Million People 2nd Amendment Marches – February 8th 2013

We The People

Story HERE

We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it. – Mike Vanderboegh

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67 Responses to Million People 2nd Amendment Marches – February 8th 2013

  1. Mickey says:

    In Maryland we’ve actually had to move our march up to the 6th of February. Once our legislature got word that there was going to be a march on the capital on February 8 they scheduled the hearings for our extremely oppressive gun bills for two days prior. Folks, this new anti-Second Amendment bill that is about to be passed is going to give Maryland gunowners a severe smack down After several Townhall meetings with different state senators they are convinced that this bill has the votes to pass as is. Pray for us.


  2. joeyp1 says:

    Military Helicopters in Miami ! Conducting “exercises” with police, right in the city . !@#!@!!!#$!


  3. joeyp1 says:

    Military Helicopters in Miami ! Conducting “exercises” with police, right in the city .



  4. joeyp1 says:

    My most sincere apologies for the last two posts, (need coffee) Below is what My intended post was .. (sorry)


  5. joeyp1 says:

    Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl. !! Are we to expect this to be the norm ?


    • michellc says:

      But it’s just routine they say. I guess I’ve been missing all these military-police training sessions all these years.


    • stellap says:

      “Blank” rounds “pinging” off high rises? Is that what he said?


    • michellc says:

      I’ve watched this 3 times now. After watching this and reading the 2nd amendment and reading the federalist papers and just by knowing our history, how can anyone make the claim the founding Fathers didn’t mean exactly what they said? If they meant, which they did, for us to be able to defend ourselves against tyranny, how are we supposed to defend ourselves against helicopters firing machine guns with our single shot .22 or revolver which will be about the only gun we can legally own if we’re lucky if Feinstein gets her way? I’m not real sure even about that, it depends I guess on what her definition of antique manual operation is.

      Obama is turning us into a 3rd world country in a hurry in more ways than one.


  6. joeyp1 says:

    Preparing for riots ? Certainly not a stretch, IMO .. Military + police


    • ctdar says:

      But why are they invisioning a riot scenario? What does State or federal know now or anticipate riots will happen because of a major event? Remember all the stockpiling of 100’s of thousands rounds of ammunition(incl hollow point) last year at federal facilities?
      Something big….the suspension of the Constitution?


  7. Josh says:

    February 8 is a Friday. Friday’s are the ONLY day I cannot take off from work. Sh*t!!


  8. Josh says:

    Someone informed me that these “exercises” have been taking place for many months now.


  9. WeeWeed says:

    Well, good!! Maybe Mr. “goes shooting alla time” can march with the rest of America.


    • michellc says:

      He’s trying to copy Clinton now I guess.

      There is part of his bs I agree with, rural folks do believe in our guns, our guns are a part of our life, for protection for ourselves and our animals from two legged and four legged critters, putting food on the table, putting down a suffering animal. However, although a gun is a very valuable tool for us, we’re not stuck out in the sticks and never opened a history book. Our right to own guns goes way beyond protecting our right to defend ourselves or put food on the table. All of this patronizing bs trying to make themselves think they relate to rural folks does nothing but tick this country girl off. It pretty much makes this country girl want to put them out in the pasture and tell them to go milk the ol’ bull or send them in a pen with a mean mama hen and tell them to catch her chicks and then send them over to the mama hog and have them pick them up a cute baby pig, then if they survive all that, shove their face in a big fresh cow patty. They want to insult us country folks and act like we’re a bunch of dumb hicks who only care about huntin’ up some food, I just want to give them an ‘ol country welcome showing how hick we are.
      Now I’ve honestly never sent anyone in to a hog pen, I’m not quite that vicious. Not telling about hen, bull or cow patties though, but if someone is stupid enough to not be able to tell the difference between a cow and a bull, who am I to stop them from trying to milk a bull. lol


    • cajunkelly says:

      Whatcha wanna bet jackass uses “the yellowed paper” for a target?


  10. howie says:

    I would rather ban Liberal Assault Reporters from TV. They cause more damage than guns. The Founders never heard of TV anyway.


    • mung says:

      I saw we start a speech control bill. If they can attack the 2nd amendment I say we attack the 1st. We should label any news story that has more than one assumption and isn’t properly vetted as an “Assault Story”. Maybe we should have all news stories registered with an agency who can do “background checks” to make sure the story is actually factual. We won’t rest until the liberal media has been restricted to the point that they can’t open their mouths without being charged. After we are done with the 1st amendment we can start going after others. Who says women need the right to vote anyway?


  11. waltherppk says:

    Class Warfare has been a theme for the present corrupt administration and is building upon a similar theme advanced by many other administrations of BOTH parties, which illustrate a fraternalism of a PRIVILEGED ARISTOCRACY CLASS identified as various agents of the STATE having “special distinction” and associated “special exemption” from EQUALITY and EQUAL TREATMENT and EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW as compared with mere ordinary “civilian” citizens. Such blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL “law” has been written by constitutional oath of true faith and allegiance VIOLATORS who inhabit legislatures and then corruptly upheld by corrupt courts who are advocates of “parliamentary supremacy” which serves the interests of an ELITE identified as “law enforcement” or officers of the courts or any of an assortment of other descriptions for various AGENTS OF THE STATE to be extended special status and privilege which puts them “above the law” applicable to the rest of us “mere ordinary civilians or citizens” .
    The thread Thursday about the Feinstein blll being proposed (link here)

    has some posts which touched upon this “special identity and associated special privilege” of the ELITE which has been ALREADY MADE LAW by the “ruling class” of ELITE. And like there is not enough overreaching already having been done with such UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuses and usurpations by an ELITE who declare themselves EXEMPT from, and above the LAW……now those same ELITE seek to widen the disparity even further by even greater INFRINGEMENTS upon a RIGHT which the Constitution plainly states is a right of the people (not a right of the elite or a right of the police) which SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Again what exactly is it about the words, “right of THE PEOPLE” and “shall not be infringed” that is difficult to understand ?

    Does it really take a “supreme court” to explain one sentence in plain English? Or does Webster’s dictionary about cover it ?


    • waltherppk says:

      Does the “end game” for gun control foresee TWO types of gun stores …A Feinstein / Biden Armorers of “THE PEOPLE” or “Government Permitted Arms for The People Gun Shop” that is a purveyor for Feinstein Pattern Muskets and Biden Pattern Double Barreled Shotguns while another “exclusive” chain of guns stores “Constitutional Gun Shops” are permitted to sell any type weapon made so long as it is sold to an exempted member of the ELITE aristocracy whose right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed ?


  12. 22tula says:

    “Duck Hunting Shotgun Proven To Be More Dangerous Than A Huldra AR -15

    Published on Jan 10, 2013
    Joe Biden makes our case:

    Note To Viewer: The point of the shotgun vs. modern sporting rifle demonstration is in the (so called “gun-free”) environments these mass shooting have taken place, the 12-gauge shotgun is more lethal than a MSR.

    We were not trying to create a debate around shot sizes, effective long-range distances, choke tubes, etc. A skilled and practiced sportsman can feed a shotgun magazine tube somewhat comparably to a boxed magazine change. The quick feeding of the tube of my Remington 1100 20-gauge was a skill that I mastered at 15. The 12-gauge shogun is certainly effective for home defense, however it is by its very design a scattergun and may not be suitable for a situation where a precision shot is called for, and thus is not my preferred choice to deal with a defensive situation.

    The entire point literally spelled out in black and white at the end of the video is that one gun is not morally superior to another and trashing our Constitutional rights is counter productive to ensuring our children’s safety. The best and only way to protect our children is to do just that, protect them!

    This is a video letter to Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan, and Senators Amy Klobucher, and Al Franken. This video proves that a duck hunting shotgun is more destructive and lethal than a Huldra AR-15 modern sporting rifle.


  13. jordan2222 says:

    On Friday, I began to send this out to various conservatives:


    I have created a story that my conservative friends. including some that belong to Tea Party Patriots, have said I should send to you.

    I am a 66 year disabled veteran, also retired from the marketing function of the newspaper industry. I consider myself to be a Constitutional Conservative with Libertarian leanings, fully capable of critical thinking .

    I am asking that you not reveal my identity, unless I specifically say so at a later date, primarily because my youngest daughter is a 20 year conservative, currently living in Kansas City, where she plans to finish her degree at KU. I do not want her to be involved in any way whatsoever insofar as what I am doing.

    The Republicans are such a bunch of wimps that they will fold on gun control. They have no idea how to fight so folks like me are left to do it for them on our own.

    I want to plant a story in the media that will get wide coverage much like many others already do. The “unnamed source” of this story is ME.

    I consider the second amendment a right that is not subject to further debate. Food, clothing and shelter are necessary for survival but even those items are not mentioned in our Constitution but the right to bear arms is. A gun should be fourth on the list, perhaps followed by duct tape instead of a free cell phone. The original purpose of the phone was for emergency use but what would you prefer to have in an emergency self defense situation? A cell phone or a gun?

    I trust I am making sense.

    Lots of folks receive “entitlements” from the government that they have come to believe they deserve, but yet the government does nothing to help insure that our citizens own a firearm for self defense. If anyone thinks my idea is absurd, how crazy is it that the liberals actually advertise free stuff even to illegal immigrants?

    If you decide to do something with this, will you kindly let me know of your specific plans so I can stay informed. I live alone on a tight budget so access to your program online will be appreciated.

    If this story is presented properly, which I believe only you can do, the Progs will come unglued. They will search futilely for the “unnamed source” and will never figure it out but it might let them know that we will not go down without a fight. Who knows that someone might grow some balls and actually introduce such a bill if the story can gain traction. At the end of the day, this makes a lot more sense to me than a free cell phone.

    Since I am the unnamed source, then no one can say it’s not true. If you think it would help, I will contact S&W and the NRA and run the idea by them to add even enough credibility to support what I have said in the article about them. I will NOT do that, however, on my own unless you personally say so, because you might want to do that yourself or use one of your contacts to do it.

    Here’s the story, which you can change to fit your narrative. I threw in the line about the tax credit to make it believable but also to stick to Conservative principles of NO more FREE stuff but you may have a better idea.

    You can reach me by email or telephone, preferably after noon, due to my medications. Please advise. Thank you.

    I am asking that you not reveal my identity, unless I specifically say so at a later date, primarily because my youngest daughter is a 20 year conservative, currently living in Kansas City, where she plans to finish her degree at KU. I do not want her to be involved in any way whatsoever insofar as what I am doing.

    Here’s the story, which you can change to fit your narrative. I threw in the line about the tax credit to make it believable but also to stick to Conservative principles of NO more FREE stuff but you may have a better idea.

    You can reach me by email or telephone, preferably after noon, due to my medications. Please advise. Thank you.

    Unnamed sources indicate that a conservative Congressman plans to introduce a bill that will make it easier for low income Americans to purchase handguns for self defense. One source was quoted as saying, “All Americans should have food, clothing, shelter and a weapon for self defense.”

    Eligible participants must have an income that is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty level or use Medicaid, food stamps, federal public housing assistance, or supplemental social security income, among other qualifications. Most seniors receiving social security would also qualify.

    Talks are underway with several gun manufacturers to provide a low-end reliable handgun for less than $200, half of which would be subsidized in the form of one time tax credits for those who can also pass a background check. Participants could also receive free NRA memberships for one year and optional gun safety courses. Estimates are that at least 9 million citizens would participate initially, thus tripling NRA membership almost immediately.

    Key Democrats are withholding comments until they have seen the bill.

    The bill would make it possible for virtually all income qualified U.S citizens to own a gun for emergency self defense situations, similar to the federal program for emergency-use cell phones.

    It is being nicknamed the ObamaGun.


  14. cajunkelly says:

    Another jewel from the knuckledragger’s blogspot. Check it out folks, it’s about DHS and the AR15.


  15. cajunkelly says:

    BTW, SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) now lists PATRIOTS as hate groups.


    SPLC can kiss my grits.


  16. cajunkelly says:

    OMGLIH, now here’s proof positive this person is a low information voter, as evidenced by their remarks about Chicago being safer because of gun control.


  17. ctdar says:

    Susan Gratia-Hupp, survivor of the Luby’s Cafeteria (TX) massacre & her first hand account on the right to bear arms and “gun free zones”. This will make you want to slap Schumers face.


  18. howie says:

    Why is there an argument? It is only in the Bill of Rights. All these little arguments are subrogation. Sign on the dotted line.


  19. myopiafree says:

    Our Support to Protect OUR Bill of RIghts:

    We all know the term “The Bill of Rights” which are the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution although few of us (including me) could name them.

    Hint: None of them start “Thou shalt not …” Rather they tend to start “The Government (or Congress) shalt not …” Keep that in mind.

    The First Amendment is a catch-all of rights upon which the Congress may not trample: It protects an individual’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press, as well as the right to assemble and to petition the government.

    The American press corps is very, very focused on the First Amendment and will go to great lengths to make sure that right is not diminished.

    Similarly the Fifth Amendment is often a show stopper. The money clause in the Fifth Amendment is, of course the clause against self incrimination.

    In practice, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, the Fifth Amendment “requires the government to prove a criminal case against the defendant without the aid of the defendant as a witness against himself.”

    The Tenth Amendment, in total, reads:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    This was dropped in to protect the notion of “Federalism” and might have been attempting to strike a balance between an all-powerful central government (read, George III) and a totally useless central government (read, Articles of Confederation).

    The Amendment that is on everyone’s lips these days is, of course, the Second: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    We walked through those to show the vast range of protective language the founders found necessary to include even after they had finished the body of the Constitution itself.

    There are no unfettered rights. As we have discussed many times, the First Amendment does not protect your right to “falsely shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater” (as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes is often quoted has having written in U.S. v. Schenck).

    Anyone who as ever watched more than a few frames of a CSI episode knows that the Fifth Amendment prohibition against self-incrimination can be overturned by almost any judge issuing a warrant that allows the police to take a cheek swab to get your DNA.

    The Second Amendment doesn’t mean that any device that fires a projectile through a barrel as the result of a chemical reaction (known in higher scientific circles as “going boom”) is protected.

    Rich Galen


  20. Michael Britt says:

    Why would you schedule this for a workday?
    Why not a weekend?
    I work for a living, so obviously i will not be able to attend.


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