I’ve Been Leaving These All Over Town

Joe Wilson post-it 1

Here’s Why

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9 Responses to I’ve Been Leaving These All Over Town

  1. rooferx says:

    Where is the Vid? Keep saying it SD. “YOU LIE!!”


  2. steve says:

    What was Joe Wilson right about?


  3. kobayashifh says:

    Does this qualify as “Bumper Sticker Of The Day”

    …Oh Maybe Pumper Sticker OTD….

    Thanks!, maybe a ‘stickie post’ or something


  4. stella says:

    I posted this on another thread for those who don’t want to hand write their Post It’s, a couple of tips for printing sticky notes:




  5. labrat says:

    I was thinking. “You didn’t real like your healthcare plan – did you?”


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