The Turkish Influence – ALARMING REPORT: Turkish Ship Bound For Libya Smuggling Massive Arms…

The Algerian Hostage Slaughter was a direct response to the French counter-offensive in Mali against the Islamist Jihadists.   The Islamic terrorists responsible for the Algerian attack came from, and used weapons from, Libya.  Even Hillary Clinton recently admitted as such.

Simultaneous to, and as a direct consequence of, this French/U.S. Mali escalation, all foreign nationals were recently recommended to evacuate the areas of Eastern Libya (Benghazi).

The United States is now providing military assistance, logistics, support, transport and refueling for French troops in their fight for Mali.

Modern Middle East 1

Turkish President Erdogan took over the primary gatekeeper spot from Mouamar Kaddafi after his death.    Going back on the timeline on U.S. Benghazi support and weapons shipments for the “Rebels”, you might remember Turkey being opposed; Not opposed because Erdogan approved of Kaddafi, quite the contrary;  Opposed because they wanted to increase the certainty of an Islamist, not moderate, victory.   This is the same reason Turkey wanted to control the recipients of “any” weapons headed to Syria.


Also, think back to September 11th 2012, and the last official diplomatic envoy who met with Ambassador Stevens before the consulate attack began, Turkish Ambassador Ali Kemal Aydin;    When the envoy was leaving, somehow they navigated the al-Qaeda roadblocks that were formed moments earlier and surrounded the neighborhood.

Now today……

undefined(Via HellasFrappe)  Port and customs officials were put on alert on Thursday after finding out that a cargo ship that had requested to be refueled (transit oil) at the port of Heracles (in Asteria Agrias) was carrying heavy weaponry and ammunition. Officials immediately informed the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Merchant Marine and the headquarters of the Hellenic Coast Guard. Following this, officials secured the area around the port and special forces from the Coast Guard conducted a thorough investigation.

According to a report from the Thessaly Journal, the ship “Alexandretta” -which was flying the flag of Saint Vincent- was from Turkey, and although it is registered as a cement bulk cargo ship was in all reality suspiciously transporting a huge quantity of weapons and ammunition. It said that unconfirmed reports also spoke of portable antiaircraft guns and anti-tank missiles, ammunition and infantry weapons such as Kalashnikov guns, etc.

The newspaper noted that the ship was bound for Libya, but also said that it could have been headed towards Mali (which boarders Libya) to arm Islamic rebels fighting there.

The newspaper, quoting reliable sources, said that as soon as Greek authorities were notified, they surrounded the ship, and prevented any embarking and disembarking to be conducted. For security purposes the ship was then forced to dock at the port of Volos, where it was immediately quarantined and under the watchful eye of competent authorities.

According to legislation, ships transporting weaponry -bound for countries such as Libya, Iran, Syria- are forbidden to pass through Greece. The newspaper said that the ship’s capacity is 4,000 tonnes, but it did not disclose the exact weight of the cargo.

It should be reminded that Yemen authorities had discovered a similar shipment from a Turkish ship last November on the outskirts of the Anten port. The report in the Thessaly Journal noted that at the time, authorities were shocked to discover the $120 million shipment, and even more so when they uncovered that the ship was transporting 3,000 Turkish made pistols with silencers that were well hidden in biscuit boxes!  (link)

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Obama Erdogan - Turkey

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11 Responses to The Turkish Influence – ALARMING REPORT: Turkish Ship Bound For Libya Smuggling Massive Arms…

  1. 22tula says:

    Aaron Klein – January 27, 2013
    Listen now – rt. upper corner. Or later via podcast.


  2. bob e says:

    thank you are fierce.


  3. howie says:

    Can we please go to reality world. I think we all know what is up. C’mon. Why beat around the bush?


  4. jordan2222 says:

    I doubt that many Americans even know who the enemy is nor do they care. I could possibly say the same thing about our government and be reasonably correct.


  5. Rich Branson says:

    And of course on his last show, the douche Bill “I’m a socialist” Maher was making jokes and insulting Rand Paul for asking Suit Pants Clinton about Turkey smuggling weapons to Libya. Seems to me that Maher is doing his water carrying duty and already starting to attack Rand Paul as he knows Paul may well be a candidate in the next election. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it pretty scary the death grip the left has over the MSM. It’s a powerful thing to have the control over all those leftist sheeple out there.


  6. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Every where we find this Ghetto Cracker Master in Chief we find smuggled weapons…I watched a video back in August that showed the FSA in Syria executing not an Assad soldier but an innocent civilian with brand new M-16s that this administration was claiming were none, that I am almost certain the CIA leaked to them. I also watched them in another video brandishing, waving them in the air before they killed even more so called spy’s “civilians” again with brand new M-16s…I have spent months trying to find them and cannot. I know what I saw, and they’re covering it up because like Egypt, it’s a damn friggen mess…


  7. czarowniczy says:

    I’d like to know where the weapons were purchased and if they were Turkish or foreign drop-shipped thru Turkey. The Turkish military is still the main force that keeps Turkey more-or-less secular, and I heavily doubt it would stand by and let fundamentalist forces in the government use its arms to arm fundamentalist forces so close to home. As for weapons moving around the Mideast we only have to look back to the Iran-Contra affair to see how convoluted the game of whom ships what to whom thru whom can be. M16s mentioned above is an example. The US had left untold thousands of M16s in the hands of foreign governments – China alone has thousands upon thousands it bought from Vietnam. These M16s, especially the Chinese ones, have been showing up all over the world – as I mentioned a group of them almost made it onto US streets. The Mexican government, not to mention ours, isn’t talking much about M16s and other weapons we gave the Latin American militaries and police ending up in cartel hands. There have been cases where the M16s have been made overseas – blueprints were available on line at one time – done so expertly that the only giveaways were serial numbers and some metallurgy glitches. The Turkish shipments could have been orchestrated by some country(s) that wanted to stay out of the fray and wanted to get weapons to the Syrian rebels. That sort of stuff is frequently done through cutouts with a wink and a nod from countries whose governments allow the items to be trans-shipped through their waters or ports – we did that ALLEGEDLY through ports such as New Orleans and Miami-area during our Latin American escapades in the 80s. Of course we’ll never see the real traces when they run the serial numbers on the weapons recovered (no government gives serial numbered weapons away without keeping records) and we can’t even be sure the weapons were not rerouted or to whom. If you’ve got the power to fill a ship with heavy weapons and ammunition you (a) have access to powerful contacts and (b) have the power to manipulate story that comes out to the Great Unwashed.


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