Thread 2 – Day 14 (Week #3) Zimmerman Trial – Witness Discussion Thread


Today, June 27th, is DAY #14 (of 3rd week) State of Florida V. George Zimmerman case. Yesterday Witness #8, Rachael Jeantel, did indeed take the stand. She will be back today to complete her testimony. This is the state’s key, and most important witness. This is also the witness we have exhaustively researched. Having quietly followed her social media, and having talked extensively, to her school classmates for over a year.

But before we discuss Jeantel, a summary:

[Yesterday] the morning saw two of the State’s witnesses testify, Jane Sudyka and Jeanee Manaloo, both of whom were residents of Twin Lakes at the time of the incident and who appeared to testify as to their observations that night. Manaloo’s cross-examination continued until after lunch, when she was followed by brief testimony from Ramona Rumph, the custodian of records for the police emergency call recordings. Finally, the last of the State’s witnesses for the day was Rachel Jeantel, otherwise known as “Dee-Dee”, as Trayvon Martin’s “16-year-old girlfriend,” and as the last person to speak with Martin before his deadly confrontation with George Zimmerman. (continue reading)


Four Live-Streaming Links:

Here are some additional *possible* Links to the Hearing:

Hat Tip Rumpole for the list.
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