It Figures! – President Obama Didn’t know….. Again !

According to the White House and concentric circles of presidential protection, *cough*, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Harry Reid, Spokesperson Jay Carney, Advisor Valerie Jarrett and advisor Denis McDonough, Dear Leader did not know the NSA was spying on German President Angela Merkel….

If you google “President Obama Did Not Know”… you get 153,000,000+ examples.  If you shorten the phrase to “Obama Did Not Know”…. you get 808,000,000 active hits. 


He didn’t know:

•About Angela Merkels’ phone being tapped – He didn’t know.

•About military death benefits being cancelled during the government shutdown – He didn’t know.

•About the economic crisis 08′-11′ – He didn’t know how bad it was.

•About the controversial ACORN group getting $4.19 BILLION from HIS economic stimulus plan – He didn’t know.

•About the IRS targeting groups based on political affiliation He didn’t know.

•About the DOJ wiretapping of conservative media reporters like James Rosen – He didn’t know.

•About the NSA collecting data on emails, phone calls and social media for all Americans – He didn’t know.

•About whether or not he, as Commander in Chief, can use military drones to kill American citizens on our own soil – He doesn’t know.

•About the Obamacare enrollment website failure –  He didn’t know.

•About Fast and Furious DOJ gun running to Mexico – He didn’t know.

•About U.S. Consulates being unprotected during September 11th type attacks like Benghazi – He didn’t know.

•About repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi – He didn’t know.

•About Benghazi NOT being caused by a U-Tube video, the explanation he gave to the United Nations – He didn’t know.

•About Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood being filled with radical political Islamists – He didn’t know.

•About the FBI not reaching the Benghazi consulate for 26 days after the attack to begin its investigation – He didn’t know.

•About Americans not being able to keep their health insurance according to his own signature legislation, Obamacare – He didn’t know.

•About his BFF’s, Jay Z and Beyoncé, going to Cuba to stimulate tourism – He didn’t know.

•About Israel knowing what’s in their own best interest – He doesn’t know, but doesn’t think so.

•About Congress being in committee negotiations for a farm bill reconciliation after one bill passes house and another passes the senate while he proclaimed such legislation was needed –  He didn’t know.

•When asked about a single player from his “favorite baseball team” (Chicago White Sox) – He doesn’t know any player.

Anyone else noticing a “trend” here?

…. Just sayin’

(HatTip to Peoplescube for the visuals)

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17 Responses to It Figures! – President Obama Didn’t know….. Again !

  1. Chuck Shumate says:

    This xxxxxxxxx don’t know shite about shite!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    Language, sir, language. Admin


  2. ctdar says:

    Dereliction of duty, to loosely quote big fur hat “bounce his ass out” of the whitehouse!


  3. WeeWeed says:

    BO don’t know Diddley.


  4. mcfyre2012 says:

    I was wondering when the “He didn’t know” campaign would go full force. For the last three years I’ve only had two conclusions about Obama…he’s either purposely hell-bent on changing America into a progressive/socialist quagmire…or he’s just an incompetent boob (which would explain sealing his college records).


    • michellc says:

      My opinion is he hates this country, was groomed to hate this country, but he’s also incompetent and can’t do crap on his own, so Jarrett and Michelle are really running the show and they’ve gathered all the commies around them.
      In other words he’s perfectly fine with destroying the country and that is his goal but he doesn’t have what it takes to do it, so others are doing it for him while he gets to party and celebrate every new nail that is put in our country’s coffin.


      • radiopatriot says:

        Nailed it… Precisely.


      • radiopatriot says:

        I posted almost the identical sentiments on my Facebook page 13 hours ago:

        “My money’s on Valerie Jarrett, who makes ALL the decisions with the help of Moochelle. The pair of witches then tell President Empty Suit what he is going to do, when he would do it, and what he will read off his teleprompter.”


  5. triage says:

    I believe when Kennedy was shot we lost our government. I am a conservative but after that was pulled off and we where fed the Warren Report something changed. The FBI, CIA and NSA where bad enough and now we have Home Land Security and TSA etc..

    It seems that the government can get away with anything. Nobody goes to jail unlike in the private world. The pictures of the police pointing guns at the heads of motorist in Sacramento makes me realize that the government has no regard for the common law abiding person and it knows no limits. Government officials break the law with impunity.


  6. ange6h says:

    If I knew as little as this liar claims not to know, I wouldn’t be able to find my way out of a closet. This is beyond absurd. Does ANYONE actually listen to these clowns anymore? Moreover, I think I’m insulted…this administration must actually believe we Americans are this imbecilic, this vapid and this robotic..


  7. He obviously has the worst cabinet in the history of the office of President. How could he, in this age of instant information, be so in the dark about everything? If ANYONE believes this they’re as much an imbecile as Obama is. Mighty convenient, though, that he knows nothing, isn’t it? Might convenient. If he is truly as clueless as they would have us believe, this is very, very, very scary.


  8. LandauMurphyFan says:

    Your list reminds me of the one on a recent post on American Thinker, Sundance (although that one is all about the ACA).

    The clip above is hilarious. Considering all the lies and evasions he’s spouted, Carney’s soul must look a shrivelled bit of toenail fungus.


  9. Sentenza says:

    Obama should change his name to “Schultz.”


  10. partyzant says:

    If I were to use the “didn’t know” line AT ALL, I would lose all my professional credibility in an instant. The excuse gets played out at even the most junior levels. To not know is a professional embarassment in my work. I would have been fired, had I done this.
    Now, the mostimportantmaninsalleswelt can do this, not once, not twice, but as a common and apparently daily thing and NOT get roasted by the press for it? What is it he has on them? What kind of kompromat? Or, much more disgustingly, do they really just keep the whole relationship on the down low? Do they do it because they LIKE it?
    Didn’t know… maybe that is the erudite version of “di-int do nuffins”.
    Good grief. If he does not know anything, how the heck could this guy EVER have been a “Con-stitutional” scholar? He is a tabula rasa, an empty vessel, an apparition of the collective. They project unto him what they need to see, and fragile egos and tenuous grip upon reality prevent them from ever correcting thier own perceptions.
    This is covered in a 1955 book by Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, based on interviews he had conducted in Germany several years earlier. The quotation was circulated by civil rights activists and educators in the United States in the late 1950s. Some research traces the text to several speeches given by Niemöller in 1946.[1]
    Looks like it is that time again.


  11. auscitizenmom says:

    I agree with all the sentiments here, EXCEPT, I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t know. He is just using that as an excuse to pretend to be innocent of all wrongdoing. He is a liar and a cheat and he will say anything he wants to. He doesn’t really care if we believe it or not. Just my personal viewpoint.


  12. mike diamond says:

    why did our young people vote for obama! ask them, they dont know!


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