Yet Again – New York Newspaper Says It Plans To Release The Personal Information of Additional Gun Owners

How much evidence of entrenched unmovable leftist ideology can you functionally absorb in less than one week?  There is no moderation, nor capacity for conversational compromise.

screenshot gunsNEW YORK (Reuters) – A suburban New York newspaper that sparked an uproar among gun enthusiasts by publishing names and addresses of residents holding pistol permits is now planning to publish even more identities of permit-toting locals.

Further names and addresses will be added as they become available to a map originally published on December 24 in the White Plains, New York-based Journal News, the newspaper said.

The original map listed thousands of pistol permit holders in suburban Westchester and Rockland counties just north of New York City.

Along with an article entitled “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood,” the map was compiled in response to the December 14 shooting deaths of 26 children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut, editors of the Gannett Corp.-owned newspaper said.

The next batch of names will be permit holders in suburban Putnam County, New York, where the county clerk told the newspaper it is still compiling information.

Some 44,000 people are licensed to own pistols in the three counties, the newspaper said. Owners of rifles and shotguns do not need permits, the newspaper said.

The publication prompted outrage, particularly on social media sites, among gun owners. (read more)

molon labe pic

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24 Responses to Yet Again – New York Newspaper Says It Plans To Release The Personal Information of Additional Gun Owners

  1. WeeWeed says:

    I’ll save the a&%wipes some time on Tejas – just color the whole state red. (wanders off whistling “Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You…..”)


  2. ottawa925 says:

    I am still amazed that we have learned virtually nothing about Adam Lanza. Nobody knows anything. Nor does it seem anyone is trying to find out anything. It’s like the kid was Black Ops.


    • WrongOnRed says:

      Or MKULTRA. You think experiments were not conducted specifically to achieve this result, though the CIA claimed it was for foreign destabilization? This research did not end with the Senate Church Cmte investigation. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……. Casus Belli


  3. czarowniczy says:

    How about someone posts the names and addresses of the newspaper’s staff’s children and where they go to school? They could start by posting it in the ‘personals’ column of the NAMBLA journal. Let’s see how far free speech goes then.


  4. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    Were I a home owner in those areas WITHOUT a gun – the first call I would have made the morning I saw that information published, would have been to an attorney.


    • Bongo says:

      The first call I would have made would have been to a gun shop to check their inventory and operating hours. Then I’d call an attorney.


  5. jordan2222 says:

    Anger begets anger. Before this over, I suspect some people are going to get hurt.

    I have read a lot of comments about “unintended consequences” and do not buy into that unless everyone at the paper is a complete fool, incapable of logical reasoning but maybe there are indeed fools, so now we have angry fools. Oh boy.

    I wonder how many folks in those counties responded by buying guns?


  6. Paige Cohen says:

    The President and CEO of Gannett that publishes the Journal News, Gracia Martore –
    is married to the CEO of the largest government contractor Calibre

    Her marriage is mentioned here –

    Connecting the dots.


  7. Coast says:

    I wonder how many folks in those counties responded by buying guns?

    The editors don’t seem to be too concerned, do they?


    • Coast says:

      My original intended post….
      I wonder how many folks in those counties responded by cancelling their paper subscription?


      • sharon#2 says:

        I asked my bf to get me a gun for my birthday in February. I used to buy this paper every Sunday for the coupons. Not anymore. I hear about a lot of people canceling their subscriptions. I for one, will never ever buy their stupid paper again. In the mean time. I feel safe knowing at least 3 people on my street have permits.


  8. ctdar says:

    So this was the answer when IL threatened to do the same back in 2011

    “A similar situation threatened in Illinois in 2011. The Associated Press had asked anti-Second Amendment State Attorney General Lisa Madigan if it could publish the names and addresses of registered gun owners in Illinois; she agreed and ordered the state police to turn over the records. But the police refused to do so and pleaded with the state legislature to craft some legislation so that they wouldn’t have to.
    Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard obliged, and a law was quickly written and passed to prevent the state from publicizing the names and address of Illinois gun owners. Even Illinois’ anti-gun governor saw the sense and political need to sing the bill.
    Florida and Tennessee also protect the personal information of registered gun owners.”

    Contact your state reps to pass law not to publish names/addresses of legal permit holders before its too late


    • canadacan says:

      States rights is the key here. Thank God the American Constitution is fixed so where the states have so much power More so than other countries in the Western Hemisphere. From an outsider who joined you they are like little individual kingdoms I love it. Texas is looking real good right now.


  9. jello333 says:

    I’ve said very little about the whole “gun control” debate since the school shooting. And so you all might have assumed that, considering my political background, I was all for new legislation. Well, I haven’t studied it closely, but just in general I’d say no… no I’m not. I really don’t see how more or different gun laws could have prevented that tragedy, or prevent future ones. Now if we wanna talk about doing something to guarantee mental health care for anyone who needs it, THAT is something I think might help. But stricter gun laws that would impact the average person?… I’m not sure I see the logic.

    And as for the newspaper distributing this map with people’s names and addresses? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! This is just wrong on so many levels. Anyway, I just felt I should say a few words on this subject, so you all wouldn’t be left wondering. (Assuming anyone cares… 😉 )


    • Sharon says:

      …..yer silly. 😉 I don’t assume anything about you, even “considering your political background….” ! Yer my favorite self-declared liberal, so there.

      I think your comment about the mental health care is the issue that’s being ignored. The fact is, it was and is completely disastrous that the mental hospitals were emptied out decades ago, and in that case as well, the “solution” to over-crowding and some abuse of the mentally ill was “solved” by creating another gigantic and life-threatening issue for a whole bunch of people.

      It would be nice if the issue of care for the mentally ill could be publicly addressed, even via public financing, without it being treated as just one more cash cow by interested parties. And that, BTW, is not a shot at so-called liberals–it’s a shot at those who have learned to live off the cash cows and will protect that way of life no matter what.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Jello: You are missing several good gun control threads. I have not seen you posting at any of them. Check this out if you have not done so.


  10. ThatOldGuy says:

    I suppose that it would be an “invasion of privacy” if all the people who receive welfare had their addresses posted. These maps do a lot more harm than any conceivable good.

    There are a lot of red spaces, but what’s even more obvious are all the not-red spaces. These are people who have not purchased (registered/permitted) pistols. Criminals in these areas must be looking at these maps and thinking “This is easy.” I can foresee waves of crime breaking out in the future if these postings continue.

    Bottom Line?

    Gambling is a lot easier when you know the odds off meeting danger- there is a well known road that is paved with good intentions (what those intentions are here, I don’t know).

    Prepare yourself:

    With all the hubbub about MOAR regulations of “assault” weapons in the near future… now would be a good time to report that your firearm was lost/stolen so that you have proof when the state comes to take them- this proof would show that you “had” a weapon but let the state know that you “do not” have one any longer. Registration of weapons is just one step away from confiscation of them.


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