A Parent’s Hell – Middle School Math Teacher Raped Their Son, The Teacher’s Colleagues Defend The Rapist… *Update* Added Links to Letters From the Rapist’s Apologist Teachers

Rapist Teacher - Neal H Erickson

Rapist Teacher – Neal H Erickson


updateUpdate:  Here are the seven *Teachers* who are supporting the rapist and their letters to the judge:

  1. Amy Huber Eagan – Read her letter HERE
  2. Carol Rau, Vocal Music Teacher  –  Read her letter HERE 
  3. Harriet Coe, Retired Teacher –  Read her letter HERE
  4. Kathleen Palmer / Kathleen Scheel – Read her letter HERE 
  5. Marilyn S Glover – Read her letter HERE
  6. Sally Campbell – Read her letter HERE
  7. Sandi Lee – Read her letter HERE

Janczewski 2

[…]  Their son had grown increasingly distant from the once close-knit family through his early teens, as Mr. Erickson, his middle school math teacher, manipulated the young boy into a twisted relationship that lasted from Aug. 2006 to Aug. 2009.

The victim frequently lashed out at his father and the tension tore their family apart.

[Not knowing the teacher was raping her son, his Mother] Lori Janczewski, worked with Mr. Erickson at Rose City Middle School and had asked him for insight into the boy’s rage. 

He shrugged her off.

The discovery that Mr. Erickson had molested their son brought a new sense of clarity after years of turmoil and anguish, his father, John Janczewski, said.

“He carried this inside him all these years,” Janczewski said of his son’s suffering. “It not only impacted us recently, it has impacted us for about nine years now.

“Our son shut me out of his life. There were heated battles between us. It just got worse and worse and worse. It was total hell. It caused physical and mental stress on our whole family,” John said. “I chalked it up to puberty, but it was horrible. We couldn’t put our finger on what was wrong, but now we know.”

“Now we understand why he was so angry and emotional,” Janczewski said.

Their story gets worse.    READ IT HERE.


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108 Responses to A Parent’s Hell – Middle School Math Teacher Raped Their Son, The Teacher’s Colleagues Defend The Rapist… *Update* Added Links to Letters From the Rapist’s Apologist Teachers

  1. Stormy says:

    Almost daily the UK website, Daily Mail, has a new article about a teacher in the United States that is being indicted for a sex crime against a student. Literally, there might be at least 4 different ones each week… rarely covered in the US press.


    • stella says:

      I don’t think it’s that uncommon; in fact, this kind of thing has been going on for years. As a woman in my twenties, a younger friend of mind told me about her affair with a high school teacher. He was a roommate of a man I knew, and he was still dating students, I think.


      • Sharon says:

        Not uncommon. The cess pool that is this nation did not just happen.


      • Stormy says:

        … middle school and high school teachers…. it’s revolting


        • czarowniczy says:

          At my Jr Hi in West Palm Beach, 7th grade, one of the students in my class was dating a teacher – wasn’t the teacher’s first rodeo either. If the students knew about it the faculty had to also. That was some 50ish years ago so the Garden of Forbidden Fruit’s been open for at least that long and undoubtedly as long as teachers have been left alone with young and impressionable kids.


          • WeeWeed says:

            My school, too, Z – but it was high school. The Forbidden Fruit was quite knowledgable and famous, now.


            • czarowniczy says:

              Maybe it was the light in southern Florida that pushed early maturation – or caused hormonal rushes in the perverts


              • ctdar says:

                Or the liberals within school systems shoving sex ed & contraception toward kids as young as 8. Who can forget Clinton’s Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders pushing masturbation to elementary schools?


                • czarowniczy says:

                  Gotcha beat – a NOLA JR College was handing out flavored condoms to elementary and middle school kids at a ‘back to school’ fair we were sent to guard. When the officer with me, incensed as he has kids in elementary school, asked why they were handing them out the nice people said ‘because children are never too young to learn about safe oral sex’. I had to take him out for a beer reeeaaalllll quick like.


                • Buster says:

                  Teachers teach what is mandated by the state. They would prefer not to teach things that “should” be taught at home. And as for another comment below. Not all states have teacher unions. And MOST teachers would NEVER support this teacher or any other teacher who is capable of abuse. But it is offensive for so many people to judge all teachers based on the actions of a few. Just as we shouldn’t assume all gun owners will go and shoot up a school, we also shouldn’t assume that all teachers hurt children.


      • DGinGA says:

        I’m in my mid-50’s and when I was in high school a teacher TRIED to bribe me to have an affair by promising me the lead in the school play. I turned him down flat and didn’t even try out for the play. Several years later he did the same thing with my sister. Apparently over the years he had affairs with female students many times, as well as playing musical wives with several female teachers. It was a small town and everyone knew it was going on, but the girls were afraid to speak out. Once I was out of high school I told my mother that if any girl ever came forward, let me know and I would too. Back then, you didn’t know you could accuse a teacher of harassment or molestation. I suspect people are reluctant to today as well.


  2. Stormy says:

    From article Sundance links above: Judge Michael Bumgartner told Erickson he was “appalled and ashamed that the community could rally around, in this case, you,” according to the Herald.

    “What you did was a jab in the eye with a sharp stick to every parent who trusts a teacher,” he said shortly before sentencing Erickson to 15-30 years in prison.

    Praise God for a righteous judge!



    Not knowing the complete details, I make this conditional statement: if true, Neal Erickson deserves the harshest penalty. And I mean what USED to be the harshest penalty, not what passes for it now.

    As for those others who supported the teacher, be warned: those who stand with evil will fall by evil.


    • stella says:

      He got 15-30 years. He deserves every day of it.


    • czarowniczy says:

      He’s a child molester going to REAL prison – he’s gonna get it. The death penalty would be a blessing compared to the endless party waiting for him – child molesters are at the bottom of the pile – literally and figuratively – in prison. Even if he only spends 15 years there – if he lives that long – it will seem like a life sentence to him.


      • partyzant says:

        Czar, I like the new avatar!
        Not only is it that this person gets to spend the rest of his miserable existence in the stoney oh-not-so-lonesome, what about all the school administrators and his cohorts who HAD to know something about what he was up to? They should rot in hell, they are complicit. ALL CHILDREN DESERVE A SAFE PLACE! What in hades do they do to screen FOR these attributes in prospective teachers????


        • czarowniczy says:

          Thanks, had to get my old partner out there now he’s gone.

          About all we’re left with is tort lawyers since we became civilized and have to hand all of our grievances over to some soft and floppy bureaucrat to resolve. Miss the old days where you’d just get the guy and beat the living ^&^%$ out of him, get arrested (maybe) and have some judge give you a stern lecture and a small fine. Now f you do that the molester and his little parasitic hangers-on get to sue you. I am, through long experience, totally suspicious of anyone who defends the chickenhawks as they are indefensible. As I said, the formalities were carried out in the court house but justice will be done in the prison.


    • Jennifer says:

      I hate that they call it an “incident”, and I thought someone called it an “isolated incident”. 3 years isn’t an incident. He tortured that child for 3 years!


  4. stella says:

    This is horrible. I am very familiar with this area, as I go on vacation in the vicinity every July. Rural, small-town, “up north” Michigan. Hard to understand how this went undiscovered for so long.


    • Stormy says:

      The predators know to look for victims who they can intimidate and manipulate, and have other personality traits that make them unlikely to tell anyone.


  5. Sharon says:

    But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemous, disobedient to parents unthankful,unholy, unloving,unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

    That’s what the Apostle Paul wrote to the young man, Timothy, in about 67 AD, while Nero was warming up his fiddle. Paul was right.


  6. czarowniczy says:

    Well, Erickson’s going to have the time of his life. His tiermates will just welcome his lil’ chickennhawk ass to the clubhouse and he’ll have more action than he can handle. They looooove chickehawks in Big Boy jail – payback’s a bitch.
    New Orleans is a chickenhawk mecca – one of my first jobs in my military unit when I got here was to get a chickenhawk arrested on molestation charges – molestation of one of his students – out of the unit. He was from a prominent family and OWNED a private boy’s finishing school (now there’s an ironic title). I had very little trouble getting him out but when a few of the police in the unit tried to follow up on his charges they found the DA’s office had sidetracked the investigation on child molestation and instead moved ahead on a milder set of impeding (possible pun there) an investigation. Wasn’t his first set of charges either – a few years prior he’d been arrested on misuse of an underage boy but those charges were left to molder also. He never was brought to trial and ended up selling the school – to one of his siblings – and continued on as an employee. So it would appear that paiderastias are everywhere and as thick as fleas in a barnyard. Yet another reason to watch your kids and not ‘entrust’ them totally to anyone.


  7. flaladybug says:

    I have many friends and relatives who have worked in the prison system in many different capacities and from what I’ve been told he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING!! As bizarre as it sounds, anyone who has worked at a prison tells me that anyone who is incarcerated for ANY TYPE of child abuse is viewed as THE LOWEST OF THE LOW…….even by murderers!! If the other prisoners find out, and they usually do, what he is serving time for….he will learn FIRST HAND the pain he caused that child. Karma indeed!!


    • tessa50 says:

      It really isn’t karma. He may feel pain but he will not feel what a child has to live with daily and what they will carry for the rest of their lives. There is no escape from those things for a child into adulthood. Nothing that could happen to him there could ever compare.


      • Menagerie says:

        You are absolutely correct. Nothing will ever restore what has been taken from that boy. His best case scenario involves years of struggle and pain just to try to survive with some vestige of security and happiness.


    • west1890 says:

      Spent 25 years working in a county jail and you’re absolutely right. We always housed them separately for that reason. They couldn’t even be transported to court or placed in courthouse holding cells with other prisoners. Other inmates wouldn’t hesitate to assault them …..or worse if they could get access to them.


  8. hawkeye13 says:

    One of the hidden crimes that occurs much more than we can imagine. It breaks my heart to hear of this and the victim usually thinking it is their fault and they cannot tell anyone..


    • maryfrommarin says:

      That is part of the utter heinousness of this sin. Not just the physical abuse, but the emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse also. Damaging a precious human being on every possible level.


  9. sundance says:

    The alarming thing, well, one of the alarming things, is the teachers appeal to the judge for some kind of leniency. Whisky*Tango*Foxtrot. !!! What kind of mindset would even put pen to paper to say something so outrageous, so insufferably vile, as to request some form of consideration toward the teacher who would ruin the life of the student.

    Such educational betrayal, as would be evidenced by the other apologetic tendencies within the profession, toward the family -who now have all become victims- is quite unfathomable.


  10. God Bless these people and be with them as they go through this nightmare. I will never, never, never understand child molesters – and that’s a good thing. That being said, I am married to a victim of sexual abuse. My husband was sexually abused by his adoptive father from the age of 6 until he reached puberty. His younger sister was 4 when the abuse started and it continued for her until puberty, also. They handled it very, very differently. My husband, who started school at age 5 in the 2nd grade, excelled academically and graduated college at age 20, bought his first home at age 22 and started his own business at age 30. His sister was angry and had horrible outbursts throughout childhood and was a wild and sexually promiscuous teen who ended up pregnant at age 17 and did not finish high school and did not attend college. She is an alcoholic but is now married. Her first child was the grandson of a very wealthy, old money family in Houston and they got full custody of him when he was 2. Her second child was the result of a one-night stand and her 3rd child has fetal alcohol syndrome.
    My husband comes from a good family. He mother grew up in River Oaks in Houston and is very educated with a Master’s Degree in Education. She was a school teacher. His adoptive father, the one who molested him, was a business executive. My husband has “other” issues as a result. He is very passive most of the time but resorts to passive-aggressive behavior at times. He is a “peace-maker” and internalizes all stress and worry. He is an over-achiever. Several years ago, he became “depressed” as in, overnight, he was depressed. He is very “closed” and does not open up easily. When I finally pressed the issue he told me that he had just found out that his adoptive father (long divorced from his mother) had died. He had always intended to confront him about the abuse and possibly file criminal charges and he lost that opportunity for closure forever at learning of his death. By the way, his mother (who I have real problems with) never got counseling for either of those children. She did divorce the man, but the abuse went on for years and they were very little. She said she was unaware of it and, basically, it is NOT to be discussed.
    It is horrible what child abuse does to a child.
    We had a case close to where I grew up in which an 11 year old boy was abducted by his molester and taken out of the state. I was young, only 20, when this happened, but it affected me in a huge way. I empathized then. Now, as a parent, I can only imagine I would probably react this same way. When he was extradited back to Louisiana to face kidnapping and molestation charges this is what happened:


  11. WeeWeed says:

    Out here in teh sticks over the past few years we’ve had cases involving teachers, daycare peeps and youth pastors. Anywhere there’s kids…… boy scout leaders…. lifeguards…… even those that offer private lessons (guitar, dance, etc.) ANYWHERE there’s kids.


  12. sundance says:

    If anyone happens across the names, and/or professional profiles, of the seven apologetic teachers, please provide the link.

    Parents who encounter such a school system should be aware of the mindset of the persons around their children. I have no hesitancy about sharing those names (only) and pictures (if identified). Let them stand in public advocacy.


  13. stella says:

    Here’s a story about the arrest, and a picture of the perp.



  14. Sharon says:

    Several years ago a senior pastor at a large church in one of our area towns in MN was found guilty of repeated sexual assault against a woman he was “counseling.” At the sentencing, all of a sudden his cadre of supporters showed up to ask for leniency. The judge lit in to them, lectured them, shamed them…and asked them why they hadn’t bothered to attend the trial, thus conveniently sparing themselves the specific information about what had been done to her. That man’s supporters never gave up the plea–that it was unfair. We knew all parties involved. I asked one of the supporters one day, that since it was so understandable what he did “under the circumstances” (in her opinion) and how unfair it was that he had been labeled as a criminal (conveniently ignoring the fact that he actually was a criminal) if it would therefore be all right if he did this again to someone else.

    She was horrified that I would even suggest such thing, so of course, I had to ask why she was horrified. She was so understanding about what he had already done, why should it be problem if he did it again. Apparently I was missing some nuance. Never did make sense to me.

    Deception is a really nasty dungeon master.


  15. justfactsplz says:

    That poor family. I pray they will heal and be successful in getting these teachers and board members relieved of their duties. I am so glad my daughters are grown. When the oldest was a freshman in high school, the assistant band director wanted to date her. He ended up losing his job. My youngest daughter graduated from college when she was 21 and started teaching high school spanish. I worried about her being hurt by the students or being accused of something by a disgruntled student as she was a strict teacher. I am so glad she no longer teaches in the public school system. I was a very protective mother hen.


  16. diwataman says:

    Seven female teachers who obviously never have been raped or molested. I suppose if it was their daughters they would be all cool with it.


  17. Gregg keyes says:

    These ‘teachers’ are sexist bigots. If the male teacher had raped a female student they would be taking a very different position. But he raped a male student. They don’t care, Oh, he is such a nice guy etc, etc, well, yeah, except for rapey thingy.


  18. Stormy says:

    All 7 of them should be fired for teaching while insane.


  19. Stormy says:

    Dear Sandi Lee,

    The BTK Killer was also very dedicated to his church. Get your nose out of “Rules for Radicals” and read current events.

    It is MANDATORY for you to report child abuse as a teacher.

    Find a new job.


    U.S. Citizen


  20. Chance says:

    According to an FBI report a few years ago, at least 10% of all teachers are soliciting, seducing or outright raping their students. Yet the president of the teachers union (NEA) has the nerve to say there are no bad teachers! In all likelihood it’s much worse than we know, given the prog agenda of the media and their refusal to publish inconvenient stories. I’m struck by the fact that every one of the teachers who supported that filthy rapist were women, probably unknowing victims themselves of his twisted ability to manipulate people. People with severe personality/behavioral problems are often unbelievably skilled at lying and controlling those around them. Never the less, every one of them should be fired and prohibited from every working around children again!!!


  21. Don P. says:

    Bye Bye Mr. Teacher you would never harm another child again. I would not even call police and drag my child through embarrassment.


  22. sundance says:

    Keep going. Keep looking beyond the face of the story. This is really far larger than even initially appears on its face – AND that’s large all by itself.

    The Rapist was President of the Michigan Teachers Union? The family was threatened and had part of their house burned down?

    Oh…. there’s way more there, than the media wants us to know is “there”…..

    ….. and the anonymous tipster who tipped the family off to the child porn website where their son was being raped (via oral sex and worse) knows there’s more too….

    ….. why did this get the quick brush? The national media should be all over this… yet?

    Keep looking. It’s time to hold these creeps to account.


  23. keriheat says:

    “It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till.”

    J. R. R. TOLKIEN, The Return of the King


  24. keriheat says:

    They call evil good and good evil – Devils speak with forked tongue By Don Koenig

    In the last days the scriptures indicate people will speak with forked tongue. Darkness would be called light and evil good and good evil. This is true today; schools teach children lies made up by agnostics who teach that there are no moral absolutes; governments tells lies to their citizens about all kinds of things; corporations lie to their workers about the the long term benefits they will receive; religions lies to their members about the nature of God and the true path to salvation. Lying is common in our society and few can be trusted to tell the truth.


    Signs of the time

    Trading truth for lies and calling darkness light and good evil on a world scale is a sure sign that we are living in the last days where there are no absolute truths and everyone just does what is right in there own eyes. Judgment soon comes after evil people become a law unto themselves.

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isa 5:20).



  25. Sharon says:

    Those teachers did not struggle with internal conflict when they wrote those letters. They wrote them with confidence and a good feeling about themselves.

    The disconnect here is very similar to the disconnect the public exhibits with cheering Captain Fruit while there is still active and deliberate pursuit of the life of George Z. Fruit is praised and lifted up, while the man who was declared innocent is hunted.

    The individual cases reveal more than we can grasp, and it’s necessary to look, but the individual case is not the problem that’s destroying our nation. There are junior high and high school students being threatened tonight by their abusers, because those abusers feel fresh fear of exposure. This is systemic.


  26. Murse says:

    What you are seeing is an example of the Progressive rot of moral relativism where the individual is not accountable but is a victim of “society.”


  27. Sha says:

    I pray that God will give that young man the strength to put all the bad things that happened to him away in a place that he never has to look back on. I pray that he will give him the strength to grow and succeed .


  28. ed357 says:

    Now that the criminal verdict is in……..

    The parents need to get into civil court and sue the hell out of the School Board, the School Administration, the School Union, the “teachers” and other school personnel aided, abetted, and/or covered it up, and lastly the convicted abuser.

    This crap only stops when people that are in power are held individually criminally and civilly liable for abuse like this.


    • KPM58 says:

      I hope there are some fathers in the Michigan State Police who do not let this case end with the conviction of Erickson. Fathers whose hearts grow large when they see their child smile and whose hearts grow cold when they think of someone sexually abusing their child.


  29. KPM58 says:

    Why do I fear that the day is not far away when some in power will make the argument that a crime was not committed.


    • keriheat says:

      Because in Our Conservative, Moral Community — This behavior and the supporters of it, does not make sense to us. It’s twisted.


  30. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    The letters from the teachers are all quite similar. They make the same points over and over…that Neil Erickson is a good person, that it was a one-time incident (an outright lie since the abuse went on for three years), that it was consensual, that the victim continued a relationship with Erickson after the abuse ended, and so on. Each of these points is designed to move the ball further down the court to say that sex with minors is okay if it is ‘consensual’, that being a ‘good’ person somehow mitigates sexual crimes against children. The similarity of the ‘talking points’ leads me to think the teachers union was involved in those letters of support. They know they have a real problem on their hands with cases like this, and they are thinking long-term here. Instead of rooting out the predators, they will decriminalize the actions.

    I read lots of comments at the linked articles, and there is a general acknowledgment among school personnel that inappropriate sexual actions between teachers and students is an ongoing issue.

    One other thing I noticed, is that none of those teachers appeared to have one iota of compassion for the victim or his family. In fact, being trained professionals, they all undoubtedly know of the devastation that occurs when a child is molested, and that it affects each individual and family in different ways. Yet, their concern is strictly directed toward Erickson. The stench of the union is thick on those women.


    • Sharon says:

      inappropriate sexual actions

      I know you’re quoting….I’m beginning to hate the use of that word “inappropriate” as a substitute for fact and truth-based words. Fact words would be immoral, criminal, or wicked.

      Like Rush was saying over twenty years go, once we lose the language…….


    • John McLachlan says:

      “Each of these points is designed to move the ball further down the court to say that sex with minors is okay if it is ‘consensual’, that being a ‘good’ person somehow mitigates sexual crimes against children.”

      I believe that the movement to confer adult rights upon young children will eventually lead to the assertion that children are qualified to consent to sexual relationships with adults and that pedophilia will consequently become accepted and decriminalised.

      I also believe that this is one of the longer term objectives of some of the proponents of “gay marriage”, together with the undermining of the family.

      The letters begging for leniency seem to imply that behavior, universally acknowledged to be evil, in most societies, throughout history, is just a “mistake” or an “error of judgement” on the part of the perpetrator and that the victim(s) are worthy of no consideration, whatsoever.

      Even when the authors criticize the perpetrator’s actions, there is no real emotional content to the criticism, it seems to be pro forma.

      This alleged “error of judgement” is devoid of any moral or ethical consideration. It is no more significant than the judgement of “which colour of shirt should I wear”.

      That so many teachers, from such a small pool of colleagues, were prepared to write and put their sympathy for the perpetrator into writing, strongly implying that they do not really condemn his abuse of children, suggests that others among his colleagues share similar views, but were sufficiently discrete as to shield their support from public scrutiny.

      It also suggests that there is a serious flaw in the recruitment criteria for teachers.

      How could so many people, with such defective personalities be recruited, by accident?

      It is inconceivable to me that such a high proportion of such people, who must be very rare occurrences, within the general population, could be gathered together, in a school, by chance alone.

      Much more likely, in my opinion, is that people who hold positions of power, within the education system, must have skewed the recruitment criteria for teachers, in such a manner as to favour the recruitment of teachers who will sanction and defend the sexual abuse of their charges, by their colleagues and by others.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Agree. I had not read this thread prior to posting about the same thing on the more current thread. The words used in the letters are similar in tone, word register, and style. Obviously coached.


  31. PeruvianMom says:

    What’s also interesting is why these teachers aren’t angry at their fellow teacher betraying all of them with this action. Imagine the trauma to all the students and their families in the school following this case. So it makes one wonder – who was turning a blind eye?

    How does this happen in a small school and town where everyone knows everyone and almost everything about their business. Especially in a school where teachers are so familiar with each other and each other’s families, hobbies, etc. People knew or suspected. Children’s lives are so structured and usually all their time is accounted for – at least mostly and especially during the school year, how could this slip through the awareness of so many observers? When and where could this have been happening for 3 whole years? This is only scratching the surface.


  32. karen says:

    Horrifying. It is relativism and literally no standards anymore. I blame first the predator and next all liberals who say they care about people. They really do not. Just want to be smug. Those letters were actually condescending. Lowest common denominator is the new normal.


  33. I find Kathleen Scheel’s letter especially interesting. To paraphrase “the ongoing friendship between him and the VICTIM indicates the VICTIM was consenting”.

    What the actual eff word.


  34. teajr says:

    “…never made a complaint.” My goodness, I never realized that was the standard. Murdered people don’t complain either,ipso facto, murder is legit as long as the victim doesn’t complain. Tar and feathers at minimum.


  35. I’ve worked in government education for a very long time. My bp is stable at a comfortable 150/110. And I drink to oblivion only at night.

    The major sin of these teachers is arrogance. In fact, arrogance is behind all of the harmful fads that teachers embrace, defend, and won’t let go of no matter how high the mountain of evidence against what they believe and force on new teachers and kids—for example, whole langugage, fuzzy math, mutliple intelligence.

    Arrogance in presuming….
    1. That THEY are teachers and everyone else is an idiot. In fact, any ordinary idiot can get a degree from ed schools. They are so ill-trained that they couldn’t teach a dog to crap in the back yard. Notice the poor constructions and the illogic in the letters.

    “Neal made a mistake,[rape over a period of years is A mistake.]”…“He allowed [As if the friendship was some kind of force and he allowed IT to develop.] a mutual friendship to develop into much more. [Make sure you don’t call it rape.] He realized his mistake [“Oh, f%$#! I’ve been raping this kid for three years! I have to pay more attention.] and ended it years before someone anonymously sent something [‘Something.” Yeah, it was just a something. Nothing, really.] in to the authorities [Never heard of a comma.] which began this legal process.” [Oh, what a good boy he am. He ended it BEFORE “this legal process.’]

    See, idiot! At least 50% are simply dunces who think that their degree means something. Meanwhile, home-schooled kids whose parents have NO college, do better.

    2. That the kids and schools and the whole education system belong to them. Therefore, how dare parents find ANY fault. It is the same as the BGI. Educumacator G. I.

    3. That anyone else will take their lame and self-serving blather seriously. Note the aggressive reaction to their “colleague’s” conviction. “How dare anyone convict one of us?”


    Arrive in droves to board meetings and threaten hot tar.


    • maryfrommarin says:

      Very good points, PP.

      Who do the children “belong” to, anyway? The parents or the school system? Sure seems like there’s divided opinion on this.


  36. dizzymissl says:

    Lots of info here:



  37. PeruvianMom says:

    The letters were appalling. I read all 7, and became more incredulous with each one. That a group of people, women no less, would be so morally depraved and willingly come forward to endorse a rapist!!! – and then expect no threat to their jobs or to their reputations. I’m flabbergasted. I’ve seen relative do this for predators – but this is sheer insanity. Have they been threatened? Have they been union-roofied? They appear to be leftist union zombies who have lost orientation towards right and wrong. They need character training and a new field of work. Maybe they would best be suited to yard clean-up duty – at the zoo.


  38. Teresa says:

    I wish I could talk to this family. My son was physically and emotionally abused by his kindergarten teacher. I didn’t know about the physical abuse until the day she died when he was in Junior High school. He told me that she threatened to hurt him and his family if he ever told anyone. I was aware of the verbal abuse, but when I approached the principle she said:
    1 this is the first time she ever heard of that and I knew that at least three other parents had already seen her about the same issue. Lie number 1!
    2 I personally saw her verbally abuse a child in school. Now I know that boys can be a difficult to deal with at times, but she never apologized for her behavior or even talked about how adults should act.
    I ended pulling him out the next year and sending him to private school, but the damage had been done.
    The principle also told me that she couldn’t do anything because the TEACHER HAD TENURE!!!
    So much for protecting the children under their care. Parents please stay involved in your
    children’s schools. And that might not even be enough. I will pray for them.

    What mu child went through isn’t anything like their son and I hope their family can overcome the difficulties ahead of them.


  39. Ron says:

    It’s difficult to rationally put into words the disgust I have for those teachers and the community for not standing up for this family but I also know this is the type of society we’re moving to. If people of good conscience don’t begin pushing back and becoming more vocal, things like this will bet worse…..and they are.


  40. LY says:

    Look how smug his picture is. I have heard that in jail such disgusting criminals get theirs from the ones in there. It would be justice.


  41. Glad_To_Be_His says:

    If any of these ‘teachers’ who are so supportive of this child predator had ever been on the receiving end of what he has actually “PLEAD GUILTY” to, they would not be able to do what they are doing. He will do it again because it is not some act where you let your light shine….it is done under the cover of secrecy and darkness because it is of the darkness. The darkness that lives inside him. He is a liar. He is a sneak. A thief that steals childhood away from children. A despicable human being that did not control his depraved desires. So ladies, all……
    Perhaps your time would be better served by helping the children in this world who have been victimized by such a disgusting person. Talk to THEM and find out how it affected THEM. How it affected him or you is of no import at all except to surround you with an aura of betrayal of every child who had suffered because of him and you have no way of knowing that number NOR do you have any way of knowing how many TIMES it was done. Shame on each and every one of you that chose to stand for the pedophile instead of the innocent ones he has betrayed. The time will come when you pay your dues for chosing to support his depravity instead of his victims. Children deserved less from him and more from you. Every one of you.


    • Teresa says:

      I couldn’t have said it better. They have no way of knowing how many other kids were involved or the extent they were affected!! They need to see the damage caused to the victims and then retake the mandatory child abuse class AGAIN until they get it!!


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