Obamacare Stats: 26,794 Federal Exchange Enrollments and 79,000 State Exchange Enrollments – With 5,000,000 Cancellations

lipstick on pig(Washington Post)  Putting a statistic on disappointment, the Obama administration revealed Wednesday that fewer than 27,000 people signed up for private health insurance last month in the 36 states relying on a problem-filled federal website.

States running their own enrollment systems did better, signing up more than 79,000, for a total enrollment of over 106,000. (continue reading)

(Forbes)  In the market for individually-purchased health insurance, more than 4.8 million Americans have received notices that their preexisting plans are soon to be illegal, and will be cancelled. Many more cancellation notices are imminent. (link)


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18 Responses to Obamacare Stats: 26,794 Federal Exchange Enrollments and 79,000 State Exchange Enrollments – With 5,000,000 Cancellations

  1. sundance says:

    The White House Spin:


    • yankeeintx says:

      I haven’t looked yet, but am interested in the stats of how many young, healthy adults signed up. How many of the enrollees have pre-existing conditions?


      • sundance says:

        Sebelius was questioned about that today and she would not give an answer.

        Simple common sense, or cost benefit, analysis would indicate the voluntary enrollees are *high maintenance* healthcare users. High-use and low-contribution.

        The Low-use / High-contribution folks will have to be dragged to this program or any program. They will make a cost-benefit analysis to avoid it.


        • waltherppk says:

          welfare divas ….here come the takers…..it is more blessed to give than to receive and surely it is the less blessed who will be signing up for obummercare, not to “buy” any part in any managed health care plan, but to get their fair share of what has been ripped off from every actual payer and used to subsidize the entitlement to which they are “due”.

          This is another welfare state ripoff from the “haves” to give to the “have nots” whose brothers have been made their keepers. This is just another “Great Society” welfare program masquerading as ethical regulation of the practice of medicine. What else would make medical doctors simply quit their chosen professions and look for another line of work?


        • yankeeintx says:

          We all know it was designed to fail, I just didn’t think it would fail so fast.


    • waltherppk says:

      500,000 have signed up huh. Gee only 300,000 more “shotgun wedding” volunteers will be needed just to match the 800,000 cancellations in New Jersey alone of paid Blue Cross policies that were abolished for being “substandard”. If they are looking for the break even point on this debacle then they are looking “forward” to what is never going to happen because it is a delusion.


  2. Josh says:

    Someone (paperregister) made a good point:
    “So that means if I have it in my shopping cart, I’m counted as having Obamacare.
    Which means they cannot fine me for not having Obamacare.”


  3. waltherppk says:

    With New Jersey governor Christie being such a media darling an stuff, I guess there wasn’t too much painful publicity over the earliest round of insurance cancellations which was 800,000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy cancellations in New Jersey alone. In my entire life i never heard of Blue Cross selling substandard policies, and they weren’t “substandard policies” so there must have been some other reason for all those policy cancellations, maybe like the reason that Blue Cross stated in its cancellation notices, that the business reality is that Blue Cross could not supply health insurance including all the coverage which the new government “standard” was requiring be provided, which would be impossible at a cost per policy that would be affordable to the previous allegedly now “substandard” policy holders. Blue Cross was compelled by the actuarial risk analysis and claims payment projections and business realities that apply, in light of the newly mandated “standard” coverages, to cease providing all coverage while stating that a private corporation cannot do the impossible, which is unfortunately and irrationally what the government seems to believe a private company can do if only it has all its employees chant in unison “yes we can”, and “forward” and other delusional stuff like that.


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  5. Asked about political considerations in the decision to withhold the anonymous shopping function, Chao said there were “none whatsoever.”

    Yes, just like the IRS targeting of certain groups was NOT politically motivated, until it was proved otherwise. This Administration tells lies like most people breathe. “Lie ’til you Die!” The motto and legacy of the O Administration!

    I wonder if, in these numbers, the good people of Washington State who enrolled based on ridiculously high subsidies that have since been corrected were counted. I’m guessing that once they realize that they AREN’T getting something for nothing they will not be enrolling in the ridiculously high priced plans.

    Sundance has it exactly right – the ones who have enrolled to date are the High Use/Low Contribution people – or perhaps even the High Use/High Contribution people (who are seriously ill or have lifelong conditions that require constant medical monitoring/treatment. The Low Use/High Contribution people are NOT going to sign up. Period. At least not without being dragged there kicking and screaming.

    What’s going to be really interesting is the “new price” of the premiums based on the risk pool at the end of the open-enrollment period. This is when we get to throw MORE tax payer dollars to the insurance companies.

    Then, of course, we’re going to start hearing about the employer-provided insurance folks in about a year – those whose coverage is being dropped by their employers. The nightmare is really just getting started.

    This is a disaster for the American people. An absolute disaster.


  6. ctdar says:

    As Obama job reports include part time jobs & does not take into account how many left the work force, the obamacare number is just as inflated. The figure includes duplicates, & items left in cart/not purchased.


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