Day 24 (Week #5) Zimmerman Trial – Final Day – Probably a Verdict before dinner

Today, July 12th, is DAY #24 (of 5th week) State of Florida V. George Zimmerman case.

Yesterday the prosecution provide closing arguments (Summary HERE), today the defense attorney, Mark O’Mara will present his closing argument.  Then the prosecution rebuttal.

crump - O'Mara 2

“We will have to wait to see what the evidence provides, my client believes he is not guilty”….   [Mark O’Mara – April 2012, after arrest]

“My client feels he is not a racist”…..   [Mark O’Mara – May 2012]

“I cannot speak to his honesty, but George Zimmerman has definitely damaged his credibility, we’ll have to wait and see if he can recover it”….   [Mark O’Mara – June 2012, 2nd Bond]

“My client said he thinks he did nothing wrong”…..  [Mark O’Mara – July 2012]

“The Stand Your Ground law is an absurd statute”….   [Mark O’Mara – August 2012]

“I don’t know if it is illegal, but there should be a law, or legislation written, to stop this type of thing”…..  [Mark O’Mara – September 2012]

“If it was not for my client, George Zimmerman, he (Crump) and I would be on the same side in this issue”….  [Mark O’Mara – October 2012]

“My client was arrested, he should have been arrested, and so there is no reason to debate civil rights in this trial…  [Mark O’Mara – November 2012]

“He’s probably not guilty of murder”… [Mark O’Mara – July 2013]


Forget the toxicology report, forget the 7-11 video, forget the text’s about buying guns and smoking dope, and selling weed – and thinking you’re a “creepy ass cracka”. Forget the ping logs, the missing phone data, the lies and all that stuff. Just stop….

This is my time now. I am channeling my inner Clarence Darrow brilliance. Stop bothering me with your innocent nonsense…

Four Live Stream Links:

Here are some additional *possible* Links to the Hearing:

Hat Tip Rumpole for the list.
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553 Responses to Day 24 (Week #5) Zimmerman Trial – Final Day – Probably a Verdict before dinner

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Ahhhh….. good idea…. He’s giving a jury the idea of HOW LONG it was between 7:11:47 and 7:16:11. He should walk around the inside of the courtroom, and see how many “laps” he can complete in this amount of time. Then ask the jury if they think Trayvon could have gone 300 ft in that amount of time?


  2. ZurichMike says:

    Amazing how 4 minutes seems to last an eternity.


  3. Dell Mar says:

    He’s running.


  4. Someone even said here on TCH the other day MOM should start a stopwatch and show the 4 minutes to the jury.


  5. lorac says:

    I hope he ends this 4 minutes by saying that Rachel said he was at the fathers house and though he would help him.


  6. Facepalm says:

    What is this pause supposed to be?


  7. clerkdante says:

    4 minutes feels like an eternity.


    • NJVol says:

      So would 40 seconds of taking a beating and having your head smashed to the ground. I hope he also talks about how long GZ was taking a beating before he shot and pauses and doesn’t sit, but looks at his watch for a full 40 seconds.


  8. daman12013 says:

    Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in the courtroom. Then again the Martin family has always looked so distraught to me. (sarc).


  9. arkansasmimi says:


  10. Lou says:

    awesome 4 minute reenactment


  11. LookBeforeYouLeap says:

    This closing is making me ill.


  12. pet says:

    I am listening to radio but just checked the live feed for the graphics. The feed looks over baldr’s shoulder with the big Burden of Proof poster staring straight at him!!! Love the visual!!


  13. Lou says:

    he NAILED it with the 4 minute demo. nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Bijou says:

    I think that 4-minute ‘pause’ was very powerful.
    TM said he was “running”.


  15. clerkdante says:

    This is the part of the argument I’ve been waiting 17 months to hear.


  16. sbguy says:

    MOM pitching a shut out so far.


  17. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Okay, I’m impressed so far with MOM’s closing. I have never even heard of a defense attorney telling a jury he’s going to prove his client’s INNOCENCE and that struck me very hard.


    • 1harpazo says:

      Agree. MOM: “prove innocence beyond a reasonable doubt”…twice! What’s up with that?


      • kikkoman says:

        I think he’s threading on thin ice there. Might give the jurors the impression that the burden of proof is on HIM.
        He DID say numerous times that’s the state’s job to prove GZ’s guilt, but it wouldn’t hurt to point out the contrast.


      • caseyanderson2112 says:

        I count at least three times he’s said it to the jury. It’s very striking and I’m thrilled to see that he’s going for the whole enchilada. Forget “not guilty,” he’s INNOCENT.


  18. MOM’s calm and respectful demeanor is in sharp contrast to ANY of the prosecution’s lawyers. The State wants to get people, and the jury, riled up. MOM will keep them looking at the “evidence” instead of the emotion.


  19. twolaneflash says:

    I think Charmin’ is looking for a new toilet paper squeezing actor; BLDR looks like he got caught squeezing the Charmin’ this morning.


  20. lorac says:

    Loved that 4 minutes of silence. That was a long time for TM to get home…he laid in wait for GZ to come back past him…..absolutely priceless…….


  21. AghastInFL says:

    Effective use of time. One word to describe what I have heard thus far: Effective.


  22. BF4 says:

    Remind jurors that the law isn’t stupid, there is a reason why the burden of proof here is beyond a reasonable doubt, it doesn’t reach results just prosecutors raise their voices and stomp their feet …


  23. lorac says:

    George knows his brother Robert supports him 100% so he doesn’t need to sit there for George to know that. By the way where is Brandy Green the mother of the new baby from Tray Dad. I haven’t seen her at all….maybe because the truth is eating her alive:)


  24. arkansasmimi says:


  25. GZanon says:

    First Break:
    Que Talking Heads. Burning down the house..

    “…I don’t know what you expect staring into the TV set
    Fighting fire with fire….”

    Goooo!!! MoM!!!


  26. Joel P. says:

    At the risk of sounding biased, I’m finding O’Mara’s closing argument a whole lot more engaging than BDLR’s. BDLR was confusing and loud, and I found myself at numerous times dozing off, thinking about other things. MOM has done a good job in my opinion of telling a story, of detailing the evidence in a convincing and engrossing way. The time has flown by, which far cry from the snail’s pace it was going at during BDLR’s two and a half hour closing.


    • Lulu says:

      He continues to proclaim his client “innocent”. As I posted up the thread, this is powerful. Some countries have this verdict – it means the person didn’t commit the crime. Ours has “not guilty”. It means that the prosecutor did not prove guilt.

      Don’t know about you, but I prefer “innocent”.


  27. eastern2western says:

    everything I have been waiting for because no one cared to explain the 4 minutes of running to no where.


  28. talking2much says:

    Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 4m
    The state does not look happy and neither do the Martins. We are in break.


  29. LookBeforeYouLeap says:

    IMO…this is awful…just awful 😦 This case has been saturated with corruption…and MOM is showing just how far it has gone.


  30. BF4 says:

    Keep hammering it MOM, keep hammering ….

    There is NO EVIDENCE to prove that GZ “prevented” TM from running home. He had plenty of time to make it back if he wanted to … he wasn’t afraid … he wanted to fight …


  31. John Galt says:

    MOM has mentioned not guilty of second degree murder a few times, yet to mention manslaughter.


  32. dawndoe says:

    I think MOM should reinforce and remind the jurors of the fact that GZ was on the phone with NEN for about 2 mins+(?) of those four minutes and had lost sight of TM.


  33. ctdar says:

    Oohh someone had ill will, spite, or hatred.
    Plan his move during the 4 minutes
    Someone = Trayvon Martin


  34. 1harpazo says:

    Early on, I thought that MOM’s closing was not looking good, but in the end, he did a great job in covering everything. Best thing was towards the end, “When you go back and have a reasonable doubt, you’re done.” Game over. Check “Not Guilty” (Innocent).


  35. thesitrep says:

    When you say dinner, do you mean supper?


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