea-PartyAll of which is true but that’s not the primary impetus behind the current $50+ million for the 2014 election cycle.

The reason the Chamber of Commerce is willing to spend so much money to protect the Mitch McConnells of the world was openly discussed a few weeks ago when the Chamber President appeared on Neil Cavuto.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is heavily invested in two legislative constructs.   First, immigration reform.  Second, maintaining Obamacare.

John Boehner has promised to deliver immigration reform next year.  Nancy Pelosi openly admitted as such and it is widely expected to be the platform for President Obama’s entire State of The Union speech.

Bottom line – Establishment Republicans are going to deliver Amnesty legislation on behalf of the CoC request.

Regarding ObamaCare, the CoC is fully supporting Nationalized Healthcare initiatives because the Chamber see’s ObamaCare as the removal of a benefit liability from their membership.

Just about every large corporation has plans to drop their employer provided healthcare programs in favor of paying a known fixed penalty and putting their employees onto ObamaCare exchanges.    They are not only anticipating doing this, it is already factored into the five and ten year projections and operations strategies of almost every Fortune 500 company.

The Chamber of Commerce does not want to see ObamaCare repealed or deconstructed, nor do they want to see immigration reform (ie. Amnesty) scrapped.

Both federal programs are baked into the CoC goals.

That is why the CoC  will attack any candidate who challenges their bought and paid for Republicans.

The wife of the new National Republican Senatorial Committee head, Josh Holmes, is Blair Latoff  (aka: Mrs. Josh Holmes).    Blair Latoff, is the senior director of communications at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

Who is Blair Latoff’s husband, National Republican Senatorial Campaign head, Josh Holmes?   Why he’s the former Chief of Staff for Mitch McConnell.

Here’s the Big Picture Overview 

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18 Responses to Why The Chamber of Commerce Is Planning To Attack Conservatives and Tea Party Candidates…

  1. Sibyl S. says:

    Thanks, Sundance, for your usual thorough investigation and digging out the facts.

    Now we know.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) But, of course, that is knowledge of God and desire to please Him. A motive sorely lacking in the District of Corruption.


  2. rashomon says:

    Yes, thanks, Sundance. The irritating little details are always stuck in on late Friday or over the holidays. There outta be a law about this! Obama promised!


  3. doodahdaze says:

    Finally…the truth about the establishment GOP. They have conflicted interests with the base. They will collaborate with the democrat to get what the CoC wants. Boner has his people in all the leadership of the house. Same with Mitch. After the primary….amnesty. But they will lose it all in the end. The base is what protects them from the Marxist Democrats.


    • Lou says:

      even though I despise, I mean despise The Young Turks, their base seems to believe that they are against Democrats and Republicans which is false. it’s fashionable to attack establishment Republicans. I think Romney was a horrible candidate, but you need a Tea party candidate who is willing to verbally attack both established parties, and get nominated as an “R”. the three party system won’t work because the media will only show 2 debating. it’s not like the days when they let Ross Perot enter the ring.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Not going to happen IMO. Prolly Jeb Bush will be the Designated Loser in 16. The MSM will begin the rehab of the Crats in January.


  4. myopiafree says:

    I think some of these Republicans should get off their ass – and publish this GOAL.


    That could “win” it for the Republicans. When enough people are pissed about the increased cost of their insurance (that the can NOT afford), then they will know who to blame.


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  6. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Interesting. Just as corporations consolidate their plans to dump the insurance of millions of American workers, ZERO is expected to push for “Immigration Reform” that will legitimize the employment of millions of (formerly) illegal aliens. In the past, the *normal* reaction to (what amounts to) a serious reduction in compensation packages would be protest, but what low-tech worker feels secure enough in his/her employment to protest, when millions of people are being added to the workplace, presumably ready to replace him/her?

    How many people accepted smaller paychecks, under promise of insurance benefits of considerable worth that will now be taken away, to be replaced with ObamaCare “benefits” that have higher premiums, higher deductibles, and lower coverage? Is it any wonder that Obama’s minions in Congress and the SEIU have fought valiantly to exclude themselves from this horrendous program? And, is it any wonder that their loyalty has been purchased with exemptions and/or “special considerations”?

    And yet, the average Lo-Fo voter believes that the Senate Dems are “Champions of the Common Man” who fight the “evil brinksmanship” of House Conservatives. Man, you just can’t make this kinda stuff up!


  7. czarowniczy says:

    We presume that the CoC is Conservative as they support business, but business is composed of all sorts of political stripes – and social activists – and tends to have agendas that vary widely. At the national level it appears a lot of the ground-level philosophy dissipates and politics filters in. Look at the IACP – they are composed of local police chiefs but at the national level at times is indistinguishable from the DNC. When any organization floats up to the DC level it tends to be tainted by the prevailing effluent.
    We also have motivation – I’m betting that the CoC is looking at issues like immigration reform differently than the DNC. Immigration reform means local businesses can get cheaper workers and can stop fearing the DHS will sweep in and bust them for hiring illegals. My county is about 820 square miles with just over 55,000 people in it (25% living in one city and about another 25% just outside the city limits). Our sheriff’s office has SUVs given to it by DHS to use on the road BUT they must also be used to check local employers to see if they’ve hired illegals. Yes we have them, the recent high school grads aren’t going to work at the co-op shoveling bulk fertilizer components into a huge mixer for minimum wage, or work a lot of the Ag jobs that are purely physical and pay just over minimum wage. Local Ag industry would love to have illegals given amnesty for root-level reasons.
    As for Obamacare – what else do many people who work for small businesses or are self-employed have? I have little sympathy for medical insurance companies, I’ve worked with them at the national level and they are solely profit oriented. Medical providers negotiate with them, striking different reimbursement rates with each. For example, my son cut his hand badly and had to go to the ER. He was self-employed and didn’t have insurance so the bill came to $1600 for two x-rays and some stitches. My wife contracted for the hospital and went to talk to billing – they brought the bill down to what the lowest negotiated rate they had was (as an employee favor) – $400. I know people here who don’t have insurance, don’t qualify for Medicaid and won’t go to the doctor unless it’s a huge emergency as it can be the difference between rent, food or utilities. The Republicans missed the boat here; they could have pressed the industry for some livable solution that would have run Obamacare off the tracks but the contributions coming in were more important than doing the right thing.
    I’d like to get a peek inside the CoC’s cookie jar and see what favors are being dangled in front of them for supporting the DNC’s anti-Tea Party drive. The DNC’s been using their media spinners to portray the Tea Party as the fascist front of the Republican Party and then tarring the entire Party with the Tea Party brush – and it’s working. I’m waiting for the NRA to start cheering for amnesty for illegals in return for their 501 status being restored.


    • justfactsplz says:

      If it gets that bad and the NRA does that, I won’t renew my membership with them.


      • czarowniczy says:

        While it was meant in jest, nothing would surprise ma about the NRA caving. I maintain my membership for much the same reason I wear a belt and suspenders when I’m carrying.


        • justfactsplz says:

          I know, they do fight for our gun rights. Nothing would surprise me anymore.


          • czarowniczy says:

            Some gun rights. A few years back they were about to bargain some away until the membership started to move to other groups they felt were more ‘involved’. I still feel the NRA needs to be watched closely to ensure they don’t cut corners – it’s ;gun rights’, not ‘some gun rights’ and they have to be reminded of that sometimes.


  8. Gregg keyes says:

    This is why I went Independent. I’m tired of Republicans getting into office and voting lock step with the Dems.


  9. harrydweeks says:

    True Conservative values will only return when, We the People, rise up and take back our Government. Unfortunately, as we have seen for the last five years the Republican’s , with the exception of a few, have no backbone and are more interested in keeping the status quo .
    We have one shot and that is the grassroots movement currently underway called; The Convention of States by Citizens for Self Governance. It’s based on Article V of the Constitution, which allows for the States (34) to call for a Convention and (38) to ratify new proposal’s that the current government must accept. I’m sure Sundance can explain this movement much better than I, so let’s hope he devotes a little time to this movement as we need to gain as much exposure between now and 2016 as possible. Other than another Revolution, this is our only real chance to take back our country. None of us will live long enough to vote out all the Rino’s and Lib’s.


  10. bedr1 says:

    Time to go county by county and let the members of the chamber of commerce know we don’t support businesses that support Amnesty or Obamacare – either stop supporting te chamber or we will stop supporting you.


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