*UPDATE* Juror B-29 On ABC’s Nightline and GMA

Nightline 7/25/13

GMA 7/26/13

B-29 Partial Bio: 36 years old. 8 kids, the oldest 20. Married for 10 years. Originally from Puerto Rico by way of Chicago to Sanford Florida. Sanford resident less than 6 months. Works as a nurses aide

Here is her voire Dire interview:(note – there is a screen grab in the beginning of this video seeking to identify this juror. That should be ignored – we don’t know who put that on u-tube or what their purpose. Our only purpose in sharing is simply to remind of the prior jury selection questioning)

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236 Responses to *UPDATE* Juror B-29 On ABC’s Nightline and GMA

  1. Judy says:

    Head Fake…politically, the acquittal of Zimmerman was a win for Obama.


  2. Cymrygirl says:

    Examiner has an article entitled, “Slate Accuses ABC News of Deceptively Editing Interview With Juror B29.” Mods, I hope this is okay for me to post. If not, please delete with my apologies. Still, interesting, if true.



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